GOP showing signs of backing down from vow to block Obama SCOTUS pick

February 17, 2016

President Obama called on Senate Republicans Tuesday to give his eventual Supreme Court nominee a fair hearing in his bid to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, as cracks emerged in the Republican leadership’s position of automatically blocking any nominee.

“I expect them to hold hearings. I expect them to hold a vote,” Mr. Obama said at a press conference. “There’s no unwritten law that says it can only be done on off years.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, and others including presidential candidates Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida have vowed to block any Obama nominee, saying the next president should select Justice Scalia’s replacement.

Mr. Obama blasted that rationale.

“This is the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land,” the president said. “It’s the one court where we would expect elected officials to rise above day-to-day politics. I understand the stakes. I understand the pressure that Republican senators are undoubtedly under. This would be a deciding vote. But that’s not how the system is supposed to work.”

  • JoeGway

    C’mon… Did anyone really think these politicians give a rats ass about America? Mitch will cave any day now.


    If McConnell cave in he should immediately resign so the Senate can find a leader that still has a pair.

  • parthenon1

    Well two-faced Dems especially the pres. Its different when the picking is the opposition party. Many of you holier than thou Dems who under Bush demanded no picks be allowed now have egg on your faces. also ever notice how the Dem caucus and any meeting of Dems looks like a meeting of old Mafia Dons at a meeting of the Black hand society ?

  • edinflorida

    And the GOP elite wonder why Trump is in the lead. These Rinos, like Reid, is the reason. Americans are tired of our representatives having no backbone.

  • Dennis

    How much more can the GOP “back down”? These RINO’s are already on the bottom side of a snake’s belly!


    the GOP ” leaders and establishment ” have helped create this HUGE debt problem….20 years, 30 years…10 years…they have all become members of the Clan of Corruption…nothing matters except the office they occupy….they have bent over so many times that all backbone has atrophied….Kilts Up is their war cry…on their knees is their battle position….kilts up and bent over they ” surrender before the democrats attack !!!!

  • Scot James

    Supreme Court Justice Scalia Had Secret Texas Meeting With Obama Just Hours Before His Death !

  • pete G

    Rise above day to day politics now that’s rich coming from someone who is the most political President we’ve ever had, threatening to go around Congress every time he doesn’t get what he wants. Use the power of the purse don’t just talk about it, and stop this goon.

  • nancy anderson

    We conservatives have been trying to get rid of the rinos since way before Obama came along!! When Boehner was handed the gavel for the 1st time & he cried, I knew we were sunk!! Same as when Bush took over for Reagan & his lib talk of “kinder,gentler,nation!!” Now we are in this great big mess caused by rinos who let name calling get to them!!! How many times have we had government shut downs & how many times has it hurt the republicans?? Not many & not badly!!!, So take your diapers off, put on big boy pants & get to work on Obama & don’t give in for once in your miserable lives!!!! We will not stand for dereliction of duty, not with our 2014 wins following us!! We got many seats & the fact that you guys(rinos ) got back in was a mistake on our part!!! We do NOT want you to reach across the aisle!!! There has been too much of that!!! This is too important & the judge will last a lifetime!!!!

  • stoth

    Remember there is Ryan and McConnell in Obama’s hip pocket. If the Senate does not put McConnell down, we will have a Sharia believing Muslin leaning justice

  • Aceriter

    Why don’t the Republicans just come out and admit the truth, which is—It would be bad for the country to allow a radical president like Obama to pick another supreme court judge if we in the Senate can stop it. If we care about our country this is the moral thing to do. If mitch McConnel folds on this one he will destroy the Republican party. If we can prevent Obama from doing this—Then dammit, do it! If you are called an obstructrionist admit it “Yes we are obstucting Obama from doing any more damage to the country—and that is a good thing.

  • The Redhawk

    THESE iDIOTS BETTER NOT BACK DOWN unless Being in a Small MAJORITY is Scaring them into becoming a LARGE MINORITY ….

  • Dennis

    Practice what you preach N166ER !!! Nominate a conservative !!!

  • ChiefD

    How would Obama know how the system is supposed to work? He does everything on his own via fiat or executive order without using the checks and balances set up in the constitution.

  • Linda Pfister


  • daanerud

    This comes as no surprise.

