Don’t Mind All of Hillary’s Scandals: Rubio’s have Traffic Tickets!

June 5, 2015

Clinton-RubioThe New York Times Friday report that Republican Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and his wife Jeanette have been cited 17 times for traffic violations was written after the citations were pulled by liberal opposition research firm American Bridge, according to Miami-Dade County court records.

Records show that each of the citations mentioned by the New York Times were pulled in person by American Bridge operatives on May 26, 2015.

Take for example the time Rubio was pulled over in 1997. “Mr. Rubio’s troubles behind the wheel predate his days in politics,” wrote the New York Times. “In 1997, when he was cited for careless driving by a Florida Highway Patrol officer, he was fined and took voluntary driving classes.”

  • latinqt

    Well he’ll not have to drive himself for many years if he becomes PreZ

  • USMCret

    The liberal asses just had tocome up with this insane blog about Rubio’s traffic tickets but close their eyes to the things that Hillery has cdone or not done. The lefts tactics are so obsurd that I believe they make up stuff to discredit anyone who opposes them.

  • peanut butter

    I don’t want to watch them, but I wonder if this is the top story of the day on obie’s MSM.

  • Sharon Brooks

    OMG(ghosh) Billey let 4 Americans die…cheats and lies and is a professed Commie and the Libtards are shaming Rubio for traffic tickets??? How stupid can …wait ya that Stupid!

  • Bob Stewart

    What a silly story. How do liberals equate traffic tickets with violating felony laws by Hillary Clinton? And how do the families of four dead Americans in Libya feel about the job Hillary did not do as Sec of State? The trashy liberal media will do anything to protect Hillary from the truth.

  • How dare they! They should have Aided and Abided and given Comfort to our Enemies, in the order of Weapon Deals for Cash, like Hillary did, then they wouldn’t have this problem with those darn Traffic Tickets! If they had only committed Tyranny or Treason, like Obama and Hillary, No Problem!

  • Snoopy

    FOUR??? Man are YOU out of touch!!! 200+ at last count!!
    However, Rubio has ALSO not sold his country down the tubes!!!

  • Mike O’Mara

    I am a Ben Carson supporter myself but I am very impressed by the fact that the worst New York Times (The American Provda) could find nothing worse than traffic tickets against Rubio and his wife. Considering all the felonies Hillary Rotten Clinton and That guy who has been sleeping at the white house have committed I feel Sen. Rubio is clearly a better person than either of those socialist democrats mentioned above. Well done Senator.

  • gfinms

    Well, this just shows, how desperate, the libs are, to smear Marco. Marco, has the libs, in a big worry. Marco, is an alter boy, compared to, the the sleazy, Clinton’s.

  • Sonny Lewis

    Wow Traffic tickets put him in jail for life never mind Hillary’s 20 years of cover ups lies and deceit and dozens of scandals nothing trumps traffic tickets give him the electric chair.Liberals will never understand until its too late and our country is lost and under control of a totalitarian government.

  • ramrodd

    Rubio pushed amnesty thru the gang of 8 – both Rubio and Hillary are members of NALEO

  • Julia

    My goodness, this is certainly far worse than anything either Hill or Bill has done! If that’s the worst they can come up with I think Mr. Rubio must feel pretty good! I hope the rest of them are ready, it looks like a long time with a lot of this nonsense!

  • Dave In Arizona

    Just another example of how truly desperate the liberal/progressive zonbies are. Hillary, as in 2008, will get butt kicked in the Democrat primaries.

    • hpinnc

      Now that I would love to see. I would just love to send her & pretty boy bill back to Arkansas, NEVER to see them in public office, for anything ever again. She should be in prison for her incompetency as Sec. of State over Bengazi She probably had something to do with several people turning up dead. I would not trust her in an outhouse with a muzzle on.

  • The redhawk

    OF course the hEDSINASS lIBTARDS @ the NY SLIME consider some minor traffic Violations much more SERIOUS than the Body Bags left by the SOW of CHAPPAQUA. her Dereliction of DUTY as SEC State and the “SELLING” of America to Foreign Interest Groups……..but then she is an ALINSKY DEMOCRAT … and So are they!..
    And now look out for more SOWS POTTED PLANTS LEAVING THE BELFRY to do CYA for the hELDERBEAST.

