4th of July Celebrated on JUNE 4TH to Not Interfere with Ramadan

June 8, 2015

flagusaummahIn a mind-boggling gesture of official US Government dhimmitude, the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia celebrated our sacred Independence Day holiday on June 4, so as to avoid any conflict with the month-long Ramadan celebration. If you think any Islamic countries – there are 57 of them (not counting ISIS) that count themselves officially Islamic – will move their DC embassy’s celebration of Ramadan to accommodate our Independence holiday, I have some bridges to sell you.

The Jakarta Post (hat tips: Pamela Geller and Jihad Watch) writes:

“US Embassy celebrates 4th of July earlier out of respect for Ramadhan,” by Dylan Amirio

The United States Embassy enjoyed its annual 4th of July celebration on Thursday, June 4, one month early, in order to respect the upcoming Ramadhan month, which will begin on June 17 and last for one month.

  • danny kimbrel

    Please allow us to enjoy our sacred holiday in the traditional manner regardless of who may be offended, if they wish to observe Ramadan, then they should go the hell back where they came from and observe it there and not offend the hosting country with some bullshit month long holiday that overlays our independence day holiday that out dates their invaders time in our country, and if it takes a conflict to keep what we’ve had before all of the PC shit then so be it. we will celebrate on July 4th just like we always have no matter who get’s offended, especially the HNIC

  • Karen Stickney

    Jarhead baby, you need to expand your mind. Open it up.

  • Jarhead

    Trying to placate mentally retarded mu-slime maggots is not going to work.

  • nevergivein

    Ah, the LIBERAL DREAM…..Rewrite History.

  • Betty

    what next???????????? I will always celebrate 4th of July Next they will move or try to move Christmas……..I can’t wait till we rid ourselves of the Muslims in Washington Dc this is American not some Arab Country…….Wewill Stand up to these Pigs…..or Goat lovers

  • Patriot47

    So much for American excellence. Just because the head muzzie at 1600 wants to bow down doesn’t mean the people have to.

  • Helen

    Congress, where art Thou???? You should all be tried for treason as you do Nothing to protect the Consititution and our beloved Country!!!

  • Michael Hazel

    That embassy is US soil. Those diplomats should be recalled and dismissed. This kind of action is why we have less respect than many 3rd world nations.

  • Jarhead

    Suppose Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day will also be changed because some nincompoop is offended? Those fruitcakes belong in an asylum with a high fence to keep them from infecting the public.

  • mjmaf

    Obama – biggest posterior smoocher of all that is not America, nor ally of America, around the world. can you say – no yellow, belly no backbone? Anyone getting sick and tired of this yet?

  • MrsTJNic@aol.com

    THAT’S RIGHT! Stop kissing their butts, & start firing them! I can’t believe this is happening, & he’s still there, causing so much trouble. Impeach him!

  • Observant_One

    As long as the July 4th celebration happens on US soil so be it. F Ramadan.

  • Sam

    Another “politically correct” action to pamper the enemy by our own leadership?????? Maybe I should restate “by our own” and say by somebody’s leadership. Get a grip people! We (Americans) are getting the proverbial shaft from people who are Americans (?) – giving homage to nations whose sole purpose is to destroy us! How come we move our day of celebration “out of respect for ramadan” (basically the worship of the moon god) while we “bow” – or knuckle under as it were to people who kill children, abuse women and behead men?! Got a good answer? I’m listening!

  • Karen Stickney

    When you say that, we really are no better than Iran–forcing our religion down the throats of anyone who doesn’t believe what we believe in. America is a melting pot of religions–Christianity, Judaism, and every other religion in between. The only one here who has had their genitals modified are the jealous, pathetic losers who make up these insults to anyone who isn’t like them. I’m the end of you if you screw with me.

  • OSayCanUC

    Pull the US Embassy. Wasted Money!

  • Nursesteve

    What a disgrace!! Obama has caused enough damage to the American dream that it will take years to recover. He should be tried for treason.

    • DGJC

      Sure, except the majority of us voted for Obama twice and would do so again. He’s been the best president in my lifetime, especially for us gay people. Happy Gay Pride Day!

  • Robert Young

    Did the government of Jakarta request our Embassy to celebrate our Independence Day early to accomidate their Ramadhan month and, if so, did the Secretary of State approve it.

  • Obwon One

    57 islamic countries explains why fearless leader thought the U.S. has 57 states.

  • 40Helen60

    Where’s the outcry from Americans, Veterans, etc? Oh, I forgot, we must let the Heathen Barbaric Muslims dictate and change our laws, history, customs and lifestyle. Ooh, we mustn’t offend Dictator Son of Satan Barack Hussein Obama. This devil! Well, America we get what we asked for when Obama came to power, illegally. Our Forefathers died for nothing to make America the greatest nation on the face of the earth, and this is what we do to thank them? Disgraceful!

