Another debate brawl? Fox News, Kelly set for Trump rematch

March 3, 2016

Thursday’s Republican debate on Fox News Channel could be Round 2 of Megyn Kelly versus Donald Trump. But the journalist and fellow moderators say they are not preparing to stoke the fire with questions about his headline-grabbing battles with the network.

Trump accused Kelly of lobbing him tougher questions than those directed at his rivals in an August debate that was the Republican candidates’ first televised encounter. Kelly asked about Trump’s remarks about women, prompting a stream of attacks from the candidate, who skipped a Fox debate in January.

“Frankly, I have been ready for seven months to move beyond what happened after that August debate,” Kelly said in a recent interview. “I feel like it’s getting boring. Trump has bigger things to worry about, and so do I.”

The brash billionaire’s unfiltered style has helped generate unprecedented ratings for news networks including Fox, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox Inc .

The cable channel’s August debate attracted 24 million viewers, a record for a presidential primary debate on any network, according to Nielsen. The January forum without Trump drew 12.5 million, still the second-largest audience in the network’s history.

  • 7Faithful1

    When Trump first came on the scene, it was a shocking but refreshing change on the political scene and I saw him as a possible solution for the country. After seeing the vast discrepancy between his confident words and his immature, eighth grade behavior, I view him now as just an additional problem for the country, maybe even the final one, should he be out there representing us in the world.
    Now, when I see his lips form that ominous circle and his index finger begins that stabbing motion, I dread the thought of a possible future in his hands. Maybe if he had shown a little real strength in dealing with Megyn Kelly . . . . .

  • NJ Lady

    ALL the debates should be on a MAIN TV channel, not one that most TV viewers do not have in their cable or general TV programming.. Am I missing something here?

  • Pima

    Let’s discuss Trump steaks and Trump vodka some more. Megyn Kelly has to be one of the stupidest so -called journalists. And Chris Wallace can’t hold one candle to his father.

  • Gary Smith

    Trump can not handle tough questions his answer is always I will not how

  • cathylovesyou

    Two outspoken socially visible people. One is attacking everyone the other was attacking him. Kelly is doing her job but is against Trump doing his while both use the same tactics. Trump jumps into his own problems and Kelly seems to want to join in. Who really cares?

  • hangman57

    Kelly should not even be running a radio show , the only way she got to where she is now ,was on her bad knees .She was out of line in the first debate , asking her questions about , Trump relationship with women . What the hell does that have to do with running this country . She never would have asked Hillary about her Husband Bill Clinton , and him raping so many women . She never would ask Hillary about covering up Bill’s assaults on women . Kelly is not a women who can be trusted to be fair to all candidates .

  • juniemoon

    Fox should be rotating their moderators. I’m sick of Kelly. I’d like to see Martha McCallum, Monica Crowley, Harris Faulkner, Greta, or Judge Jeannine.

  • Rex Sutton

    BIMPO,,, I dont watch foxxxxxxx anymore or advertize on any of there channels and none of my people better not either

  • john jones

    news media will never be unbiased in any election. they have more power than the president and need to be stopped.

  • bygeorge

    After hearing Mitt Romney’s anti-Trump remarks today, I can only conclude that we are simply witnessing a desperate, futile attempt by the panicked Republican establishment, to derail our election process of selecting our candidate to defeat the odious Hillary Clinton.

    The base doesn’t trust the establishment any more. It does not agree with the establishment any more, and will not support the establishment in its campaign to force their choice as our Presidential candidate on us. Clearly, the establishment no longer understands the new language of conservative politics. Recklessly, it refuses to accept the already established fact that they have already lost all relevance with the base.

    Dragging out the hapless Mitt Romney, now, to give a major speech detailing why Trump simply will not do as our man, and doing so mere hours before our field of candidates debate again, is the most glaring example of collective idiocy since we were forced to embrace John McCain as our candidate eight years ago. Take the time to review Romney’s acceptance of Trump’s endorsement of his candidacy four years ago. Totally, completely 180 deg. out of phase.