    All talk and no courage for the truth.

    GOP liberals.

  • Stash Holly

    But that’s not how the system is supposed to work.” It IS EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS. We need to hold any RINO or ANY REPUBLICAN accountable both while in office and if they think they can retire and be safe, NO F’ing way. It is time that we hold the people we put in office accountable for their behavior while they are supposedly voting on our behalf, LIKE THE FOUNDING FATHERS WANTED, REPRESENTATION.

  • barbarakelly

    Oh yes –this is cute coming out of obama. When he held a filibuster over 2 of the judges before he came pres. Talk about wishy washy on the things he wants done and we don’t What about Schumers statement about no picks during election year/????? On thes on Rep. you better stand firm .

  • USNavyPatriot

    Contact your Senators. Be very clear that you and your fellow Americans are watching them with eagle eyes. Do not even bring out of committee for a vote any Obama nomination! Be sure they understand that if they don’t block his nomination, We The People will vote them out of office their next election by voting for ANY challenger, even if that means voting for a Democrat. If we ban together, our voting power can impose #TermLimits! If all we have are RINOs, why not “one term” them with Reasonable Democrats, if there is such a thing anymore.

  • Frank

    We need term limit and better vetting with results released before the election to the public. There should be more limits on the presidents powers, like EO are only good for 90 days unless approved by congress. Federal office holders should also be subject to recall.

  • 4Pip

    For those who think O is a Christian,why does he cover the name of Jesus as well as the Cross? It’s the muslims who don’t like Jesus that do that. Jesus said for those who are ashamed of Me,I will be ashamed of them before My Father. O isn’t very intelligent more like sarcastic and vindictive. What he has done has torn this country apart and set race relations back 60 years.

  • pete G

    You Republicans do this and i will vote against every one of you hoping you wind up on the garbage pile where you belong. You do this and you can all kiss my vote goodbye. I became a Republican voter when i saw what had happen to the Democratic party now i am wondering if you Republicans aren’t just as vile. I swear to you that i will not go to the polls to vote if you do this. I cannot vote in good conscience for anyone connected to Obama so i will do what Republicans did when Obama got reelected and stay home. I will be like you and not except the responsibility of putting Obama in a dictatorship position. You all better do the right thing and fight this dictator or count me out.

  • Mark Tercsak

    Repuke Republicans Must go !

  • Eddie

    Establishment Republicrat and pathological liar Mitch McConnell will most likely capitulate to TRAITOR Hussein Obama and let Obama appoint a Marxist judge to the Supreme Court. McConnell always back down. That’s why we need a TRUE CONSERVATIVE (i.e., TED CRUZ) as our next President to stop Obama and Hillary from destroying our country.

  • Greg137

    Ted Cruz was right about Christians who don’t participate in the process of picking people to send to Washington… They should not be surprised that secular soulless politicians who don’t share America’s values won’t stand for values they don’t believe in… These RINOs are scam artists who have lied to the American people.. Wake up America, You need leaders that reflect the values that made you great in the first place!!! Christians are needed to go to the polls and elect true conservatives!!! If you stay home you wind up with a congress that will cave on a moments notice.. If you don’t donate to conservative campaigns then how can conservatives running for office garner the votes they need to win???? If you don’t check the voting record of your candidate how will you know if your congressman was faithful and true? WE LIVE IN THE INFORMATION AGE PEOPLE!!! It IS DISGUSTING THAT IGNORANCE IS STILL PRESENT… We ALSO NEED TO PUSH FOR AN AUTOPSY FOR JUSTICE SCALIA…. Governor of Texas should be petitioned as autopsies are STANDARD in Texas… For Scalia having died with a pillow over his head reeks of foul play… We wouldn’t be having to deal with these RINOs caving to Obama on a supreme court nomination if Scalia were still alive… If it was foul play then it should be investigated, and the Republicans would have more justified ground to stand on in forcing Obama to wait… Any REPUBLICAN THAT AGREES TO GO ALONG WITH OBAMA SHOULD BE REMEMBERED FOR THEIR TREASON AND BE REPLACED!!! KENTUCKY NEEDS TO STOP REELECTIN PEOPLE LIKE MITCH MCCONNELL.. AND ARIZONA NEEDS TO STOP ELECTING MCCAIN…. …

    • I Seigel

      Since when do you have to be a devout Christian to share America’s values? Who gave Christians the monopoly on being good Americans?