  • Webb

    In order to respect the upcoming Ramadhan month of June…NO!
    RESPECT…July 4th, The Americans Flag and Our Freedoms…Period!!
    “US Embassies Should Celebrate Our Holidays, regardless of what Country They may be In…American Soil, if Muslims Have a Problem with our Holiday…Close The Embassies, RESPECT BEING AN AMERICAN!

  • Nancy

    This is bullcrap!!!!.
    Tell those rag heads go back to where they came from and tell them not to let the door smack them in their butts as they leave. This is America, July 4 is an American holiday. We will celebrate July 4th on July 4th !!!!!! And if they don’t like it they need to leave immediately, we don’t want them here anyway

    • OSayCanUC

      Exactly why we need term limits on Congress. And Exactly why the Laws on the books for Legal immigration should be followed. Americans can’t do in other countries, what their people do in ours.

  • SDrobeck

    Guess what, THE FOURTH OF JULY is celebrating America’s FREEDOM. Guess what is on its way OUT????? OUR FREEDOM. Stand up, America and WAKE UP.

  • Gerry Costa

    What do you know — we found obozo’s 57 states — all islamic, no wonder he is a confused s!itbird. That embassy would not have done that unless authorized by the state dept or obozo. One post here is correct — they should ALL be fired – from obozo on down. In fact our whole damn present govt should be fired. We’d be better off starting off with all new blood that still runs ” red white and blue ” instead of islamic cowardice and traitorous. The scum ( obozo and his demoRATS & rinos ) are accomplishing their agenda — taking Americanism and patriotism out of AmeriKa.

  • ward

    Now bo has the U.S. Embassies as his libtard dupes to support his treason & appease his muslims to support his wannabe dictatorship in foreign nations… ! bo & his cronies have to go 2015 ASAP to save U.S. fundamental Freedom !

  • destiny

    F ramadan! And the camel it rodde in on.

    • Jarhead

      And those goats they LOVE so much!

  • Thomas Goss

    SCREW their ramadam. And SCREW ALL the foreigners who don’t like us, THAT’S ALL OF THEM BY THE WAY.

    • Gerry Costa

      Agree with every word – Thomas.

    • Jarhead

      Lets hide their goats?

  • Judy McKinney

    Well, they are sitting in the middle of Muslim/Issis country, in an embassy, and they remember Bengazi, and that there was no help from the US when they pleaded for it, so by celebrating on June 4th instead of July 4th, kept them from being thrown to the wolves and tortured to death, with no help coming. With the US situation as it is now, I would do the same thing. Who wants to be tortured to death because they have no backing from the US?

    • Robert Young

      Then don’t take a Government job out of our Country. The risks go with the job for Obama and his Muslim Administration will not protect American Citizens.

    • donemyhomework

      Yes, the President and Hillary sat there eating popcorn while watching the event on live satellite feed.

    • danny kimbrel

      Then you would allow them to control you without so much as a whimper which most of America would say “come and get it ” even though the State Dept would abandon every American to be fed to the wolves or be left to their own devices which should be a whole lot of landmines.

  • Karen Stickney

    Why don’t you expand your mind?

    • Andy Martin

      Karen, If you are a citizen, your citizenship should be renounced and you should move to a country more suited to your muslim loving tendencies

    • TampaTom

      stick, it appears, from looking at your photo, that you’re well versed in expansion.

  • Karen Stickney

    Ramadan is just as valid as Christianity. Get that through your thick heads, you dumb asses!

    • GAGIRL12

      Why don’t you move to Iran.

      • Jarhead

        Good idea … hope she takes all that Xanax she overdoses with her or is it just her menopausal hormones talking?

    • destiny

      Karen’s had her genitals modified.

      • Jarhead

        OR is overdosing her Xanax along with crack, meth & PCP….what a fruitcake.

      • Ah, so that would make her… what? Not a citizen? Unworthy of the Lord’s love? A liberal? A close-minded prejudiced dumbass like you?

    • Nancy

      When you call somebody DUMB ASS, you should be looking in a mirror, this is America, it is NOT a muslim country, it is a Christian country !!!!!

      • Hey Constitution lover! Show me the part of the Constitution declaring the US a Christian country.

        It was a slave country during the time of the Revolutionary War. Does that make the US a Slave Country? Women couldn’t vote back then, does that make the US The Country for White Men Only?

        Is America a Witch-Burning Country?

        Some of the Founding Fathers were hemp growers. Does that make America the Pothead Country?

        No, I think Karen’s depiction of you as “dumb asses” is pretty spot on.

        • I R.K

          Today, America’s religious demographics are changing, and diversity has greatly expanded since our nation’s founding. The number of Jews has increased, and more Muslims are living in America than ever before. Other religions now represented in America include Hinduism, Buddhism and a myriad others. In addition, many Americans say they have no religious faith or identify themselves as atheists, agnostics or Humanists. According to some scholars, over 2,000 distinct religious groups and denominations exist in the United States.