    Fox News, from which I am painfully weening myself, is conducting tonights debate. In breathless anticipation the media awaits the hoped for renewal of the clash between the scrawny Megan Kelly and Donald Trump. They will, thereby, have news bites to increase their own ratings for the moment.

    I do not anticipate this happening. By now, I would hope that Fox News and Megan Kelly, would realize that the first debate flare-up was as good as it was going to get and any attempt to repeat it would be destructive to the debate process in the future. In fact, I would not be at all surprised if, such an attack against him was attempted, that Trump should simply throw up his hands and walk off the stage. Trump no longer needs these debates, he only needs to focus on the fact that the Republican Party has done nothing to seal the border, as they promised, has done nothing to defund Planned Parenthood, as they promised, have nothing to stop Obamacare, as they promised and have done nothing to stop Obama’s unconstitutional edicts to run government as a good Alinskite should, as they promised.

    That’s why the base rushes to Trumps call. That’s why the base does not care about the foibles every businessman, including Trump, faces and it is why the base will no longer listen to the establishments pleas nor support its candidate unless it is Trump of Ted Cruz even.

    If the party’s machinery fails to grasp the obvious, that will be the end of the GOP as we know it. There might remain a hollow Republican party of some description in the future but there will be no more Grand Old Party. These people, these corrupt politicians who have lied and cheated to maintain their flimsy excuse of power, will be solely responsible for the destruction of the GOP. It’s called self-destruction and they’re not taking me with ‘em!

    But, there will always be a conservative, constitutional, rule of law base out here to challenge the crony capitalists who think they run things. Times, they are a changing.

    • Reasoned thinker

      bygeorge . . . In my opinion, yours is an absolutely OUTSTANDING assessment of the situation “out there” right now. I wish your thoughts could . . . somehow . . . be forwarded to many OTHER voters, who do not currently possess your insight. Excellent! Go Trump.

  • Jerry

    I will not watch this so called woman or anything fox news has to offer. Kelley is just disgusting.

    • Kurt Hanssen

      I’ am in your corner.

  • Beverly Nan Murphy

    Folks, could we just hear how you will fix things. I for one, do no want to hear one more school yard yammering about “he said” , and “Mommy,he did naughty things.” from any one of you. LIke Kelly until she started believing her own press. Stop shooting yourselves (all of you) in the damn foot and give us a cogent plans , with facts and figures. To the damn establishment RHINOS, listen to those paying your inflated salaries, you are NOT royalty and don’t forget how the might have fallen before. We the People will decide what we want and who we want and will not tolerate you over riding our wishes and our votes. Not one of you, including both front runners are without sin. We know that but expect some sort of thought to running our country in an efficient way for the greater good. Otherwise, go lay down and shut up.

  • Seedman

    Pray that opposition candidates to Don Juvenile will have God’s wisdom during tonight’s debate and beyond.

  • S.J. Jolly

    If the Donald can’t stand questions from Megyn Kelly, how’s he going to survive debating Hillary Clinton ?

    • Kurt Hanssen

      You got a very good point, but with her crime spree.?. What is bother me a bit is there daughters are best friends, and Trump was a very good friend of the Clintons, che was an honorary guest at hees wedding, so it is going to be hard for him to cut her down to sise.

    • Frankdidit

      Easy, he already stated that he will prosecute this POS if elected.
      all he has to do is nice her to death. She will kill herself with stupid remarks. I also suggest Trump do the same to the BIMBO Kelly. Neither one will know how to react.

  • Lee Fleming

    Kelley, you have this one last chance to reconcile. Trump is the front runner and you can see what the Rino GOP is trying to do and why. Are you for the people or for the Rinos?

    • Kurt Hanssen

      Che is way to far left to be nice to Trump, “revenge”, and Murdock has olready made it clear that he hates Trump, and Kelly is one of his attack dogs, and don’t forget that Soros is a NObama man, an controls the news media, They are all jew’s, and they stick together like glue.

    • Frankdidit

      You are not fully informed so I will assist you. Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox and a supporter of Rubio the punk kid, will pull her strings. I suggest Trump just nice her to death. She won’t know what to do!

