Huckabee: Conservatives can ignore SCOTUS ruling… like Lincoln did

June 28, 2015

huckDENVER — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee suggested Saturday that conservatives treat the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision like Abraham Lincoln treated the high court’s pro-slavery ruling in Dred Scott: Ignore it.

“They can do same thing that Abraham Lincoln did about the Dred Scott decision of 1857,” Mr. Huckabee said at the Western Conservative Summit. “The Dred Scott decision said that African-Americans were not fully human, that they need not be treated as fully human.”

“He [Lincoln] simply ignored the ruling and said, ‘That’s not correct,’ ” Mr. Huckabee said. “And by the way, it may sound like, ‘Oh, that’s an extreme position.’ Actually, it’s a constitutional position. Here’s why: If we acquiesce immediately without review, without the other branches of government, it goes back to my point, that this is judicial tyranny.”

  • Terry Spencer-Hoekstra

    I don’t think this will work because they will fine us, take our property and/or jail us. Not that we are unwilling to accept these consequences but make no mistake about it, they will not take this laying down.

  • DDC SR

    Obama is out to destory our beloved God fearing Country ! The end times is upon us the signs of the shows it !Obama will not finish his term of Pres. I feel between 2016 & 2017 you we see what I am trying to tell you all ! January 2017 we may see the end of the USA ! We need to be in prayer and be read ! Russia well be the one to bring the end to the USA ! The bible has all the anwers to what I am telling you!

  • Sylvester Jones

    Get the radicals out of America period,

  • YES! Obama has been ignoring our Laws and Constitution for seven years, time to give the boy a taste of his own medicine! The unelected Black Robed SC have just proved they need Term Limits and need to be elected, not appointed! Homosexuality has no place in our Nation Founded Under God!

  • Tenspeedr

    I don’t plan on paying any attention to the ruling because I don’t plan on marrying a man. You can bet I’ll ignore it, until the court starts making rulings against our religious freedoms to accommodate the homosexuals.


    Philip Allen is right. See how absolute power corrupts absolutely? That is why we were counting on congress, but they wussed out. Impeach them all & replace them with people who represent the voice of the people, instead of their selfish agenda. I’m voting for Trump who tells it like it is & not afraid to !

  • jdbixii

    Money is the contingency factor regarding each of these decisions. The court is merely allowing the expansion of revenue sources. In the case of the same-sex marriage issue, through licensing and litigation, and, obviously, with subsidies relative to ACA. It is the purpose of government to be government.

  • Mrs. O

    Philip, you should write your congressman and tell him this instead of sounding off here. Nothing can be done by sounding off here. If everyone here wrote to their congressman and sounded off to them, maybe we could get something done.

  • John F Remillard

    Only the Legislative Branch of the US Government (Congress) can make a new law, therefore, this Supreme Court ruling is meaningless.

  • Susan

    Forcing the irrational vile teaching of “Sodomizing others can be a Good and a Natural Right from the Creator—-is antithetical to the Constitution and forcing irrational, denial of Science—-like pretending Jenner is a female when he is a mutilated mentally-ill male. These ruling are removing RIGHT REASON from JUST LAW—-CAN’T DO THAT!!!!!!

    Marxism always destroys Words to make them MEANINGLESS and to force irrationality on children so they will be stupid and useful idiots. Such ideas destroy REASON—which is essential to Justice. Natural Law Theory is over thousands of years old and was perfected by Locke and adopted by ALL the Founders and EMBEDDED in our Constitution and Justice System.

    The 5 on the Court need to be put in prison from making a Just Law promote a VILE VICE which is COMMON in AFGHANI with the harem boys—-it removes REASON and JUSTICE (a virtue) FROM LAW.—CAN’T DO THAT!!!!!!!

    It also forces Satanism–A RELIGION, on the masses. Can’t establish the Church of Sodomy (Satan) on us. We should save the minds of our children from this muslim, atheist, Freemason behavior.

  • Brad Bryant

    That’s right. Ignore it and obey God’s law!

  • Buzz

    We were established as a Christian nation, and Huck, I believe this is an excellent idea and position; to be queer is NOT Christian, no matter what they say, it is not…the Bible spells it out…they are abominations and they will not see the Kingdom of Heaven..again, the Bible, in the Epistles says, when you find out you are doing something that is not Christian, that that is supported in the Bible, then you change your tune and do as the Commandments, as the Bible, as Jesus and his Father deemed! I was not raised on the rez and I do not know how they do things now; however, when gram was alive, trans, homos were treated as if they did not exist….

