Help Wanted: Illegals Appy Within

June 16, 2015

aptopix-immigration-waiting-gamejpeg-027eb_c0-46-5184-3067_s561x327President Obama took office vowing to go after unscrupulous employers who hire illegal immigrants, but worksite audits have plunged over the last year and a half, according to a report released Tuesday by the Center for Immigration Studies, tumbling along with the rest of immigration enforcement.

Fewer owners are being arrested, and fewer fines are being collected as well, according to the report, which suggests that even as he offers amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, Mr. Obama is giving a similar free pass to ever more businesses who provide the jobs magnet that draws them.

Through the first five months of this fiscal year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted just 181 workplace audits and brought charges against only 27 employers, putting it on pace for fewer than 500 audits and just 65 arrests this year. That’s less than 15 percent of the total audits conducted in 2013.

  • John Mackey

    I wonder how all the folks that Voted for Obama not once But twice like his change now? When he ran the first time I said folks were acting like a bunch of lemmings and they are going to see this country destroyed within the next 4 to 8 years and. I told folks remember what happened with Hitler they told me I was nuts. Wonder how many folks think I’m nuts now?

  • Robert Wilson

    WANTED; An honest, forthright president to guide this country in a clean up effort after the loss of the present entity. Must be able to shovel much marxist manure, and able to “rubber stamp” the word REPEAL ON MANY DOCUMENTS. Salary is negotiable,(If there is any left).

  • Ronney

    Just wait until Trump is sitting in his chair, they will all be rounded up and sent back.

  • fred

    May i be so bold as to say we do NOT need HSA any longer…they are too redundant!(FBI or CIA can stop illegal immigrants covertly/use profiling whatever works!) if he is going to illegally let the criminals enter this country by any means necessary! I also now see a need for a military force across our entire southern border, if they try to come across or use force against our helicopters, we overrun Mexico and make it a place we send all our criminals, the potus included, with hillary also!

  • peanut butter

    He spoke taqiyya. He meant that he was going to stop the practice of cracking down on illegal workers. Simple. Too bad somebody didn’t figure that out a long time ago… before they voted for him.

    • punisher


      • peanut butter

        Hillary should have been arrested for a bunch of things!

  • Let’s face facts folks. NONE of this really matters anymore. It’s all about the Donald. All Trump, all the time. Blah blah blah on immigrants, Benghazi, Obamacare, guns and all your other favorites. Let’s Go Donald!!! Let’s talk about what REALLY matters to the future of this country!

  • John VanderKelen

    Hussein is not called skunk Obama without reason.

  • ann parker

    so what, whats one more lie. the worse president this country has ever had.

  • reagangs

    Typical demowit flip-flop. These IDIOTs, Obummer and his minions, are forever changing (I guess that’s part of his Hope & Change) their ideals. It may be a ploy to keep their sheeple base confused, however they always just vote the simplest way and go a party line ticket.

    • Joe Are Hintz

      I personally govern myself by doing my best to obey God’s rules! All these coonments made in an effort to show intelligence conveying “what we need in gov’t”(we don’t NEED their filthy/evil shit!) further enforce that we need gov’t! I DON’t, and our ancestry fled this shit from hell to be free FROM it!!!It is society’s fault for allowing yourselves to be sucked into the shit by not standing against it way back when we had a chance!!!!! PER the Constitution, and the BIBLE!!!
      Now the innocent have to suffer along with the willfully IGNORANT!!!!

      • punisher


      • “… by not standing against it way back when we had a chance!!!!!”

        When was that? Way back.. WHEN?

        • donemyhomework

          I Seigel, it looks to me like you’re a troll. That makes me smile.

  • KDC

    I think it is absolutely despicable that this country allows “anyone” to come in illegally. The laws are on the books and should be adhered to. Bringing people in like this leaves the citizens in danger of all sorts of dangerous problems. Citizens should be the first concern. Diseases, crime, depletion of our social security funds, etc. No one, absolutely no one, says this is wrong and does anything about it.


    He has no idea of the truth, only wants his way of things. We had the strongest Country in the world at one time, now we are going under just like Rome in the old days. And our Democratic Congress is to blame for letting him get away with it. All he needs to change the laws of this Country is a pen and telephone.

    • podunk1

      Based on pre-Obama 1997/2008 comparable 66.5% of eligible workers @ full time 40/hr. workforce averages, all we need is 38,219,000 OLD JOBS BACK IN THE HANDS OF TAXPAYING CITIZENS in order to increase annual labor and tax thereon wealth $2.6 trillion.