  • The Redhawk

    TIME to have Buttons to CUT off ANY Mike of one candidate Talking Over the candidate’s turn to Speak… Stick to questions on ISSUES and plans or QUIT the CIRCUS that Debates have been allowed to become by the panelists…

  • Phyllis

    I’ve actually watched some Fox news the last couple of weeks. Ms Kelly has been careful in her wording but she has a way of looking into the camera after a question and her eyes reveal exactly what she is. This isn’t a good moderator, she is sort of the Tokyo Rose of the media who really makes you sick when you listen but you can’t get away as there are NO choices out there for real news and so we are just political POW’s of propaganda of their choice.

  • Rodney Steward

    Romney is now on the tube giving a speech on why we don’t need Trump!!

    • Kurt Hanssen

      But when Romney was running, he was begging Trump for endorsement, and support. How fast they forget.

      • Rodney Steward

        EXACTLY, they can’t stand it that they may not be able to control him or he want have to answer to big money handouts.

  • Rodney Steward

    Not gonna watch it, through with Kelly!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I threw my television into the canal behind me years ago. Too much BS on the tube anymore and absolutely NOTHING educational!!

      • Rodney Steward

        You are Absolutely Right!!!!

  • Grandpa82
  • jjmcl431

    looks like Megyn has gone for the “Butch” look with that new hair cut.

    • Kurt Hanssen

      You newer know, che might like the super dyke Killary, they are both DUMBOCRAPS.

  • Suzey

    You fellows are as bad as Trump. I think the question was one that Trump should have been asked. Do you think the Democrats won’t use his nastiness toward women? He acted like a spoiled brat as is his custom. He holds grudges and belittles anyone who looks at him cross-eyed; and he makes his stupid faces when other candidates are talking. If he is the nominee (which I would prefer he not be), in debates, he will be faced with this and a lot of other fodder he will have to face. Will he walk out of the debate?

  • Carolyn

    I won’t be watching this debate due to the fact that Kelly will be making it all about herself and enhancing her career by trying to destroy Trump’s character, as usual. She should know by now that nobody gives a rat’s a#$@ about her and her opinions. She is the biggest disgrace to journalism that I know and I don’t watch the Fox News channel anymore because they not only encourage her, but they are also pushing their own personal agenda by endorsing a specific candidate. Journalists are supposed to keep their personal opinions and feelings out of their reporting and remain neutral. But Fox no longer does that. I have not heard one question asked by Kelly in these debates about how the candidates will handle today’s important issues. The questions are always about Trump’s personal life, his character, and what he has done in the past. Where was all that destruction when Obama was running for office? Nobody cared about his citizenship, nor his character, nor his experience, nor his past. All the media bowed down to him as if he was a king, all because he is black. They didn’t care about anything he did in the past or what his character was like, just as long as they got a black man in office. And that is a poor excuse for voting for someone. Now they want another good ‘ole boy in office again who will bow down to the career politicians and bid their ado, instead of doing what “we the people” want. Well, we the people are not going to let that happen this election!!!

  • gf

    Megyn, needs to redeem herself, her ratings are tanking. I do not watch Coyote news anymore, since the first debate. I used to like her. Now, I do not.

  • EmmaKate1Von Plouse

    I agree with John Eidsmoe.

  • W. Coyote

    In the previous debate, Megyn Kelly was quoting Mr. Trump’s own words while trying to ask an important question. Evidently Donald Trump couldn’t defend his own words so he went on the attack. Why couldn’t Mr. Trump stand up for his own words?

    • oliviaathome

      I agree. I watched and she didn’t do anything wrong. He tries to intimidate everyone and break them. That is not normal. We should not try to break other human beings. That is what is done when an enemy is interrogated. This is an election and we are all Americans. We are not enemies.

      • W. Coyote

        Olivia- Thank you for your reply. I wish a Trump supporter could explain this to me. Megyn Kelly didn’t make anything up or put words into his mouth- she simply quoted what he said. But he took offense to that. Apparently Trump supporters love the insults.
        I wish more Republicans could agree with your view- “We are not enemies.” For just one example, I remember when Tom Delay (several years ago) said that Democrats were his enemies. Apparently he has plenty of company with that sentiment. Doesn’t make any sense to me though.

