GOP Leaders Dropping Border Wall Funds, Says Report

April 11, 2017

Federal funding for one of President Donald Trump’s premier policy proposals may be excluded from the House GOP’s budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018.

House Democrats, along with a few House Republicans, are working around-the-clock to make sure funding for the estimated $12 billion border wall is not factored into the GOP budget, according to a report by The Hill.

“With Democrats united against new wall funding, it’s unlikely the Republicans have the votes to get it through and prevent a government shutdown,” The Hill report stated.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a statement to The Hill, seemed to concede that border wall funding would not be included in the GOP budget, saying the funds would come at a later date.


    drop the funds for the wall…no wall…sounds like absolute betrayal of the past election for President….take names…throw them out…same mercy they offer us as they swill wine, gobble steaks, and spend us into oblivion with debt that is unpayable….difference between Demos and RINOs…none!

  • Pete Bundy

    I hope these snarky jerk remember why they were sent to DC in the last election. Build the mother loving wall an build it now. If you vote on this without funding for the wall then don’t come home and prepare to get voted out next time around.

  • Kim Chul Soo

    Ryan is the culprit POS in this wall issue as well as health care. He needs to be booted.

  • Andy Palmer

    We need more Freedom Caucus members in the House. The Trump agenda is going to be a struggle with Paul Ryan as Speaker, but Ryan is not the only road block. The House is full of establishment Republicans who are really RINO’s.

  • Peter Smith

    They’d better rethink their decisions. Securing the border and enforcement of the immigration laws was huge in this election. Illegal immigration is a problem that must be stopped. Securing the border STARTS with a wall. Enforcement of our existing laws will take care of the rest.

  • Original Anna

    How many of these republicans are rinos. Didn’t we replace many of them in this last election. I don’t get how we keep voting in conservatives and still have these republicans acting like rinos or democrats. We have a majority in both the senate and house and still the democrats are controlling the congress thanks to republicans we voted in. Who is vetting these republicans at the base of the party that they get to congress and act and vote like democrats.

  • WRBuchanan

    I think it’s time for Mr Ryan to go home and stay there. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and frankly it appears that he is NOT on board with the Presidents agenda. New leadership in Congress would be helpful.

    One thing you won’t see the Democrats do is oppose members of their own party or admit a Democrat has done anything wrong. They just don’t do it!

    Maybe Republicans should take a lesson on Solidarity from them.

    One thing they do need to do is come up with winning Legislation.

    The Democrats have screwed up everything they have touched so following that model might not be a prudent path to follow. But the solidarity thing is definitely something they do well.

  • CharlieSeattle

    F%$#in RINO Ryan and the Democrats!

  • Ishare

    This is a tactic to not fund it. Including it in the budget for 2017-18 will force both Dem and Republicans to vote for their own money. The budget is actually the best strategy to get the wall funding approved along with everything else. But if it is on its own, it won’t get the necessary votes.
    IT is very suspicious that Ryan is assuming the wall budget if excluded from the 2017-18 budget will be approved the next time? He is waiting for 2018 election and pushing it further from approval because he doesn’t want the wall in the first place. While there is momentum on the budget, we have to include the wall funding even if it is just a few billions. We have to have something started or the Republican base will doubt you again, Ryan.

  • texexpatriate

    The Hill. The Hill is another Democrat Party propaganda agent. It is only rarely you can trust one of its stories.

  • Nana Monster

    You can bet Pelosi, Schumer, Graham and McCain are all in on defunding. Those people can all lose their seats for NOT caring for the American Public that they’re supposed to defend.

  • dmttbt

    The only way we can get politicians to do what should be done is to shame them to the point they will do what should be done. If we are wondering if they know what needs to be done we shouldn’t. McCain of Arizona when he was campaigning this last time was all for completing” that darn wall.” I say build a fence of concertina wire with very high voltage on it. Yes the kind that kills. Why would we worry about the death or life of someone who is happy to come to a country that will take care of them and leave their home that is so bad they can’t live there. There has to be a line somewhere and I say it is at the border. On our side of the border we need claymore mines that are motion activated in case they g over or under.

  • justinwachin

    I thought I read this had already been funded during the Obama years. If the spending authorization has already been granted the President needs to move ahead.

    If our Republican Congress lacks the resolve to follow through on their promises President Trump should explore funding this through existing budget lines.

  • snl

    So, it doesn’t matter if we vote republicans in. They vote with the dems. Why even go to the polls?

