Cruz fires top campaign spokesman over Rubio Bible video

February 23, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said Monday he’s fired campaign communications director Rick Tyler, after his top spokesman promoted a video that wrongly depicted Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as trash-talking the Bible.

The Texas senator announced that he’s asked for the resignation at a press conference Monday afternoon.

“We are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. Even if it was true, our campaign should not have sent it. That’s why I’ve asked for Rick Tyler’s resignation,” Cruz said in Nevada, ahead of the state’s GOP caucuses on Tuesday. “The standards of conduct in this campaign have been made absolutely clear.”

Tyler originally had linked to a story showing a video of Rubio walking by a Cruz staffer and Cruz’s father Rafael, who were reading the Bible in a hotel lobby. The original subtitles on the video showed Rubio saying to the staffer, “Got a good book there, not many answers in it.”

But after Tyler linked to the story, Rubio communications director Alex Conant tweeted out the same video with what he says are the correct subtitles — and they tell a very different story.

  • Danny Reagan

    Cruz needs to look at Rick Tyler. The establishment could have planted him in cruz’s campaign just to disrupt his bid for the WH.

  • Godsdesire

    There are two ways to interpret the U.S. Constitution: the
    conservative approach of original intent and the liberal approach of
    living, changing document. When our Founding Fathers created the
    citizenship clauses, they had a specific, defined conceptual understanding which they established into the Constitution. We should ALWAYS interpret EVERY part of the Constitution via original intent — the same way our Founding Fathers understood it. Whether a person likes it or not, the original intent meaning of natural born Citizen NEVER has acknowledged or authorized a natural born U.S. Citizen mother as the conduit for Citizenship NOR has it included simply being born on American soil. A natural born U.S. Citizen father is the ONLY constitutionally acknowledged and authorized conduit for natural born Citizenship (this is clearly supported when one studies the sources and influences used by our Founding Fathers in their creation of citizenship). This strongly identifies with the Biblical concept and teaching of “the blessing” and all inheritances flowing from the father to the children (which supports the historical claim that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles).

    Obama, Cruz, and Rubio are NOT eligible to hold the office of POTUS. Cruz’s father was a Cuban citizen living in Canada. Rubio’s father was a Cuban citizen given U.S. permission to live in America, thus being labeled a
    legal resident alien. For any of these three to hold the office of POTUS is unconstitutional, illegal, disrespectful of the Constitution, and fraud against the American People.

  • Guillermo3


    • SABER

      Rafael Crudz II…works for me.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Let us reflect on the fact that 1/3rd of the Constitution came directly from the Bible and the other 2/3rd’s came from legal Theologians of the time such as Blackstone and “2 Treatises on Civil Government”. Had to be out of Context/



    Gravis 2/14 to 2/15 – Trump 39, Cruz 23, Rubio 19 TRUMP +16
    CNN/ORC 2/10 to 2/15 – Trump 45, Rubio 19, Cruz 17 TRUMP +26


    Trump 2016!


    30 delegates on the line in Nevada tonight. Rubio and Cruz might get one or two…the rest will go to TRUMP! The Cubans should just quit now and save the embarrassment.
    Trump 2016!

  • Eddie

    Flip-flopping phony Marco Rubio is a FRAUD and a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. There is no need to make up stories about him—his record speaks for itself. Behind the phony smile lies an evil and corrupt individual who claims to be against amnesty on the campaign trail, but then goes on Univision to assure his “base” that he is for amnesty. Rubio is “The Amnesty Kid” (or the Latino Obama if you prefer). Rubio is now the new “darling” of the Republicrat “establishment”. Rest assured, if the morally-bankrupt Republicrats thwart the will of the people and put Rubio up as the Republican nominee, there will be a MASSIVE defection to a 3rd party candidate.

  • Greg137

    Cruz is an honest man… The campaign manager was a liar and a con man… I wouldn’t be surprised if the RINO Republican leadership picked the campaign manager for him… Trump is all over the map on what he believes… He supports Planned Parenthood yet he will defund them, while speaking their praises as a healthcare service to women, and he Completely ignores the fact that Planned parenthood sold HUMAN BODY PARTS of aborted fetuses…
    Listen here people, your guy TRUMP supports an organization that slaughtered human infants still in the womb, and sold their body parts(illegally) on the black market to the highest bidder… Are You Trump supporters a bunch democrat liberals pretending to be Republicans, because Hilary and Bernie are a bunch of old washed up fossils who represent the status quo and the wealthy elite??
    I still support Cruz!!!

  • Seedman

    Don Juvenile is a boastful, vulgar, adulterer who smears his opponents by character assassination. Alexis de Tocqueville is right when he said America was great because America was good. America has ceased to be good, therefore America has ceased to be great. A vote for Don Juvenile is signing on to further decline; eventual destruction. Ted Cruz is the best candidate to vote for.

    • SABER

      Ted Cruz is an illegal disaster! Bet he gets 3rd place again tonight in Nevada. Pack you bags hombre!

  • Neal

    Day late, dollar short! Should have been done AS SOON AS THEY WERE CAUGHT!


    Cruz is going to LOSE the race anyway. Who really cares what the little, nasty worm does anyway! He is so full of lies, he doesn’t know where to stop. So is he bucking for 3rd place AGAIN tonight in Nevada. He should just go back to Canada.
    Trump 2016!!

  • Ken says

    Cruz has the same resume and qualifications as Obama. Harvard educated. a Lawyer (99% make the 1% look bad), Professional Politician, no Real World working experience, Arrogant. Cruz is a closet RINO

    • Greg137

      Except for the fact that RINOs are democrats who pretend to be Republicans , and Trump is a Democrat who is running on the Republican ticket, because he once said that republican voters are gullible…. Trump is all over the place on the issues, who is simply using you and your anger, and decisions made in anger never turn out to be what you wanted… …. Fine, Be angry, vote for Trump but you better make sure he doesn’t turn out to be a democrat in disguise who is only using your anger to his benefit… Be careful… But hating Cruz won’t get you anywhere since Cruz fired his campaign manager because his Campaign manager was a liar, but Cruz is honest Cruz hasn’t lied… Or you could be a liberal plant?? Which means you aren’t fooling any one…

      • TAM44

        Hey BOY I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell. cruz is a liar like them all, and right now he has to fight off rubio who also kicked his obama in South Carolina.

