Federal judge rules Obamacare is being funded unconstitutionally

May 13, 2016

House Republicans won Round 2 in a potentially historic lawsuit Thursday when a federal judge declared the Obama administration was unconstitutionally spending money to subsidize health insurers without obtaining an appropriation from Congress.

Last year, U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer broke new ground by ruling the GOP-controlled House of Representatives had legal standing to sue the president over how he was enforcing his signature healthcare law.

On Thursday, she ruled the administration is violating a provision of the law by paying promised reimbursements to health insurers who provide coverage at reduced costs to low-income Americans.

The judge’s ruling, while a setback for the administration, was put on hold immediately and stands a good chance of being overturned on appeal.

  • Gary Smith

    When did he let a little thing like the Constitution stand in his way?

  • Howie Subnick


  • I Seigel

    Oh good! Now maybe the House can start dealing with JOBS, immigration and ISIS. And like Pat Griffin said, this judge’s ruling will most likely be overturned, or at least put on hold while appeals are made. Keep it up, House, Great work!

  • The Redhawk

    OH just to Comnfuse americans some More BHOZO the HE/SHE POTUS is TOO busy sending Memos about BOYS?GIRLS bathrooms to worry about This Disaster he Created..Besides He is tired of People Laighing at him when he Goes to Girls room to SQUAT TO PEE….so he creates a new Impending Disaster for Parents to SUE him….

  • Pat Griffin

    1. Our POS POTUS will find a sympathetic Democrat Fed. judge to overridce
    this Fed. judge decision. (Won’t be hard…..probably any Democrat judge would do.
    2. Our congress is so filled with RINOS, they will pass a bill right quick to authorize this stupid idiot to give away more money to buy Democrat votes.
    Add it up all you want……………none of it makes sense.

  • Now, they look at this? Why not a long time ago before it hurt many people?

  • Webb

    U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer… she ruled the administration is violating a provision of the law by paying promised reimbursements to HEALTH INSURERS, who provide coverage at reduced costs to low-income Americans…Out of the rest of tax payers Money!
    In 2009 and March 2010, when this law was Passed, Democrats Vilified Insurance Companies for Profit and Supposedly abuse of the Insured. Yet, They decided to Reimburse Subsidies back to the Insurance companies to The Tune Of BILLIONS… again AT THE TAX PAYERS EXPENSE, REPEAL, PERIOD!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    and the mandate ti buy insurance or be find or taxed is illegal as hell, and the scotus reworded it ti fit there purpose, how many people got screwed this year on there income tax returns because they gave out to big of subsidies

  • ADRoberts

    Delusion. You think that we won? Not at all. Just an illusion by this judge before the next one strikes it down. It is all part of the plan to DECEIVE.

  • Patrick Driscoll

    Has been going-on forever! obuma care states that it can invade SS, Medicare and others, so the real costs of this plan are 2-3 time more than exposed…..and we still have the same amount of people without coverage, more will lesser coverage and a major redistribution effort and NOT health insurance. This idiot in the WH is so ugly inside and out. What can you expect from a mutt who came from his fucked-up family?

    • ADRoberts

      What is so hard to understand. When you ADD ,millions of paper shufflers to the cost, just to tell you that you can’t have the needed medical care, it is for sure going to cost more money. ANd it has to come from SOMEWHERE.
      Logic dictates that whenever the government gets involved, it 1. Costs more 2. Is much less efficient.
      Just say NO.

    • reggie

      But, don’t forget the illegal aliens get covered. They count, we don’t.

      • The Redhawk


  • downdraft

    Someone enlighten me…while I detest Obamas illegal authority by paying for Obamacare w/o Congress’ approval of funds…
    …the WHY and HOW does the government do it w/o the money to do so?
    Who approves payments?
    How can Obama approve payments when funds have not been released to do so?
    This tells me our accountants are breaking the law…i.e., paying in spite of Congress!
    Anybody …?

    • Athanasios1

      Who gave a reggin riding the Chicago Transit Authority “Red Line” train, the permission to attack, rape and murder his victim? Nobody, he just did it.

    • ADRoberts

      Once Congress indicated that they were unwilling to hold Obama accountable for ANYTHING by their refusal to IMPEACH him, it was open and shut. He can do anything he wants to and NO ONE will stop him.
      He is the puppet of the Bilderbergs. And they WILL protect him.
      What will it take to stop them?
      1. Revolution – But they have planned for that and have it covered.
      2. Finding good people to run for office and get rid of the puppets
      But that is also covered. They simply; approach any NEW congressmen and make them offers they can’t refuse.
      3. II Chronicles 7:14. God can. And the ONLY question is whether we will repent as a nation and turn back to Him. Not likely.

      • reggie
      • downdraft

        #3…best answer yet!
        While I don’t intend to use this as an opportunity to push any choice for POTUS…I do wish to note that this nation is in real trouble, especially as a republic and as a God fearing one.
        I try to turn it all over to God, and try not to “take it back or interfere with Him”…and I know we need a “junk yard dog” in that office to oust the money changers, the crooks…
        In the Old Testament God always chose a real SOB, a “junk yard dog” to do the job for Him…then they did the job but themselves went back to worshiping idols so God replaced them.
        Well, its time for a “Junk Yard Dog”…get things back to sanity…and then, if they too fail to see the way, replace them..
        …a continuous circle…
        Thanx, ADRoberts, for your insight

    • ipsd48

      If you stayed abreast of the news you’d realize that the money to fund this immigration is coming from funds earmarked for veterans.

    • reggie

      December 2015, the sorry zzz sobs in congress gave it every dime it asked for. We don’t have a 2 party system, We have a 1 party system of bend over, just keep our personal gravy train running.

  • Dan

    That’s what liberals do. APPEAL, APPEAL, APPEAL whenever they lose…they don’t give up and eventually win….Josh Ernest says this is the first time in history that the House of Representatives sued the Executive Branch. Gee what does that tell you?….Well for those of you in Rio Linda, that means our Executive Branch (The President) isn’t following the rules…..

  • alfy

    notice how the JUDGE PUT THIS ON HOLD JUST AS QUICK SO AS NOT TO OFFEND OBAMA.,the omen is coming true as everyone bends over to please satan’s doing ,yes the anti-christ is well in the whitehouse.

  • Anthony

    he should be forced to return every penny he stole from S.S. without any approval and go after hes secret accounts he have outside of the USA starting with Kenya.

  • Ramon1710 .

    But that’s Monkieboy’s way. He do what he want. Can’t let little things like Congress or the Constitution stand in the way of his vapid plans. From illegally becoming the POSUS, to invader amnesty – after 7 years he knows full well no one has the integrity to stop him, least of which Ryan or DcConnell.

    • Beeotchstewie

      It is racist to even suggest it, in the eyes of libtards.

    • andrew

      No one may have the “integrity” [[ a non-existent quality in DC ]] to stop him… tho’ President Trump will bring the shithouse walls down on him in a heartbeat…Swillery as well… Criminals are no longer going to be allowed in government.


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