by Associated Press  |  published on June 30, 2016


The military base outside Washington where the presidential plane Air Force One is stationed was temporarily locked down Thursday after an “active shooter” report that turned out to be a false alarm.

The report stemmed from someone who made a distress call after seeing security forces doing a routine inspection. The confusion was heightened by a planned active shooter drill at Joint Base Andrews that had not yet begun.

Officials said in a Facebook post Thursday that there was no shooter and no threat to the base or workers there.

The base had been placed on lockdown about 9 a.m. after an active shooter was reported. The base is home to Air Force One and is about 20 miles from Washington.

  • Bob

    I live in the DC area and was following it on TV as it happened. It appeared that someone did not get the word about the drill and called it in. The newsies were going crazy, the worst were the one who were doing the “another gun violence episode” before it was even concerned. And the Air Base is right on the Beltway that is no more than 5 miles from DC, not “about 20 miles” like the geographically confused author stated.

  • Tiger

    Practice again to see how we react? Trial run? Maybe for O eventually?

    We will never know.

    • Jessicacarndt2


  • Cleverfun

    …sounds to me like same crap that happened at the navy ship yard… we will probably NEVER know!

  • Blue 3

    Sounds like training got real. Best kind.

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