        • Ken says

          I’ll bet you do – everyone that has property around the Salton Sea is trying to unload it – sorry you’re stuck with it. Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and all the rest of the RINOs and wannabees that have milked the candidate game for the last year – they filled their pockets and have gone home.

      • Ken says

        No fear – I’m a Constitutional Government Conservative since I started voting in 1980. I’m not angry – just disgusted with the lies to get elected and then going to Washington and flipping off the constituents. 27 years of that BS is enough. Trump is no Conservative and as long as he is willing to address the major problems facing this country with solutions he is a viable candidate. If Trump were not running and talking – the “pack” of RiNOs and wannabees would still be kissing, hugging and patting each other ass. BTW – I guess that it is OK for Cruz to have unsecured 6 figure loans with 2 of the 5 “failed and bailed” big banks and not list them on your candidate financial statement.(unsecured does not have to be recorded but someone at CITI and Goldman Sacks snitched) . What about Mrs Cruz career??? She is Vice President of Wealth Management at Goldman Sacks – She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (not familiar with CFR? google it – very interesting). Of course there is the Conservatives favorite organization the United Nations. Heidi is a real go getter – she make Hillary look like an amateur. Ted isn’t just sleeping with the enemy – the Heidi and Ted Cruz Team are the enemy – check it all out – it is worth verifying before you vote.

      • Ken says

        Have you checked out the billionaire that put $11 million dollars into Ted campaign and he is going to add more??? Like Soros and Kock – there are no strings attached. $11 million is more than Trump spent in the first 6 months of his campaign. BTW have you checked other contributions and the super pacs.

    • Vangie Martinez

      Not true obama is a fraud. He says he was born in America when we know he was born in Kenya. Cruz says he was born in Canada and we know he was born in Canada. You know Cruz’s birth certificate is real and his social security number is real. obama’s is not, he has put the proof of his education under lock and key along with his passport. Who knows where obama has traveled and what Islamic indoctrination he has picked up, but, some of it is already surfacing of how he is treating America, Israel our Military etc etc. Who does obama have in his circle to advise him? The Muslim Brotherhood. obama came out professing he is a Christian, but, in truth he is a Muslim. obama is for the destruction of America not only trying to turn the foundations of this country upside down, but, to turn the Christian Faith out on it’s ear to a counterfeit faith. Instead of obama being a “Servant” of the People he wants to “Rule and Reign” over the People. I don’t know if Cruz will be President, but, I do know this, if he is, he will keep our Constitution and Bill of Rights intact. Our Religious Freedom and our Judeo Christian Faith intact. He won’t use our Military to go after “Global Warming”. He will be a “Servant” and not a “Dictator” Which is more than I can say about obama who should of been Impeached aloooong time ago.

      • Ken says

        I wish you knew as much about Cruz as you do about Obama –

        • Vangie Martinez

          I know somethings but not everything and I am always willing to learn something new. But with that said I do not know who I am going to vote for yet I know I will not vote for Clinton or Sanders. I know that I will not vote for Rubio, I like him, he reminds me of JFK, but. he is not ready yet. It’s down to two with me, but, it can change with my Appeal to Heaven. Your free to give me your feedback.:)

          • Ken says

            pull up my posts on Cruz – they go into detail on how bad Heidi and Ted are and how they work as a team grabbing power and money. Ted – the poor boy from Texas is not poor anymore.

          • Vangie Martinez

            To be honest I didn’t know about the stuff you mentioned in your post. A lot to think about and pray about for sure. Thanks for the information.

          • Ken says

            You can go on google and get all that information – one site will lead you to another and soon you can put the whole picture together. Trump is not Conservative by any means but he and Carson are the only candidates that are not owned and controlled by the “Business as Usual Professional Politicians”. As nice a guy as Carson is he would be overwhelmed as President.

          • Vangie Martinez

            Carson is a nice guy I really like him, but, I see him more as a Surgeon General. I don’t know if he would be overwhelmed as a President. How much overwhelmed can one get being the top Neurosurgeon in the World? Yea from what I have observed I could be wrong but that is why even Spirit Filled Evangelicals are going to vote for Trump, because, he is not a Professional Politician. My concern though is Trumps comment about Planned Parenthood. He would not give them money for abortion, but, yet he says they have done “Good” for women, like Breast Cancer and such and would still fund them. No they haven’t. That was one of the problems, they were not giving women any medical help or attention in women “issues” all their resources and money went into murdering babies unborn and born and of course sending their little baby body parts all over the Country for “Medical Research”. I don’t want any money going to them they need to be shut down and put out of business along with those people being put in prison. There is something my husband said, he said that Trump said, that we should make the Military “Mercenaries” and charge the other Countries for our help. Is that true? I can see why Trump would say something like that, but, what is your thoughts on that?

      • John Topper

        Vangie…Vangie…come here dear. It’s time for your medicine!

        • Vangie Martinez

          There was a new study that showed that the Baby Boomers who are Democrats are the ones who have been affected by the drugs they took back in the 60-70’s and are now the ones who are on drugs ie medicine that may be affecting the way they think and how they cope with reality. I don’t fall under that category. I’m not a Democrat and didn’t do drugs then or now. How about you?

          • John Topper

            I am proud to say I am a Baby Boomer Democrat and I did not/ do not do drugs but I differ in opinion with you over your statements and Presidential selection. If you opted to follow and reasonable new outlet rather than FAUX, it may change your life if not your opinions.

