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Steve Bannon

The Trump Agenda According to Bannon: Deconstruction of the Administrative State

Published on February 24, 2017
White House chief strategist Steve Bannon detailed President Donald Trump’s agenda during an appearance at CPAC, thrilling the audience of conservatives who wanted to hear… READ MORE

At CPAC, Walker urges Republican leaders to ‘go big, go bold’

by FOXNews.com
Published on February 23, 2017
Conservatives’ signature Washington gathering moved into full swing Thursday with calls from an influential GOP governor for the party to “go big, go bold,” now… READ MORE
Genderless Bathroom

Trump Admin Restores Simplicity of Boys & Girls Rooms in School

by FOXNews.com
Published on February 23, 2017
The Trump administration Wednesday revoked federal guidelines issued by former President Barack Obama that allowed public school students to use restrooms and other facilities corresponding… READ MORE
James O'Keefe

CNN in O’Keefe’s Crosshairs: “Hundreds of Hours” of Newsroom Footage Set to Release

by ZeroPointNow | ZeroHedge.com
Published on February 22, 2017
James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is set to unleash holy hell Thursday on #FakeNews network CNN. Well, he didn’t exactly say it was CNN, but… READ MORE
Islamic State Preying On Ignorance

US official: ISIS has ‘people in place’ to conduct ‘steady’ attacks

by J.J. Green | WTOP
Published on February 21, 2017
WASHINGTON — The Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) terror group is under heavy global pressure from militaries and law enforcement organizations, but… READ MORE
Immigration Detention

DHS cancels Obama policies, orders agents to expand deportations

by Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times
Published on February 21, 2017
Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly officially ordered federal agents this week to begin arresting and deporting more illegal immigrants, releasing them from the handcuffs… READ MORE
milo yiannopoulos

Milo Dropped From CPAC

by David Sherfinski - The Washington Times
Published on February 21, 2017
Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was disinvited as an official speaker at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) after being prompted to clarify that he… READ MORE

Refugees Will Cost Taxpayers an Estimated $4.1 Billion in FY 2017

by MICHAEL PATRICK LEAHY | Breitbart.com
Published on February 20, 2017
American taxpayers will spend more than $4.1 billion in the 2017 budget to support the 519,018 refugees who have been resettled by the federal government… READ MORE

President Trump hammers news media, revs up base at Florida rally

by S.A. Miller - The Washington Times -
Published on February 19, 2017
At a campaign rally Saturday, President Trump excoriated the news media for being part of the problem in Washington and received responding applause of agreement… READ MORE

Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote

by Rowan Scarborough - The Washington Times
Published on February 18, 2017
A large number of non-citizen Hispanics, as many as 2 million, were illegally registered to vote in the U.S., according to a nationwide poll. The… READ MORE
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