Hillary scratching backs while a Senator

June 10, 2015

HillaryClinton2_c0-28-1000-610_s561x327Hillary Rodham Clinton’s efforts to provide favors to major donors to her husband’s global charity or her own political career stretch back far earlier than her tenure as America’s top diplomat, dating to the time she served as a U.S. senator and had the power to earmark federal funds and influence legislation, records show.

For instance, Mrs. Clinton introduced a bill when she was New York’s junior senator that allowed a donor to the Clinton Foundation to use tax-exempt bonds to build a shopping center in Syracuse, New York, public records show.

She also went to bat for Freddie Mac, working to defeat legislation that would have subjected the mortgage giant to tougher regulations before the housing bubble burst and led to a major recession. That same year, Freddie Mac donated $50,000 to $100,000 to her husband’s charity, originally called the William J. Clinton Foundation records show.

  • 1776 Coalition is trash! Your readers are absurd. Commenters here are the evidence of the low caliber of reporting and readership.

  • rrrickkk

    All the lowlife in Government are screwing their own country. They need to be put in prison or put to death. They are lining their pockets with our money with no regard for the people of the U.S. They lie, cheat, steal and disobey the constitution which they swore an oath to uphold when they took opffice.

  • fred

    Outright corruption of the highest order and this B*tch from hell thinks its her right as one of the “elite”. I’m certain she thinks she is immune from being prosecuted, let’s all prove her wrong!

  • tom2

    Once again, big media will be our bogeyman. This horrible lefty will spend billions to propagandize stupid voters. And nobody knows how many of them there are or how stupid they’ve become. This one is a really a scary leftist.

  • John VanderKelen

    Hillary is as corrosive to public service as rust is to a car.

  • The redhawk

    THe more the ONION gets PEELED….THE STRONGER THE STINK…. So when is she going to go in front of CONGRESS and Be made to “FESS UP EVERYTHING including her INCOMPETENCE about Benghazi??? UNDER OATH…. that is!

  • savage24

    Slick Willie and Hillary were criminals long before they got to the White House. The “useful idiots” only aided and abetted they along the way. Putting the “ruling class” in prison is next to impossible, so don’t hold you breath waiting for it to happen.

  • Jim

    Just another major felon doing what she does best, lie, cheat and steal. True democrat principals!

  • The only News story I’m interested in is when the Clintons and the rest of the scumbag Progressives are tried and convicted of Treason and Aiding & Abbetting our Enemies! The rest is just inflicting more hatred in us, for those who seem to be above the Law! Any of the rest of Citizens of this Country would be behind bars, with no chance of appeal! Yet Hitlery, facing over 26 indictments can still run for President, if that doesn’t remind you of the NAZI Party, you are dead and deserve whats next!!!

    • Let’s not forget the Unholy Trinity – Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld – they should be first in line for treason trials. Presiding over the deaths of thousands of our soldiers, lying to Congress and the American people, aiding and abetting our enemies, including Iran, conveniently looking the other way when confronted with proof that Saudi citizens destroyed the WTC. The list goes on….

      • The redhawk

        HEY HEADINASS.. THE ISSUE IS SOW CLINTION… STICK WITH IT… unless you want to look up the IMPEACHMENT rules about SLICK WILLIE…especially his LIES to the Grand JURY….UNDER OATH… get it?

        • Oh, geez! You’re on the impeachment thing again? TWENTY years ago? Done, tried, found not guilty by a Republican house. Anything else on that subject?

          And since Christi here was calling for the Clintons to be tried for treason, I was just reminding the readers here that there are far better suspects for far greater crimes. OK ASSINMOUTH?

          • The redhawk

            hEY SHIT FOR BRAINS… OBHOZO and sHITLERY have been SCREWING UP FOR 7 Years… Let’s stick with them and Quit Balming BUSH who BTW now Polls hIGHER than the PANSY POTUS…So the article is ABOUT the FAT ASS SOW and her MOUNTING PROBLEMS that EVEN SLICK is CONTRADICTING… Can you discuss sHITLERY as a Total LYING FAT INCOMPETENT or Cause more inconsequential YAWNNNNNNNNNSS with your OFF SUBJECT CRAPPY POSTS???
            BTW SLICK like MOOOCHELLE LOST his law license for awhile… Just saying..

          • Wow! You foaming-at-the-mouth, RABID RETARD! You can’t even talk or type straight! Calm your pathetic self down and get a grip. If a little nobody like me can manipulate you and get you all hot and bothered, I can imagine what you’re like after listening to a half-hour of Beck or Hannity! Lock and load and ready for Jihad!

          • fishinjunki

            Your incredible fucking stupidity is truly astounding. Only a brain dead piece of shit dumbocrat like yourself could possibly not see the, too many to list, causes for impeachment and subsequent trial for treason for Osama, and Hitlery. I could compare them to Hitler, but that would be unfair to Hitler. You, should be publicly executed right next to them, for being a danger to everything, and everyone.