      • Mister Vice

        Because the “other party” is anything but Christian. How can you claim to be a Christian and follow/support that party? Contradiction in terms is saying “Christian Democrat”.

        • I Seigel

          There are quite a few Jewish Republicans. Some are quite wealthy, like Sheldon Adelson.
          Your attitude is mind-numbing in it’s stupidity and bigotry. And I thought you were an educated person. LOL!

    • Mister Vice

      Greg, you are RIGHT ON BROTHER! You just summed up what I have been preaching for some time and I wish I could shake your hand and buy you a cold beverage! Thanks for having a brain with thoughtful intellect and demonstrated willingness to not follow the crowd!

  • peter


  • FAITH47


    • Mister Vice

      OK Faith. Stop drinking, up the meds and get yourself more fresh air. I hope you feel better after that. You have good intentions, I know.

      • I Seigel

        I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Faith. She’s just channeling Yoda.

  • smithleeroy21

    If the Republican senate bows down to Obama, they can kiss my vote “GOODBY”.

    • Mister Vice

      And did you look at the alternative? A non-Republican vote is a vote for the socialists. All we can do is do our homework on the candidates, pay close attention to what is said, support the best one we can find and hold them accountable after they take office.

  • Douglas Miraldi

    you would think they could do something right, thats why I am voting for trump maybe their will be a change

    • Mister Vice

      A lifelong Democrat, friend to the Clintons, pro-abortionist…hmmm, what do YOU think?

  • cae973

    If the gop allows another liberal on the court our country is finished,,America is gone and we Will Vote Them Out!

  • pmbalele

    I told you Repubs and TPs are morons. They act on their instinct not what is going on in their brains.

  • Joann Holmes

    Everyone call their senator and let him or her know what the people want, plus McConnell.

  • maxx

    McConnell will do what he does best, CAVE. We have an entire Congress of cowards. I suspect the easiest thing for Obozzo to do will be to use the “recess appointment” which he has used before. Even though some of his recess appointments were found to be unconstitutional, when he appoints the next liberal socialist the SCOTUS will be 6 / 3 in favor of the Left. Leaves only one solution left to the people that love freedom.

  • Dennis Mirante

    IF YOU WANT TO ATTEMPT TO STIFFEN THE REPUBLICAN’S SPINES, sign the petition at telling them to REFUSE TO HAVE ANY HEARINGS WHATSOEVER for any supreme court nomination made by Obama. Grassley, the head of the senate judiciary committee, and McConnell, could stop everything dead in its tracks by simply, forcefully, stating now that no nomination will be considered. However, since they are both limp dicks, they can’t be trusted. Grassley seems to indicate that they will act on a nominee when one is made. This is unacceptable, and plays in Obama’s hands. Seeing an in, he will appoint some minority candidate. If the senate holds a hearing, Obama will use the worn out liberal argument that the nominee will not be fairly considered because of racism. The Republicans will then wring their hands and capitulate, which has become their MO since their becoming the majority party in both houses of congress. Tell these weak kneed bastard cowards to grow a set of balls.

  • sherri palmer

    McConnell would be out of character to stop Obama from doing anything; all the rest are just drooling for NWO, open borders and one world government! This will be a nail biting experience to see if the shaky cowards in the congress and senate can keep their legs together!

  • Richard Heckler

    bring it on. there is no such nonsense legal language that remotely suggests that a sitting president should not select a new nominee. There are some real dummies in elected positions. Jesus H Crist if republicans could get elected to the GOP instead of Koch dollars much of the stupidity would disappear.

    Bring back the GOP!!!!

  • metheoldsarge

    This should come as no surprise to anyone. I have already said that by this time next month, the RINOs will cave and we may have a new judge on the court. Don’t know who it will be yet but you can be sure of one thing. His pick will be anti Christian, anti Semite, anti Second Amendment, anti First Amendment, anti family values, pro abortion, pro gay, pro Islam, pro Socialism and anti American. Did I leave anything out?

  • J.B. Young

    Republican senators are traitors to this country just like the democrats!

