Dem Louisiana gov: Trump helped ‘shine a spotlight’ on flood recovery

by Rebecca Savransky | The Hill  |  published on August 22, 2016

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) said Sunday that Donald Trump has helped draw attention to recovery efforts after the recent devastating floods in his state.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the governor downplayed critical remarks he made before the Republican presidential nominee visited his state.

“I didn’t dismiss his trip as a photo-op. Before he came down, I said we welcome him here, we want him to be helpful,” Edwards said. “And we hope that it doesn’t turn into a mere photo-op.”

Edwards said Trump’s visit to the state was positive for Louisiana.

“Because it helped to shine a spotlight on Louisiana and on the dire situation that we have here, that it was helpful,” he said.

  • Tiger

    Surely he did. Trump does much good works for people in trouble. He always has and when they tried to get his Butler and other staff to take him down they only built him up. He loves this country, he has huge investments in this country but I believe him when he says he will leave America if he doesn’t win the election. People when millionaires leave, and many already have your country is in trouble.

    He did good and brought an 18 wheeler filled with water, diapers etc. He knew he wouldn’t get put on the news. By all that is Holy Trump should win but then people don’t elect our presidents do they? No the Electorates do. Andrew Jackson wanted to do away with that in his time. He did away with the American bank of his time. Just couldn’t get rid of the Electorate.

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