Cruz wins Iowa Republican caucuses; Clinton, Sanders in tight race

February 2, 2016

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won the Iowa Republican caucuses Monday night, beating front-runner Donald Trump in a vital victory that could shake up the primary race.

Hillary Clinton is meanwhile clinging to a very narrow lead over Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side.

Cruz, in his race, fought hard in recent weeks to make up lost ground in the polls and was helped in part by a sophisticated ground operation. He also hammered Trump for his decision to skip last week’s Republican debate.

Speaking at his state headquarters in Des Moines, Cruz told cheering supporters that the night’s results showed the nominee would not be chosen by the media or the Washington establishment.

  • dmttbt

    Cruz says this shows that the Washington establishment and the media do not choose the winners. You can say that again if he is referring to himself as a winner. He is part of that Washington establishment. If he or anyone else puts any value in what the media says they are fooling themselves. I want everyone, myself included to look up how many democrat voters there were and how many republican voters there were. I am just guessing the majority were republican voters. The dems had a choice of a self proclaimed socialist and a what ever that other thing is. The women who vote for Hillary because she is a woman are choosing a poor representative.

  • 0.3 % between Trump and Cruz. Trump was gracious. Cruz was brutal ven lie about Carson which MAY HAVE accounted for 0.5 % shift. Could be. Not exactly a clear win nor indictor. CRUZ CITIZENSHIP STILL Canadian. NOT QUALIFIED. OBAMA’s still INDONESIAN not AMERICAN. No big deal. IOWA? Please.

    • eassa

      Hum, are you saying that Cruz only won over Trump by .3% in the Iowa vote? If so, you have a mistake in your math. Ted Cruz got 46,407 to Trump’s 40,776. Cruz won 27.75% to Trump’s 24.38%. These numbers are from the last printout I got of the night’s vote.

  • Webb

    Expect a Republican Wave…with Cruz as the Leader!
    2016…Support Cruz’s effort to put America Back on Track!
    Freedoms And Liberties need to be Reinstated, Cruz will do Exactly That…
    Make Cruz your Choice…

  • Robert Early

    Both Clinton ans Cruz are cheaters.

  • Jackie

    Congratulations Ted Cruz! Well done.

    • Frankdidit

      I see cheating in the race is your answer for sticking with CRUZ. Sounds like the term used by Hillary (aka Hidabeast). Win not matter how you do it?

      Check what his people did with regard to Carson

      • Webb

        Go Cruz…

  • inzaratha

    I’m not voting for him, I’m still with Trump

  • nana

    They will get their civil war but it wont be blacks against whites. It will be Muslim against Christians.

  • nana

    This will spread under Hillery like a virus.

  • nana

    They need to look at what’s happened in Michigan with the so called Muslim refugees too. They have taken over towns and throw rocks and garbage at Christians while holding signs that say US will be Sheria soon.

  • nana

    Iowa people need to come outa the fields and do some research before they vote. I don’t think they have a clu! Women voting for Hillery just because she’s a woman. How stupid can they get!!!

  • RightLane1111

    STUPID…STUPID people.
    Yes..those of you who did not back Trump. When McConnell was running
    for the Senate…I knew that if elected, he would become Majority
    Leader. Why because the “inside the beltway boys & girls” would put
    him there…for their own benefit. The people of Kentucky could have
    taken him out of the game…but they didn’t do it. So Congratulations
    we are now at $19 TRILLION IN DEBT.

    My question to
    you is this: Can Ted Cruz put states into play that were not going to
    go Republican? Another question: Is Marco Rubio going to be a puppet
    of the inside the beltway crowd? Will
    the border EVER BE SEALED. Did you know that Obama (today) has let go
    of 50% of the border patrol? Of course not. Another Question: Do you
    think that Cruz can get the entire House (Senate and House of Reps) to
    go along with his plans?

    If Iowa was split between a
    Socialist and a criminal…what shape is this country in? We had
    better have someone with America in mind. Ted Cruz CANNOT win the
    states. We will have another Democratic President…and that
    means…bye…bye..America. Rubio will carry on the status quo…and if
    elected…look no further than the MIRROR TO BLAME…YOU VOTED FOR
    HIM…Him and the Koch Brothers.

    • Jackie

      I disagree. Ted Cruz can win the states. For sure he will have better and stronger, as well as more constitutional, answers for Hillary/Bernie. Real answers not grandstanding.