  • hdrider

    The Dems already have their Campaign Slogan, Slit Your Own Throat 2018, Block the Wall Now Loose in the Fall, catchy,
    don’t you think???

  • Trish P

    These funds have ALREADY been appropriate for the wall years ago!!!!! Expose those RINO Republicans blocking this. We need a new Speaker as well. He is obstructionist to the will of the majority of the people.

  • Leslie Woodhull

    They already have the money!! We have funds set aside for that wall during the Bush administration!!

  • BOC

    Instead of Trump lining up the Freedom Caucus in his cross hairs, he may think about taking out the real enemy Speaker Ryan and the rest of the establishment, who are hell bent on destroying his presidency along with those not so cute, and totally un-cuddlable (think Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein) obstructionist Democrats.
    Until he comes to that conclusion more of Trump’s campaign promises will be stone walled by this Cuck Ryan and the Establishment Puss-I Republicans

  • Dee

    I hope the names are posted on who these Loosers are fighting the wall funding . We MUST vote them OUT election time . Make and keep lists of these Bums . We’re tired of getting screwed by them . We Voted for Trump and what he believes is necessary to Keep Our Country Safe , We All Agreed , Those DEM AND RINO Bums standing in the way of that NEED TO GO .


    This is bullshit.

  • mudguy1

    Keep it up GOP to make sure you lose the majority in the Senate in 2018 and then the House and White House in 2020. You are doing what you do best lose when you win.

  • DrBillLemoine

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Tea party, er Freedom Caucus is dead. Long live the king, Donald Trump, at least long enough to stand for election or impeachment and lose big time. Time for Ryan to go as well.

    • Dee

      Time for your medication Dr.

  • Tiger

    And when the midterm elections come around all the GOP that went along with the Socialist party on this can pack up their desks cause they are out.

    Watch and see.

  • David Verrinder

    If that is the way Socialist Democratics want it ,then all the money used to support Illegals should be paid for by The Democratic National Committee and not the taxpayers,American’s are being forced to pay for the Democrats breaking the law

  • James Maxwell

    If a shut down occurs then let it be on the Democrat Socialist and that will
    cause them even more losses in the 2018 election cycle. They cannot
    comprehend that the American People are rejecting their corruption and
    even the Snow Flakes are beginning to wake up to a new world and a
    change for the better. The biggest problem is the RINO’s that do not
    have Conservative principles in their heart and are easily swayed by the
    Democrat Socialist to the determent of the those who voted for them.

    • ARJAY

      I’m not so sure the snowflakes “get it” yet! But I do hope they wake up SOON!!

  • Ramon1710 .

    “House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a statement to The Hill, seemed to concede that border wall funding would not be included in the GOP budget, saying the funds would come at a later date.”

    Sure, Paul. Just like Congress was going to start enforcing immigration laws if President Reagan granted amnesty to those already here.

  • PatriotGal

    People our posting here won;t get anything done…contact these TRAITORS to OUR President’s agenda. Write, call, swamp them all, tell them we said, BUILD THE WALL!

  • wellilltellya

    I’ll bet everyone of them politicians have a very strong wall up around their own premises, but do nothing for AMERICA’s safety? WHY? these politicians are sounding like they are working for their own interests and could care less about us tax paying CITIZENS?

    • ARJAY

      They’re in it ONLY for the POWER and the MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ahhhhh, the OLD reTHUGlican BS!!

    We won’t do it now, but we PROMISE WE’LL DO IT LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pete

    Fund the damn wall or face intense primary opposition in 2018. It’s that simple. You work for us, not the other way around.

  • jake mccollum

    Get the money now.(it was “set aside” once before). If not this year probably never as long as Ryan is in there. It will pay for itself in 5 to 10yrs. Mexico knows it will cost them plenty as less money comes across the border from illegals working here send money home.

    • Karll

      Ryan is a traitor.

      • PatriotGal

        You betcha’, BIG time traitor.

        • Dee

          Well he’s on his way out if We the People have a say so in 2018 . Thank goodness , his smerky grin and arrogance makes me sick . I think he thinks since Trump got elected he’d be able to manipulate him since he’s an outsider , and he did in a way with that Crap Ryancare he proposed . Rumor has it he is going to attempt a Presidential run down the road and is being bought by Insurance cos. Who would back him . Another Bigtime Bum !

        • dmttbt

          You do know that the big pharmacy people can legally donate to a senate campaign and it is not really publicized. I said something about that in e mail to Senator Alexander of Tennessee and he said if I had information of something I should go to the election commission. Like that would do any good.