  • enubus

    Huckabee is absolutely correct, and yes the so-called POTUS is a treasonous scumbag! What is worse is the Repubic Congress won’t impeach and try him, violating their constitutional duties in favor of being liked by the lamestream media, But as we all know, the media hates the Repubics…

    • Buzz

      Just a brief reminder: you cannot impeach an illegal, if you do, then all that has been done becomes legit and enforceable; as it is now, nothing is enforcreable and our policemen/women, Highway Patrol, Sheriffs, Homeland, etc., cannot legally do a thing to us, period. What could have and should have happened was to rescind the election just after Boehner took the gavel from Pelosi, he did not do that either term; of course, he is bad odor’s best friend, hooked at the hip if you have not noticed. Also, the House or the Senate can vote to remove him and then order the Sargent of Arms to do so and he has to do that, the whole family and they take nothing with them…why has this not been done?

  • MegaMouseGW

    The Dred Scott decision is right. Blacks cannot be truly human with the way they act.

    • Buzz

      Applies to each and every race on the must be young, think of Booker T. Washington, Denzel Washington, Lena Horne, Satchmo Armstrong, Michael Orr and hundreds more!

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I think THE SUPREME COURT AND THE ( I.R.S ) should be dissolved and put to rest. we don’t need them any more. Each State can govern their own STATE.

    • Buzz

      This is the best thing we could do for each and every state; where one state is weak for assets, another can help and vice versa. Divide into blocks to assure that all needs are being met, that laws are just and We the People are in charge….in fact, Gov. Abbot, Meade and Jindal can and could if they would cripple the FEDS so badly and so quickly, many would leave because there would be no salaries for them due to the Federal Gas Tax being held and not paid..that is about all it would take to cripple the Feds into limbo and then have others states do the same with their lesser Fed Tax.

    • Joe Are Hintz

      NEVER DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • ward

      Latest news 6/29/15 is that the SCOTUS just denied the U.S. States to check citizenship before one can vote…! Does this crap tell anyone that bo & appointed cronies now make the laws & congress sucks@”0″

  • ward

    bo strikes again with his appointed cronies and illegal E.O.’s that are internally destroying the U.S. Citizens majority law making by “congress only” ! Yes bo has proven his treason with many violations to U.S. Laws and POTUS sworn oath, while congress continues to ignore his criminal intentions and stop his obvious wannabe dictator whims that are destroying U.S.National Security ! Appearance that congress is bought by bo’s soros, has a very strong stench of reality & a SCOTUS being in the same category of betrayal to majority of the Patriotic U.S. Citizens that bo is apparently trying to destroy ! bo must go !

    • Buzz

      Last I heard there were 121 EOs which are all illegal; he is not legal so they are not legal nor enforceable for you commenting here; nor is anything that the House and Senate have signed off on and/or passed and the reason is easy…the Constitution and the Nobility Clause. I think the last count for treason, punishable by being shot was 22 and since then I have counted at least four more, then we have 2 counts of attempted Sedition against We the People and 3 against countries across the ponds.

  • jerry

    Works for me!!!

  • Philip Allen

    Obama has committed treason I feel not only should we ignore the law the Supreme Court handed down but the Congress needs to defund it. the President needs to be tried for treason and impeached. He’s broken the law by aiding and abetting the enemy releasing Gitmo Terrorist now he want to make a deal with a terrorist nation Iran that is not only a terrorist nation but a supporter of terrorism. Iran has also stated many time they would like to destroy America and Isreal. If that is not Treason then what is? Also he has violated the US Constitution by making immigration law, only the Congress can make laws. So why is our country the shape its in? Because of The President YES. But also because of the Congress. John Boehner refuses to start impeachment proceeding against the President. According the the US Constitution impeachment proceeding must start in the House Of Representatives and can’t start in the Senate. But because of John Boehner sucking up to the President and giving everything he want we end up with a President who is destroying America. Time we get rid of John Boehner as well. He doesn’t like Conservatives because Conservatives want to hold the President accountable while John Boehner is giving the President everything he wants. Need I Say More!

    • “So why is our country the shape its in?”

      Please tell me what shape the country is in. Obamacare has not exploded the debt or killed jobs. Over 200,000 jobs a month have been created for months now. Interest rates still at historic lows. Stock market near its record high. The abortion rate is the lowest its been in years. Fewer American soldiers are dying overseas than in the last 12 years. Food prices and gas prices aren’t inflating unreasonably, more people have healthcare and health costs are more in control than ever before.