      • RightLane1111

        Again…doing the same thing over again expecting a different result. People who believe this will enable America to die. U have to think outside the box on this one. The demographics in America have changed. Vote 4 the person that will get it done.

        Tell me something…if Cruz can’t even offer a bill into the is he going to do with the Entire House! Besides…don’t like what he did with Carson…better check that out…DIRTY TRICKS. Oh…and as has been pointed out…his answers have not been all that good when faced with the actual votes cast. No..Jackie…Cruz cannot win America…sorry.

    • Frankdidit

      You are so correct. Look what was done by Cruz people to get him the win. Ben Carson is not happy about their lying to get more votes for Cruz. I still see Trump beating him and all the others, who by now, should drop out.
      I would like to see Cruz taken to task over his people lying to the Iowa people.

  • KDC

    Well, he may very well be the first president of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION, like he wants to be. Thanks Iowa, for helping to usher in the globalist NWO quicker!

  • VM Sheppard

    It’s a very good start… but a long way to go!

  • VirgoVince

    Too bad, but there’s still a LONG road ahead; hopefully, the other states will get it RIGHT! iowa gave us ovomit, have you forgotten??

    • bobnstuff

      No one even got a third of the votes. Trump didn’t got 25%. If they haven’t changed it math that’s less then a quarter of the votes. Trump has a long road ahead. The big winner was Rubio, he almost beat Trump and has proved that the real republicans aren’t dead yet.

      • I Seigel

        If you take the 4 top finishers and count their votes, the total is something like 120,000. Add in the other 5 or so candidates, and the total votes comes to less than 150,000 people. That’s the population of ONE small town in many states. Mostly white, mostly Christian, mostly corn (ethanol) and farm loving. And THESE are the people that determine the history of the country and, to a large extent, the world??!!?? Bulls**t.

        • bobnstuff

          At least Santorum didn’t win this year.

        • Jackie

          America is made up of many small towns. Many would consider Iowa to be more mainstream American than a large liberal city. Many would rather not have a city (Denver, New York, Detroit, St Louis, LA, San
          Francisco, Chicago, etc) “determine the history of the country and, to a large extent, the world.”

          • I Seigel

            And so you’re OK having the 150,000 or so people determine what the other 300+ million are going to do? And the billions more on the planet?

            And who said anything about a large liberal city? How about Florida or Ohio or Illinois or Missouri having an early primary? Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania could all represent the GOP better than Iowa.

          • Jackie

            I was quoting you. This is a caucus. It’s purpose is to choose the party candidate for that state not the country or the world. My intent was to say that these people are just as important as your larger populations. Just because they are small and didn’t agree with you doesn’t mean that you should disparage or disqualify them.

          • I Seigel

            I don’t disparage them at all. That would mean I’m questioning their integrity and their enthusiasm, which I’m not. I believe they’re taking their position as “first in the nation” very seriously.

            But I DO question the wisdom of the GOP and Democrats for putting such weight on a caucus or a voting that barely gets 150,000 votes on each side. I personally don’t believe the people of Iowa who participate in these caucuses are representative of the electorate at large, and it’s been proven time and again that they are not good predictors of picking the final nominee. And just today I saw an article asking why Missouri or Pennsylvania isn’t one of the first primaries, which is exactly what I asked 2 weeks ago.

            My problem is with the process, not the people of Iowa. I apologize if my words sounded like I was belittling Iowans. That wasn’t my intent.

      • KDC

        You mean the Est.Rep. Elites who are the same as the Libs. With their agenda 21 and NWO. People who voted for BO are still dumb as rocks, voting for Cruz or Ribio. May as well have been Bush.

        • bobnstuff

          KDC, Have you ever read agenda 21? Tell me which person in our government would give up power? On one hand you say they are power grabbing and the next you say they are going to hand all the power to some NWO. you can’t have it both way. I guess you must be a Trumpet. He has such a high opinion of you that he could do anything even kill someone and you would still follow him. Don’t worry though he will fleece the country if elected.

      • Almost is only valued in Horse Sh ooes.

        • bobnstuff

          And hand grenade. When Trump and Cruz self destruct Rubio will be there.

    • Jackie

      Obama was/is a Democrat. Ted Cruz is a Republican. They aren’t in the same presidential candidate race. Iowa votes are not for president, but party representatives.

      • Dennis

        Yeah & Iowa is a libtard state too!!


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