  • The redhawk

    Naturally the DERANGED Idiots @ the NY SLIME see parking tickets much more important that all the REAL CRIMES and VIOLATIONS of DUTY performed by the SOW of CHAPPAQUA…

  • fred

    At least they still drive themselves, and how is this a story? Like someone j-walking compared to the outright felonies the Clinton machine of evil has committed! She’s a murdering, lying, robber of or rights and has never admitted to killing vince foster and hundreds of others. She has to go, and hope it is very soon! Hope her cell mate likes lesbians!

  • Walt

    Well golly gee, I wonder how many people lost their lives because of Sen. Rubio’s careless driving, and he did go to traffic school. This lying bimbo, Hillary, is responsible for four men dying in Benghazi, and the scandal is swept under the carpet like every other illegal activity she gets away with. Now, she’s complaining that the GOP doesn’t want people to vote. Really? The GOP just doesn’t want illegals and dead people to vote. I think that would be a fair and honest request!

    • Mike O’Mara

      Please note Rubio didn’t have the tickets fixed or they would not have been on the record. Think of all the socialist democrat rullers out there and tell me which ones you think would have accepted the tickets like regular people would have to. I don’t know of any. I also think the glaring fact that the New York Times totally failed to vet Obama but managed to delve deeply into the parking tickets of the Rubios. Since they are pretending to do their job again by vetting one of the 10 Republican candidates, I can’t wait to see their report on Hillary’s criminal, employment and political records. That will be some twisted and scary reading. Of course that can only happen if they manage to sell enough papers to keep their doors open till 2016.

      • NotJim

        Assignment for the NYT: Please tell us, who is Zdenka Gast?

  • John VanderKelen

    Even progressive Democrats are seeing how skewed the lawlessness of Hillary Clinton is to those of the Republican candidates. Then factor in Hillary’s inability to govern and it is scary what the Democratic Party proffers.

  • Dave In Arizona

    So, the New York Times equates Rubio’s traffic tickets in 1997 to Hillary’s allowing four Americans to die and collecting (illegally) play-for-pay? The signs of a truly sick, liberal/progressive mind.

  • reagangs

    Hell, most non moving and moving violations are a common event. I’ve had one approximately every decade for the last 50 + years. My ex had several every year for 20+ years. She had to go to defensive driving at least twice a year most of the time. No big deal …. just pay them and support your city with your extra $s ….. and from now on PAY ATTENTION TO HOW YOU DRIVE AND OBEY THE LOCAL LAWS. If we commoners had done the same thing that the Clintons have been doing for the last 40 years, we’d be in prison. Ever since their Arkansas days they have left a blood trail with their Whitewater and savings & loan deals, in addition to Bill “Slick Willy” and his girl friends (and maybe even with Hillary), Benghazi gate, the 5 jihadist swap, “what difference does it make” and now Hillary gate. These IDIOTS are damaged with a lot of extra baggage with the high probability of massive corruption in the future.

  • ijohnc1

    Shows how he is just like us who have been pulled over for something, so the media needs to crawl back into their den of iniquity, and go back to their editorial paper, as they sure in hell not reporting any germane news stories.

  • ijohnc1

    The commies must be worried as the rise of Rubio continues, they will tell you everything about him, as if to cloud the communist’s/democrats as one of their favorite liars, immoral, corrupt, leaders is in jeopardy of losing the nomination, along with the POTUS.
    Let the games begin, as the corrupt media continues to spiral into the cesspool with her.
    They did the same thing when he was running for Senate, couldn’t dig enough dirt on him……NEXT!

  • W. Coyote

    From the NY Times: ” For several media organizations, oppo research is welcome from all sides, so long as it can be verified. To wit, The Times recently acknowledged accepting opposition research on Hillary Clinton from Peter Schweizer, the author of “Clinton Cash,” a fact that complicates accusations of liberal bias against the paper. The Washington Post and Fox News also received advances on Schweizer’s research.”
    Before 1776 Coalition gets it’s panties in a wad, it ought to do some of it’s own research. Of course, it’s possible the purpose of this “article” was not to inform but to inflame a gullible audience.