      What’s so horrible in your life?

      • podunk1

        Why not call it what it is and enforce the many high crime laws against it??? Webster’s in English … Insurrection is open/active opposition by number of people against constitutional authority… Rebellion is revolt from government to which one owes allegiance… 2nd oath/duty sworn to by every legislator, judge, and government office holder REQUIRES DEFEDING THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST IT!! !
        NOWHERE do we see politicians or their bobble-head propagandists uttering the simple Constitutional supreme law solution against insurrection, rebellion, or treason! They can’t utter the words without condemning themselves for betraying oath/duty to “defend without reservarion”!
        AMENDMENT 14: SECTION 3. “No (oath bound) person shall… hold any office… (who has) engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the (Constitution), or given aid or comfort to (its) enemies…” There isn’t a progressive who hasn’t forfeited their rights to office!

        SECTION 1. “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens…” It’s a condition the remaining section 1 words must and does meet

        • There are drunk driving laws and laws stating you have to get a permit to build something. Do those laws abridge a citizen’s privileges? Are they unconstitutional? You’re on the losing side. Get over it and move on. Or out.

          • ward

            Again you have no comprehension of reality or the U.S. Congress making laws through Citizens representation !

          • podunk1

            ???? Another Harvard graduate?? A DUI is a legitimate law and means jail & heavy fines The 14th isn’t just another statute, it’s supreme law and IS PART OF THE CONSTITUTION.

            The penalty for insurrection OR rebellion clearly begins with banning the offender from holding any office in the USA. It’s also treason, which is a capital crime.

          • ???? Another Hair Academy graduate?? So what? Was that supposed to be a response to what I said, or are you just talking in your echo chamber?

          • podunk1

            The very first Article 1, “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in Congress…” leaves the president and all judges including SCOTUS with zero legislative powers! Their violations constitute insurrection, rebellion, and treason. Changing a word in the Constitution requires a ratified amendment. The 14th Section 1 “no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens…” essentially refers to Constitution civil rights. 14-3 says no sworn in official shall hold any office if they betray oath duty, which includes acts against constitutional authority. One can’t count the betrayals by Maoist/RINO progressives (both parties!) . Notice… neither party will acknowledge the 14th sections 3, 4, & 5!

            Amendment 13 says involuntary servitude shall not exist in the USA. I don’t have to bake a cake for you; you don’t have to bake one for me. Either of us can bake cakes for anyone they choose, but they don’t have to accept or eat it. Call it equal protection – individual freedom… deny it and you’ll be on a leash!

          • ward

            The SCOTUS and POTUS have now proven their treason to U.S. Citizens, Constitution & Bill of Rights .. ! Is congress also guilty to dereliction of duty violating their sworn oath by not doing their job of impeachment to both & who will prosecute these criminal traitors …?

          • podunk1

            It’s essentially same as military oath – cowardice carries up to death penalty… aiding & abetting & treason under attack would be death on sight.

            The pitiful part is the fact that they are under zero physical threat, Some of it is extortion related related to crimes, pedophilia, etc. My guess is greed… paid or bottom line a plain old traitor that deserves the noose on the whorehouse lawn… SCOTUS, POTUS & their warriors of injustice!

            14-3 has the same power as impeachment, except it merely requires “shall have engaged in insurrection OR rebellion while under oath” to ban the violator from any US office. Congress is empowered to enforce it (14-5) and appropriate law is already on the books. To the point of many the treasonous majority is in control and the vast citizen majority must now remove them in the courts, elections, or by force. They lit the fuse!

          • Joe Are Hintz

            That hideously ugly, Anti-American, UNGODLY, cross-bred knave of unworthy origin, his Ishmaelite, Clintonoid, AND Vatican-MAGGOT…BACKER(S) need NOT be allowed one iota more than they do/have done to us from day one, and they can take
            all their pathetic, brainwashed minions they’ve turned into reprobates…BACK to HELL with them on their way to their final pay office. Is THAT good enough “spelling” for you wannabe intellect…Seigel? Or is your Jesuit entrenched naivete too boggled to savvy any matter not spelled out on the asswipe you eat? Bring it on dungwad!!!! I’d meet you any place to let you prove yourself…….I truly loathe even glorifying the futility of your attempt to produce human commentary by my reciprocity toward such!!!!! Grease up in pig fat…They’re supposed to be here JULY 4th of this year, and calling yourself “American” is all they desire to eliminate you…!!!!

