GOP Establishment in Chaos over Trump Victory?

February 10, 2016

The Republican establishment has been plunged into disarray by Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, which revitalized Donald Trump’s campaign and muddled the chances for a centrist alternative to emerge.

The Granite State result is just about the worst possible one from the establishment’s perspective — ensuring the centrist vote will remain divided, with no candidate in that lane having momentum and a viable path to victory.

Trump won the Granite State resoundingly, being projected as the winner by multiple news organizations as soon as polls closed at 8 p.m. As of 11 p.m., he was way out in front, leading second-place John Kasich by a margin of more than two-to-one with 76 percent of precincts reporting.

Just as importantly, the primary delivered a heavy blow to Marco Rubio, stopping dead the momentum he had received from his strong third-place finish in last week’s Iowa caucuses.

Those two factors alone are enough to cause consternation among establishment Republicans, who hope to see Trump taken down by someone on their wavelength.

  • Richard Schwartz

    The quiet elephant in the room are the congressional elections this year. Incumbents are in deep do doo. I don’t care which party affiliation a candidate is look for the “rebellion vote” to clean house. The time just may be here that cross the voters and you are dead meat. Voters are furious and the establishment has syphilis. Waste my money? Bye Miss votes? Bye

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    GOP if they want to win the election, they better stop fighting Trump and start supporting him.

  • lori

    I hope that when Trump takes the whitehouse, he gets rid of all the freakin morons. I have faith in trump and I believe he will turn this country around. He needs to get rid of all the morons in congress and I hope obama doesn’t try to pull a fast one, like -create a massive false flag, call martial law and then stay in the whitehouse. I don’t think the american people would take that to likely? That’s when there will be a revolution and I think the a– in the whitehouse is depending on this scenerio ????? But I think the Trump has the big Trump card !!!!! He knos what he’s doing !!!! GO TRUMP

  • joanne

    I agree with your first sentence, however, I feel if they had their act together they would back a real conservative with class instead of the RINOS they are pushing.!!

  • David Marriott

    Both parties, main stream candidates are experiencing what I call, “the Rage Factor” from american voters for what they’ve done to us and they are in fear for their political lives! Who would’ve ever thought that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, would be struggling at this point! …Americans are giving it to them and the “New World Order” with both barrels!

  • pete G

    Maybe the Republicans should worry more about a dictator know as Barack Obama and his ridiculous 4.1 trillion dollar budget. You dip shits pass this budget and you’re all toast. Stop worrying about people on your own side and start worrying about the enemy, jellyfish fools.

  • Curtis Jones Jr

    The GOP Rhinos are out of touch with America. McConnell and Ryan are Demon rats in disguise. We need Trump. Get rid of Professional Politician Liars. Term Limits, jail for crooked Politicians, whoops that would be ALL of them.

  • Robert Brumley

    American voters don’t give a rats a$$ what the establishment wants. Until they come to realize that it’s about what the voters want and not what they want Trump will stomp and make it all the way to the White House.

  • Neal

    So honest as to have his people pass on info about another candidate quitting when he wasn’t? We also do not need another religious zealot as President. We have one in the White House now! P.S. Cruz can’t carry the Republican vote as he WILL NOT GET ANY of the cross over votes therefore can’t win.

  • Bernie Lounds

    I couldn’t agree more.God Bless Trump

  • mallen11

    The “establishment” needs to take notice; We the People are speaking out and ready to have OUR candidate and not the same old politicians telling us what we need to do while stuffing their pockets with our money.


    The Republicans lied to us in 2014 saying if elected they would contain Obama and have done nothing except give him everything he wants, why should we elect someone from their camp to do it al over. Go Trump

  • Joe

    I suppose the GOP/RHINO’S thought they missed the bullet once again with the voters, but little did they know we were using buck shot, because we are sick and tired of the Criminal element in our government. We have got to continue weeding out the garbage, with out looking back, obuma and the RHINO’s have got to go and we have to restore the Republic.


      (RINO ~ Republican In Name Only)


    TRUMP~TRUMP~TRUMP…..hear those heavy footsteps coming, liberal Commies & RINO’s!!!!!

  • Charles Giles

    Marco Rubio is part of the establishment in Washington, if you want to keep things as they are now then vote for Marco Rubio, (paid for by an independent thinker)

  • Albert L Biele

    The republican party has a 99% disapproval rate amongst conservatives, and their still pushing for a centrist alternative to emerge. Well! we’re waiting for Rino’s in the republican party to sub-merge, in November, i.e. get rid of the dead-beats that cater to the tyrant’s plan to destroy America.