          • Nice, junki! Tried, convicted and executed. With not a single grand jury charge, not a single indictment or arrest. MANY Congressional investigations – led by Republicans – and not one shred of evidence of wrongdoing or indictable offense Do you know ANYTHING about the Constitution, you brain-dead moron regurgitator of Fascist slime?

          • Bush did not Commit Treason, though I would accuse him of Aiding and Abbetting our Enemies, through requests from the 111th Puklosi Congress! You miss the point, if they are a Progressive Socialist, no matter which Party they are in, they are Guilty of Treason to the Constitution of the United States and the People it represents! Also Congress found Clinton Guilty, but the Demoncrat Senate refused to fry their fair headed hero and Impeached him loosely, thus allowing him to finish his term! History still shows him as Impeached for High Crimes and Purgury to a Congressional Inquiry, which was a result of this Pay to play above the Law crap were pissed about!

          • Oh, then my mistake. I apologize. I didn’t realize that Bush was a Progressive. And a Socialist. Ssshh, don’t tell Karl Rove, or the Heritage Foundation, or the American Enterprise Institute, or….

          • Bruce Probert

            Geez you Moron what part Felony perjury does rise to the level of High Crimes and Misdemeanors Don’t you understand is just bullshit?

          • Is that English you’re trying to speak? Is it a second language for you? Maybe you need a few more lessons in grammar. Your comment is complete nonsense and gobbledygook. Try again.

            Clinton lied to a grand jury about having an affair. The question should never have been asked, and he answered it poorly. Hardly a matter of national security, endangering our economy, or aiding and abetting the enemy. Get over it already.

            And I notice that I made a mistake in my earlier comment (I’m surprised no one has corrected me!!). I said he was “tried, found not guilty by a Republican house”. That is incorrect. He WAS found guilty by a Republican House, but the Senate, controlled by Democrats at the time, chose not to remove him from office.

            As you might recall from that time, the whole effort was a sham and a Republican time-wasting conspiracy. If the purpose was actually to get rid of Clinton, as they wanted to do from the very early days of his administration (just like Obama, what do you know?!?!), how could they think that a Democratic Senate would go along on such a flimsy charge? The whole thing was just another scam by the Republicans, just like the 50+ votes to get rid of Obamacare – riles up the base, but a complete waste of time and taxpayer money. THAT’S bordering on treason and malfeasance!

          • Bruce Probert

            Bill Clinton is as corrupt a President as we have ever had His successes actually are few he just got credit for the economy. He obviously can’t keep his dick in his pants and Hillary shit on all those women calling them sluts and trailer park trash.Bill wanted to spend the peace dividend. The Clinton Foundation is a front for bribes. The same as Chelsea’s job a 600K. Bill can’t possibly give any words that you could place a value of 750,000. Maybe you can delude your self there is no smoking gun. I can’t imagine being that stupid. As for Obama care how many lies does it take for you to realize the law was poorly written and doesn’t protect any one. Barack Obama doesn’t have the authority to change the law, only congress does. He has arbitrarily delayed provisions to delay damaging effects of the law. The basic subject of Hillary Clinton is one of unethical behavior and while she hasn’t been charged yet, she should have been. I have had responsibility for classified material and monitoring of Email accounts it is unbelievable that she could have operated the way she described without the Administrations collusion. I am outraged that she left the Benghazi mission unprotected and then lied about it. If she says she didn’t know about the threat assessment she’s a liar or willfully ignorant. Anyone who followed the news knew that it was dangerous in Libya to ignore a request for additional security is a failure of leadership. It is obvious that you are a partisan Democrat who has lost any sense that the country comes first. Your probably one of the global climate change morons as well so why don’t you change your handle to Obama sycophant so we know that we’re answering a complete Moron. If you were just ignorant you might overcome but stupidity is a life long affliction.

          • It’s interesting that, 15 years after he left office, Bill C still occupies such an important place in your heart.

            Regardless of who you want to give the credit to for the upbeat economy at the end of his term, you’ll probably agree that Bush completely squandered it, turning a surplus into a huge deficit, from which we still haven’t recovered. He and his neocons were dead set on cutting taxes and eliminating regulations, no matter what the circumstances called for. Remember his accounting trick of paying for 2 wars off the books, with nothing in an actual budget?

          • Bruce Probert

            I’m always amazed how you turn to how bad George Bush was to defend the Clintons. I’m old enough to remember when Bill and I got our draft numbers his was 300+ and mine was 23 but he didn’t remember it was a defining issue back then. What a lying jackass. And by the way if you don’t remember history and learn from it you will be repeating the same mistakes. Obviously you are in denial. The level of stupidity is measured by the amount of effort put forth to defend it. So here’s to your mindless efforts WOW DUDE!!!