          • A- on the spelling (you did pretty good!). E on content and logic and bad language. Tsk Tsk. Sorry. Try again tomorrow after you take your pills.

          • Huh? Who is trying to change a word in the Constitution? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

          • podunk1

            Never heard of shall make no law, shall not infringe, shall not be violated, shall not be held to answer, shall be preserved, shall not be required, shall not be construed to deny, are reserved to the states, shall (not) exist in the USA, no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens, shall defend the Constitution against anyone without any reservation, etc.???

            Your newfound anointed playmates must have filled your ears with something other than facts & wisdom. We have a fecal troll maggot that can’t pupate & fly away. DON’T FEED IT… flush it!

          • pete G

            If it doesn’t bother you to hear all the lies that are told from the white house and this Administration then you must not give a shit about the country, just yourself. You really have an ignorant selfish outlook. Did you lose your medical insurance or your doctor like i did? I can’t afford Obamacare because now i have to pay for some lazy a$$ Obama voter somewhere.

          • Oh, so you don’t get health insurance through an employer? Then you’re probably an unemployed moocher. I pay for my own, and my premium increased the smallest amount from the year before than it ever has. So I am seeing some of the benefits of the ACA already.

      • Ron Warren

        Seigel what galaxy do you live in?

        • The sane one, where people live and let live and do their best to get along with their neighbor and be a good citizen and person. The one the Bible talks about.

          • ward

            The Bible you should read and comprehend not the murdering muslim koran of deceit and Lies …. !

          • carroll wood

            what do you know about the Bible, it says queers are an abomination to God, obummer is pro queer. I bet you are so stupid you believe he is the first black pres, only a lying enemy muslim HALFBREED

          • Hey, I missed the part of the Bible that talks about “queers”. Show me that reference. I don’t think I ever saw that word in the Old Testament or the New one.

            And, just a suggestion: you might want to stick with the Old one, not that King James New one that’s been translated by a bunch of boy-humping queers. Those people have some serious homophobic issues, let me tell you!!!

          • carroll wood

            lev 18:22

        • ward

          The space between siegel’s ears is the galaxy of final frontiers & a head locked up in the stench of libtards !

      • Hgeyer

        Don’t you know I Seigel…… there is a black man in the white house….. That’s why they are so upset…

        • Yup, I think you’ve nailed it. That must be it, because the country is certainly in better shape than it was when Obama took office. I guess these people have a really short memory. Or maybe they’re (gasp) biased!!

          • Frederick Bowers

            You won’t have a memory when they(bozo’s buddies) start chopping heads !

          • Chuckle chuckle.

          • Joe Are Hintz

            HA HA HA !!!!! YUP!

          • ward

            Also bankrupt because of libtard A.. H…s like you ,,, !

        • Frederick Bowers

          Run Ben Run ! ! ! A real Man and he is black but he also has a brain !

          • Hgeyer

            Lol! PLEASE put him in the ticket! Just so you can see just how white your party is!

          • pete G

            He’s got my vote and i am white. I just happened to know the difference between a black man and a F—-ing mad man.

          • Hgeyer

            I wish the rest of your party did……

          • ward

            You are a duped, racist bo libtard with no reality of the U.S. # 1 enemy that is threatening Freedom & Rights being bo & crony administration !

          • Hgeyer

            Our number 1 enemy within is those that hate our government! That would be the teabaggers and ultra-conservatives.

          • karacek

            You need an education, Bro!

          • Hgeyer

            Got one already! In political science…. How about you?

        • ward

          Bull shit …. !

      • ward

        You are a libtard with your head up & locked & cannot see the destructive bankruptcy bo has created in 6 ++ years, is not only stupid but contributing to bo’s wannabe dictator muslim regime !

        • Blah blah blah. You haven’t said a damn thing I haven’t read here 200 times. Try contributing instead of echoing.

          • Frederick Bowers

            Not to swift are you? Reading something 200 times and still can’t get it through you numb skull !

          • Not too good at typing, huh? Try spellcheck sometime, numbskull.

          • Joe Are Hintz


          • ward

            200 times and still a head up & locked libtard dupe of bo’s lies & deceit without any logical support to Freedom and Rights of the U.S. Citizens !

          • Freedom and Rights? Logical support?