  • Ken V

    Our gun rights are as good as gone…

  • Ken V

    Get ready forJustice Loretta Lynch or justice Eric Holder

  • kathy diamond

    Thru out his entire presidency Obama has done so many things, with his pen & phone that said , ( using his own words, see above) ” this is not how the systems is supposed to work” NOW HIS IS CRYING FOUL ?? Let’s see if he can take it, as well as he gives it. Also, let’s see if the Republicans can stick together & finally show some strength.

    • I Seigel

      Your comment makes no sense. Obama said those words back then, and he’s certainly saying them again now. That’s consistency, not flip-flopping. Your “point” is nonsense.

      • kathy diamond

        I Seigel, My comment does make sense. My point was, He expects the rules to be followed FOR HIM when he NEVER FOLLOWED THE RULES, Seems like, ” DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO ” I will agree that he is consistent.

        • I Seigel

          It’s very specifically written in Article II of the US Constitution that the President is to nominate and with the “advise and consent” of Senate, to appoint judges. The Constitution doesn’t say anything about waiting 6 months or a year or longer to fill a vacancy. As an “Originalist”, Scalia would want the Constitution followed as written by the Founding Fathers.
          And Obama hasn’t broken any laws with his Executive Orders. If he had, it would be the House’s duty to impeach him. So far, that hasn’t happened.

  • Snoopy

    Bunch of traitorous wussies!
    Can’t even stand up to a spook from Kenya!

  • fred

    The fake potus should be in Prison not in position to nominate another communist to OUR scotus! Wake up! he will ruin us if the rinos don’t DO something to stop him!

  • rockcut

    Follow the Constitution and let the process go forward. The party that claims they stand by the Constitution now wants to block the process. What hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites. The GOP remind me of a child running away and taking their ball home because they do not get there way. The GOP are babies and I am sick and tired of their childish behavior !!!

    • Valor

      The GUP (Give Up Party) is childish, but they are pikers compared to the Demorats. In case you missed it the Demorats have done the exact same thing. MANY times.

      • I Seigel

        I missed it. What circumstances are you talking about? When have the Demorats “done the exact same thing”?

        Have you ever heard of an important document called the “Constitution”? There happens to be an Article II, and in it, it says that the president “shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint…Judges of the supreme Court.”

        Please note that nowhere in Article II does it mention leaving a seat vacant for political reasons
        Scalia, being an “Originalist”, would want the Constitution followed as the Founding Fathers had intended. He would want there to be a prompt, non-political filling of the seat.

        Imagine if there are only 8 Judges on the bench in December, and there’s an electoral tie between Trump and Clinton. Can you envision a military coup?

        • Mister Vice

          Read those words excerpted from the constitution and tell me if ALL OF THEM are being heeded by then POTUS! The answer is NO! the first three words of your reply pretty much sums you up on this discussion and the Constitution!

          • I Seigel

            That wasn’t the comment or issue that I was responding to. Try to follow along:

            Rockcut said this: “The GOP remind me of a child running away and taking their ball home because they do not get there way.”

            And then Valor said this: “In case you missed it the Demorats have done the exact same thing. MANY times.”

            So I responded to Valor by saying “I missed it” and asked him to show me some examples of the Demorats doing the exact same thing.

            Get it now? As far as I can tell, no one yet has provided examples of the Demorats behaving in the same way.

  • Stan Joy

    Artie, I completely agree with you!! Artie, I am a Christian and although I was not very fond of Mitt Romney–I did vote for him. The problem was and the reason this jerk is now President is because Christians would not go out and vote for Romney, so that was the reason he was elected in the first place. Now, I just can not align myself with McCain and he is the reason we lost the last election. He would not speak up about all the junk that O’Buma was and had done to our country–so– he won re-election. Artie, we must get the vote out for this up-coming election or we as a nation are going down the tubes. Personally, even though I don’t care for him as a person, I am going to vote for Trump, because I just have a gut feeling the he can make our country great again!! God Bless

  • Kenneth Licker

    What else would we expect from the spineless republican leadership?

  • Chris

    If these Republicans, who have the majority of the Senate, cave on this issue we might as well have no GOP. I’m watching the votes of every one of them myself, and every Republican ought to do likewise. And vote accordingly come re-election time. I have contacted McConnell and my own senators and intend to contact others.


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