Bill Clinton the 1st Black Prez, Obama the 1st…

June 4, 2015


President Obama once confided to a top adviser that he believes he is “the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.”

In an interview by an Israeli TV station, former Obama adviser David Axelrod recalled the president venting in a moment of contemplation about criticisms that he doesn’t support Israel strongly enough, reported.

“You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office,” the president told Mr. Axelrod. “For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts.”

White House press secretary Josh Earnest endorsed the sentiment Tuesday, saying Mr. Obama gave a heartfelt speech at a Jewish synagogue in Washington last month that expressed “the kinds of common bonds and common values that are embodied in his administration that are [also] advocated by the Jewish community.”

“The president does feel that kind of kinship,” Mr. Earnest said.

  • Dean956

    That to me was a slap in the face of Israels President

  • Dean956

    Really i suppose that`s why he shunned Israels president when he came here to talk with Obama I quote i dont know what your going to do but i am going to have lunch good buy

  • Robert Trusty

    I think this guy comes up with all this garbage because he knows we’ll talk about him.
    Unless he has convince himself that all his lies are

  • tom2


  • Mike O’Mara

    I don’t know about Ayers, but Saul Alinsky is a Jew. Maybe Obama does like certain Jews. In my opinion he has made it abundantly that he does hate Israel almost as much as he hates America. Keep in mind that by his own admission Obama is a Marxist communist and they believe in bloody revolution so Obama’s highly successful destruction of America will not end without violence. Not from super patriots defending freedom but because Obama’s troops will be eliminating surplus whites and others. Have a nice day!

  • ToniStimmel

    Obozo is our 1st ” N-word ” president and richly deserves the Benedict Arnold Medal for his traitorous policies, initiatives, and appointments.

  • believe


  • Gradivus

    He’s perhaps the closest thing to a self-hating Jew that has ever been President. Except that he’s not really a Jew, so he doesn’t have to hate himself in order to do it.

  • Ruth Ann Heinen

    Ok, I think this man needs some serious, serious Physiatric therapy. He is not in his right mind anymore. And his brown noses believe him. Every time he opens his mouth he gives all the countries who supposedly respect us now something else to laugh at. Is it time for him to yet? Pleeeeeeese!

  • jdbixii

    The fundamental problem with the emphasis on minority interests is that, to a lesser or greater extent, they frequently represent a basic obviation of justice and obedience to the law which provides equal justice. Minorities see themselves as disadvantaged by the law and refuse to hold themselves to the same standards and criteria that the vast majority of Americans do. Catering to this mindset, for political advantage, is a disservice to them and to the country as a whole. But this is what politicians do, which is why they are either hated or loved and, in most cases, controversial, at best.

  • John Bonar

    Insanity is active in the White House!

    • Jarhead

      OR is he back on Crack?

  • ken29

    Bill Clinton the 1st Black Prez, Obama the 1st…”
    So where is there anything that follows/relates to this headline?

  • Tom Jones III

    If this were true, if Obama had a son wouldn’t he look like Netanyahu ? Oy! Vat a Country!

    • wonderbard

      You are treading where few dare to go…Michael has no female parts to bear children!

      • reggie

        I had read somewhere that the girls came from Morocco. I have no proof, for or against.

  • Mike J. Hrivnak

    Obama adjusts his lies, I mean message, for his audience.

  • jrw53022

    They Said That About Adolph Hitler Also. He Was Not Very Helpful for The Jews Either.

  • Ronald Wright

    Odumba is NOT our first BLACK president. He is our first MULATTO president. PART BLACK, PART WHITE; MIXED BLOOD. The only thing about him that is black is his skin color. MULATTO is NOT a derogatory term, it only means MIXED BLOOD ancestry,, So, please stop saying he is our first BLACK anything..

  • He’s the closet thing to a demented dumbo and too delusional to realize
    it. Dream on, Golfer!!

  • fred

    The crap that spews from this criminal’s mouth is both horrifying and hilarious! he opens his mouth and BS spews out, every time!

  • Webb

    Obama Says…“You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office”!
    Netanyahu says…”The Way, You Mr. Obama Have Handled The Middle East And The Iran Situation and The Safety Of Israel, Concerning the Two State Solution, While Rockets Rain Down On Israel…NEVER CONSIDER, Yourself
    To Be Anything But a Muslim”!!