          • Vangie Martinez

            Are you proud that you voted for a man Obama who is destroying our Country? Who has gotten into office under very suspicious circumstances? Are you proud of Pelosi telling the American People “We need to sign it before we read it”? Are you proud that the American People are forced to pay Planned Parenthood over 500 million of our tax dollars to murder unborn and born babies and then take their little baby body parts and transport them all over the Country all in the name of “Medical Research”? And o ya all in the name of “Women Rights” when they don’t even consider the rights of the millions of baby girls that they have murdered who would of grown up to be women? How about the Fraud with Obama Care? I was at the Doctors Office a week ago and there were pretty angry Clients there that were not happy with their so called wonderful care from Obama Care they are ending up having their rates raised and other issues. How is Obama Care doing for you? Are you proud that Obama has extorted money from Medicaid to pay for Obama Care? How about you being proud of Hillary Clinton with her e-mail treason and murder because of the Benghazi incident? You proud that 4 people died because of her inaction to protect them and get them out of that situation on time to save their lives? How about B. Clinton you proud that he has had sexual acts with other women that were unwanted?, except for Monica L. she said it was consensual and of course that makes it alright doesn’t it seeing how it was done in the Oval Office and what other places in the White House. That’s something to be proud of. You proud of Hillary Clinton all for the “Rights of Women who have been raped” except for the rights of the women who B. Clinton has used his power to over come them? You proud that Obama has the Muslim Brotherhood giving him advice when Egypt and Syria have called them Terrorist and that they are on their Terrorist List? Did you know that the Muslim Brotherhood is the one who produced Hamas and Hezbollah? You proud that Obama has been disrespectful to Israel whom according to the Bible Genesis 12-25 that it is very explicit of how we are to make sure that we Do NOT Curse but to Bless Israel and the Jewish People and how it has outlined specific borders for Israel and what borders are for the Arabs and the other Muslim Nations “Around” Israel? That NO WAY NO HOW are we to SPLIT Israel in Half, that it is very specific about those borders and that those borders have been placed there by GOD to Abraham, since Abraham a little over 3 thousands years give or take a few years not, 1967 Borders? How about how Obama has treated the Military and our Vets, you proud of that? You proud of Obama telling our Military to “Attack Global Warming? You proud of our Constitution and Bill of Rights being trampled on? You proud of Obama and the Democratic Party trying to take our Religious Freedom and our Freedom of Speech away from us? How about our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms using the excuse that “Guns Kill”? No, Crazy Mental People with Guns Kill. How about Obama trying to rule and reign as a King or Dictator and ram things down our throats with his Executive Orders and Actions? Or the Judicial System ramming things down our throats that they have no right to do? You proud of how Obama has destroyed jobs for the Coal Miners in Virginia and stopped us from using our GOD given Resources for our own Country so that we are not at the Mercy of Middle East Countries? All in the name of “Global Warming” and the “Worship” of the Environment rather than using Good GODLY Common Sense. Are you proud of how Obama has handled ISIS and the treatment of Persecuted Christians, but, yet he sure is there for Muslims and o ya how about that speech he made at that Mosque in Detroit with a Imam who promotes Jihad? Are you proud of our Big Bloated Government take over and our 19 Trillion Dollar Deficit? There is more to be “PROUD” of, but, I would have to write a book for you about all the things that Obama and this Administration and the Democratic Party have done to be so “PROUD” of. But, NO, you do not have any thing to be “PROUD” of, what you have is a lot to be ASHAMED of because you voted for these Monsters that were suppose to be Servants and instead are nothing but a bunch of Crooks and Cronies. It would of been better if you had been doing drugs because then you would of had some kind of an excuse for why you voted for these people. But instead you are in your right mind and faculties. Why on GOD’S Green Earth would you have voted for these people and done it with all your faculties and sound mind is beyond reason. My opinions will not change because I don’t get my opinions from “FAUX” most of my opinions come form observation, watching, listening and News reliable News and TRUTH not from man, but, from GOD and HIS WORD. So you see I am not the one who needs to have my life changed, but, you on the other hand certainly do. John you have a lot to think about and ponder on because the way it is. is that you do not have anything to be proud of but a lot to cry about.

          • John Topper

            !Obama who is destroying our Country? ….in your opinion…Economy on the rise, unemployment down,…

            2, Who has gotten into office under very suspicious circumstances? Elected X 2 not “decided” by SCOTUS.

            3. forced to pay Planned Parenthood over 500 million of our tax dollars to murder unborn and born babies and then take their little baby body parts and transport them all over the….The government DOES NOT pay for abortions…and the film stating selling of body parts has been proven to have been a hoax.
            4. the rest is just a rant by a conservative “Christian” wingnut that I wouldn’t even bother to comment on.
            Please turn of FAUX NOISE and read, open your mind and eyes.

          • Vangie Martinez

            It is really sad that you really believe that because I am a Conservative and a Christian and I will add because I am not ashamed a Jew. That I am a wingnut. When the truth is, is, that you would rather believe a lie instead of the truth. It wouldn’t matter if I was a Women who is Hispanic a Jew and a Christian believer. I would still come up with the same conclusion because even before I was a Christian I never believed anything that anybody told me I have a mind of my own and the proof is in the pudding. I lived and was brought up Democrat I switched when I saw the truth. It wouldn’t even matter who was Democrat or Republican because last election I voted for a Democrat because of his high moral values as well as Republican. I crossed party lines and voted for one Democrat. He proved to do the right thing and was honest so I am not ashamed of voting for him. But when you have blatant proof about things that are not Faux well it is not I that has a closed mind or eyes or ears it is you. You have the blatant truth right in front of you and you refuse to take responsibility for it. Every thing that I said was true and where I get my information from is honorable. None of it has been to be a hoax if it was then why is there such an uproar regarding it all?

  • ADRoberts

    Sorry. But I believe the story. That is not something that a person would just make up. My guess is that there was so much flack that they had to do something.
    Face it. Rubio is NOW the Establishment candidate. And we know he LIES. He promised to be against amnesty when running for the Senate.
    He did not change his mind. HE LIED in the first place. And he admitted that he said what it took to get elected.

    Folks, there are TWO Bilderberg candidates running. Either one of them will must be a continuation of Obama. And they are Trump and Rubio.

    • Neal

      Thumps up with MANY, MANY reservations about Rubio! He will do ANYTHING TO GET ELECTED. WHO PUSHED THOUGH THE BUDGET BILL (which sucks) for the seated President? Who can pull the Tea Party vote BUT NOT THE Central part of the Republican voters? Who CAN NOT get GET the Independent, Democrat, Cross-over Vote? ANSWER is ALL the Same, RUBIO!

