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North Korea Lashes Out At Only Ally China

by BBC
Published on February 24, 2017
North Korea has lashed out at its only international ally, China, accusing it of giving in to American demands. Last week, China announced a ban… READ MORE

Thousands mourn ‘blind sheikh’ convicted in 1993 World Trade Center bombing

by Amina Ismail and Arwa Gaballa | Reuters  |  published on February 23, 2017
AL-GAMALIYA, EGYPT | Thousands of mourners gathered in a small Egyptian town on Wednesday for the funeral of the Muslim cleric known as “the blind sheikh” who was convicted of conspiracy in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in New York. Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was also convicted of planning a broader “war of urban terrorism” in the United States, died… READ MORE
WC-135 Constant Phoenix

HAS PUTIN DETONATED NUKE? US sends specialist ‘nuke sniffer’ plane to the UK as ‘radiation spike’ sparks fears Putin has tested nuclear weapon in the Arctic

by Jon Lockett | The Sun
Published on February 22, 2017
FEARS are mounting Vladimir Putin’s military have carried out a secret Arctic nuclear test after a huge spike in dangerous radiation levels were detected across… READ MORE

Islamic State linked group expands foothold in southern Syria near Israel

by Suleiman Al-Khalidi | Reuters
Published on February 21, 2017
Islamic State-linked Syrian militant groups on Monday launched a surprise attack on moderate rebels in southwestern Syria near the Golan Heights near where the Jordanian… READ MORE

Iraq launches offensive on last Islamic State stronghold in Mosul

by Maher Chmaytelli and Isabel Coles | Reuters  |  published on February 20, 2017
U.S.-backed Iraqi forces on Sunday launched a ground offensive to dislodge Islamic State militants from the western part of the city of Mosul, and put an end to their ambitions for territorial rule in Iraq. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the start of the offensive in the northern city, asking the armed forces to “respect human rights” during the battle… READ MORE

West Mosul residents told battle is imminent as Iraqi forces begin moving

by Maher Chmaytelli | Reuters
Published on February 19, 2017
Iraqi planes dropped millions of leaflets on the western side of Mosul warning residents that the battle to dislodge Islamic State is imminent as troops… READ MORE
Marine LePen


by Associated Press
Published on February 18, 2017
PARIS — French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is facing new troubles, with fresh revelations in an investigation into her European Parliament assistants and… READ MORE

Pakistan launches crackdown after Isis attack kills 75 at shrine

by Jon Boone | The Guardian
Published on February 18, 2017
Officials in Pakistan say they have killed at least 39 suspected militants in a sweeping security crackdown a day after a massive bombing claimed by… READ MORE

‘I don’t want problems’ with Trump, says Venezuela’s Maduro

by Reuters
Published on February 16, 2017
Venezuela’s socialist leader Nicolas Maduro said on Wednesday that he wanted to avoid confrontation with new U.S. President Donald Trump. “I don’t want problems with… READ MORE

Duterte targets Philippine children in bid to widen drug war

by Clare Baldwin and Andrew R.C. Marshall | Reuters  |  published on February 15, 2017
Before Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody war on drugs had even begun, allies of the Philippines president were quietly preparing for a wider offensive. On June 30, as Duterte was sworn in, they introduced a bill into the Philippine Congress that could allow children as young as nine to be targeted in a crackdown that has since claimed more than 7,600 lives.… READ MORE
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