  • fryer01

    my god this is dumb…. DID HE WATCH 4 MEN DIE..AND DO NOTHING????


    • hpinnc

      fryer01, remember when the Clintons left the WH? They trashed it, destroyed the computers, & left the WH in shambles. NO I have NEVER had ANY RESPECT at all for them, & I don’t see myself ever changing my mind.

  • pilgrimson

    I am shocked, SHOCKED, SHOCKED !!!
    OMG. Where is this country heading???

  • iccarus26

    So that is the best they can do, cite speeding tickets the clintons has several books out about them and no one reads them or cares about all the murders that are tied to them. ho hum.

  • Dean

    So what if they get traffic tickets, I doubt that Hillary can even drive a car herself, she would have to have an adviser with her to tell her what to do.

    • fryer01

      with her bad health and blood clots she is only going to he– !!! she won’t even be around in 2016…….so relax !!!!

    • Mike O’Mara

      Ted Kennedy was the best at traffic violation repair. If I remember correctly he was a socialist democrat himself.


        Excellent! May God Bless Mary-Jo.

  • jdbixii

    Extremely busy people with busy schedules have to be places to which they frequently exceed the speed limit to arrive on time. Who is going to politicize this issue for the sheer value of critical hypocrisy?

    • I’m assuming you’re just enjoying a bit of irony here. A little satire. Please assure me you’re not being serious.

      • wjenningssr

        No irony or satire. You left turds are the ones who went after the records and posted them. If this is all you have, you are weak

        • Thanks for taking the time to post a message, but since you weren’t the person I was addressing, I’ll just ignore you. Thanks, tho.

    • Dave In Arizona

      Who? The NYT.


        Yup, hard hitting news reporting. “journalists” self important frauds……
        Just recently, two more Barack Obama activists were awarded with high-profile jobs in the media.Ronan Farrow, a former “special adviser” to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Joy-Ann Reid, a former press aide for Obama’s presidential campaign, have both earned themselves jobs on MSNBC, where they can parrot White House talking points directly to the American people.

        First it was NBC News anchor Brian Williams who came forward and admitted he had embellished his story of having been in a Chinook helicopter over Iraq that took enemy fire in 2003. Claiming, incredibly, that it was a mere lapse of memory, Williams acknowledged in February that it was not the helicopter he was riding in that was shot at but an aircraft in front of him.

        Now it’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel’s turn. Engel’s account that he and members of his crew were captured by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (in fact it was a Sunni militant group) and that, as they were being rescued, he saw “one of his captors lying dead.”On Wednesday, Engel and NBC published a correction” of sorts. It is no longer Engel who saw the corpse of a captor but “one of our producers [who] says he saw and stepped over a body that was lying next to the front wheel.” Engel, as a member of the media, violated his sacred trust with his audience, for whatever reason. Williams’s punishment was a 6-month-suspension without pay.

        An email distributed by Ben Rhodes, senior policy makers, among them Susan Rice, are told to 1) blame the internet video for the violence, 2) deflect attention from greater policy failures (one presumes he’s talking about everything the Obama regime had touched), and 3) emphasize Obama’s cool and collected leadership.”This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our country. We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. It is hard for the American people to make sense of that because it is senseless, and it is totally unacceptable.” -Hillary Clinton

        Clinton had said during a March 2008 speech that while visiting Bosnia in 1996 as first lady, she remembered landing under sniper fire.” A greeting ceremony had to be canceled, she said, as her party “ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” Videotape showed Clinton and her daughter Chelsea and their entourage instead striding across a tarmac with smiles and greeting a retinue of well-wishers.

        NBC News investigative reporter Jeff Rossen was in intense agony” and had “meds lined up” as he filed an apparently slanderous and libelous combination of print and video stories

        Rolling Stone magazine retracted its article about a brutal gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity after the release of a report on Sunday that concluded the widely discredited piece was the result of failures at every stage of
        the process.The report, published by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism , said the magazine failed to engage in “basic, even routine journalistic practice” to verify details of the ordeal that the magazine’s source, identified only as Jackie, described to the article’s author, Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

  • He is the World’s Larget piece

    So what that the best the Democrats can do what about Hillary Benggazi Clinton

    • michael friend

      That’s Dumbocrap.

