[BREAKING OVERNIGHT] Trump Strikes Assad!

April 7, 2017

Donald+TrumpThe United States fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria overnight in response to what it believes was a chemical weapons attack that killed more than 100 people.

At least six people were killed, Syria claimed, but the Pentagon said civilians were not targeted and the strike was aimed at a military airfield in the western province of Homs.

The action completed a policy reversal for President Donald Trump — who once warned America to stay out of the conflict — and drew anger from Damascus and its main ally, Russia.

  • Roy Fredrichsen

    Just remember: O’Bama lied about Syrias’ Chemical weapons removal, Susan Rice lied about it , too; Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi. We are finding out the whole O’Bama administration was filled with liars. Now they want us to believe that somehow Russia assured Trumps victory without so much as a shred of proof. Why should we believe ANYTHING the Democrats tell us after all the previous lies they expected us to accept as truth?

  • Brad

    I’m calling bullsh!t on this entire scene. I think it was a false flag operation to prompt us to strike Syria, which in turn will get Russia involved. Then neocons like McCain can can make millions on another war. McCain is a walking billboard for term limits. As far as I’m concerned, there should be an extra gruesome spot in hell for those who fatten their own bank accounts by sending other people’s kids to get slaughtered. I hope Putin doesn’t fall for this, and doesn’t escalate the situation.

  • Webb

    Finally Action against Assad and his slaughtering of his people by any means…
    Gassing these children and babies is most definitely a Crime against Humanity as any other means of killing same…
    The shame is Trump didn’t proceed with military action against the other 6 air fields in Syria…Assad Needs To be Removed by any Means…
    Thank You, Mr. President! 500,000 Dead In Syria, wake up World Community!!

  • A natural born American

    It’s amazing more civilians aren’t killed considering the arabs strike then run and hide using their women and little children as shields. They learned this practice from their elderly men who were also cowards.

  • Deb Sunshine Hanna

    Thank you President Trump for not tucking your tail and hiding away like so many others have done in the past. So now, people are blaming things on the Jews. What happened to “it’s Russia”? You people can’t make up your freaking minds on who you want to blame. President Trump a “war criminal”? That’s a good one folks. You ignore all the real war criminals and attack those who want to protect our nation. Grow up.

    • podunk1

      I really hope you are right! If the US wasn’t under siege by the progressive REBELLION AGAINST TRUMP, and Constitution, I would believe, but the enemy withing is a lot like the the mortal enemy of God and country! Think… the Gorsuch rebellion is against the Constitution… they’re demanding judges who do, and predictably WILL BETRAY IT… and NO ONE HAS THE FIDELITY TO DEFEND AGAINST THEM WITH SUPREME LAW AND PUNISHMENT!

      In a nation like Syria, overrun with so many maniacal crazy killers embedded in its religion, government, and society, can anyone definitively say Assad was the one who did it,… that IT WASN’T ISIS or some other jihadist that we know without any doubt is eager to kill, mutilate, and torture in the most perverse manners imaginable?

      Progressives were locked into killing Assad by ANY MEANS, including ISIS! They are also using everything they have to overthrow the Trump presidency! They have been creating mayhem to deny the appointment of a judge because they know he will enforce the Constitution. They did everything they could to appoint judges who have and will continue to use their powers of office to rule against and overthrow the Constitution! Progressives are happy yelling go-man-go & blow up the Syrian air force that has been fighting ISIS! A sure sign of danger is fake news enemy CNN applauding Trump’s decision! The progressive enemy within is massive and embedded everywhere… all under oath bound allegiance and betraying it with every breath!

      Wake up America! ISIS has been slaughtering, raping, torturing everyone… just for the literal hell of it… as they enforce their koran! CNN and the other jihadist and maoist defenders have another agenda.

      • Glenda Jordan

        “A sure sign of danger is fake news enemy CNN applauding Trump’s decision!” For me that says it all. Big red flag/false flag by the Deep State??

        • Roy Fredrichsen

          You can thank O’Bummer for setting all the present problems up after listening to Rev. Jeremia Wright for so many years and being indoctrinated subliminy by him. Trump is trying to set things right that O’Bummer and Co. screwed up.

      • Retired

        Are you saying ISIS used the Airport and Syrian planes ????

        • podunk1

          no…. but the possibility of ISIS stock-piling WMD’s anywhere, and/or setting them off where-ever ISIS enemies raid or bomb is very possible.

          Progressives would love to see Trump bomb Syria & then find Syria did nothing wrong! Progressives are a greater threat to th USA and Constitution than Syria will ever be.

          • Retired

            That part could be true , but the info points to being dropped by bomb, In the past it was used on the ground or miss handled . But the big question is how it got to Syria and who supplied it . The progressives can go to hell .

          • podunk1

            For sure!