      • Kurt Hanssen

        It is called counter punch.

  • PissedOffRepublican

    All the media is full of it, and Megan is part of the problem. She shouldn’t even be doing the debate AT ALL.

  • CMSgt, USAF, Retired

    With the thin skinned, swell headed Trump in the picture, anything said that is not praising him as the greatest is going to result in him running his mouth and spinning his brand of nonsense. Just remember, it is going to be huge, huge really huge, it will be great really, really great. However, he never states what huge and great are. Oh, I guess huge is the wall he is going to have Mexico build. I have never heard such BS from a potential Presidential candidate. May the good Lord have mercy on us if Donald, Hillary or Bernie should be elected President.

    • Paul Hoeing

      I agree 100%!!

  • Fred, a worried grandfather

    Kelly is a liberal hiding in the closet. Murdoch brings his puppet out from time to time to show off. Fox News is not worth watching anymore, since Murdoch tells his employees what and when to say anything. A guy like Murdoch who backs Clinton shouldn’t claim his network is conservative or unbias.

    • Reasoned thinker

      Fred, a worried grandfather — I agree with you on every one of these points. Right on target! Go Trump.

  • harry


  • TAM44

    megyn kelly thinks she’s Gods gift to man, I have had two bit hookers better looking than her AZE.

  • Larry J. Overfield

    I know there are a lot of people on this site who are for Mr. Trump; I myself would prefer to see someone else, that would be Sen. Cruz now. I just can’t help thinking that a man who would run from a newscaster, and let’s face it that is exactly what he did, would be able to encounter and work to solve the situations this country is facing.

    • drrocko

      Mr. Cruz is owned by Goldman Sachs – no thanks.

      • Larry J. Overfield

        Mr. Trump is owned by Mr. Trump, you really think he has the people of America’s interest at heart. He will expand on every thing that enriches his interests, and shred the constitution while he is at it.
        Oh, that is except the “poorly educated, he loves the poorly educated”.

        • drrocko

          Bet it didn’t ever occur to you that what is good for Mr Trump is also good for America ! Ever get a job from a poor man ? Or a “community organizer” like the current putz in chief ! And I have 2 years of collage !

          • Larry J. Overfield

            In his use of eminent domain I don’t think that what was good for him was good for the property owner. The case itself had nothing to do with the good of the public it was his own financial good.

            My concern here is not jobs or money, my concern is God and Country. This man does not know the Bible or the Constitution that is based upon Biblical Scripture. We have exchanged the glory of God for money. Do you really think this country is not now feeling the results of that choice.

        • BackingTrump

          Sorry that you see it that way, but the poor people are unable to increase Trumps fortune–he through his building and other bussiness he does hires a great many poor people.

          • Larry J. Overfield

            Sir, you focused on one phrase of my comment, “poorly educated”. This man does not know the Constitution, he does know real estate, and building regulations; these are not the law of the land. He has even admitted to using regulations in order to advance his own interests, and at the expense of citizens property rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

    • BackingTrump

      Trump didn’t run from Kelly, he lambasted her and she deserved it!

      • Larry J. Overfield

        Kelly was at the debate he refused to attend because she was one of the moderators, I guess he realized what that look like so he made last nights debate.

  • Albert L Biele

    I believe the Kelly-Trump thing is over. The real culprit is Rubio; he claimed to be an outsider when he started, but has now been exposes as an insider, working hand and hand with the Rino’s to dump Trump. If the Republican party doesn’t back the peoples choice. the party will split. If you hatchet Trump, we start a third party. A vote for Rubio is a vote for the establishment, which will put us in the same mess we were in when we started.

    • Rich Shack

      From the most recent reports, Fox has been in the Rubio camp for a while. It appears that this may be changing. Ailes is no longer happy with young Marcus.

      • Albert L Biele

        I agree, out of the clear blue sky, he is now exposed as a Rino.