      • CharlieSeattle

        Yes, but he was reelected in a 85% landslide by the ig’nate cheese heads.

  • Humble Servant

    This group of Republicans only get one chance to stay in office this time. There are too many of us conservatives that have had enough of giving our country away to everyone that walks into American with a hand out at our expense. I give plenty to the groups I want to see help the poor but I am tired of our politicians spending our money without our approval. PROTECT this country or get OUT!!! I do not know how to say this any clearer. I also see that I am not in the minority anymore. What are you waiting for, fighting in the streets like in Europe and the Middle East.

  • McFerguson

    Naturally the diaper wearing democrats are against a wall because it’s part of their agenda to continue to allow a flood of ILLEGALS to enter this country. Why? Illegals represent people in need. Needy people want free stuff. The democrats see potential voters and throw tax payer money at them, then push for legalization and voting rights. The democrats earned the well deserved nick name “the pander party” because if you’re a party without values, morals, or political convictions, paying somebody to vote for you is all you’ve got. The larger question for the GOP is, if your party gained the presidency and the majority in both chambers of Congress, and it was based on your new President’s promise to secure the border by building a large and beautiful wall, why don’t you feel compelled to follow through on his campaign promise that gave you total control of the federal government? Afterall, perhaps you are just a bunch of cowardly Rinos without the backbone to take a stand for the greater good.

    • Pete

      Pitchforks and axe handles in abundant supply at the next town hall of the individual RINO would go a long way in funding the wall.

      • McFerguson

        Yes, sounds like the old political philosophy, “When you got’em by the balls, their hearts and minds are sure to follow!”

    • Dee

      Great post !

      • McFerguson

        Thank you, Dee…

    • dmttbt

      There is only a one party system in this country and that is the crime party. If it is the democrats or the republicans and they each tell us how great they are and how bad the other party is why would we believe either. Look at the crisis the country is in, we owe more than we can pay. Our representatives went to DC and handled business for us. When Obama was campaigning the first time he said the 9.6 trillion dollar deficit was unacceptable so he made it a 20+ trillion dollar deficit. The republicans did nothing and the democrats did nothing. If I am selling you something I am not going to tell you that it is no good because that would not entice you to buy and it would be stupid on my part. So we should quit blaming the republicans and the democrats if we vote one out we are left with a choice just as bad. When they start worrying about the people then we will have a democracy.

  • bobnstuff

    The Great Wall of Trump is stupid as it has been purposed. Trump wants a 30 ft. high solid wall, a beautiful wall. The Great Wall of China is 24 ft high, The wall around Ft. Leavenworth is 20 ft high and the fence around our Super Max prisons are 15 ft wire. The Border Patrol has not asked for anything like the Great Wall of Trump. They want a combination of fences and walls with a road to get to the border. The congress not funding a bad idea is in fact a good thing. Protect our borders, don’t just throw money away to feed Trumps ego.Lets for once listen to the guys on the job who knows what they need.

    • Pete

      Relying on the media’s definition of the wall (all of it 30 feet high from sea to shining sea) is an exercise in stupidity. Homeland security boss (who Trump appointed to do the job) has a solid understanding of what is needed and where it is needed. Only a simpleton believes the lying MSM.

    • ARJAY

      You don’t want the wall?!?!


      That includes ALL men, WOMEN and CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      THAT will stop ALL ILLEGAL crossings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Add a MINE FIELD too!!!!

      • bobnstuff

        I have no problems with barrier. It’s the stupid design that Trump is asking for that I have a problem with.The picture above is from a Super Max prison, It wouldn’t pass the requirements of the Trump administration though as a border wall..

        • ARJAY

          I would go along with a fence like the one pictured if it would be a double fence with a very HEAVY razor wire in between (completely filling the area) and MASSIVE amounts of land mines too!!

          THAT would be almost impenetrable!!!!

          Also fill the area between with 20 to 30 feet deep of sand, so if they tried to dig a tunnel, it would have a very good chance of collapsing!! (although I’m sure they would try to dig the tunnel much deeper.)

          But, STILL arm the agents with the FULLY AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUNS and the orders to KILL EVERYONE crossing ILLEGALLY!!!!

          • bobnstuff

            Representative Keith Rofhfus said in a letter i received this week.

            “This past weekend, I traveled with a Congressional Delegation to our southern border to meet with Customs and Border Protection officials to get a better understanding of the challenges involved with securing our border. Agents in U.S. Border Patrol told us they were encouraged with the potential for policy changes in Washington that would better allow them to enforce our immigration laws.