      The May BLS $24.96 average wage is $32.448 with 30% employer paid tax/fringes and that @ 2080 hours is $67,492/yr.! The May BLS eligible 250,455,000 population @ 66.50066% defines a May comparable 166,554,000 workforce. BLS 148,795,000 employed 34.5 hours defines 128,335,000 jobs… 38,219,000 not enough MEANINGFUL JOBS to fully employ a workforce OF CITIZENS FIRST, who are NOT “allowed” to at least produce that which they consume!!

      Instead of putting citizens to work, Obama and his Maoist/RINO progressives will continue spending $1+ trillion annually to subsidize the alien invaders and citizens they throw out of work… to deny citizens $2.5 trillion of real productive wealth!


        It is so sad the conditions of this Country today, spent thirty years of my life protecting this Country and now Mr. nobama has his way and the people will end up with nothing. What are our children and grandchildren going to have? I hope the people who voted for him see the light.

      • reggie

        And what about the latest that Dubai (Gulftainer) now controls Canaveral Port. So instead of US workers, it will now be terrorists from the middle east. Wonderful.

        • podunk1

          Sounds more like treason.

  • TexRancher

    If Obama said it, you can believe it — is a lie! As for his amnesty, this is nothing more than encouraging the invasion of this country by foreign nationals to push AMERICANS out!

    It’s hard to believe that members of Congress cannot recognize this guy for the subversive he is. Either they have totally sold out to him of they are too stupid to be in Congress! Ex. Boehner and McConnell. Both act as if they answer only to Obama and Reid! In any case, both are TRAITORS to the voters who put them in office. They will pay!

    As for Obama’s amnesty: He took and oath to see that the laws of the land are faithfully executed. It didn’t say “well if you get a bunch of ILLEGALS INVADING the country, you can look the other way or assist them” as Obama has done.

    It also did not say that if you have 20-30 million ILLEGALS, the game is over and you can ignore them instead of deporting them. THEY ARE STILL ILLEGAL and while deporting them becomes more difficult, they still have to go! That’s the law!

    • donemyhomework

      You’re absolutely 100% correct. When Obama said he was going to change America, he was serious. The original words of the speech were nebulous, kind of like “we en devour to persevere” in the Outlaw Josey Wales…but now, It’s become clear. I think he’s going to continue to accelerate immigration and illegal immigration, use his ties with his “secret coalition” and touch off civil unrest on a massive scale so he can start declaring martial law and dismember things piece by piece. Maybe I’m an alarmist and I hope I’m wrong, but I get the feeling that anyone who isn’t prepared better get prepared in a hurry…there are just too many events happening for it to be anything other than a plan. Otherwise I’d have to write a discourse to objectify my suspicions.

      • ” I think he’s going to continue to accelerate immigration and illegal immigration, use his ties with his “secret coalition” and touch off civil unrest on a massive scale so he can start declaring martial law and dismember things piece by piece.”

        When is going to do all this? He only has a year and half left. Will it be before or after our credit rating goes into the toilet, when interest rates skyrocket, when the Chinese armies that are secretly training in Canada come to invade us, or when Obama comes for our guns? Please tell me, so I can get ready.

        “…there are just too many events happening for it to be anything other than a plan.”
        Like what?

        • donemyhomework

          Look, I’m not going to write a thesis for you. Choose to get ready or not. Your decision, you live with it.

          • OK, but I’m not looking for a thesis. Just a timeline for when your predictions are due. Why not just say to get ready for a big earthquake, a big hurricane, an asteroid collision or invaders from Alpha Centauri? Plenty of “events” to make me fearful for an earthquake or storm, but then you’d have to believe in the problems associated with fracking and – ahem – climate change. And we don’t want to even consider those, do we?

          • donemyhomework

            Are you familiar with mathematics. If so, At what level of familiarity are you?

          • Honors Analysis at the Univ of Maryland. Please go on.

          • donemyhomework

            How many data points have you collected, and how many variables have you isolated?

          • And why would I do that? You have a series of events over a span of time. There is not one objective way to interpret ANY of that data – it’s all subjective, open to interpretation based on whatever ideology you believe in. If you have a method of OBJECTIVELY analyzing those data points, I’d like to hear it. Because whatever conclusion you can come up with, based on your ideology, I’m pretty sure I can come up with the EXACT opposite conclusion, based on my ideology. And therefore, there’s no mathematical or scientific basis for quantizing and analyzing the data.

            But I assume you’ve already done so. So, without getting into thesis territory, what were some of your findings? Or did you already summarize them in your post above? That is to say, BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID? (Are you channeling Geena Davis here?)

