GOP 2016 Ticket Already Decided?

June 14, 2015

NC_GOP_Walker.JPEG-07249_s878x563Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he likes Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and that more than one person has suggested the possibility of the two Republicans teaming up on a 2016 presidential ticket.

“I’ve actually had quite a few people, grassroots supporters, donors, and others who have made that suggestion,” Mr. Walker said when asked by Bloomberg Politics about a Walker-Rubio ticket.

“I think for now, Marco is a quality candidate,” Mr. Walker said. “He’s going to be formidable in this race as things progress. And if we were to get in, we’d be as well, and we’ll see where things take us.”

  • Ped Xing

    The last time we gave the Reich Wing GOP the keys to the White House they allowed 911 to occur by not listening, then GAVE UP on bin Laden. In order to take the attention of low-info Fright Wing voters off their terrible mistakes, they then went and poured 5000+ of our kids and a trillion dollars into a mass grave in Iraq, putting TWO wars on the credit of the next president—Obama. Another GOP president?
    Not a chance, thank God!

  • Ped Xing

    The best GOP running mate would be Anders Behring Breivik—the Reich Wing Golden Boy of your dreams…..

    • Dicken Sideher

      Hey, great idea! He would be very handy during the good life after Obama when the USA nukes several mid-eastern cities into large holes in the sand. #KillingMachine

  • Once the Donald declares, everyone else will be playing catchup. It will be embarrassing for the others. Trump trumps all!!

    • Dicken Sideher

      You are probably right because it will take $250+ billion to buy the next POTUS’ seat in the Oval Office. The Donald has that with plenty left over, plus money attracts more money. DT can surely buy the Presidency. But he’s a hot-head. We will be in an active war before you can say, well-fvck-a-duck! 😉

      • War is good for business. More jobs, too.

    • Ped Xing

      The American people are tragically stupid, but not so much that they would elect a clown like Trump….

      • festmatt5440

        Proven ‘ again ; in 2012 ‘ .

      • He’ll probably qualify to be in the first debate. That will be better than Santorum, maybe Christie, and others. But what I’d really like to see is Trump mano a mano with Carson or any of the others.

  • collinspa

    I’m hoping for Walker but that will change if he starts acting like the Rinos who want amnesty. No amnesty and a strong military.The repubican party should
    stop listening to people like rowe unless they want to lose another election.
    This is our last chance if the democrates win this will be the end of our country

    • Ped Xing

      The baby-killing mercenary military needs to be cut, and will be in due time. Young voters do not care about waging war for Capital. They do not believe in torture. They do not believe in destroying the Earth for profit. Amerikan Conservatism is TOAST! In the last GENERAL election, President Obama was elected with ease in spite of all the dung flung (Solyndra, Benghazi, Rev Wright) and the GOP actually LOST ground in the Senate. Most important of all—and most telling of your future—is that the GOP was outvoted in aggregate House races by FIVE MILLION votes! The only way the GOP holds its tenuous majority is through gerrymandered districts—and these will not hold for long, as we can expect our first woman president to bring Progressive voices to state legislatures on her coattails. The Amerikan plebiscite grows LESS-White, LESS-male, LESS-fauxchristian, and YOUNGER by the week. This all spells doom for the Fright Wing. Thank God!

  • Christimar

    It seems like the media is pushing Rubio, much like they did with Obama and and the problem is the same, a lack of experience. Rubio missed several important votes while he was out trying to raise money in other parts of the country. He then made a big deal out of missing the big Republican candidate meeting that Rick Scott hosted a week ago and made a video stating he had to miss it because he had to be in Washington for an important vote….you have to love politicians! I just hope the people are smart enough to see what he really thinks is important (his political career). I am a registered Republican, but the only way they will get my vote is if Jeb Bush is the nominee! He may be a Republican, but he truly cares about all of the people, not just the ones with dee pockets. I would rest easy knowing he was in control and I’ve heard from many other people who feel the same way. I just hope the press doesn’t destroy his chances by continually bringing up the “Bush legacy”. No one really knows what the whole picture is, when a President has to make critical decisions and although we are a great Country, it doesn’t mean that other countries are inferior when it comes to their intelligence. We (Americans) want to know everything, but that means we are also giving the enemy important information (like when we are going to inspect for chemicals, etc.).

