1776 Coalition :: Congress strikes deal on funding for 2017 to avoid shutdown

Congress strikes deal on funding for 2017 to avoid shutdown

May 1, 2017

Congressional negotiators have signed off on a deal to fund the government through September, avoiding a shutdown of federal agencies over a dispute on President Trump’s border wall and other issues, according to two senior congressional aides.

The legislation does not provide funding for construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border or eliminate money for so-called sanctuary cities that do not fully cooperate with federal immigration law, according to a summary provided by a senior congressional aide.

Nor does it cut funding for Planned Parenthood.
These are major victories for Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), who threatened to block the bill over such poison-pill riders.

In a win for Republicans, the measure provides $1.5 billion for border security and $15 billion in additional defense funding — though it’s short the $30 billion in supplemental military funding Trump requested in his budget blueprint.

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  • Original Anna says:

    This budget is not a win for republicans, it is a win for Ryan and the democrats. No wonder this country is in the trouble it is in, the damn republicans are such cowards they vote with the democrats. You republicans have the numbers for voting, get some balls, get rid of Ryan and stand up to the democrats or the republican party is gone. Use your brains and figure out how to use your numbers to vote in what we who put you there want. Your voting has nothing to do with Trump, you are doing the voting, it is upon you, get it, we know you are the problem. And don’t think after the republican party is killed that you can run as democrats because we will remember your names in the voting booth. You will always have opponents no matter what party you are running in. And stop giving our money to planned parenthood, we know you keep using our money to kill babies. If you want to kill babies donate your own money to them.

  • Mike USA says:

    I hope Trump vetoes this piece of crap! Let’s get back to funding military, in one spending bill. Pay for wall & other border, in another. Support VA for our injured vets. Include firing of bad VA workers. Cut the special deals for all houses of congress, that provides them and there staff with Obamacare, subsidies. Stop these omnibus spending CR’s and other budgets. The Repubes need to support Trump and the Freedom Caucus. Defeat the establishment on both sides.

  • TAM44 says:

    Remember, democrats are pro death for innocent babies, they are pro illegals, terrorist, pro Iran, and anti God, America, our laws, our military and vets. Democrats are not Americas friend, they are our enemy. I would cut all funding for sanctuary cities, all funding for planned butcher’s of innocent babies to make a profit. We need a wall to keep out not only law breaking illegals, there are terrorist coming here with one thought in their sick heads, kill all infidels. That’s not all that comes across the border, drugs, weapons, diseases that these illegals are more than happy to pass them on to you and your children. Drain the swamp of the anti America bunch of no accounts.

  • V Austin says:

    Why do we have a majority in the House and Senate when the Democrats are, for all practical purposes, still in power? The Republicans cave because in reality, they want the same things as the Democrats! We don’t want lame excuses. They are still not listening to the people. What do we have to do to get their attention because the vote doesn’t seem to work?

  • Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    I absolutely give up! Even when the Dems are not in control, they’re in control. Trump is supposed to be such a good negotiator. What did he get? And why is “Government Shutdown” always, no matter what, twisted to be the Reps fault? I would have kept the defunding of Planned Parenthood in, for one thing. The negotiation point for that is to use that money to fund other women’s clinics that do not make their money from abortions. I am not a single issue person, but once again, it looks like we gave, gave, gave, and got nothing in return… sort of like Obama’s deal with Iran. I have come to the conclusion that nothing short of an all out revolution will fix our broken Country.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Soros’ puppet, Paul Ryan must be very proud of himself.

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • Webb says:

    No wall funding…Funds not cut to planned parenthood…
    Was it not expected to “Keep The Government Running”…even if all house Republicans were on board, we know the Senate would be a problem with Democrats…No, I like others are not happy with this bill but our only solution is to vote out enough Democrat Senators and get 60 Republicans elected…More time until 2018…
    Continue your support for Trump and Republicans…Remember Obama and Democrats took 8 years to put us in this situation!!

  • McFerguson says:

    This budget bill looks like a democrat bill. Planned Parenthood funded, the wall is not. And the POTUS had asked for a DOD budget increase of 30 billion and got 12. The GOP controls both chambers of congress and the Executive Branch, yet the House and Senate leaders allowed the dems to call the shots. Why should we vote for GOP politicians if all they do is hop in bed with democrats. I think the Trumpster’s going to have to grab Speaker Ryan, a world-class weenie, by the short hairs to get his attention.

    1. gvette says:

      Get Ryans attention? Remember that when you saw pictures of Ryan, and Obama, you only saw the top of Ryan’s head, as he was sucking Barry’s dick.

      1. McFerguson says:

        I hold Ryan responsible for the failure to get his GOP ducks in a row for the original Healthcare roll out a few weeks ago. He knew that for 7 years the GOP has been screeching about repeal and replacement of the grotesque ObamaCare law, and it was at the top of the Trumpster’s list of campaign promises. Yet, Ryan got behind closed doors and apparently wrote a new bill (Obamacare-lite) that was to HIS liking without taking the temperature of groups like the Freedom Caucus whose 30 conservative members were going to vote ‘NO’, which would kill the bill. That was a huge blunder and put the kibosh on Trumps’ legislative roll out, which has not yet recovered. Big failure on Ryan’s part…

        1. gvette says:

          Like I said earlier, every time you saw Ryan with Obama, all you saw was the top of his head, because he was on his knees, sucking Barry’s dick.