      • ADRoberts

        I am none of them. I am a conservative of the Christian variety. And I don’t like liars. I don’t like governors who veto a bill to protect Christian pastors from homosexual lawsuits. (Kasich)
        And I don’t like fake conservatives who still give big money to Planned Parenthood. (And Trump claims that he is pro-life. LOL)

        • Neal

          The Supreme Court and the DNC/RNC Establishment took 3,000 years of History and thumbed their noses at all of us when all they would have had to do was make a “Legal Union” carry the same weight legally as Marriage! Fake Conservatives taken into consideration, you must be God as you are wanting to stand in Judgment of someone when what a woman does with her body is between that woman and her God! Sorry, I don’t believe that’s YOU!

          • ADRoberts

            How wrong can you be. There is no place where the Bible or the Constitution gives a woman the right over her own body.
            But if you bothered to look at a study of the Constitution, you would have discovered that EVERY right listed is specific in that it ONLY goes to the point where it infringes on the rights of another person.
            That is why he example of freedom of Speech but not to scream “Fire” in a theater, which would cause panic and death.
            The rightes of that woman allow her to say yes and no to sex. I know that men force themselves and that is called a crime of rape. And that goes along with the idea of rights extending to the point that they infringe on the rights of others.
            So abortion is a simple thing. A woman wants the right to her own body. But that right stops when another person’s life is at stake. And THAT is the point of ALL opposition to abortion.

            Is that fetus a person? God says it is. He says that he KNEW US IN THE WOMB. So you want to claim that this is nothing but a discussion between a woman and God? Be my guest. But he says that you will account for every idle word. And as far as God is concerned, abortion IS murder.

  • albertbryson

    It is unfortunate for me I am sick and tired of the tactics that have been used by the Cruz campaign against both Rubio and Carson. I was planning to support Senator Cruz because he is suppose to be a constitutional conservative. Unfortunate for me, I really may decided not to vote for anyone in the primary for President this year. I know I can’t vote for Mr. Trump because I find his remarks at times somewhat offensive.

    • evelyncm

      Please study further and VOTE. I believe if we don’t vote we have no right to complain, and I do a lot of complaining! If Republicans sit home and don’t vote, either Hillary or Bernie will be our next president, and that will be another catastrophe. Voting is our privilege and our responsibility as Americans.

      • albertbryson

        When you have no one to vote for President I will just not vote in that race. I will in other races in the primary. As far I am concerned all the presidential candidates that we being offered in the Republican and Democratic parties are bad choices. I am sick and tired of voting for less of the evils because it still means we are doomed in the future. I have always voted, but with each elections the choices are getting poorer and poorer.

        • gnracer

          The problem is the big money people are chosen for us. The general election is on one day why can’t we have the primaries on the same day as well. The people would have a bigger group of people to select from in each of the parties. The candidates with less money will have a chance to be elected .

      • gnracer

        Well maybe just Bernie if our justice department finally puts prison stripes on Hillary.

    • Neal

      Like him or not, Trump is the ONLY chance we have of electing a Republican Leaning President! Reagan Democrats WILL NOT VOTE FOR CRUZ OR RUBIO! BOTH are too extreme in their platforms. If courted properly, and regardless of what people think, (and Trump is no dummy) they will Cross-over again. They don’t LIKE and are tired of “Slick Britches” Hillary’s baggage and WILL NOT VOTE for a Communist!

  • PatriotGal

    So, how many times does Cruz have to be caught lying, doing underhanded things, making false claims against other candidates and then he FINALLY fires the poor guy whose taking the fall for him? Anyone in a campaign knows the campaign manager is the closest one to the candidate and the candidate knows all the moves of the mgr because he/she sanctioned them. Cruz’s hands are dirty in this mess and he is stirring the pot. Repeated lies about Carson, Cruz and Trump…liar, liar, pants on fire — NO Cruz! TRUMP 2016!

    • dosadoe

      Rick Tyler is a long-time Republican operative who used to work for Newt Gingrich! He was the one who tweeted out that fake video and not Ted Cruz. Is is a shame that Cruz had someone who was embedded in the Republican Establishment working for him! If you want theories on the Establishment having a mole in the Cruz camp to destroy his campaign, try to mold your mind around that idea!

      • Marci Gold


      • gnracer

        I fully agree. Rubio falsely stated that Cruz did not speak Spanish. Tell me any of the candidates that have not lied. Can’t seem to find one.

        • Glenda Jordan

          Doc Carson

          • gnracer

            I like Carson alot. I would like him even over Cruz. Polling low though.

      • gnracer

        Trump is the epitome of a serial liar. He falsely claims to be conservative. LOL. I have a bridge to sell him.

      • Ken says

        RINOs usually use the same old pros.

    • Patriot Gal. You offer nothing but typical deceptive propoaganda.

      Cruz has NOTbeen caught “lying or doing underhanded things.”

      Cruz does NOT know EVERYTHING his staff does – that is absurd.
      Tyler was NOT the “campaign manager” – he was “communications director”.

      Trump is a lifelong Democrat, who wants to retain the Obamacare mandate & a single payer healthcare system and a host of other Progressive nonsense.

      In any comparison of Cruz vs Trump, Cruz is the clearly the only constitutionally sound choice – trump cannot even begin to compare favorably to Cruz.

      Trump & Rubio have NEVER owened up to their lies and deceptions – only Cruz has the integrity to apologize and take action against a perhaps understandable human error on the part of an overworked, exhausted subordinate who made an error in judgment in the heat of battle , but quickly apologized fully.

      • Greg

        Yankee my friend , you are 100% correct!! Cruz is being sabotaged!! The establishment will stop at nothing to get TED Cruz out!!

        • Ken says

          Cruz is the GOP RINOs ace in the hole – he is a closet RINO and has the same resume as Obama – Harvard educated – lawyer – professional politician – no real world working experience. If you like the last 27 years of Progressives you will love and get more with Cruz.

          • Greg

            Just look at his record ken

          • Ken says

            Yeah – I have and in great detail – Harvard Lawyer, Professional Politician, in tight with the biggest failed and bailed banks, billionaire dumping millions in his campaign (with no strings attached), no real World working experience. This guys credentials are really incredible. He can give you more of everything you have loved for the last 27 years.

          • Ken, Is it possible for you to get any more superficial?

          • Ken says

            Yankee – if you can’t handle facts – sit in the corner and pray.

          • Ken,

            I feel sorry for people like you, who do not possess the skills to distinguish between “facts” and “fantasy.”

            I wish you well.