  • JB Wright

    The GOP should just shut their mouths, they are the ones who insisted Trump make an agreement to remain under the Republican banner. They made a deal and now they don’t like the results, things didn’t go as the GOP planned and now they whine like the little babies that they are

  • Neal

    ANY person not RNC/DNC Establishment is better than what we’ve got!

  • Harold Sammons

    Trillions of dollars in debt; can’t cover the interest payments and the government want’s to give every country a handout to buy their friendship; meanwhile a lot of these countries openly declare their hatered and swear to bring this country down and destroy the very essence of our lifestyle; including murdering the populace that doesn’t convert to their way of thinking and lifestyle!

  • Jim Lockwood

    The GOP establishment is in disarray anyway regardless of Trump!!! Better get your act together soon or it won’t matter! #GoBenWin #Carson2016 #BC2DC16

  • James

    Are they in chaos because of Trump’s doing so well, or the fact that “their boy
    lost? It’s about time for the GOP to wake up and smell the roses. Americans are sick and tired of “business as usual” and that goes just as much for Democrats as Republicans. We “ain’t goin’na take it”! GOP better change before the Democratic party gets behind one candidate!

  • Pat Griffin

    No politician, Democrat or Republican, wants to see anyone come into presidential power that doesn’t believe in governing by cronyism.
    To have Trump in there not beholding to anyone is these old stale politicians worst nightmare.

    • lyn

      Trump is the Face of Crony Capitalism!!!
      How do you think he got his,Billions? ??

  • Ronald Putnam

    when Trump gets in the White House he should have the FBI ready and waiting so that yobama can go stright to getmo along with all the Muss lame people he has in office .. I am really tired of all the bull that he has done and STILL the congress does not have the B_LLS to IMPEACH HIM !!! I do not think a lot of them will still be on the HILL come the END of the year !!!

  • reggie

    Humor of the day – got an e-mail from the RNC, asking who I will vote for. Put Trump. Next page – DONATE to the RNC, to help Trump’s campaign. Yeah right, of course I will. Left them a polite little note.

  • Carol

    The message is that the people already in power are NOT doing as the voters want. The American people are the employer and our employees believe that they have gotten away with their lies and fraud……..BUT NO LONGER! The GOP lied about their signed petition of promises and enough is enough. It is time the American voters call the shots and make the rules.

  • will rodgers

    They are really worried their plus lobbyists donations will dry up. That’s a good thing because then the money may be used to do something to Make America Great; not build more mansions for the Clintons and Pelosi’s

  • Larry

    Trump is the new John Wayne!

  • Holy Joe

    When “RINO” Speaker John Boehner showed sufficient sense to retire as Speaker, all seemed to be well, but the establishment installed yet another
    Obama Admirer as the new ‘RINO’ Speaker. Paul Ryan, who is an even bigger Democratic Party collaborator than Boehner. I am really happy to vote against the Republican Party establishment, who are man & boy for Obama and his Islamists.

  • USPatriotOne

    75% of the American People want TRUMP…PERIOD, and the GOP better wake-up to the truth and if not the GOP is finished!

  • ChasChas

    I think Cruz would be a better president, but Trump can deliver the message as well – America is not for sale – your offer is rejected!

    • Neal

      Cruz carries too much baggage to get elected. What PAC controls him?.

      • ChasChas

        I haven’t heard about a PAC.
        Establishment don’t like him because he is so honest.
        He shows the Senate where the bearshit and the bullshit is.
        Called the Senate leader for lying once.
        McCain hates his guts.

      • lyn

        The Constitution controls him. I think people forgot about that paper.

  • cccarr

    The gop establishment is sickening. They are showing their collective a–.

    • Larry

      what does ccc stand for…crazy Cuban commie? go fish!

  • ADT

    We Republicans must unite behind Trump, assuming he continues to lead as I’m thinking he will. We can’t afford anything else!

  • farmboy1993

    Every republican I have talked too is voting for Trump! And they are hard core republicans! Trump! Can’t be bought! He’s not a politician, uses his own money, and he gets things done! We put republicans in Congress to stop Obama and all they did was jump on his band wagon! America loves Trump! Trump will build our wall! He will make America great again! God bless! Go! Trump! Go! Trump! 2016!

  • JC

    Advice to the establishment Rinos —-when you get elected by the grass roots of your party like 2010 and 2012 and become the majority party in congress on promises to stop Obama’s agenda and the democrats and you don’t do it but instead you join them—you will have consequences and you are seeing the biggest consequence now—NO ESTABLISHMENT RINOS WILL BE ELECTED —we have had it with your kind of politics !!!!!!