          • ward

            Do you have any idea that your support of bo & his crony administration is internally destroying U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights ? Are you a part of the deceitful lies that support bo’s treasonous abuse of power…?

          • Am I part of the deceitful lies? Well, I’m a citizen, working hard, earning a decent wage, I have health insurance, a safe house and neighborhood, some savings, vacation time and a dog. So yeah, I’m really suffering from Bo’s treasonous abuse of power.

          • karacek

            Bet you got those before Obummer and not in the last 6 1/2 years!

          • Some yes, some no. But I haven’t lost anything in the past 6 1/2 years, and he hasn’t tried to take anything away from me.

      • Frederick Bowers

        Where do you buy your groceries ? Some of the items have doubled or tripled in the last 5 years and the ones that have stayed close to normal are giving less for the same price or a little higher. But the containers are the same size with less product. Don’t pay attention much do you?

        • Wages go up. The price of fuel was soaring until recently. Shareholders demand return on their investments. That’s free enterprise, the power of the marketplace. Not government intervention. Of course, the drought in California, Texas and the Midwest can also be contributing to a rise in prices, but that’s not the government either. In fact, it’s not even human-related. It’s God’s doing.

          • ward

            bo is socialistic to the point of duping your type into a freeloading society & after bankrupting the country will enslave you with his created tyranny dictatorship … ! Only he will not succeed … ! The Patriotic U.S Citizens that protect the U.S. Constitution will squelch him along with his crony administration support like your type … !

          • He better get real busy – he’s only got a year and a half left to establish his Muslim dictatorship. Lots to do!!

          • ward

            bo and your type are creating your own ignorant demise … !

          • Yeah, let me know when my demise is about to start. A week’s notice would be very nice, but even an hour warning would let me gather my guns, dogs and wives (in that order).

          • ward

            Your demise already started 6+ years ago but your head being up and locked on bo’s support will not let you see the reality & bo’s stench of treason to U.S. Citizens !

      • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq
        • All I have to do is open my eyes and look around me. I don’t need to read any right-wing fascist bullsh*t.

          • ward

            First & foremost you have to pull your up & locked head out to see the facts of the bo lies & deceit to the U.S. !

      • ward

        The U.S. has never been threatened to lose Freedom & Rights so much as by bo & his crony muslim , commie administration ! bo is the #1 enemy against the U.S. Constitution and Patriotic Citizens that are protecting the National Security from his illegal foreigners and terrorist muslim invasion that he has created ….! bo has to go 2015 ASAP to stop a wannabe dictator from hell !

      • Peter Smith

        The shape of the nation? $18 trillion dollars in debt and increasing to over $20 trillion prior to the Obama departure. Obamacare has added and will add several trillion more by 2020. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Labor participation rates below 63%, a.k.a. as “historic lows”. The Federal Government does not “create” jobs, they NEVER have. The stock martket is driven by private industry, not Obama. The prime interest rate is low because, the anemic economy will stall out completely if it goes up. Fewer Amerrican soldiers are dying, and the rest of the world is going up in flames, or haven’t you noticed? Food prices are and gas prices are once again controlled by private industry. The healthcare of the nation is a staggering drain on the tax payers. Over 50% of the population is on some sort of government assitance and the tax paying base is now less than 50% of the population. Do you really believe this is sustainable? Does this look good to you? I think you should take off the rose colored glasses.

        • vladilyich

          There is no question regarding the debt and its balance, the question is what caused it. As Eisenhower warned, THE MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. Trim the military. Stop buying them every toy around. Pull them home where they belong. If another country (like Israel) has enemies, that’s their problem not ours. The majority of our current debt was caused by feeding the voracious maw of the pentagon.

          • Peter Smith

            I’ll call BS on your assertion vlad. The military expenditures have been relatively flat in growth since about 1950. Large spikes in spending indicate the results of WWI and WWII. Ironically, the spending is increasing again around 2011. The lagest area of growth in the federal budget is in the “Entitlement Programs” area. These areas include expenditures on health care programs; pensions and retirement programs like Social Security; and welfare or social insurance programs like food stamps and unemployment compensation. This information comes from the NY Times, hardly a conservative bastion.
            Spending on entitlement programs was about $500 billion per year in 1972 in today’s dollars. If it had increased at the same rate as the gross domestic product, it would now be about $1.4 trillion. Instead, it is now about $2.9 trillion per year. What this means is that there has been about a $1.5 trillion increase in entitlement spending above and beyond gross domestic product growth. This information also comes from the Times.