          • Ken says

            Stop feeling sorry – it only makes you sorry. Instead just kick yourself in the ass and do something to stop the last 27 years of Progressive Government. Start by nominating a candidate that can win.

          • Ken,

            I feel sorry FOR YOU, that YOU don’t get it and do not have the ability to think rationally.

            By sticking only with people that you “think” can win, we have wound up with Progressive Republicans (& Dems).

            It is time that we all thought clearly and nominated a Constitutionalist. That’s called clear thinking and discipline.

          • Ken says

            Back to your brown ring around your neck – if you don’t have a candidate that can win – you don’t have shlt – after 27 years of that only a retard or free loader would want more

          • Ken,

            I would kindly suggest to you that therapy MIGHT help you.

            Repeatedly flinging ad hominem attacks exposes you as one who has serious emotional issues.

          • Ken says

            You win – put your head back where it was – you’re better off in the dark with no confusion.

          • If you ever decide to open your mind and conside the wisdoms that are availabkle to you in the real world, let me know.

          • Ken says

            My mind is always open to facts and observations of reality. You’ve exposed your wisdom’s and you find yourself flopping like a fish out of water. I realize you can’t see from where you are but available facts lead me to conclusions I speak to.

          • Ken, IMHO,your problem is what YOU wrongly believe to be “facts” and what you wrongly belive to be the only “practical” answer (which is certain to produce a continues slide towards Socialism.

            IMHO, it is YOU who is flopping around like a fish out of water.Actually, you are just trying to selkl us the same old Socialist (in any of its progressive degress) crap.

          • Ken says

            OMG! “wrongly believe facts” – you must be Harvard educated, arrogant and a troll for Hillary to be sure Bernie doesn’t steal the nomination she was promised. You have made numerous posts and have yet to present one fact – believed, real or documented. I may have missed something – you may not be just Harvard educated – you could be a Harvard Professor. lol

          • ken, Your continual personal insults expose you to be lacking in substance and a Saul Alinsky practitioner.

            The facts are that Ted Cruz is a lifelong principled, disciplined Constitutional conservative, while Donald Trump is a lifelong Progressive who has given far more money to DEMs, esposed his Liberal NY values publicly and who today expresses his very Liberal values in the specifics of his proposals while superficially and laughably claiming to be a “conservative.”

          • Ken says

            No insults intended – just itemizing the babble in all you posts – you do a lot of dancing around and since I’m a Christian and a Constitutional Government Conservative and have a career in business – it doesn’t take me very long to see the BS flowing. You probably know more about Alinsky than I do. My total knowledge of the creep is he’s a pro Socialist/Communist Prof spewing his venom at the U of Chicago the bastion of Liberal culture. Enough about him.
            Trump – is without a doubt a Moderate – but he espouses more Conservative agenda than any of the other candidates from either party do. If Trump was not in the race the RINOs and Wannabees would still be kissing and patting each other on the butt. He is the only candidate that is talking to the voters about the issues that the Establishment Professional Politicians don’t want to get caught telling lies about to get elected like they have for the last 27 years. You can dwell on what you consider to be Trump’s negatives – the whole Country has heard them for 8 months and the voters choose to deal with positives. I will dwell on all the things Ted and Heidi are trying to hide.
            Ted Cruz arrives at the 2016 election with the same resume Barry Obama arrived in 2008.
            1. A Harvard Education
            2. A Lawyer
            3. A Professional Politician
            4. No Real World Working Experience
            5. Big Money Donors – one billionaire donated $11 million and is giving more. (no strings – lol)
            6. Inability to work with other people – no people skills.

            It is important to remember that Ted and Heidi were mentored by the Bush Family and their success can be traced to the Bush family (they are experts in the operations within the Establishment). Ted (the poor boy from Texas) negotiated six figure unsecured loans with 2 of the 5 Failed and Bailed Banks – CITI and Goldman Sacks – notice unsecured is a loan that stays private within the bank – Ted didn’t report the loans on his candidate financial statement – someone in the banks leaked the information and Ted got caught. Ted has always been a Professional Politician and the Obama/Cruz resumes are plain frightening. This is only half of the tale of success. Heidi Cruz (Mrs Ted Cruz) is a powerhouse on her own – after mentoring with the Bush Family and testing the waters in some political appointments Heidi landed at Goldman Sacks. She was there for the run up to the Crash in 2008 and there to help with the bailout. She was Vice President of Wealth Management (not bad for the wife of a poor Texas boy). Heidi was rewarded with a raise for her assistance and handling of the Crash and Bailout. Heidi has more feathers in her hat – she is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations with Bill Clinton and the Bush Boys and the”shakers and makers” from around the World. Google it – it’s an eye opener. The CFR was created by the same group of “power money” that created the Federal Reserve. Check out one of the Conservatives favorite organizations – the United Nations.

            Ted Cruz is not just sleeping with the enemy – Ted and Heidi Cruz ARE the enemy

            Check it out friend – it is all well documented – see, I’m not insulting at all.

          • Ken,

            Reallyt?? you claim “no insults intended” but immediately say that I “babble” and “dance around” and “BS”. Just one of Alinsky’s tactics was to ridicule and denigrate the opposition. Your use of ad hominems is typical Alinsky.

            In your list of 5 points of similarity between Obama & Crus, you couldd have added that they both have testes – that is equally as irrelvant as the other 5 points you listed.

            Yes, Ted & Heidi met working for Bush, but Ted has demonstrated Constitutional discipline even when he had to go against Bush (e.g. the Medellin case in SCOTUS).

            While I do not knbow the details of every loan Cruz got, I beliueve that the largest loan he took was a run-of-the-mill margin loan that anyone can get.

            You imply falsely that Heidi was a official in GS – she was not. She was a customer relations person in TX.

            Heidi was a memeber of CFR (as I think many Conservatives were) – that does not make her a new-one-world-order person.

            You string together superficial facts (think six degrees of separation) that you believe “prove” your point – they do not. Your “facts” do not substantiate your claim.