    • Larry


    • mallen11

      I really don’t think they get it. Nothing has changed; they just keep on going against what We the People expected them to do. This is why we are mad and don’t want politicians telling us what they think we need. They don’t have a clue; they don’t live in the real world like we do.

  • twspears6007

    Republican establishment grow up and take the will of the people seriously. Your patronizing of the Obama administration has caused the need for someone like Donald Trump to come and clean up your social club mentality that has run politics far to long. Look what you did to Mitt Romney in 2012 it was a disgrace. Trump has shown true grit and the will to do the work of the people. You knew for the last 4 months that Trump would be a leading contender to win the Republican Presidential nomination. You the Republican establishment have done everything to stop Trump and nothing has worked why because you believe party first the will of the people second not what the Constitution was written for. Trumps victory should not be the time to shake up your party his victory needs to be a moment of acceptance of the vote and will of the people so look on the mirror and see the ugliness that resides in your soul and deeds.Time for change is now and Trump is the man to do it. Time to right the Republican ship and return America to greatness that it deserves. Go Trump.
    Trenton Spears

  • DOC

    He won what new

  • Birdie Houck

    Why don’t they just step aside, we can get this done

  • gf

    The GOP Establishment, will become a new GOP Establishment. When Donald J. Trump, wins one of the largest electoral landslides, since Ronald Reagan. The current GOP establishment is worried, very worried. Their days are numbered.

  • Robert Trebes

    Unfortunately, the ‘Establishment D.C. Beltway’ is backing Trump off the radar screen…You will see if Trump wins the Republican Nomination, Christie will be his VP. Only time will tell if this info is correct.

    • ShemSilber

      One hopes that his VP would be Carson rather than Christie. If Christie worked for Trump, Trump would have fired him, nu?

      • Robert Trebes

        ShemSilber: I agree with you 100% about Dr. Carson, however, that is not the information that I received today…I hope my information is wrong!

        • ShemSilber

          Me, too. May Yahuwah Almighty have mercy on us, in the Name of the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), omein.

      • James

        I would like to see either Carson or Cruz as VP and I have to wonder if Trumps’ telling the woman who called Cruz a pu==y not to call him that again might mean he is considering such a move! Just saying!!!

    • Larry


  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    A great day for the once “silent majority” in this Country. Learn to live with it establishment republicans. American Citizens finally have a candidate in Trump who talks straight and they can respect as his own man, not one supported by corrupted, agenda driven, professional politicians with the aid of a complicit ,main stream media. All of whom mouth empty promises designed to eviscerate our Constitution to suit their liberal – progressive agenda. Go Trump!

    • Dennis

      Right On Clarence!

    • Neal

      Establishment Republicans or Establishment Democrats are the same MOLD! That’s why nothing changes whichever is the Majority in Congress!

  • Joanne

    Two winners, Trump who is not a conservative and Sanders who is a socialist. Thanks to Obama this is who we’re stuck with? Scary, isn’t it?

    • Karen Carr

      GO TRUMP!!!!! I’m extremely happy he won and I pray he wins every one from now on/!!!

    • I am sick of so-called conservatives who base their so-called logic on how many times they attend an approved church, how great a Christian they profess to be, abortion and homo marriage, both important in a social context, totally unimportant as federal issues. So called conservatives who stayed home rather than vote for a Mormon, because the lunatics think he doesn’t believe in the same god they do, and handed us another 4 years of this disaster. I don’t need to hear conservative, I just need to hear PRO AMERICA.
      GO TRUMP!!!

      • twspears6007

        jondarmes Right on!! The same elements that took down Mitt Romney are in place today.I would rather have a Mormon with clean morality than a Muslim serving President like Barrack insane Obama. Now is the time for restoring America now is the time to tell the Republican Party enough is enough now is the time to remove Democrats from our government. Yes yes go go Trump.

        • Larry

          Two thumbs up for you also!

      • Larry

        Dag goneit,yahoo will not let me give you two thumbs up!

    • ShemSilber

      Scary? Of all those in the field, Trump is to me the least scary, and is actually encouraging. I hope he can accomplish what he has promised, to raise this country off the dunghill, which he will do, Yahuwah Almighty of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob willing, in Yahushua’s (Jesus’) Name, omein.

  • Marios

    Maybe if the GOP did their job they wouldn’t be chaos. one thing I know Donald cannot be bought as others are. He is bold enough to get the job done.

  • Rick Stanley

    Boo hoo. Get out of the way establishment.