            The Federal deficit is out of control mainly because of the entitlement programs and government handouts.
            I am in favor of the DOD spending, at least I see what I get for MY tax dollars. With the government handouts currently in place, not so much.

        • And the effect of all this debt is……?
          The inability to borrow? NO
          High interest rates for mortgages and other borrowing? NO
          Profitable companies and high CEO salaries? YES
          High stock market valuations? YES
          A flight of capital from the U.S. to other countries? NO
          High demand from American and foreign investors to buy US bonds and other forms of debt, because we have the best, most open and transparent accounting rules? YES

          • Peter Smith

            The profitable companies/CEO salaries has NOTHING to do with the Federal deficit. The Federal Debt has NOTHING to do with the stock market. The stock market is private industry. They are responsible to their investors to make a profit and grow the investors money. The Federal government couldn’t show a profit even if it meant their lives. OUr ability to borrow, flight of capital, and the purchase of government backed bonds WILL be impacted as the debt increases. Are you so naive that you think the United States could not wind up in a similar plight to Greece? What happens when the world no longer treats the USD as the number one currency in the world? The debt is rapidly approaching the figure at which the US Government will not even be able to keep up with the interest payments. That is the only reason the debts are not being called in already, we are still able to afford the interest payment. Uncontrolled, escalating debt will destroy the economy of this nation. Is that notion too far above your head?

          • Greece can’t print its own money. Big difference. Corporate salaries and profits are hugely dependent on the state of the economy, on the companies’ abilities to borrow, on the public’s mood and their ability to buy their products. Those notions aren’t TOO far above YOUR head, are they Genius?

            But you DO agree that “OUr ability to borrow, flight of capital, and the purchase of government backed bonds WILL be impacted as the debt increases”. So when will the impacts show up? You folks have been predicting financial Armageddon for 5 years now, and like I said, we seem to be humming right along.

          • Peter Smith

            That’s the problem moron, the Obama administration thinks you can pay your debts by just printing more currency, it doesn’t work that way. The more currency out in circulation actually devalues the currency.
            If the “financial Armageddon” you mention arrives, who will YOU blame? We are NOT “humming right along”, we are sputtering to an eventual stop.

          • The sputtering stop has been predicted for 6 years now. Could you give me an idea of when to expect it?

            And in case you haven’t noticed, moron, the Federal Reserve is not part of the Administration. No president has controlled it. It’s THEIR policy, not Obama’s.

            When will you get it thru your numb skull that we are nothing like Greece? We control our own currency, the amount in circulation, the value of it. Nothing like the Eurozone.

          • Peter Smith

            If I knew when or if the USD crash was coming, I wouldn’t be dealing with idiots such as yourself.
            No, the Federal reserve is a collection of privately owned Wall Street banks. They set the prime interest rates and dole out money as they see fit.
            When a country goes in debt, the banks will continue to loan money as long as they are assured payment of the interest and the prime. With the escalation of federal debt seen in the last 6 1/2 years, it won’t be long until we cannot sustain the payments. When you miss a payment, the banks tend to not loan additional moneys. But you are wrong in another aspect, we DO NOT control our currency, the Federal reserve (Wall St. banks), does. We cover our debt by selling bonds to the Federal reserve. They love giving the federal government loans because, to date, they have made all of their payments. That will not be the case if we default. And dumb-ss, there is currently more USD in circulation than ever in our history, this in itself devalues the USD. And since 1900, the USD has lost over 90% of it’s value. This is a fact.
            When the debt hits $20 trillion, times will change, mark my words. We already lost our A+ credit rating, how far will it go?

          • The major danger of a default has been and will be caused again by the jerkwads in the Tea Party.

            And when I said that “we” control our currency, I was speaking of America. Not the general population. Too bad that was confusing to you. WE have the power to devalue it, for example, as did Canada and Russia devalue there’s recently. WE control the flow of money and the interest rates; they are not imposed by a foreign Central Bank in Geneva or Beijing. Big difference with Greece.

            How ironic that you mentioned the loss of the US’s A+ credit rating. What was it caused by?? Cruz and Boehner and the Tea Party. Think about it.