          1. McFerguson says:

            You’re one sick puppy, gvette. and way too simple to be on this website. You probably usually hang out in the bathrooms at Target…

          2. gvette says:

            Opinions are like assholes. Remember that? Well, it fits you, to a T!

  • Pat Leach says:

    It looks like President Trump has fallen into the swamp with the dems and the RInos who are openly supported by planned parenthood donations and other cash-bearing influences. Our congress has used the excuse ‘to keep the government from shutting down’ so many times that it is sickening. They want you to think they are ‘helpless.’ Our congress is working for themselves and they …dems and rinos…have all been playing games with our lives while they all our filling their pockets and endangering our lives…I’m really disappointed in our president…Speak out folks and call the White House Hotline and complain 202-456-1111….today!

  • malcoolm1999 says:

    If Trump signs this bill and can’t stand up to these Republican obstructionists, I’m done with him. He will be proving himself absolutely untrustworthy and a con artist. This is totally ridiculous and a knife into the backs to the many millions on people who got out there on election day and voted for him, including 5 members of our immediate family. There would be no justification or making up for this act. Selling out the Angel Moms and the families of the Americans that have lost loved ones to illegal immigrants. This, after all the bluster of bringing them justice and protections, and then to turn around and give sanctuary cities protections. Their loved ones lives being sold out for money, absolutely no different than any of the promises we have received from all the other BS politics of past administrations. It is time to show the American people who he really is and what he is made of, let the damn government down and let the blame fall on the 12% congress where it belongs. He should get ahead of this sellout early and let the American people know that this budget is not acceptable to him or the American people. He needs to promise a veto on this insult to the country. This is not a negotiation, this is a wholesale insult to the country and his supporters. And, not one penny to Planned Parenthood and their legacy of murder.

    1. gvette says:

      As he doesn’t get support from the RINO’s, he’s doing the best he can.

      1. malcoolm1999 says:

        I have been a supporter of President Trump since his announcement to run. But, I just can not support this proposed budget, I believe everyone’s support has a “Red Line” and I think this would have to be mine. I really feel support of this budget would be a betrayal of all the reasons that I have supported and voted for him. I just spent 15 min. on the WH Hotline to give my recommendation to him to veto this proposed bill if it reaches his desk. I truly believe I am not the only one that feels this way and also feel that support of this budget will have a detrimental effect on his continued support for many supporters in the future. I really hope for him to be successful for both him and the American people, but everyone has to have a red line in their support.

        1. gvette says:

          I’m not disagreeing with you. Even though we hold both houses, there are to many RINO’s stabbing Trump in the back. Politicians don’t want the sewer fixed. They make too much money from it.

  • Danny says:

    This ridiculous alleged negotiation proves the republicans have turned their back on America. They are the same as the demorats because the demorats you know they are doing illegal things but the repubrats do it behind your back. Six more months of pay for play agreements by congress that we can not afford. This is a sell out.. WE NEED TERM LIMITS AND ENFORCING THE LAW ON POLITICIANS .

    1. Susanmjones says:

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    2. Tbear says:

      They are actually worse than the Dems as they are supposed to be on our side!!!!


  • Ken says says:

    Not a bad deal considering all the Liberals whining about “bitter pills”. If we had let the Government shut down we would have had the money to build the wall (that’s on the bright side). My “bitter pill” is paying for someones abortion with my tax dollars – let them have their insurance company pay for it or reach in their pocket and pay themselves and I don’t want to pay for the kid if they decide to have it – that would be 18 years of money down the drain.

    1. malcoolm1999 says:

      Not a bad deal, are you kidding me. This is a sellout of the American people and the people that supported President Trump. Absolutely unpalatable. I am a very angry Trump supporter that is feeling very betrayed by his lack of condemnation and the promise of a veto of this wholesale sellout of the American people. The same people that went to the polls in support of this president. He needs to get out in front on this early and show his supporters who they actually elected, or risk loss of this support of the many millions of Americans that were there for him on election day. This is disgusting.

      1. Ken says says:

        Wake up – President Trump is fighting the Elite Establishment at every turn. There is NO MAJORITY to support him. The Liberal DEMs and RINOs make up the majority. He is using the best business tactics to advance his programs. The Establishment Puppets will not let a COMPLETE REPEAL of the ACA happen so the only way around it is to get rid of it piece by piece. The Wall won’t get built unless it is called something else – in case you hadn’t noticed work on the wall is in progress. The President has to deal with obstruction within the Constitution that have been ignored for the last 28 years – only because Establishment Puppets have been in the White House and got a pass by an Establishment controlled Congress. Don’t be a whiner and a quitter – that is exactly what the Liberal Elite Establishment wants.

        1. malcoolm1999 says:

          Sorry, but I cannot support the butchers of Planned Parenthood, or the support of sanctuary cities. I can live without the wall as long as continued progress is being made on illegal immigration, he has done a great job so far on this. Nor could I continue to support him if he doesn’t even try to stand up and stop sellout of the Angel Moms, their families, and their lost children and loved ones. That would not be the man or the principles I thought I was supporting with my vote. I am so tired of the bait and switch policies of both parties. But I do find this budget totally unpalatable for my continued support. Not trying to be a whiner, but have to be true to myself and my personal principles that my original support was based on. I do place the majority of my blame on a useless congress, both democrat and republicans. But, he has to take a stand on the principles he campaigned on and was elected on, win or lose. If not, he does not separate himself from the rest of the Swamp.

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