    • BOC

      Yeah! That’s what happened to Cliven and Ammon Bundy, they were arrested by federal agents because they thought the fed’s were going to get out of their way. They sure did get out of LaVoy Finicum’s way now did they. Ditto! the Hammond’s either.

      Yes, these were ‘Boo hoo’ moments for their families who now see how irresponsible these renegades are.

  • Stephen J. Koach

    They are all guilty of Treason with regard to the identity thief in the White house. Trump’s strategy is to expose the truth, hence the panic. God bless Trump and Sheriff Joe. Make America great again.

    • Rx7pj

      What planet are you from??
      There is NO identity thief in the White House and trump is just exposing his OPINION not necessarily the truth.
      BTW America IS great NOW.

      • And you are delusional, just like all liberals. GO TRUMP!!!

      • Don

        YES! AMERICA IS GREAT NOW! Because, Donald Trump is already leading this country, by virtue of his HONEST LANGUAGE and love for AMERICA! His campaign is not bowing to “the establishment”! Oh, and I resent the MSM calling Trump supporters “uneducated”! I personally have a Doctorate (medical field) as well as, two (separate fields) Bachelor degrees! However, an AMERICAN does not need a degree to know who he/she wants to represent them!!!

        • Larry

          Well said Sir!

        • lyn

          I guess you forgot to take a History lesson. Trump is not the answer.

        • Sandy129

          Amen! I was blown away by that comment as well. I too have a college degree and a RN. That is not uneducated but I think anyone with common sense which I am viewing among Americans of all situations are standing up.

      • ShemSilber

        Yes, America is still great now. Nevertheless, America’s greatness of the past is evaporating at an accelerating rate, due to the actions of the illegal alien muslim occupying the oval office, and it will take more than just Donald Trump to repair the damages he has done.

        All of this is leading up to the intervention in world affairs by the Messiah Yahushua (Jesus), at whose coming the scoffers will run scared looking for hiding places, and those who have elected the Master Yahushua as the captain of their lives will rejoice at His return. They will have new immortal bodies that will never grow old, and the Master will send them out to enforce peace on earth. As Zechariah 14 says, those who refuse to come to worship Him at the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem will have no rain, so they will come around, maybe reluctantly at first, but they will come around. That will be the end of these Dark Ages and the beginning of a REAL “Golden Age,” in the Name of the Master Yahushua our Redeemer, omein.

        • James

          Hallel U YaH!!! Right on the money Brother!! America’s greatness has been crashing at an alarming rate since the 60′-70′ sexual revolution. Every perversion under the sun is found in her! She has definitely gone the way of Mystery Babylon!!!!

          • ShemSilber

            Yes, indeed, Brother James. We of the tribes of Israel, the House of Yahudah and the House of Ephraim, were chosen to be a different people, willingly and joyfully submitted to Yahuwah Tzevaot, the Elohim of tender mercies and loving instruction. Instead, we do as our fathers told the prophet Samuel: that we want to be like the other nations. But there will yet be a remnant of the children of Israel, who have lost their identity through disconnection from the Torah but will regain it through our Messiah Yahushua. There will be a Second Exodus of hundreds of millions of us to the Promised Land, spoken of in Jeremiah chapters 16, 30 and 31 and in Ezekiel 37, for examples. What joy we will have in His Presence over finally having peace on earth, omein!

          • James

            awemien v’ awemien Achi; Baruch ata YaHuaH, YaHushua! Come Bridegroom; come!

          • ShemSilber

            How joyful it makes me to know that others whom we know not yet are preaching the true Besorah. For the last 10 years or so, I’ve been learning from the Master’s eved (servant) Sholiach (Apostle) Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky, and have been working for his office for 6 years now. We may never who each other is in this age, but we will when we come into the Master’s Presence. HalleluYAH how we’ll sing and dance then, with these Dark Ages behind us and forgotten, while we are doing Kingdom work for the Master Yahushua le-OLAM-va-ED, omein!

      • Luke

        TRUMP/2016 vote for America… That’s why many dems are voting for Trump, he’s right and we need a president who isn’t a muslim supporting steaming pile of obama

        • Larry

          Luke,going to borrow this if you don’t mind!

        • truthseeker

          Plus who in their right mind wants someone like Bernie Sanders who will raise taxes to 95% for everyone ?

        • jug

          Of course many dems are voting for Trump!
          After all, he has been a progressive democrat all his life!
          He actually should be running on the demo ticket.
          Just like “he could shoot someone and not lose a single vote”!

          But he has his reasons for not doing so, and it will be a tottal shocker when the truth comes out! Its going to be devestating for one party! May very well completely upset the process, more than anything in history!