  • underthewire

    Better yet…………no drivers license.

    • NotJim

      Are you saying that one of Rubio’s offenses was driving without a license?

      And, if so, what was the issue — forgotten, expired, suspended, revoked, forged?

      Please support your observation with a reference.

  • underthewire

    And Hillary should be in prison……………with no driving tickets..

  • michael friend

    Traffic tickets are a minor offense. At least he has not led to getting 4 people killed and then trying to divert attention away from themselves.

    • jerry

      Yeah. If a Liberdard has the stupidity to bring this up, just ask them: How many people died as a result of these citations?

      • michael friend

        The cops that wrote those tickets were injured from writers cramp.

        • OSAMA OBAMA

          Little Mikey suffering from brain cramps.

      • fryer01

        i would like to know who killery paid to do this…what a rotten person she is !!! sick..just sick…..

        • The redhawk

          WELL the answer is : SOME LIBTATRD on her Campaign working for the NY SLIME. paid by HILDERBEAST…Or Soros shelling out more cash for ALINSKY disciples..

          • hpinnc

            Is these misdemeanors really all the dirt they can find on Sen. Rubio? She is desperate. How about the hushed up details of people who worked for the Clintons way back in their early days as Gov. of Arkansas? How about the guy who was on her staff, Forrest [ ? ] can’t think of his name now. There was several people who didn’t see eye to eye with them who turned up dead. How about Benghazi? & running guns into Syria? Like I said, she is desperate, but most people see right through her conniving, fraudulent, self. She is a fraud, an empty suit. There is no way on God’s green earth, I would vote for this POS.

          • skipsart

            “Is these misdemeanors”? Where did you go to school?
            And it was Vince Foster.

          • hpinnc

            Thanks, Skipsart, for reminding me . It was indeed, Vince Foster, who met an untimely death, as did many others who were affiliated with the Clintons. I finished HS & went onto college, however I did not graduate with a degree, I only went 1 year. I have been blessed to do quite well for myself & family. I would have loved to have finished & gotten my degree, but I found out college isn’t for everyone. I have not researched it, but if this is all Mr.Rubio has against him, I do not think they are felonies, however I could be wrong, he could have gotten a DUI & killed someone, in which case would be a felony, in which case I would readily change my view. Are you by any chance trying to cover for Hilarius? If so, that is your God-given right, but that speaks volumes to me as to your views politically, & where you think the country is headed, & it isn’t good, in my view.

          • peanut butter

            “Run, Forrest, run!!”

        • peanut butter

          If that’s all they could get on him, he sounds pretty much squeaky clean to me.

      • The redhawk


        • Dave In Arizona

          How laughable! A typical liberal / progressive non-response.

          • The redhawk

            LOOK above Dave… MEA CULPA!

    • Barbara Snowberger

      How many people were killed by the Bush/Cheney Administration for a fake war in Iraq?

      • The redhawk

        Oh you mean those Caused by Clinton’s FALSE reports of WMD.. Is that what you mean HEADINASS moron????

      • wjenningssr

        Typical Left winger response – pointing the finger elsewhere to get away from the subject. Must really be in the loop to know for sure the war was phony. From my point of view, no war is phony. Those bullets being fired at me were real but you probably wouldn’t know anything about that. Everything is fine as long as your world isn’t disrupted. I still have not received a logical answer as to why you people want to fix something that is working. We did not become number one on planet earth with a bunch of hypocrites running this country down yet still live here

      • Mike O’Mara

        Look back to the Clinton administration and the socialist democrats in office prior to Bush as well as those who supported the resolution to go into Iraq. Add in the intelligence reports of just about every intelligence agency in the world. Listen to the tapes of Clinton and the rest of the socialist democrats talking trash about Sadam and Iraq. Trash that was accurate regardless of those it was coming from. Then take a laxative to clear your head and think about the foolish question you just asked.


        More “FACTIVIST” / D.N.C. crap!


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