BIGGER Brother: Secretly Watching EVEN MORE of You Online



Without public notice or debate, the Obama administration has expanded the National Security Agency‘s warrantless surveillance of Americans’ international Internet traffic to search for evidence of malicious computer hacking, according to classified N.S.A. documents.

In mid-2012, Justice Department lawyers wrote two secret memos permitting the spy agency to begin hunting on Internet cables, without a warrant and on American soil, for data linked to computer intrusions originating abroad — including traffic that flows to suspicious Internet addresses or contains malware, the documents show.

The Justice Department allowed the agency to monitor only addresses and “cybersignatures” — patterns associated with computer intrusions — that it could tie to foreign governments. But the documents also note that the N.S.A. sought permission to target hackers even when it could not establish any links to foreign powers.

  • The redhawk

    Well It wouldn’t be all BAD if they LEARNED anything how We The People Really feel and have SERIOOUS CONVERNS about these iDIOTS…Sadly they just get Typical “BIG NANNY WADDED PANTIES” and keep on SCREWING THINGS UP…

  • ward

    Protecting National Security is a # 1 priority & has to be on the U.S. borders with intrusive attacks of illegal foreigners entering the U.S with bo’s illegal E.O.’s that bypass congress while he is defying the U.S. Citizens only voice in government … ! bo is the National Security risk for 6 + years with his wannabe dictator violations & changing of U.S. Laws .. ! The spying on internets also leaves a serious question about his integrity of documenting any person that posts negative facts about his crony administrations destruction to the U.S.?? When the government fears the people it is time to question & investigate all government intentions that are destroying the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights with a stop gap by U.S. Patriotic Citizens actions to eliminate the intrusions !

  • Gnowark

    Thank goodness we have such diligence in ‘protecting us,’ I’ll be sure to note it in discussions of disregarding previously warnings about the Boston Bombers.

    • ward

      IF that is the intention as to eliminating terrorist enemies & not creating B.S. lies that incriminate innocent U.S. Citizens that do not agree with the POTUS or his appointed crony administration .. bo has accused the Patriotic U.S. Citizens as being “domestic terrorists” when not agreeing with his dictatorial whims & ways which is his threat to all the Citizens U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that he wants to “change” !

      • Gnowark

        Ward, Actually, agreeing with him or not is beside the point, I think he believes ALL veterans should be watched as domestic terrorists. I wonder if that would include ‘swift boat’ kerry? I’m not sure if he needs to change anything; his complete disregard for our founding documents seems acceptable to congress.

        • ward

          YEH ; This whole damned thing is appearing more of a conspiracy for a totalitarian dictatorship than actions to prosecute all the violations to his POTUS sworn oath !

          • reggie

            It is. NWO. Read about bush sr. discussing it, so that’s been a while back. Only way it will work is to take the US down. Muslims can lie to infidels to get what they want. No problem, sworn oath means nothing. Don’t forget that both his birth and adopted fathers were sunni.

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