  • cactusbob

    Imagine, someone quoting what Obama has said, in order to prove the truth of the matter! I don’t think Bibi would be moved.

  • John VanderKelen

    There is no longer any need to make a special trip to the circus, especially to see the clowns!

  • Nancy

    I am not a Jew, but I do honor them because Christ was a Jew, and for this stupid jackass, Obama to compare himself to a Jew, just shows more of his ignorance and stupidity !!!

    • reggie

      It goes back to the basic Muslim behavior. Lie about anything to anyone, mainly ‘infidels’ to further your cause. “Allah” says it’s ok.

    • Jarhead

      I think he means that he resembles Judas?

  • carmelboy

    The MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE needs Valerie, oops I mean Eleanor, to implant a new chip!

  • carmelboy

    Obama a Jew? What a disgusting cretin he is for even suggesting this.

  • carmelboy

    Hahahahahahaha….Hitler was a “Jew “too and look what he dud

  • William

    “…a heartfelt speech at a Jewish synagogue in Washington last month that expressed “the kinds of common bonds and common values that are embodied in his administration that are [also] advocated by the Jewish community.”
    Please tell me, where are these common bonds and common values embodied in his administration? The word “embodied” should be changed to “rejected” if Obama wishes to tell the truth about his administration and its attitude toward Israel.

    Read more at 1776 Coalition:

  • The redhawk

    Can’t these Headsinass LIberal tools ever STOP LYING???? IF SLICK WILLIE is the FIRST BLACK FELON PRESIDENT and his IDIOT FOLLOWERS believe him, It must be Expected that Obama Will Admit to be the FIRST BLACK JEWISH TRANSGENDER PRESIDENT of Muslim FAITH…and Who is going to believe him??? HIS GRUBER VOTERS that’s who….
    IS being a SOCIOPATH with a Touch of PSYCHOPATH and NARCISISIM.. the Prerequisite to be a Progressive liberal???

    • Gnowark

      PRESIDENT of Muslim FAITH), but a
      ‘GRUBER VOTER’? I’m not a democrat.

      • The redhawk


    • wonderbard

      I believe you have summed the situation up quite well!

      • The redhawk

        pass it on then… we need to “GET THE WORD OUT :0)

  • Icemancold


    • The redhawk

      CAN you Imagine a “DEBATE” between the FIRST TWO BLACK potus and show PICTURES of their BLACK MAMAS????????????

    • Billie June Hall

      You said it!!!!!

    • festmatt5440

      He is not ‘ just ” close ” , he qualifies 100% .

    • wonderbard

      Looks like the spelling is slightly amiss….more correctly may I suggest D-I-C-T-A-K-E-R?

  • Gerry Costa

    It is hard to believe what comes out of his and his minions mouths. I really don’t believe any of them have told the truth in almost 7 years. Oh wait — one of them said ” Good Morning ” once.

    • Gnowark

      That must have been after Ferguson, MO or Baltimore, MD or Mar 3,2015 (Netanyahu’s visit to Congress).

      • William

        A letter I sent to today:

        “Congratulations Mr. President, you, Messrs Sharpton and
        Jackson, and Democrat mayors and attorneys general in cities all across America have succeeded in causing the murder and crime rate to soar across the nation since you meddled in and promoted the riots and looting in Ferguson.
        The Secret Service also is going to hell under your watch. Even an imbecile can see that your policies have been wrong. When? are you going to change them and start doing the right things for America, that any responsible and caring president would be doing. Blacks can express their negritude (term used
        by Hosea Williams) in more positive ways if you will just lead them into it.”

      • ItsJo

        Or, After he said “Israel should RETURN to the borders Prior to the ’67 year war”……..Yeah, Obama just Loves Israel and Bibi….
        MORE LIES FROM OBAMA/crooked regime.

        • “Israel should RETURN to the borders Prior to the ’67 year war”

          With your criticism, it’s apparent that you’re not listening. A good number of Israelis – almost a majority – feel the same way. Trading land for peace is not a new or radical concept in Israel. Many American Jews feel the same way. There are plenty of published poll results that you can find that will verify this.