          • Again you’ve made no sense. My number, as well, was 300+.

            When the news last week was about Hastert, many people here were bringing up Clinton as a worse example, as if that excused Hastert’s behavior.

            However, I didn’t mention Bush as an excuse for Clinton. You said that Clinton couldn’t take credit for the improved economy in 1999-2000. I chose not to argue that point. I only pointed out that Bush blew it. Nothing to do with Clinton.

          • Bruce Probert

            Hillary basked in the adulation of the press over the initial revelation of her commodities trading about how smart she was and then it was revealed that they were all profitable trades and then she really didn’t do any of the trading it was her broker. $1,000 became $100,000 but it wasn’t a bribe or an attempt to curry favor. The fact her husband was Governor of Arkansas had no bearing on the legal contracts with the Rose law firm or her employment there. her treatment of the women involved with Bill’s philandering disqualifies her to be a Woman’s champion. Most people wish that they were as dead broke as the Clinton’s leaving the White House not only they had Bill’s pension but the office subsides. In case you are still ignorant. High crimes in the impeachment section is any crime committed by a high official. You have to be by definition a high official to commit a high crime. You can’t cite one major accomplishment of Hillary as Secretary of State because there aren’t any. the disasters are all over the place from Honduras, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Russia and China just to cover the major ones. Vladimir Putin is following Adolf Hitler’s play book and these half wits don’t understand. The Chinese are rampaging about like a bull in a china shop and who notices?
            Not Barack the Moron and Hillary just got on another airplane clueless in motion. Name one reason to award Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Politics is not an excuse to be an idiot for either side. I seen genocide up front and personally so I’ve been there and done that. The only thing evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing, it’s gets worse when people excuse it because of politics.

          • Here is a definition of “high crimes”: actions committed by a high official of official status “… such as perjury of oath, abuse of authority, bribery, intimidation, misuse of assets, failure to supervise, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming, and refusal to obey a lawful order.” So when you said, ” High crimes in the impeachment section is any crime committed by a high official. You have to be by definition a high official to commit a high crime.”, you are correct.

            Not to excuse Clinton or Obama, but what official WOULDN’T be impeachable using this definition? Should Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush have resigned or been impeached over Abu Ghraib (failure to supervise)? Should the entire command structure of the military been court martialed over the illegal killings that took place in Iraq? Should Reagan been impeached over the Iran-Contra scandal (failure to supervise)?

            Yes, you’re correct that perjury, when committed by a “high official”, is a “high crime or misdemeanor” punishable by impeachment. But as I said, lying about an affair is hardly a matter of national security, and the Republicans in Congress were out to get Clinton from very early on, just as they are out now to get Hillary and just as they were out to get Obama from Day #1.

            Did Gov Sanford get impeached for lying about secretly skipping down to South America to be with his “soul mate”, leaving his state without a chief executive for a couple of weeks? THAT’S certainly more serious than lying about a blow job.

          • Bruce Probert

            The ethical standard I was taught was to avoid even the semblance of unethical behavior.. Say how about you have a friend who was able to put your son or daughter to work at a great job even though he or she didn’t have all the qualifications to qualify. You’d probably say hey Bud I owe you one. Quid pro quo isn’t always apparent access does always result in obvious results. Now you might trust Hillary I don’t and it’s not because of Rush Limbaugh or the like. Like I said earlier do you have any real accomplishment from Hillary’s term as Secretary of State? Her tenure was a disaster she is so ignorant of any real leadership principles it’s incredible. You should ask your self how and why Huma Abedin could work from home while she had her baby and in addition work for a Clinton trust for an additional 355,000. She was already on the tax payer dime. Can you say conflict of interest? The President of Honduras tried to circumvent that countries constitution and was removed by the military at the direction of the Supreme court. The constitution calls for one term only as president He wanted to change it. Always the first thing potential dictators do. Hillary and Barack were outraged that a duly elected President was thrown out of office. The scenario gets played over and over again. The polices of Hillary’s term as Secretary of State are a disaster. Barack Obama should get a lot of the credit Receiving a Nobel must have gone to his head allowing him to think he was some kind of leader.
            Unfortunately one of the prerequisites of leadership is the trust of the people you intend to lead. So in Barack’s case he stinks because he’s a liar and every one knows it. Hillary has been changing her narrative for so long she wouldn’t know truth if it were a dog and it bit her on the ass.

          • 13gatorgrowl

            The Congress was GOP majority at that time. They should have flushed that shit head Clinton down the toilet. The current Pussy GOP is as bad!

          • 13gatorgrowl

            Question: why did the pussy’s in Congress NOT remove Shit head Clinton from WH? Impeachment means remove from office! THIS GOP Congress can not even find the balls to remove the POS in WH out while he destroys and sells out the whole country!