          Also, even though most Americans identify as Christian, this does not mean they would back official government recognition of the Christian faith. Christian denominations disagree on points of doctrine, church structure and stands on social issues. Many Christians take a moderate or liberal perspective on church-state relations and oppose efforts to impose religion by government action.

          • Very true. Thanks for an educated and reasoned response. Maybe others here will read it, too.

        • Webb

          Troll On…The USA, Couldn’t Do Without You!!
          You Make Us Appreciate Our Freedoms And Liberties…
          And Increase Our Knowledge Of The Left. Hang in There With Big Government and All It Can Do For You!

          • Please give me examples of what Small Government has done for America, vs what Big Government has done? I’d like to know why you think we’d be so much better off with Small Government.

            And while you’re at it, please give me a definition of Small Government, so that I know what you’re actually talking about. Can’t really have a discussion if we’re both speaking different “languages”, right?

        • Robert Young

          I’m sure you would think so, Troll.

          • And you’ve got nothing to contribute either, do you? Some citizen you are! You can’t make a reasonable defense for your point of view. All you can do is echo the tired, name-calling rants that have been posted hers for the past 5 5 years. No facts, no independent thinking. Puppet.

        • danny kimbrel

          I bet you also believe that Obummer does everything for the benefit of America and Americans. you should follow that troll to Iran

          • What does your comment have to do with mine, or the discussion? And you’re joining the party a little late. This was over a week ago. Get with the program

    • Webb

      Embassies Are American Soil…No reason to Change The 4th Of July!
      As For Ramadan Being Valid…That’s Fine For The Muslims…But not for American Christians…Here Or Aboard!
      Love It or Leave It…For The Slow, That’s The USA!!

    • tom2

      Not on the 4th of July.

    • Jarhead

      Karen baby you are overdosing….check your meds.

    • danny kimbrel

      are you Telling me that our forth of July is a christian holiday ? if so, you are ignorant of the facts, it celebrates our independence from outside control. it has nothing to do with religion, so why bring it up, if not to cause division ?

  • gpicha

    And yet we can’t wear American flag shirts on sink a de mayo as it might offend the mexicans. What a crock of crap. All of their holidays offend me. Why don’t they have to stop celabraiting them. Oh that’s right we have a POS NIGGAR for a useless president.

    • Robert Young

      I agree with everything you said except the ”N” WORD.

      • William

        It was niggardly of him to say that.

        • S. Wicks Jr

          Yeah, misspelled should er

    • TampaTom

      gpicha, I believe that’s sinkhole de mayo

  • Gypsy

    How many Muslim asses do Obama and Kerry have to kiss? Would it not be easier to simply issue an “Executive Order” declaring the USA ot be a Muslim nation and be done with it?

    • ward

      Appears as their normal support of muslims while they screw the U.S. Patriotic Citizens as their treason acts continue & congress does “0” !

    • Nancy

      I will be so glad when that SOB Obama is out of office, I think I will go out in the street,, play loud music and dance all day !!!!

      • Bobby Singer


        • S. Wicks Jr

          Then you best NOT vote for a demoncrap. Hitlery is NO better than what you have now……

    • danny kimbrel

      It will never be a Muslim country, the American loving people will stand and fight to the bitter end to make sure of that. No matter how much blood must be spilled be it theirs or ours .

  • DPMP

    All those fools should be fired. The Fourth of July is OUR National Holiday and if it conflicts with a so-called false religious holiday, so what.

    • WAYCAL

      Agree 100%. Time to quit kissing their asses and the quit kissing should start in the WH or they need their asses FIRED

      • USACITIZEN97

        They already are in full compliance for treason charges. And yes we can wear the AMERICAN FLAG EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. THE GOVT. HAS NO AUTHORITY TO SAY OTHERWISE unless you give it to them. Everybody needs to stand up to these idiots

      • S. Wicks Jr

        What do you expect from a muslim president? The fourth of July, Independence Day should NOT move at ANY US facility. It is OUR celebration day; PERIOD….. But they sure LOVE our money though, don’t they!

    • 7papa7

      Embassies are American soil and they have the absolute right to celebrate American holidays on the day they occur. I see absolutely NO reason why the camel jockeys can’t celebrate their false religion at the same time Americans celebrate theirs. Oh wait the muzzie in chief doesn’t want the celebration of American holidays because it reminds the people of what makes America great and obama wants people to think America sucks.

    • shooter9mm

      AMEN TO THAT, this Musliim disguised as a Christian should simply tell the truth, is he ASHAMED of his faith. Read the Koran, Thomas Jefferson had it translated into English, so as to show the people what it really stood for, elimination of “ALL” other Religions, either by conversion or death. My Messiah preached “Love Your Neighbor” Forgive him 7 X 70……….


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