      • Reasoned thinker

        Rich Shack . . . I have not heard about the stuff about the shift (by Fox) away from Rubio! I thought the Ailes and Murdock disclosures about their (agreed-upon) “open border” sympathies had just been exposed!!!! Rubio, of course, would be “right up that same alley” about the open border issues — Rubio is simply “sleeping in the weeds,” don’t you think?

    • Carolyn

      Right on! I think we should have a protest and exterminate every current politician in DC. Furthermore, the two parties should be entirely re-organized by naming them the Liberal and Conservative parties. As it is today neither party represents the people anymore. All they think about is keeping themselves in power and getting all that money.

      • Albert L Biele

        Hoe true.

      • S.J. Jolly

        “Exterminate” ??? As in “bloodbath” ? If not, you might want to edit your posting.

      • ClarenceDeBarrows

        I’m for a Constitution Party!

    • evelyncm


    • Lee Fleming

      I agree.

    • Reasoned thinker

      Albert L. Biele . . . I absolutely . . . 100% . . . agree with you (i.e., about the real culprit being Rubio, that is). Why is it that (at least some) others seem to totally miss that point? I hope you are also correct about the Kelly-Trump business. If Kelly tries to crap on Trump again, well that could really backfire on Kelly . . again. She’s terrible anyway. Go Trump!

      • Albert L Biele

        Well; Kelly behaved herself, and Trump came off presidential. Rubio basically backed off, and Cruz repeated himself on the “NYTimes/Trump– off the record discussion. I believe Trump is going to win big.

      • Albert L Biele

        The Kelly thing is over, Trump even complimented her; and Rubio is a Rino.

  • Cookie Vranish

    What I have read so far in the headlines insinuates Fox has done very well with their ratings. I disagree and think Fox has lost the conservative monopoly and is sharing that title with the other networks. As far as Fox being square or fair with Trump? Not likely! Trump has no choice. If he isn’t there, there will be attack dogs from Cuba nipping at his heels. He must have the ability to kick the Cuban attack dogs where it hurts. Go Trump 2016.

    • Reasoned thinker

      Cookie Vranish — Your assessments are simply terrific. I really hope you are also correct about Fox losing its conservative mantle (something, in my opinion, that had been, until recently, incorrectly attributed to Fox). The recent disclosures about both Ailes and Murdock . . . and the “open borders disclosures” . . . were astonishing. I believe you are totally correct about the attack dogs too. Go Trump.

  • Webb

    Another Debate…Lets Vote!
    ‘The taxpayer: That’s someone who works for the federal government but doesn’t have to take the civil service examination.’
    – Ronald Reagan

    • Rich Shack

      Two thumbs up!

  • ganderdavis

    Two big heads in the same room will only cause one of them to explode. Kelly is on a ego trip and Trump has always been on one.Kelly just needs to admit she is a liberal and she proved that by her kiss butt interview with Michael Moore. Kelly run on over to your real home MSNBC and you should fit right in with RM you even got a new hairdo to please her.

    • Cookie Vranish

      That hairdo is supposed to be cool? ROFLMAO!!!

    • Reasoned thinker

      ganderdavis — Whew, that session with Michael Moore, which you reference (above) was . . . essentially . . . a disgusting display. Terrible! I hope she (Kelly) does go to MSNBC. About Fox, however, we’re not watching Fox all that much anymore around this house. I don’t know how “ratings” are generated for networks, but I’d hate to see Fox helped (in its ratings, that is) . . . by time being spent (on Fox Network) in THIS household! Go Trump.

  • John_Eidsmoe

    Several of the past debates have been the moderators versus the candidates. Moderators (Megyn Kelly, are you reading this?) need to remember that, by their very name, they are news gatherers and news reporters, not news makers. The candidates should agree beforehand that, if Kelly performs as she has in the past, they should walk off the stage together.

    • joe

      Donald Trump Should not lower himself to the to the level of Maggot Kelly, if she doesn’t ask about serious issues he should walk out off the stage

      • mike cyncoski

        Iam with you. Donald should walk off the stage if the other two want to bom bard him on things not pertaining to things on turning this country around.