            We had a good survey of the assets deployed along the border, including walls and fences, drones, aerostat balloons with cameras, helicopters, camera towers, vehicles and even horses. More impressive than the equipment
            used were the Border Agents themselves, who at no small risk work to secure our border. They face significant risks, from being pelted with rocks to the potential for gunfire, but they meet these challenges with determination and resolve.

            There remain many challenges to securing our border, including the need for more technology and personnel, and in some places physical barriers such as fences or walls. Where a physical barrier is impractical, sufficient assets will need to be deployed to ensure we reach the maximum
            attainable security along the border, and I look forward to working with my colleagues and the Administration to get the job done.”

            This sure doesn’t look much like the wall Trump is asking for. The funny thing is a few years back there was a bill passed by the Senate that did all this but was blocked in the house buy the republican leadership.

          • Pete

            So fund the wall slick. You posted less than an hour ago that the actual bid requirements (as approve by the Trump administration) weren’t the golly monster the media makes it out to be. Tell your rep to get off his backside and fund ALL of the border security.

          • bobnstuff

            I guess you didn’t understand what you read. The wall Trump is asking for would work and would cost way to much. . Some people actualy take time to look at the problem and try to find a good solution. Kieth by the way is a Republican if you didn’t know. He will support a logical bill funding border security but he will not just vote a blank check to Trump.

        • Pete

          Make up your mind Hot Shot!!

          Your talking out of both sides of your mouth.

          Your own words : (bobnstuff • 17 minutes ago

          Here are the guidelines for the bids. You will notice that a simple wire fence like our Super Max prisons use would pass the teat.)

          • bobnstuff

            I don’t believe your reading skills are up to snuff. I support a barrier but the wall Trump is asking for is stupid. Did you even look at what Trump is asking for?

          • Pete

            Your are the one who posted the actual bid requirements (requirements approved by the Trump administrations director of Homeland Security) that do not match rhetoric you yourself claim the Trump administration demands. It can not be both, it is either one or it’s the other .

          • bobnstuff

            Once again did you read what was being asked for? If you understand the real world you would see that it’s not what the exports are asking for and it wouldn’t work.

  • Dennis

    You drop funding for the wall we will drop you in 2018! We will do everything in our power to oust you whether you are republican or demoncrat!

    • jake mccollum

      I’ll be writing in Mickey Mouse for every vote.

      • PatriotGal

        jake, Disney corporation supports the Dems, write in some other name, even your own.

  • Jim Silhavy

    No wall equals.
    No border equals.
    More illegal immigrants equals.
    More welfare, food stamps and medical care to lawbreakers equals.
    More debt (20 trillion and climbing) equals.
    Bankruptcy and total collapse equals.
    Chaos and everyone loses.
    Don’t believe it can’t happen? Stay on this same path and it is inevitable.
    We as a Nation can not continue deficit spending without consequences!!!

  • The_Frog_Prince

    Time to clean some more seat cushions for new butts in 2018.

    • dmttbt

      There has to be someone who will run that is not the same as the crook they are running against and I can see where if you don’t go along with the crowd you will meet with bad consequence/

  • TexRancher

    What happened to the funds appropriated by Congress several years ago for the wall? Something stinks here!

    Looks like Americans are getting screwed again by TRAITOR POLITICIANS again! We need to start hunting these criminals with dogs!

    • Tiger

      The wall was totally funded in Bush’s time and his last speech to congress was not building the wall threatens the sovereignty of the U.S.

      These RINO will fall.

      • dmttbt

        I don’t know how they will fall because the people are waiting for the honest politicians to straighten this mess out. They created it and there are no honest politicians.

        • Tiger

          They will not get re-elected.

          • dmttbt

            I know that but who will we have to choose from? Someone who is just like them or maybe even worse. We have to stop thinking that we have an honest government.

          • Tiger

            Nobody thinks we have an honest anything but we have to use the ballot box and by the way there are millions of good candidates and they will come forward.

          • dmttbt

            I pray that you are correct but I can’t help but have my doubts. You may remember and you may have seen me post it about Ross Perot when he was running for president he was asked how he would get anything passed and he said more or less he would go on television and tell the people what he was trying to get passed and who was holding it up and then he would trust the voters to pressure the politician to do the right thing. He didn’t get elected and I for one have been sorry that we didn’t get him as president.

          • Tiger

            I am telling you this country is boiling hot and the RINO are the potato being passed and they are gone and if refugees don’t stop coming here, if illegals and Sanctuary cities not closed, if this country not returned to the people all hell is going to break lose.