          • Peter Smith

            The only thing that can save this country is
            “We The People” and the Constitution. And we have to actually adhere to the Laws in said document. The Tea Party is the only Constitutional, Conservative party. The Tea Party are also fiscal Conservatives, something the current administration cannot stand. Obama has proven time and again that the Constitution makes no matter to him. Obama and his administration think they have an open checkbook with unlimited funds. Hence, the $18 trillion plus deficit. This is not the case. The Tea Party is saying we have to learn to live within our means, something that is the antithesis of the progressive, liberal left and their leader, the DC Idiot, Obama. Obama and the liberal Democrats is Congress have given unprecedented powers to the UN. Powers that should be sovereign. The actions of this administration prove they do not respect or care for the United States and our citizens.
            And the A+ credit rating loss was the result of the rapidly escalating debt, $7.5 trillion in 6 years, that still has no signs of slowing down and the absolute garbage fiscal legislation being passed by Congress at the time. Not the Republicans and the Tea Party as you assert. The liberal Democratic party had a near super majority in the Congress for four years and these inept and dangerous fiscal policies we are faced with were instituted during this Democratic stranglehold on the nation and the government. This if the fact of the matter. I’m sure your next attempt at the blame game will involve President Bush. That is the way the liberal left rolls.

          • Go back and look at recent history, and follow the timeline for when the nation’s credit rating was downgraded. You are mistaken.

            What sovereign powers have the Obama administration ceded to the UN? And IF what you say is true, why hasn’t Congress made a fuss? But I’ll wait to see what powers you list before discussing further. Thanks.

          • Peter Smith

            No, I am not wrong. The economic policies (disasters is a better term) of the Obama administration and the escalating national debt under Obama caused the downgrade. The Democrats have controlled the Senate from 1/2007 through 1/2015. They controlled the House from 1/2007 through 1/2011. Even when the Conservatives took control of the House in 1/2011, most House bills never passed the desk of the Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. They died the moment they were delivered to Reid.

            How about Obama by-passing Congress and signing the UN Weapons treaty that is in direct conflict with the 2nd Amendment. When a blue hat UN soldier comes to my door for my weapons, he will have taken his last breath on this planet and I hope he has made his peace with God.

          • Presidents sign treaties. Congress ratifies treaties. If Congress doesn’t ratify, then it’s not a legal treaty. Easy to understand, isn’t it? You’re kidding about the blue hat thing, right? Is that another Beck scare tactic, like the nonsense with the death panels? Make up something totally impossible and irrelevant and false, and then fight against it. Geez, get a grip on reality!

          • Peter Smith

            Since when has this president decided to follow the rules and laws of this nation? He has repeatedly gone around Congress with illegal executive orders.

            No, I’m not kidding about the UN.

            The political parties could not work together because of the massive, escalating debt being accrued by the Obama administration. Hell, most years the Obama administration did not even submit a Budget Proposal to Congress. This is a legal matter that once again, the Obama administration shrugged off. On the rare years a Proposal was submitted, the entire Congress voted against the proposal. The credit rating dropped because of a lack of any type of rational economic policy from the Obama administration. These facts are also there and of great ease to look up.

          • I recall one and possibly 2 Executive Orders that have been stayed by the courts. What qualifies as “repeatedly”?

          • Peter Smith

            Take a look and read for yourself. Obama is famous for using “presidential memoranda” along with his executive orders. They accomplish the same thing in the long run. Obama has used “presidential memoranda” more than any other president in US history.

            Look it up for yourself. Obama has also gotten crosswise with SCOTUS because of executive over reach on numerous occasions.

          • You know, it’s rather funny – or strange – how you bandy about with the term “facts”, as in “most years the Obama administration did not even submit a Budget Proposal to Congress.” Because I just did a search for the President’s budget for every fiscal year that Obama has been in office, and there’s a budget submitted for each year.

            So either you’re just too lazy to verify your “facts” and you’re just blowing hot air, or you’re echoing someone else’s lies.

          • Peter Smith

            How many were on time? How many have been adopted by Congress? Has even ONE budget proposal been followed by the Obama administration? Once again the term “because of a lack of any type of rational economic policy from the Obama administration” has real meaning in this discussion.

          • You said he flouted the law many times by not submitting a budget. Now you’re response is “how many were adopted by Congress”? As far as I know, he didn’t flout any law by not having his budget adopted by Congress. As far as I remember, Boehner always said they were DOA.

          • Peter Smith

            He did flout the laws by not submitting a budget proposal on time. Without the presidential Proposal, the House begins budget deliberations without the proposal, this actually happened under Obama. Do I need to tell you how many other times in US history this has occurred?