          • Ken says

            Babble – insult – not so – but very descriptive of your posts. You don’t know what to do with facts and have no interest in gaining knowledge about your candidate. The Cruz Klan are loser Establishment Politicians like the Bush Klan and the Clinton Klan. Just sit down in the corner with the Bush Boys and whine – Ted and Heidi will be there soon enough to join you. EOC

          • Ken,

            Let me see if I understand you accurately. YOU apparently think that your calling my comments “babble” is NOT an ad hominem or and/or not an insult direxcted at my comment as compared to a substantive criticism of my comments?

            I find it difficult to have a two-way conversationj with you because, IMHO, you are out of touch with reality.

            I have EVERY interest in the FACTS that meaningful and that correlate.Facts that do not produce meaningful insights or conclusions are essentially useless.

            IMHO, your conclusion that Cruz is an “Establishment Politician” is your propaganda spiel and absolutely WRONG in fact.

            To tell me to go sit down and whine, exposes your childness, IMHO.

            I am sorry that you want to end the conversation because it is helpful for INTELLIGENT people to see through the superficial, twisted (IMHO) “tactics” and “logic” that you people employ.

            ps. You are NOT a Conservative at all, IMHO.

          • Ken says

            I seriously doubt that you know what a Conservative is and are brainwashed with BS and are not interested in even checking out your candidate. Go back to the corner – you do it so well. While you are there think about all the things Teddy does that earn him the title Establishment Professional Politician.

          • Ken,

            You can doubt that I know what a Conservative is all you like. Do whatever you need to do to protect your own confidence in your personal beliefs.

            That I am “brainwashed with BS” maybe your personal belief, but it is not at all supported by facts and reality.

            That I am “not interested in researching my candidate” is entirely ignorant on your part – and wrong.

            “Go back to the corner -you do it well” is just more Alinsky posturing – and juvenile.

            You want me to think about all of the things that Cruz does that cause YOU to bestow upon him the title, “Establishment Professional Politician????? ”

            I am not a qualified psychoanalyst and thus cannot figure out how any rational person can give Cruz that title – I am not qualified to opine on the emotional defects that would cause you to apply that title to Cruz, unless it is simply more Alinsky tactics on your part.

          • Ken says

            Yes – yes – yes and yes. Cruz is a loser in every respect. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is a duck. That’s how easy it is to identify Cruz as a Professional Establishment Politician. You need to find some voters that may be interested in backing a loser – I’m not one. Many folks have followed our exchange and picked up some tidbits about Ted and Heidi – so I thank you for that.

          • Ken,

            Really??? Is that the best you can have to offer?

            You royally declare that Cruz is a “loser.” Well, Mr. Wizard of Oz, now we have the benefit of your all-knowing wisdom and do not have to think about it any further.

            “Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is a duck.” Well, that might make it easy for YOU to identify Cruz as a “Professional Establishment Politician.” However, for those of us with intelligence who prefer valid facts to consider before we make up our minds.

            “You (I) need to find some voters that may be interested in backing a loser – I’m not one.” You continue to spew more Alinsky insults instead of making substantive arguments.

            Yes, some readers may have picked up some of your “tidbits” (of propaganda) – if they are intelligent, they will see that they are unsupported superficial “sales” claims.

          • Ken says

            It takes some time but make a spread sheet with the voter demographics for all voters. Separate into parties and then groups of voters.. Then put the voters Cruz has alienated into a group. Use the exit polls from the primaries + voter surveys in states with upcoming primaries. Ted is only getting 51% of the Christian group he pandered to the most – the ultra right Christians. The best he will get in a national election is 37% which makes Bernie or Hillary the winner and Ted the loser. Right now Ted only has 1% more than Trump in Texas. Tape his mouth shut and maybe he can win Texas. Before you put you foot in your mouth – run the statistics. Ted/Loser

          • Ken,

            You can shiovel hot air all you want, but that proves NOTHING.

            YOU produce those worksheets that YOU claim support YOUR conclusion that Cruz is a ‘loser”.

            All you offer is your own personal “opinion” with a lot of verbiage other than your own “opinion”.

          • You are shoveling hot air instead of proving or supporting your “argument”. Where are YOUR spreadsheets with explanatory dialogue.

            All you offer is your own “opinions”.

          • Ken says

            Your’e in the right corner – Losers with Ted lol

          • Ken,

            Yet again, you confirm that you are nothing more than an Alinsky denigrator of your opponent – that you cannot support your “arguments” with substance.

            I am happy to be in the group of people who support Ted Cruz. I would be greatly embarrassed and humiliated to be in YOUR group.

          • Ken says

            Cruzin with a Loser – you fit right in

          • Ken,

            I try not to take advantage of the intellectually-challenged.

            Life must be hard enough for you without that.

          • Ken says

            That is good because I would not want you to have something else to whine about that you are unable to accomplish. Even the most basic things overwhelm you. Cruz on and Lose Baby

          • Ken,

            Notwithstanding my recent comment that you are beyond help, I suggest to you that psychological counseling might possibly help you,

          • Ken says

            Poor Baby – thumb in mouth and back to the corner to whine and wait for Ted to join you.

          • ken.

            You need serious therapy. I hope for your sake that you get some.

          • Ken says

            Today is a therapy day – I took today off – after listening to pundit reviews of the debate last night I was most impressed with the Huckabee comments. Then I slept in this morning. We had a strong pot of black coffee and started viewing new briefs. I’ll be busy for the next 4 days with the Primaries. What a bitch if Ted doesn’t even win Texas but people are digging into his activities and affiliations and now less than 55% of the group he pandered to the heaviest – Born Agains – are supporting him. Only about 30% of Christians in general support him. The guy doesn’t come off as much of a Christian and for the rest of the voters – all the cracks in his “Conservative” shell reveal a Professional Establishment Politician – Let’s talk about it next Wednesday.

            I’ll give you credit – there is nothing as good as a “therapy day”. Thanks

          • Ken,

            No, No, you need PSYCHO-therapy, not a day off.

            Whether Cruz wins or loses, your delusions and lack of rational thinking do not at all support voting for Trump over Cruz.

            Have you no understanding of Trump’s;

            Childish behavior and petulance?

            Interruptions and talking over the others?

            TERRIBLE manners and bullying, deflecting charges with visciuous personal attacks that try to hide the accuracy of charges against him?

            Not answering questions, but spouting hype instead?

            Total lack of any substance to his spiel – it’s all sales-hype and self promotion?

            Trump U., Trump Air, Trump Steaks, Trump Ties, US Football League, several bankruptcies In AC?