          • dmttbt

            I agree.

          • Ralph Calabrese

            The reason Ross Perot did not get elected is he baked out of the election.

          • Retired

            The media kept pounding on him, and the people believe them , the media tried again with Trump and this time the media lost .

          • Retired

            The Demon Rats think they are honest even though they do not know the meaning .

          • pmbalele

            Did you read this -Repubs and TPs now saying-Donald Trump is a shameless, brazen, baldfaced liar? That is why I have told Trump never trust Republicans and TEA Partiers especially the following: you, Ryan, McConnell, Cruz, Bill O’rielly, Sean Hannity, Allen West; Herman Cain; Dr. Carson, Gov. Sanford, Newt; Gov. Bentley. You guys laugh with Trump when present; but stab him in the back when absent. Look, how you wanted to trick Trump on Health care. You devised a tricky health care policy to defame Trump in 2020 re-elections. Trump should trust us Democrats more than those Repubs and TPs. We Democrats wish Trump the best because it’s also in our best National interest.

          • Ishare

            You are full of crap! You think we are not able to see that you are a LIB Troll trying to pull down the Republicans with you on your own mud. NO WAY are you convincing anyone, pmbalele. Nice try!

          • Retired

            As long as Democrats have Schumer -Pelosi- Feinstein and Warren to name a few you are in trouble . there are some Republicans too. Term limits and benefits like those on SS .

          • Peter Smith

            OMG! It’s “bmbalele”! As in “bowel movement”. You were an idiot during the election, spewing your oral stink. You are living proof we cannot cure “Stupid”. You posts still stink to high H3LL!
            There is not one single DNC Congressman out there that “has our nation’s best interests in mind”. Not only do your posts stink, they’re outright lies.

          • pmbalele

            Now TPs and Repubs are telling us have tax policy. . GOP has been developing health care policy for 8 years; but the same people rejected it a month ago. Now why can’t we consult Forbes who thinks know everything tax. I can assure you GOP will be working on the tax policy for another 4 years; and then same people reject it. I have no idea why people vote for Repubs and TPs. These are lazy people.

          • Peter Smith

            The new tax plan will be done this calendar year. Every one knew replacing Obamacare would be a battle. The GOP did it wrong. The ACA will implode on it’s own within a year. At that point in time, replacement will much easier to get past Congress. The only reason the ACA lasted this long was Obama kept changing rules to allow additional funding to keep it up, Trump won’t do that. ACA will fail very soon.
            You state the Liberal Democrats want to help President Trump. Name five issues the DNC has acted in a bi-partisan way to help the Trump agenda. You cannot. The DNC has voted AGAINST every single plan Trump has put out there and voted against every single one of his appointed nominees. They haven’t even filled all of the vacancies with nominees in the waiting. The DNC is nothing but a bunch of obstructionist turds, as are their supporters.

          • pmbalele

            What did you say – “Repubs knew scraping Obamacare would be a battle. GOP did it wrong!” Where were you born? Repub and TP males cannot be wrong. They think are smarter than us Democrats. Anyway, I have told them to talk to Steve Forbes. He thinks he knows everything. Trump will not come-up with tax-plan. He has never released his income tax report for 3 years. We are now told the IRS auditors are sick and tired auditing Trump business. They want to be relieved of assignment for IRS is paying them overtime and their stay in NY hotels. It is not worth it any more to audit Trump’s business. After all, IRS boss will be fired; so the auditors if they insist auditing Trump. Please do not say in public Repubs and TPs are wrong and therefore dumb.

          • Peter Smith

            Unlike you “bowel movement”, I am a natural born US citizen and a proud member of the Conservative Tea Party.
            We don’t think we’re smarter than the cretinous progressive left, we KNOW we are.
            The Trump tax plan will be a reality by the end of the calendar year, count on it. The replacement for Obamacare will also be settled once and for all in the same time frame.
            There is no requirement for President Trump to release his taxes from previous years. So why should he? Rachel Maddow committed a crime and should be prosecuted for her release of one year of the President’s taxes. The auditors are sick and tired of auditing Trump and not finding anything. They were sent on the witch hunt by Obama, they worked for him over the last eight years. Another Obama waste of US tax dollars.
            The only “dumb” people I know are liberal Democrats, not conservative Republicans, …… and you, “bowel movement” are the biggest idiot of them all.

          • pmbalele

            Why can’t join Bill Orielly and Roger Ailes. They are hard core conservatives and hate Democrats.

