GOP candidates wake up, reload, resume attacks started in SC debate

by Joseph Weber  |  published on February 15, 2016

Republican presidential candidates on Sunday put the final stamp on the arguments made in the previous night’s rancorous, “demolition derby” style debate that included accusations of lying and heated exchanges over 9/11, Supreme Court nominations and immigration.

“For a number of weeks, Ted Cruz has just been telling lies,” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio told “Fox News Sunday.” “He lied about Ben Carson in Iowa. He lies about Planned Parenthood, he lies about marriage. He’s lying about all sorts of things, and now he makes things up.”

Rubio’s comments were similar to those he made in the debate about Cruz, a Texas Republican senator, who noticeably went on the attack ahead of winning the Iowa GOP Caucus earlier this month.

Cruz on Saturday night repeated his argument that Rubio backed a bipartisan Senate effort on immigration reform that was tantamount to offering illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

“Marco right now supports citizenship for 12 million people here illegally,” Cruz said on the debate stage. “I oppose citizenship.”

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