          Look at the candidates history, not what they are saying today!
          How did failing to do so last time work out for you?

          Beware of Trojan Horses!

          • Luke

            You’re right, I have read many articles where dems have switched and now support Trump, I guess they can change their minds but Trump can’t..
            Trump didn’t get rich using liberal principles, he’s what AMERICA needs..remember Reagan was a dem before he wised up and realized how wrong the liberal herd was..

          • jug

            Luke, check out just how many super rich liberals there are!
            They are very, very good at becoming rich, using whatever means, while only esposing liberal crap! Joe Biden is one that rode the gravy train to riches, one of the smaller fishes, albiet.

            You likely thought Obama was what America needed as well, lots of fools did!
            Dont screw up again!

          • Luke

            LOL, I never did, never have and never will vote for a demonrat, especially that liar in the WH today..
            Trump may have a few values that dems support, especially on the social side, but even Kasich does and so did Reagan.
            Regardless of who the GOP nominee turns out to be I will support them, I won’t stay home whining that my candidate didn’t get the nomination and allow a wacko liberal/socialist/communist to get in the WH like what has happened the past two elections..
            IMHO there’s nothing worse than a conservative who stays home for this reason, it’s like a vote for the evil of liberalism and that hateful herd…
            Get out and vote for America…TRUMP/2016

      • Dennis

        Hey Rxwhatever, I think you got off at the wrong planet! 🙂

        • reggie

          Troll alert.

        • Neal

          You must be one of the blind or welfare receiving, or are you maybe one of those dead Democrats that voted the seated President in (no name given as respect is earned not just given)!. Respect the office with a Capital NOT the person who occupies the position!

        • pete G

          Rx7 is a troll who tries to upset people on these Conservative threads with idiotic comments. He’s been doing this for Months. When no one answers him he leaves.

      • Larry

        Yes the White House has been stolen by uninformed ignorant Socialist Liberal Demorats but true American’s are about to take our country back and make America great again btw Rx7pj you are one of the people that is hurting this country,go to some Commie country you love so much.

      • Carol

        Excuse me BUT what planet are you from……..or what country are you an illegal from? You lack common sense, math skills and knowledge of American laws. The chief identity thief is BO. He hids his birth certificate and all other records. He spends OUR money like water running thru his fingers and gives it away to illegals and refugees that murder Americans and/or plot to kill us. Trump has hidden NOTHING from the voters, N O T H I N G !!!!Everyone starts a new job at some time and now it is Trump’s turn… more “establishment” BS (another phrase for CAREER politician). How is America great now? Can’t wait for your answer on that, looking forward to your version of “your truth”.

        • James

          Carol: obutt head didn’t hide his birth certificate,……. it was hidden for him by the “powers” that put him in orafice!

          • ShemSilber

            Well put, Brother James.

          • James

            Todah v’ shalom Achi ShemSilber
            Barchu beSham YaHuaH

          • ShemSilber

            Omein v’ omein!

          • Neal

            Soooo the little boy in the White House can’t make a wrong, right? HE IS RESPONSIBLE for his Fake Birth Certificate and College papers being off limits to the public! His “Controllers” may have did it originally BUT HE HAS LEFT IT OFF LIMITS and one more thing he can’t blame on GWB! Want to bet ANY other candidate hasn’t done the same? All of their Birth Certificates ARE AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC VIEWING ANYTIME! OPPS, forgot. The America hating, Racist, Riot-inciting person who was placed there by the “Controller Establishment” and who now sets in the White House doesn’t believe in written Law OR the Constitution he swore to uphold!

      • James

        BTW America IS great NOW>>Rx7pj
        As compared to what Rx. You better prescribe yourself some harder drugs, boy!

      • Dendin Guinn

        What rock have you been under for the last 7 years ?



      • joanne

        My planet is reality, built on a republic which is being vuried and America is now the laughing stock of the world. It is very sad. And as a note, I am NOT a trump fan at ALL!

    • truthseeker

      I want Donald Trump to be safe. There is so much corruption on the hill with our elected officials and they know we want to vote them out. I am glade to hear that Senator John McCain has got competition for his Position. I will not say job, cause I have not seen him make that much difference for the Vets.

    • BOC

      Identity theft? Who stole your identity and why would they want it. People like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the law and Judicial System in Ferguson, Mo. should be put on a federal government leash until further notice [ten year review]. This is how we continue to ensure America’s greatness. Beware of the yellow flag or you will get infiltrators just like they did in Oregon and had a hard time getting rid of them. Parasites, the lot.


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