  • Pat Enery

    Now that it is obvious that our government is controlled by Jews, what’s next? A Jewish Bolshevik revolution? Trump has shown his true colors & it is not America first. Be ready fellow American citizens. No difference between Hillary & him. The Jewish menace purchased the election. Refuse to let your children shed blood for Israel.

    • Patriciarsmallwood

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      • David Lindahl

        How the hell can you buy a McLaren F1 for $51,112 ($12778 x 4 weeks). Tthat would leave you about $950,000 short. I don’t know what your scam is, but I doubt that it is either rewarding or legal. I doubt that you represent Google and I will forgive myself for not checking it out.

        • snowyriver

          Ads like this one by Patriciasmallwood are a scam.. If you check the ad out they will very likely enter your computer and it will cost you a trip or two to the computer virus store.

    • Ramon1710 .

      “No difference between Hillary & him.”
      Ignorance is bliss. Let your happiness shine.

    • Oldawg70

      YOU are an Anti-American and should be treated accordingly…very harshly with prejudice! Islam is the mortal enemy of mankind in general!

    • Rob Manwiller

      No difference between Trump and the worst POTUS candidate in history? You’re a f**king out-of-touch imbecile. What cave did you just crawl out of? (smh)

    • Webb

      Are You a Patriotic American…Do you believe in Allies such as Israel?
      Or do you hate Jews In General…
      As an American, Honor the word we give our Allies…
      What the He!! does your statement of Jews control our Government have to do with Trump calling for The Air Strike against a Syria Air Strip…

  • Pat Enery

    Trump is now a war criminal. Falling for the false flag orchestrated by the Jews shows he has no leadership capacity. Where did he get his info? I’m sure the Hasbara are screening all his e-mail & tweets. Who gave the Tahrir al-Sham the chemicals? Anyone remember Assad gave up all of his stockpile in the deal brokered by Russia years back? I regret having voted for him. The subjugation of our government to the Jews is now complete.

    • David Lindahl

      Your thesis is full of untested hypotheses. How would Israel get the Sarin to the rebels. We believe it was dropped by air during a Syrian/Russia air raid. I agree that it is odd in that Syria was supposed to have given all of their chemical weapons to Russia for disposal. Either Syria didn’t do that or a bomb hit a hidden rebel cache of captured gas. I don’t think Israel is involved in this, but we may never know for certain. No Israeli aircraft were over Syria at the time.

    • Webb

      If You Believe Assad Gave up his stockpile of deadly chemicals…I have some Fairy Dust to see You!!
      In your statement, you would trust Russia over Israel on a Deal…Really?

    • Pete

      Head Space

  • Humble Servant

    We seem to be so tied up in our own BS that we don’t see the evil deeds inflicted by these so called leaders. If we do not get our heads in the game and start protecting the poorest we will surely fall. If President Trump has indisputable proof of this evil act and does nothing he is a failure. We can stay out of their politics but we must stand up for the humanity of all people.

  • St. James

    Trump broke the Constitution he swore to uphold. He can’t attack a nation without congress approval for war. This is a declaration of war and it is illegal.
    I am sad and ashamed at what our nation has become.

    • CCblogging

      Actually, both sides of the aisle are controlled by the shadow government. The Globalist Elites like George Soros and the Rockefeller banker pigs have much to do with it.

    • David Lindahl

      He has a 90-day window to act on an emergency basis. All of your points are wrong.

    • Webb


    • stgabrn

      this is not an act of war. And Trump has the authority to do what he did. You are wrong. Learn what you are talking about before you blow off.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    I would not continue the assault. When Assad is taken, ISIS will take over. That would be worst. ISIS could possess those chemical weapons and the worst could happen when it uses the siren gas to the civilized world. First US must have a coalition with Russia, and other allied forces, take away ISIS dismantle it to the last element. Peace will take over at the Middle East.

    • CCblogging

      Assad isn’t the man who ordered the carnage. Assad is winning the civil war and he is not stupid. It’s your own government that implemented this evil.

    • Pete

      Pipe dream. There has never been peace between the major factions of Islam (Sunni & Shia) & removing ISIS (a thing in progress as we speak) while a good thing will not bring peace to the area. Obamas interference in North African and the middle east snatched defeat from the jaws of the victory the Bush administration handed him.

  • CCblogging

    President Trump and most American’s have been suckered. The gassing was done by the Deep State and their ISIS allies. The Deep State loves keeping a war going to the detriment of us all. Just another false flag brought to you by your own government.

    • Glenda Jordan

      Your post is thought provoking as I’ve read much warning to expect more false flags. I certainly do not like the fact the lefty progs are now pleased. It’s difficult to call…Assad has the bad reputation of causing harm to his own people and the Deep State (as you mention) is detrimental to us all.

      • CCblogging

        Assad is a horrible man but not near as horrible as ISIS which our government created and armed.

        • Pete

          Compliments of B H Obama via his Sec of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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