            There’s more, but you see NONE of it. You will vote for him supposedly because he can attract Democrats (he did in the Primaries – that is the Dems came out purposely to nominate Trump because he is the easiest for Dems/Hillary to defeat.

            It is minds like yours that demonstrate clearly, the decline of the American intellect.

          • Ken says

            Yes Yes Yes – the best therapy is getting up off your dead butt and doing something positive for the USA. That is obviously not your bag – so keep whining that, Cruz, your Professional Establishment Politician is a Cruzin Loser. I have known Trump for over 20 years – he is a Patriotic American, a successful business man, (Our government is the largest business in the Country and for decades has been run by Simian Idiots), very intelligent, a skilled negotiator and gives a crap less about politically correct pussy chatter. He is a Moderate that is not a politician – and what scares the Establishment the most is that he can’t be bought and controlled. Our Country needs a real leader and the voters are ready to toss out all the Professional Establishment Politician and their agenda. If it were not for Trump entering the race last Summer we would still be seeing the RINO milk toasts cheek kissing and butt patting – running their mouths and saying nothing.

          • Ken,

            You are beyond hope, mired deeply in a state of denial.

            All you can do is continue to insult me because you have no real skills.

            I think Rubio is right about Trump and those in denial like you, absolutely refuse to see the facts and realities about Trump.

            You have swallowed Trump’s sales-hype. He is big govt Progressive whoi will help the Left destroy our Republic. I will not vote for him.

            Go in peace.

          • YOU produce YOUR spreadsheets that you claim support YOUR points.

            You produce a lot of verbiage but offer nothing but YOUR serial opinions.

          • Ken says

            Missed a couple things – Heidi (according to Goldman Sacks records) was a Vice President of Wealth Management during the run up to the 2008 Crash and after. In 2011 Heidi was promoted to the Board of GS. I realize you find facts an inconvenient truth but once again read the facts. In you vast knowledge of Constitutional Government Conservatives polease name ONE that is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

          • Ken, it is likley that GS gives out the VP titke to a very large number of peopke (like banks do). It is used to give client service people credentials. While I am unfamiliar with GS’s detailed history and have not seen any proof that she was a Board member, I would be EXTREMELY skeptical that Heidi was in any true position of “inseider” Board membership.

            I believe that Wm. F. Buckley was a member. Is he Conservative enough for you? While I have not bothered to study the membership list (if available) I am confident that many Conservative were also members.

            Your posturing (you “realize you -I- find facts an inconvenient”) and your mockery (“in your -my-vast knbowledge of Constitutional Giverrnmenet Conservatives”) expose you to be a petty, Saul Alinsky propagandist, as compared to to gentlemanly intellectually honest person.

          • Ken says

            Are you a student of Alinsky? Your knowledge of most other things is very limited. You may try reading the numerous documents on the Cruz Klan but you are probably better off just listening to what your friends tell you. Buckley? why would you pick one of the monied front men for the GOP?

          • Ken,

            I would not consider myself to be a “student” of Alinsky, but I have encountered a lot of Alinsky tactics from people like you.

            If you have any documents to produce that you think might support your “arguments”, then by all means produce them and I will try to take a look at them.

            While I do listen to what my friends have to say, I do not reach a conclusion until i examine the facts for myself.

            William F. Buckley was an early Conservative who founded the National Review, a VERY Conservative publication. I simply recall that he was a member of CFR from something I read – as i said, i did not research CFR membership lists,

          • Ken says

            If you can’t google Ted Cruz and then Heidi Cruz and do some reading – it goes back to what I said about where you get your “facts” – from where ever not the source. The National Review is in the final throws of going under – they probably won’t be around to comment on the November election. The staff have been exposed as RINOs and Establishment puppets. Conservatives would not waste time on them and no one else wants them.

          • Ken,

            When you tell me to reasearch/google something, that tells me that YOU have not researched it yourself – if you did, you would produce the specific evidence to support your claim and post it here.

            You confirm that you are a Trumpian, by making irrelevant unsupported insults, rather than address the issue. YOUR point that YOU think the NR is going out of business soon (as did Trump) is not at all relevant to the issue that I raised. Incidentally, please document your claim that they are going out of business soon.

            Please document your claim that the “staff of NR has been exposed as Establishment & RINO puppets.” Does your claim have anything to do with the recent special NR issue “AGAINST TRUMP?”

            I am a Conservative and subscribed AFTER that “AGAINST TRUMP” issue.

          • Ken says

            If you weren’t so f__king lazy and used to being fed all your answers to everything – it would be interesting seeing if you really have time to stop whining. You are worse than AI – I doubt that you could be updated and programed with relevance. Enjoy your time in the corner with the rest of the losers.

          • Ken,

            If you were an honest person, you would simply produce the research that supports your claims (obviously because you haven’t done any).

            I have more than I can handle (as many of us do) and do not need to do the research that YOU SHOULD HAVE already done to support YOUR OWN opinion. I may be older and not have as much energy as I did when I was younger, but I am the very last person that anyone (of integrity) would call lazy.

            The fact that you doubt that I can be “updated and programed with relevance” exposes your IGNORANCE (and puerile pettiness).

            You resort yet again to Alinsky denigration.
            My candidate Ted Cruz might lose, but Ted Cruz and all of the people that I have met in this fight to elect Ted Cruz will never be “losers” – we leave that to YOU.

          • Ken says

            Get off your lazy spoon fed butt and do something for yourself – accomplishing something for yourself can be very rewarding.

          • Ken,

            By making yet more ad hominem attacks, the specifics of which are ignorant and moronic, you expose that you are not sufficiently wise to stop digging when you find yourself in a hole.

            I have to laugh. If you were a lawyer arguing before SCOTUS, you would tell the Justices to get off their lazy spoon fed butts and resesarch the “facts” of YOUR arguments.

            In a court of law , or in the court of public opinion, one must make his own arguments and suport them with facts and analyses.

            Grow up!

          • Ken says

            If you weren’t so sad you would be funny. Sit back with Ted and enjoy the ride – It’ll be rough.

          • Ken,

            You are beyond help.

            I wish you well.

          • Ken says

            Get back to me next Wednesday 3//2/16 and give me a big smile over all the Primaries Cruz won.

