Again with the emails: Latest scandal rocks Clinton’s crowning at convention start

by  |  published on July 25, 2016

PHILADELPHIA – Hillary Clinton, who spent the entirety of her presidential primary campaign battling allegations over her improper use of a personal email server while secretary of state, once again faces an email headache just days before her crowning as the Democratic presidential nominee.

This time, the leak of thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee, some of which indicated an anti-Bernie Sanders bias at the very top of the organization, led to the resignation of Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The controversy now hangs over the start of the convention as Sanders supporters prepare to protest, outside and potentially inside the convention hall. On Monday, Schultz tried to explain her new role in the party, vowing to get to work electing Hillary Clinton.

“You’ll see me every day between now and November 8 on the campaign trail,” she said, even as Sanders supporters waved signs in front of her and shouted, “Shame!”

On the sidelines, Sanders supporters and others angry at the Democratic establishment are poised to turn out, potentially in the thousands, on Monday to protest all over Philadelphia. This, before the convention formally gavels in late Monday afternoon – after which Sanders himself, as well as liberal icon Elizabeth Warren, are set to speak.

  • Webb

    Its not the color of the DNC…Its the Content of the DNC e/mails!
    Was it Russia…Hillary and Democrats didn’t care concerning her Emails and Server.
    So why care now, only because the DNC got Caught “Red Handed”…Rigged!

  • bocacassidy

    Everyone who views the new documentary film “CLINTON CASH” should be convinced beyond any doubt about how evil and unscrupulous the Clintons really are ….Nevertheless Hillary will be protected at all costs by the Muslim President !

  • snowyriver

    Read the rules on government emails.. Hillary violated the rules… Hillary is guilty.. Comey with the FBI recommended no indictment.. Comey has stock in the Clinton Foundation..

    • bocacassidy

      Comey and Lynch are partners in the subversive conspiracy .

      • snowyriver

        Comey wanted to give an honest report , but he also wanted to live to see his grandchildren next year.. Google this ” Clinton dead pool nachumlist”

  • Kanawah

    Hillary is not my first choice, but she is far superior to the orangutan (trump).

    • Luke

      Trump, the only one in the race looking out for America and Americans..The orangutan is in the WH today..

    • Anouk

      Go to see the documentary “Hillary’s America” and you will change your mind about the corrupted liar witch.

    • miscast

      I’m not going to call you names assume you were kidding about Hillary. I will however say that if she is not your first choice, but you elect her anyway there will be NO POSSIBLE way to get her out of office. She is proved over and over again she can’t tell the truth, she can’t be trusted, and she will use any means IRS, FBI, influence selling, possibly even harming others to get what she wants. She just beat the rap of being so illegal there are people lining up to have their cases re-opened after the Justice Dept, and FBI let her off the hook.

      At the very least with Trump (not my favorite person either) he can be impeached, there will not be any 45 years of influence from the political parties to save him.

      Your only choice is to change the way things are going. Something we all thought we did in 08, like it or not. And yet it’s worse and the inmates are running the prison, when most of them should just be gone. D.C. is a toilet that needs to be flushed. Hillary is just another “item of waste” that needs to go down the drain.

      But, by all means if you feel you are correct vote your heart, just don’t forget your brain.

      Kanawah, I seriously hope you weren’t offended. My holding a different opinion shouldn’t mean I’m some jerkoff tossing mean comments. Those with cyberballs do enough of that and you were just being honest. So was I.

      • plum82

        hahahaha kanawah is a nit wit AND stupid too……….

    • plum82

      hahahaha You’ll BE SORRY if the POS gets elected…she’ll destroy this country before you can say “what happened” ?

    • Worried Vet

      Well if Hillary wins you get what you deserve. Hillary is one of the most vile,corrupt , power hungry and greedy people this country has ever seen. What she did with her emails was treason period, coming from someone who had a top secret clearance and the honor of being trusted to take care of the material and make sure it was safe. She was blatant in her lies and she did this to try and hide everything from the public. She didn’t want her email to be seen by state or FOIA requests. She burned her calendar so the appointments couldn’t be seen with crooks and big donors period. The fact that at least 50 people and associates and close friends have died in car accidents and suicides is astronomical odds to any normal people. These new emails are telling how corrupt the whole dnc is. Wake up and stop being loyal to the democrats they don’t deserve that loyalty any longer. Look at the party with the rise of Bernie and he admits he is a socialist. The party is stopping be democratic and turning to socialist. Any one with common sense can see socialism don’t work for proof look up Venezuela and see their people are starving and can’t get medical help and medicine. This country is way beyond broke and can’t pay for what we have now. Adding new social programs is suicidal for this country. There isn’t money for any new free stuff, hell there isn’t money for what we have now. It’s amazing people actually believe because we’re the richest country we can keep spending. Well even if they tax rich people at 100% it isn’t enough money. If they win and raise taxes to extreme levels the rich will leave this country. England tries taxing the wealthy and wound up losing revenue and not gaining it. Margaret Thatcher said it best, socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money. If Hillary is elected were in trouble look out here comes socialism, and her rule would be Obama on steroids. The progressive liberals will achieve their goal of destroying this once great country.

  • holly

    This last email scandal is so obvious, Debbie W. Schulz resigned because of it? then Hillary hires her. Now how much more obvious can things be. Surely you Bernie supporters aren’t dumb enough to vote for Hillary? Bernie has probably been paid off or threatened, so he has speak for Hillary. The old man doesn’t want to be found mysteriously dead, even if he does have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Wake Up you decent democrats and come on over for Trump, yes he is loud sometimes, but he is what we need now,

  • Retired

    Looks like her server still is not secure.

  • Gale

    ey fellow americans. let’s all join together, vote democrat and allow a few more muslim terrorists into this country. who knows, perhaps you too can lose a loved one.

  • Gale

    In case some of you may have forgotten:

    As a 27 year old staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation, Hillary Clinton was fired by her supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman. When asked why Clinton was fired, Zeifman said in an interview, “because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality.”

    • Cynic from the Midwest

      at least the lying unethical pile of white trash is consistent.

    • MyRoseHasTHORNS

      Back in the good old days, before the rules changed!
      Now you can’t give a reason for firing, only allowed to confirm they once worked there and say whether you would rehire them.

      • Doradolsen3

        <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!!br48p:….,..

    • ABO

      So, nothing there has changed since.

  • Dan

    If you ever believed in Karma, this is Hillary getting a big mouthful….

    • Retired

      And it all settled to her rear end.

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