        • Phyllis

          Mr. Trump would not be wise to walk off the stage alone or repeat his statement about unfairness. She and the candidates are going to attack and hopefully he is prepared and can keep his composure. On the college lawsuit issue, I looked up how many other universities have been sued. It is AMAZING the number, big ones…the David Dukes issue, I would simply respond that he is a citizen and entitled to vote for whomever he pleases.. No candidate has to denounce an American citizen. And frankly, the Dukes issue pales in comparison to the Hillary remark “HEEL” and the true original way it was used in the south.

        • The Redhawk

          Hate to break this to you but who stared the Attacks on Jeb… Fiorina and proceeded to Cruz and Rubio and avoided ANY serious Policy or Solution Discussions???

      • Rich Shack

        Serious issues? Really! This is the news media we’re talking about. They are interested in ratings and setting up candidates for a schoolyard brawl. None of them have any interest in hearing what the candidates propose on serious issues.

      • The Redhawk

        Come on he started the BS like a playground BULLY and demeaned all to show a lack of Statesmanship except for Carson and Kasich…. Donald is a BUFFOON. and a WHINER..

        • john jones

          and you are a democrat. be honest when you shoot down a republican state your party preference. or move on to heaping praise on a soon to be jail bird or the communist democrats support.

          • The Redhawk

            This proves that STUPID THINGS like YOU are TRUMP IGNORANT IDIOTS….. I have NEVER vote for a single (D) now Prog Commies since Eisenhower .. YOU TURD…

          • john jones

            redhawk: you need to manage your anger problem. we are going to vote out of office the people that support non working and welfare people that suck off of hard working americans and believe this statement, this country has become dumbed down through the communist school systems we have and democrats has made slaves out of americans that depend on them for a free hand out.

    • Cookie Vranish

      Boy have you nailed that one! Bravo!!!

    • Joan Davenport


    • Carolyn

      I agree with you John. All the candidates should show Kelly that this debate is NOT about her and walk off the stage at the sign of her performing as she has in the past.

    • Michael Dennewitz


    • The Redhawk

      or If you are asked a question you are SCARED to answer just DUCK and WHINE???? or run off stage??? Can we DEMAND ADULTS ONLY be ON Stage instead of RATING SEEKING POLITICAL HACKS??? and Why has America sunk so low as to have no choices but to scrape to bottom of the Political CESS POOL for Viable Candidates…the (D) eranged party being THE WORSE???

    • Reasoned thinker

      John Eidsmoe . . . I totally agree with you, John. I particularly like the part about the candidates walking off the stage together (I guess that is not all that likely, in view of the recent orchestrated efforts by the RNC/Romney and Rubio/Cruz teams, eh?). I like the comments from Joe too about “Maggot Kelly” (see below). Funny . . . sad . . . and true.

  • PatriotGal

    As for me, I’ll not watch anything in which Torpedo Kelly is involved. All she is after is torpedoing Mr. Trump – of course, she is the TOOL of Ailes and FOX News. After the first debate, we stopped watching her, Brett Baier and Chris Wallace totally. Gosh, Brett, maybe you should ask the RNC, the RINOs, and the-inside-the-beltway elites if they will support the front runner, no matter who it is!

    • Cookie Vranish

      Those elite RINO’s never have to answer for anything. They usually operate like rats and scurry in the shadows! We don’t even know who most of them are. One, George Soros is on the Democrat side.

  • Silver Bullet

    The ‘rematch’ is simply a move by the controlled, liberal mass media to continue its antagonism of the next President. Course I dont watch that channel nor any of the rest anymore and most all of my friends dont either. With COMPLETE stories, not just soundbites, available en masse online, you can do your research and decide for yourself what is true and what isnt. The mass media’s attempts to editorialize and harm Trump’s campaign have totally backfired.The people are now on to the game and are up and moving about in ways never before seen. As Marylin Monroe so equivalently phrased it, “I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT ME AS LONG AS YOU PUT IT ON PAGE ONE!”


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