          • Peter Smith

            I read and speak proper English, so the broken tripe of “bowel movement” is difficult to fathom. So I assume Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes are somehow different from Bill Clinton, or perhaps Anthony Wiener?
            And O’Reilly gives liberals much better treatment in interviews than the liberal MSM gives Republicans and President Trump.
            And “bowel movement”, they don’t hate liberals, I do.

          • WRBuchanan

            Yes they will and that’s the problem with “If you don’t like what I’m doing then just vote me out!” That hasn’t worked in California and as a result more insane people keep voting them in,,, because there is more insane people here that vote,,, than the sane people who think they should just stay home and let nature take its course. We are the fools here. but they are the “Useful Idiots,” and right now they have the power in CA.

          • Tiger

            Your problem we are not going that way.

          • Retired

            Yes with illegal voting ,just like NY .

        • Unfortunately so much money moves through DC that it attracts the worst of the worst! There are very few who actually care about the Constitution, let alone the Country and its’ LEGAL CITIZENS.

          • Felicialfinnegan

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        • Kim Chul Soo

          There are two from my state of Kentucky. Senator Rand Paul and Rep. Thomas Massie. Awesome Americans.

      • Pete Bundy

        Keep a watch on which representatives vote to include funding and those that don’t. The ones who don’t need to have a conservative run against them to try to root these lame brains out of office. Eight long years of promises and promises and now time for the rubber to hit the road.

        • Tiger

          Amen to that.

    • Oldawg70

      Well Tex…same thing happened here in the Queer Logic state of Calif where the vast majority of a special diesel fuel tax revenue was diverted to Other Projects instead of rebuilding our highways! Now our rectal orifice governor has gotten a NEW tax levied that will then divert funds to the construction of his high speed GAY TRAIN from SF to LA! Immorality is destroying America, and California Government is spearheading the movement! Grrrrrrrr!!!!

  • Treason, US Marshals need to start dragging these pieces of crap out by their heels and arrest them.
    The politicians are fine spending OUR money on their pet projects but not for protecting our Country, Constitution and Citizens. They’ve been bought and paid for by the big money special interest groups, Soros and the big corporations. They’re proving that the two party system is a farce, they are simply two sides of the same coin. They talk big in front of the public and wheel and deal behind closed doors.

    • Dee

      Denny You are so right . We Need Term Limits Now ! Get these sell outs Out !

      • CharlieSeattle

        Former Senator (R-Al) Jeff Sessions would have been out years ago if their were Term Limits.

        No Term Limits!

        Vote smarter America, like Alabama does!

        • Olaf Thunderfoot

          get rid of career politicians,. amend the Constitution to make their pay one dollar a year and they get no retirement bennies.

      • Ishare

        Replace with another Republican, not a DEM. The Dems don’t even care about the country. They are a bunch of corrupt, lying thieves.

    • CharlieSeattle

      Do not forget!…….

      Under Paul Ryan’s e/GOP RINO leadership, they funded Obama’s muslim RAPEfugee and illegal alien invasion!

      Paul Ryan Betrays America: $1.1 Trillion, 2,000-Plus Page Omnibus Bill Funds ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’

      by STEPHEN K. BANNON & JULIA HAHN -16 Dec 2015

      Paul Ryan’s first major legislative achievement is a total and complete sell-out of the American people masquerading as an appropriations bill.

      (1) Ryan’s Omnibus Fully Funds DACA

      (2) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Sanctuary Cities

      (3) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All Refugee Programs

      (4) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All of the Mideast Immigration Programs That Have Been Exploited by Terrorists in Recent Years

      (5) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Illegal Alien Resettlement

      (6) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds the Release of Criminal Aliens

      (7) Ryan’s Omnibus Quadruples H-2B Foreign Worker Visas

      (8) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens

      (9) Ryan’s Omnibus Locks-In Huge Spending Increases

      (10) Ryan’s Omnibus Fails to Allocate Funds to Complete the 700-Mile Double-Layer Border Fence That Congress Promised the American People

      Ryan’s omnibus serves a second and equally chilling purpose. By locking in the President’s refugee, immigration, and spending priorities, Ryan’s bill is designed to keep these fights out of Congress by getting them off the table for good.

      Delivering Obama these wins–and pushing these issues beyond the purview of Congress–will suppress public attention to the issues and, in so doing, will boost the candidacy of the Republican establishment’s preferred presidential contenders, who favor President Obama’s immigration agenda.

      >>> The Paul Ryan e/GP RINO leadership was 100% complicit in enabling Obama’s treasonous agenda!


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