          • What will be, will be.

            If the American public has been so weakened by 100 years of Progressive dumbing-down, and fail to select Ted Cruz, that will be a sad state of the union.

            The outcome is not at all certain and thus intelligent patriots should not shrink from selecting Ted Cruz, the only true Constitutional Conservative in the race and thereby save the Republic.

            Your comments are puerile.

          • Ken says

            OMG!! the next thing you will be babbling about is that the Tea Party is not disorganized and dysfunctional and by backing Cruz they are going to save any hope of a Theocracy. It seems that you would fit into that group of whining losers too…

          • Ken,

            Thank you for continuing to expose yourself with your unending childish rant of Alinsky insult and denigration.

            This is typical of many of Trump’s fans.

          • Tom Nichols is a professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College and an adjunct professor in the Harvard Extension School, wrote in

            “Star-struck, low-information celebrity cultists will vote for Trump under any circumstances because they do not know any better and do not care. For them, Trump is whatever they want him to be, and they will never change their minds. The rest of us, however, have a much more difficult choice to make. Will we really oppose Trump to the point of accepting any alternative, including Hillary Clinton?”

          • “Hillary waits to eviscerate Trump with a parade of his victims”

            By TIMOTHY P. CARNEY (@TPCARNEY) • 2/25/16 7:11 PM in the Washington Examiner

          • Ken says

            HS!!! Yankee Doodle is a song and dance man (or woman) – “What will be will be” did you write that song of are you just infringing on the artist rights?

          • Ken,

            Can you get any LESS relevant and immature?

            Yes, you are sufficiently ignorant to championTrump.

          • gnracer

            Ken must think Trump is the answer. That makes me laugh.

          • gnracer,

            Ken has not explained why he thinks that Trump is the answer, other than to say he can get elected while Cruz cannot.

            First, Cruz polls better vs Hillary than Trump does.

            Secondly, If Trump gets elected, he would (based upon his whole life history and current proposals) be a very Progressive President, who would move us ever closer to Socialist hell. Only a true Constitutional Conservative like Ted Cruz can possibly bring us back from the edge of the abyss.

          • gnracer

            I’m with ya.

      • Neal

        Pray tell, how about the $40,000 to $700,000 War Chest doners for starters? IF he wasn’t knowledgeable about the Carson quitting thing, HIS Stephen King was AND THEY WERE TALKING ALL THE TIME IN IOWA (as in hand in hand, lock-step). If YOU think it wasn’t mentioned between them YOU may not be thinking too straight! One thing you don’t also want to REALLY consider. Cruz appeals to a group of the Far Right, Religious Republicans. HE WILL NEVER PULL votes of the Liberal Republicans or Independent Democratic Cross- over voters. You remember, Reagan DEMOCRATS? With all the dead voting Democrats (and the Welfare Democrats) there are out there, the INDEPENDENT CROSS-OVER VOTES ARE WHAT”S GOING TO ELECT A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT! If you want 8 more years of “Slick Britches” Hillary (our REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT CONGRESS WON’T PUT HER IN JAIL WHERE SHE BELONGS) brand of Socialism or Bernie the “Commie”, you’d better NOT place Cruz in the nomination position of our Party. Like him or not, Liberal as he is, TRUMP is the ONLY one who can PULL that Democratic, Cross-over VOTE! Or, WE will have more of the same for 8 more LONG YEARS!

        • Your “reasoning” is difficult to follow and your “facts” puxzzling.

          Cruz appeals to far more than the “Far Right Religeous Republicans.”

          I, for one, chose him because of his respect for the US Constitution (i.e., very limited federal govt) and the rule of law.

          Esentially, you are surrendering to the foolishness (IMHO) of nominating a Progressive so that we can attract Socialists and thereby slow down America’s decline into Socialism.

          The DEMS want us to select Trump because he is the easiest for them to beat. Be smart – nomibate a true Constitutionalist who will will succeeed in bringing America back toeards the Constitution and thereby restore the Republic.

          • Neal

            Read my lips! To ELECT a Republican President the candidate will need the Independent Democrat Cross-over Vote JUST LIKE REAGAN DID! (Remember the Reagan Democrats!) NO OTHER CANDIDATE BUT TRUMP HAS a SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN HE double toothpicks OF GETTING THAT VOTE!! You want a Democrat Socialist/Communist or TRUMP s next President? We’ve both been voting for the lesser of two evils for how many elections now?

          • Oh Great Wizard of Oz, I hear your words but believe them to be nothing more than your (incorrect) opinion.

            Cruz has a very good chance of winning and polls better vs Hillary than does Trump.

            In any event, Trump would be yet another (very) Progressive Republican (a “collaberator”), and thus destructive of our Republic.

      • TAM44

        You’ve had your head up your obama dip stick.

        • Your comment exposes your obvious lack of talents.

    • Greg

      Hey patriotic gal, I beg to disagree. i am not certain that mr Cruz knew what Tyler was doing 24/7. In fact it shouldn’t SUPRISE any of us that Rick Tyler purposely sabotaged mr Cruz ? The establishment will stop at nothing to get One of there own in the White House!! NOTHING!! Donald and Ted have targets on them. They would love to get Cruz out to clear the way for Marco gang of 8 Rubio !! Don’t doubt me!! He got in bed with shumer Obama and all the pro amniesty lobbyist !! Have you ever read that bill?? It would of destroyed our country much faster then it’s currently being destroyed!! Hopefully your guy won’t be a hypocrite and get in bed with Marco the turn coat Rubio !!
      Thanks patriotic Gal!!

  • Rex Sutton

    Your Right its not good to question anyone’s faith its Only god shall this decide this, but you seem to want to win no matter what you have to do, Oh and its not the pope job either, Go Trump 2016

    • Greg137

      Trump ripped people off who bought “trump” real estate… All Jeb bush supporters have gone to Trump… JEB IS A LIBERAL, and so is TRUMP…

      • TAM44

        Poor baby, now go call your mom.

    • Patrick King

      This “faith” nonsense is what has destroyed the Republican party just as Barry Goldwater said it would. Trump is winning because he is the ONLY secular candidate the GOP has. Pathological religion only resonates with the pathologically religious… And they are NOT a majority of voters.


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