        • wonderbard

          Compare Obama to the biblical Pharaoh….understanding then comes more easily….

        • ken29

          But he said that on a different day, reading from a different tele-prompter.

    • wonderbard

      but they have a tainted view of the definition of good; therefore it cannot be viewed as truth….anyway, no one knows total truth except Jesus.

    • elda

      No….he was probably really thinking “how can I squeeze more taxes out of you”.

  • reagangs

    This is a joke …. BHO, the first outspoken communist president whose parents, relatives and close family friends were all communist, some even card carrying communist. Rubbing elbows with the likes of Sal Alinsky and Bill Ayers is hard to ignore. The next worse ideology from Nazism was the commies and Marxist for anti Israel acts.

    • festmatt5440

      And , all his ‘ Czars ‘ , are ” Communists ‘ .

  • Gnowark

    I understand completely, I’ve always thought of myself as the world’s wealthiest man, except for the part about not having any money because I didn’t get a stimulus bailout. AND in his spare time (the 19th hole), he is improving race relations
    (By the way, Narcissism is obviously contagious, be careful who you listen to.)

    • Noah Rosenblum

      Well put

  • mezeus

    I am surprised this man doesn’t have a beard.

    • The redhawk

      BUT has a ‘BEANY”…. That makes him JEWISH and Carries a QUORAN to bed with him

  • monacall

    His delusional… his done nothing but tear Israel down since he got in the oval office. I swear his has dementia… his little pea brain can’t handle all of the golfing… his been in the sun to long. Does he really think anyone believes his BS anymore…. oh yes, the sheeples

    • mohrri

      Like the stupid speech he gave a few days ago saying that now his administration has made this country the most respected country in the world. He is not only delusional but his brains, if he has anything left after smoking so much marijuana in his youth, is so full of s#$%^*, that’s why he doesn’t feel remorse of his stupidities before the American People, just listen how he talks “Huh..huh my huh administration …huh ….huh…”.

      • wonderbard

        who told you he stopped smoking pot??? More lies!!!

        • The redhawk

          He & Mochelle DID… take it as LIES…

      • reggie

        Sociopaths don’t have a sense of remorse. It doesn’t exist for them. He’s playing out his game to destroy the country because his father was deported. The only time he told the truth was when he said he would fundamentally change the country. Everything else he has done has been to further his cause.
        “Muslims lie when it is in their interest to do so and “Allah” will not hold them accountable for lying when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. They can lie without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution. A lie in the defense of Islam is approved even applauded in their “holy” books.” muslimfact dot com

        • mohrri


    • festmatt5440

      He is doing just as he ‘ ; and his ” Communist ” puppeteers ,planned to do .

      • ItsJo

        True post, as he “Brings About America’s Demise, by HIS Illegal Alien Invasion-Making America A Dumping Ground, in his trying to INSURE Demo Thug Votes in the future, because to HIM/Dems It’s ALL ABOUT CONTROL/POWER.”

  • James Maxwell

    Strange for him to even say that he is the closest thing to a Jew to sit in

    the White House when he is a a devout muzzie and anti Israel in every way

    possible. He has been a bottom feeding politico all his life and a muzzie to
    boot. What a mentality disturbed individual he is. Plus he is an admitted
    liar at every turn.

    • Gnowark

      I must disagree, I don’t think he has ever admitted being a liar. It’s always ‘he misspoke’ when he’s caught lying our country away.

      • Gerry Costa

        Which is every time he opens his mouth.

        • The redhawk

          Don’t bet ta he doe not lie in his sleep also……He DREAMS lies before Speaking them

      • James Maxwell

        Unfortunately he admitted that he lied in an interview that is posted on YouTube. He said he would rather tell a lie than the truth even if it might benefit his argument. I must admit that for any public figure to admit such a thing was shocking to say the least and especially the occupier of the White House. But it did not really surprise me since his entire life has been based up lied and recite.

        • wonderbard

          telling a lie instead of the truth is an accepted premise of the Muslim faith….anything is permitted to further the Muslim cause….anyway, to reach the top office in politics certainly requires lying to a certain degree….

        • Ruth Ann Heinen

          Maybe he has never heard that “your lies will and do find you out” Just as the Clintons, oh yeah they are a lie. Never mind he won’t get it.


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