      • fishinjunki

        The difference here, you liberal, baby killing, faggot loving, Christian hating, un-American, shit for brains, dumbocrat, is that Bush didn’t break any laws. He didn’t make 300 executive orders, which were not just illegal, but unconstitutional. Stop blaming Bush for Osama’s fucked up policies, and treasonous behavior. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld have been out of office for 7 years now you liberal fuckwad. Take your head out of your gay ass, and smell your commie fuckwad, Treasonous, precious piece of shit American hating, terrorist loving, dumbocratic party. For the record fuckwad, your beloved dumbocrats declared war, not Bush. The House, and Senate were both controlled by Dumbocrats. That is why the economy was in the shitter. Now that we have an intelligently controlled House, and Senate, we’re seeing improvement in the economy. That is in spite of Buttcrack Osama, and most of his dumbocrats, fighting common sense at every turn.

        • I don’t think you’re capable of a reasonable conversation. Trading name-calling isn’t really a challenge for me, so you go on ahead and knock yourself out. It’s rather entertaining, actually.

          Obama hasn’t broken any laws either – at least according to Congress, who has the power to bring charges of impeachment. The courts have ruled that some (2 or 3) of Obama’s actions have been illegal, and they’ve either been overturned, stayed or they’re on appeal. But no indictments, no arrests.

          ” Now that we have an intelligently controlled House, and Senate, we’re seeing improvement in the economy.” YOUR KIDDING, RIGHT? The economy has been slowly improving since way before the last election – you just didn’t want to pay any attention. WHAT has the Senate or House accomplished since January? And to improve the economy? They still can’t agree on anything, and the Republicans are fighting amongst themselves and their leadership.

          Have the interest rates changed markedly since the election? NO! Has the national debt crippled our economy or hurt the country’s ability to borrow? NO! The stock market has continued to go up – a few years now – a lot longer than since the last election. Has the currency law thing that was passed and enacted last year crippled the economy? NO! What has improved since the House and Senate are now “intelligently controlled” and that they’re responsible for?

          Also – Bush made 291 Executive Orders. As of today, Obama has issued 213. Your credibility on this issue, as on ALL issues, is NIL, you fascist fuckwad. (sorry, I just couldn’t resist a little one).

          Sorry, but you don’t pass the sniff test. You stink.

          • Bruce Probert

            You are just too stupid to see how wrong you are. Not all of the rabid opposition is right the truth is damning enough.

          • I’ve just given you several examples of the truth. Please answer the questions I asked and tell me what is “damning”? All you’ve said is that I’m stupid, but you haven’t demonstrated that you’re smarter.

      • Guess you missed my reference to Scumbag Progressive Socialists, which Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney were charter members! However Intelligence reports were absolutely correct on Iraq and we can thank the Clintons and other DNC Senators, for getting WMD’s sent to Syria and Iran, before the invasion! Which is exactly what Chemical Ali stated in his trial, hoping to save himself from the gallows! As for 9/11 WTC, that one we can place directly at Slick Willys feet, but I was angered when Bush stopped the inquiry short of blaming the Saudi Prince, then stating we all worshipped the same god. The Progressive infiltration goes very deep in all parts of our Government and needs to be rooted out and burned, just like Cancer.

      • 13gatorgrowl

        Yes they are guilty also! Time USA stop spilling blood for oil and other countries’ interests!

    • Christikido, get a grip man!

    • 13gatorgrowl

      I agree.

  • James Maxwell

    The most high paid whore in Washington currently, she will do anything if’
    they give her enough money. Anything is for sale to the right bidder(s).

  • Gerry Costa

    They have both been scum buckets for a long time but they both have held high priority offices in this country — so what does that tell you about America and the American voters !!!!!!!!!!!! Should tell everyone a lot. We need to vote these scum politicians ALL out of office and find new blood to take their place.

    • jmark72

      Americans voted in a nobody POS community organizer as potus Twice just because he was black! Talk about Racists!!!! Tells me Gruber is right – Americans ARE STUPID and ignorant!

  • johnanaguski

    Arrogant low life scum this couple is a disgrace.

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    As opposed to things like Boehner handing out checks on TV on the floor of the House? Not the smartest thing for the right to remind us of. Corruption in High places.

  • Gypsy

    Remind me again why we are surprised by anything this viper does.

    • The redhawk

      Because MSM thinks that she is “DA ONE” and will Cover up all the Body Bags she has Caused ..

  • reggie

    That’s Hillary being Hillary. Nothing new. She’s been doing it in one form or another her whole life

    • The redhawk

      BUT the Vast Majority of Legal and Illegal voters Do as they are told by the Welfare state and VOTE for PIGS!


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