  • ann parker

    sorry, i am part of the WE the PEOPLE, and i don’t want ben carson. he doesn’t have enough experience. i like rubio and carley for vp. if there is someone who can take on hillary it is carley.

    • Ped Xing

      Obviously, you know NOTHING about Fiorina. Like some other GOP dreamers, you cynically think that she will draw female voters to the party with its War on Women—-HAAA!!!

    • festmatt5440

      You ‘ have got to be kiddin ” .

    • Peatro Giorgio

      My friend you sound so much like the vast majority of naive folks who fall for that same old lie he has no experience. Well here’s a clue for the simple minded. Our nations best economic times were during the periods when non professional politicians were in charge. TRY Calvin Coolidge. 1914- 1920. . G. Washington non politician. Ronald Reagan yes he was a governor 2 term he did not come from politics though did he. And as an actor he proved he could do the job and did it better then all the phone fakes ass political hacks. There were other also . Who was the farmer president that ordered the bombs drop on Japan y yes of course he was a farmer first before becoming president. Experience at being a legal liar and government legitmized thief. Is nor what we need we need men and woman of high moral and eithical values. We rarely if ever see that in the professional political class. RARELY.

  • KDC

    What happened to Cruz? Just asking.

    • Peatro Giorgio

      There’s one huge hurdle Ted has to over come. That Hurdle the Media of course. Even Fox News doesn’t like True conservatives. Just look at who the lunatic s a fox rino news is promoting yes of course Jolly,Rino Jeb. Wimpy rino Marco , and Not to bad Scott Walker, and of course going nowhere fast Chris The demo rat in hiding Christie.

      • KDC

        I agree with you 100%. I’ve noticed FoxNews doing that myself. Always promoting Jeb like he has the highest numbers. Rubio who is also for amnesty and Christy who you can’t trust and who hugs BO…good grief ! They never mention true Conservatives, like Carson, etc.

  • Muffins Dad

    Actually WE the PEOPLE want Ben Carson but the party hacks and news media will never admit it.

    • Dicken Sideher

      Ben Carson is morally in great space and a proven winner in all he’s taken on. First becoming a world-renown pediatric brain surgeon, and unlike being a community organizer, that is ‘rocket science’. Haave NO fear that he doesn’t have the experience. Bull shit! Who does enter the White House prepared for all those duties. Dr. Carson has the 2 main qualities that will guarantee his success: the gift for extremely wise decision making and the great intelligence and confidence to surround himself with great people who can do exactly what needs to be done based on doing the right thing for We The People and OUR exceptional United States of America! And HE WOULD NOT try to lead by an ideology like Obama has done…which spelled F-A-I-L-U-R-E

      • Ped Xing

        The GOP has ZERO chance of retaking the White House…..

  • Peatro Giorgio

    It might very well be that the 1%,with their big corporate donors have decided you they want . But their choice is not by a long shot the people’s choice. Hey daddies big bucks. Dr. Ben is our choice our vote. Can you all say daddies b I G bucks odds are stacked against you frauds this time around. Gov. Scott Walker may be a good choice but the establishment clown Rubio rino is not.

    • KDC

      I agree with you. I like Rubio, but, I’m not with him on the amnesty at all. He is an establishment republican. I’d like to see Dr. Ben who is level headed, God fearing, which makes him accountable before God, and has good old common sense, which btw, Libs don’t have.

  • Lurline Sintros

    I had given some thought to voting for Walker. Seems I will need to start my rethink.

    • IllBeYour Huckleberry

      Yeah if he likes Rubio then he is either playing politics, selling out or the exact opposite of what we need. Im also one that was thinking maybe the guy that made a dent against big unions. Although even that could be intentionally staged. I think Id rather see him run with Ben Carson or better Rand Paul.

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis


  • fireboatman

    Wistful wishing Charlie Brown, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings!


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