          • donemyhomework

            I Seigel, you get kind of excited and just a little erratic in your response. And you are sarcastic and angry. That’s O.K., just shows you have passion and that you care. Geena Davis… channeling? Channeling isn’t really quantifiable. Psychic phenomena tends to be an uncontrolled experience. You yourself defined the events that are happening right now as unquantifiable. I certainly agree with that and would only consider something like dollars and cents economics to be quantifiable. Or population and cause and effect probability of behavior.

            But if you look at history, say the history between the first world war and the second world war, there were a series of events planet wide that indicated a pattern that precipitated what came to pass. We have a clearer picture now as to what happened. A time line? If you were given the data, could you mathematically project the information in such a way as to predict a specific date and time for the events to occur? You’re right about the variables. Without a consensus as to how to define the variables the end result would be unreliable. So the soft conclusion would be that our knowledge and technology at this time would fall short of an accurate or definitive time line.

            Seems like I’m kind of writing a thesis anyway. But the events of today are way more complicated and move at the speed of the net. My “feeling” is a direct result of the knowledge I’ve gathered over time. I cross referenced everything I could for veracity. My conclusion stands. The future is definitely in a state of flux and in the end, maybe there is no way to be prepared. But it looks like a bumpy ride.

          • Thanks for your answer. I agree with everything you said.

            A comment on this statement: “If you were given the data, could you mathematically project the information in such a way as to predict a specific date and time for the events to occur?” Yes, you could “model” the data, but someone else using a slightly different set of formulas could model it differently. This can be clearly seen in the climate change debate.

            The future is ALWAYS in a state of flux. It’s only with hindsight when it can be seen if there’s continuity with the past, or a sharp break with it. The future was scary in the early days of the Cold War, during Eisenhower’s time, it was scary during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam Era and during Watergate, it was scary during the Arab Oil Embargo and the Iranian Revolution, it was scary when the Marines got blown up in Beirut and during the Iran-Contra scandal and the wars in Central America, etc,, etc.

            As to my “anger and sarcasm”? I reread my previous post but, I’m sorry, I don’t see any anger in my comments or questions. The ONLY anger I MAY have been feeling at the time was caused by typing on the little screen of my phone.

            As to your comment earlier in this thread that it appears that I am a troll – I don’t think so. I’m a reasonable person with a differing point of view from the majority of people here; I’m not looking to sell anybody anything and I’m not being paid to represent anyone’s agenda. I’m just looking for that, seemingly, rare person who is also reasonable, can present their arguments without profanity or name-calling, and that has something interesting and current and original to say, such as yourself, instead of simply repeating the same old tired slogans and tropes from the past 6 years.

            Thanks for reading and a good conversation.

          • donemyhomework

            Noted. It was an experience. I have a vast array of information in just on file…46mb of mostly text. And stacks of paperwork with notes, that I haven’t entered yet. A lot of the data is not properly configured. Your question about the time thing is what bothered me. Islam in America is spreading like a virus or a cancer. They form cysts or “no go” sharia areas like in Dearborn Michigan. But spread all over the country…their Mosques are the center of the cysts and staging points. A very effective methodology.

          • Part of what you said is true – that Islam in America, and throughout the world, is spreading rapidly. Much of the increase in their population and the fact that they will be an ever-greater share of the population, is the fact that native population rates in places like western Europe and North America are very low and, in some cases, getting dangerously lower, to the point that the native populations might actually show a DECREASE in coming years, while Islamic immigrants have a very high fertility rate and, thus, will be increasing as a percentage of the local population in the years to come..

            Your statement about a “no go” zone in Michigan is sheer nonsense, just as the FOX claim that a city in England – Birmingham, I believe – was under sharia law was also total nonsense and fearmongering.

            You make some good points, but then you ruin your credibility with some very over-the-top nonsense.

          • donemyhomework

            The Michigan thing I can definitely prove. Do you know anything about the MOA? I can prove that too.

          • donemyhomework

            Good information, I concede my misconception. You might want to view…


          • punisher


          • What guys? People that are having a reasonable discussion, based on some facts, and not flooded with name-calling and profanity? Oh yes, by all means, let’s leave more space for the ranters, fearmongers and racists.

    • 1inamil

      I would rather pay the plane tickets to send 20-30 millions ILLEGALS back to where they came from than pay all their education, health care, and take jobs away from citizens of this country! It would be cheaper!! Send them back, PLEASE! Not to mention all the 3rd world disease and crime they bring into this country. This is a no brainer, send them back, ASAP, They are ILLEGAL.


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