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Whiteboard Writing

Michigan State Bans Whiteboards to Prevent Spread of Racist Messages

by Tom Ciccotta | Breitbart
Published on February 24, 2017
Administrators at Michigan State University have introduced a policy which will prevent students from hanging white boards outside of their dorm rooms in an effort… READ MORE
NC Billboard

‘Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It’ billboard in N.C. sparks interest, protests

by Ken Shepherd - The Washington Times
Published on February 23, 2017
An anonymous seven-word slogan on a billboard in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has piqued the curiosity and ire of passersby with its simple but cryptic message:… READ MORE
Defund Planned Parenthood

Judge blocks Texas from cutting Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood

by Associated Press | FOXNews.com
Published on February 22, 2017
AUSTIN, Texas – A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Texas can’t cut off Medicaid dollars to Planned Parenthood over secretly recorded videos taken by anti-abortion… READ MORE

Wasserman Schultz’s IT Guy Tied To Iraqi Politician’s Cash, ‘Impossible’ To Trace Transactions

by Luke Rosiak | The Daily Caller  |  published on February 21, 2017
Rogue congressional staffers took $100,000 from an Iraqi politician while they had administrator-level access to the House of Representatives’ computer network, according to court documents examined by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. The money was a loan from Dr. Ali al-Attar, an Iraqi political figure, and was funneled through a company with “impossible”-to-decipher financial transactions that the congressional… READ MORE

One of two suspects in Denver light rail robbery-murder released from jail despite being flagged by ICE officials

Published on February 21, 2017
A man suspected in a Denver murder this month was released from the Denver County Jail in December after ICE officials flagged him as an… READ MORE

Hundreds of Texans may have voted improperly

by FOXNews.com
Published on February 20, 2017
Officials in Texas acknowledge that hundreds of people were able to bypass voter ID laws and improperly cast ballots in the presidential election. Voters were… READ MORE
CA Sessionists

‘California is a nation, not a state’: A fringe movement wants a break from the U.S.

by Katie Zezima | The Washington Post
Published on February 19, 2017
SAN FRANCISCO — About 15 people huddled in a luxury apartment building, munching on danishes as they plotted out their plan to have California secede… READ MORE
Claire McCaskill

Dem senator: I may face 2018 primary from Tea Party-esque progressives

Published on February 18, 2017
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) on Thursday compared a faction of Democrats calling for their party to become increasingly progressive to the Tea Party movement that… READ MORE
University of Wisconsin


by Todd Richmond | AP.org
Published on February 17, 2017
MADISON, Wis. — Black students should be offered free tuition and housing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison because blacks were legally barred from education during… READ MORE
Viktor Leonov

Russian spy ship spotted closer to US, near Navy submarine base

by Luca Tomlinson | FOXNews.com
Published on February 16, 2017
The Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov on Wednesday morning was spotted 40 miles closer to the U.S. — and not far from a Navy submarine… READ MORE
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