            “Boehner always said they were DOA.” 2009 to 2011, the Democrats held solid majorities in Congress, Boehner had no say. After that Congress was split in the two chambers House and Senate.

            2009 $1.413 trillion deficit
            2010 $1.294 trillion deficit
            2011 $1.300 trillion deficit
            2010 $1.087 trillion deficit
            2013 $680 billion deficit
            2014 $483 billion deficit
            2015* $583 billion deficit (budgeted)
            2016* $474 billion deficit (budgeted)
            If I came to you and said I was going to spend $1 million dollars more than you had, my request would be DOA as well. Obama would not be the first president that was told his budget was DOA by Congress. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

          • Earlier you called me a moron. Now its my turn, because you’re either incredibly dumb, naive, or you have a memory like a sieve.

            Boehner and his party either filibustered every debate when they were in the minority, or otherwise pulled some trick to avoid a vote which they might have lost.

            Please don’t tell obvious lies. You’re embarrassing yourself.

          • Peter Smith

            OH, wait, I’ll call BS on that. The filibuster is a tactic that has been used by BOTH parties when they had a losing minority and wished to extend a possible vote on legislation that was not to their liking. It didn’t do the Conservatives any good when it came to political appointees did it? When the heat in the kitchen and the Conservative party tried to apply any kind of pressure for responsible governing by the liberals, Harry Reid imposed the “nuclear option” in the Senate. This effectively eliminated a filibuster and changed the voting rules to a simple majority. On a tangent, how would you classify the House bills that languished on Harry Reid’s desk never to be voted on by the Senate? Many of these bills bi-partisan and a few even had unanimous House support. Who is the obstructionist in this case?
            That being said, I still classify you as a moron, I Seigel, because you still believe in the liberals in Washington DC and I never have. Enjoy.

          • Peter Smith

            Some more information on the budget proposals of Obama.


            The Budget Act requires that he submit a blueprint for taxes and spending by the first Monday in February, but only once, in 2010, has he met that deadline. This year, the White House hasn’t yet said when it will have a plan.

            House Republicans passed budgets in 2011 and 2012, though they never reached final agreement with the Senate, where Democrats haven’t written a budget since 2009.

            Then there are two Obama presidential budget proposals that were rejected by unanimous votes in Congress. When the president’s own party are in unanimous disagreement with his proposals, that should be taken as red flag in his agenda. It is bad enough when the opposition says the budget will be DOA, but when your own party proves it…….

          • Apparently you missed it. Here is the link to the 2016 budget proposal. If you cant find the 2015 budget proposal yourself, let me know and I’ll do your work for you.

          • Peter Smith

            If you saw my other reply, I listed the budgets from 2009 through 2016. I also put an asterisk and noted that 2015 and 2016 where budgeted numbers only. I guess this information was lost over the extended period of time between postings. I don’t need any kind of help from a liberal.

          • ward

            You sure as hell have no idea of what you are posting & have no knowledge of the real U.S. Economy but that is a normal default in your type libtard ignorance of bo ! You will not have shit if bo continues his E.O.’d internal destruction to the U.S. economy by bankruptcy …. !

      • Pathfinder0100

        You are so full of s#$#

      • DDC SR

        Sorry to say your so blind! In going on around you! Read your bible and you under stand whats happening! The Goverment is taking our freedom from us!

        • What’s so horrible in YOUR life?

    • ward

      bo has committed so many violations to his POTUS worn oath that if the truths were known by the U.S. Citizens, bo would not be POTUS !

    • Buzz

      Congress can stop it and so can the “good, the decent” still left in America..perhaps there may even be a few liberals that agree with me conservatives..maybe..long shot, but

      • ward

        The U.S. Military could nail bo for dereliction of duty with four Benghazi murders alone but it appears bo has purged all the good officers into illegal dismissal to protect his guilty ass … !

        • Buzz

          Yes, you are correct! Our Congress is as guilty as bad odor that emanates from DC around the USA; yes, he has purged over 22 top ranking officers and from all of the military divisions; he has also killed many informants and his queer lovers. The forefathers, the Constitution had reasons for a President to be natural born and we are seeing why, no allegiance, no care, just spend our money golfing and traveling!
          The Constitution needs to go back to what it was before the mid 1800s when it was changed, making us a Corporation where each of us are assets to be used as pawns rather than to be the employers of the Senate, House of Reps. etc.
          I cannot figure out why these that have been purged are not quietly figuring out how to take him out; as for that matter. why haven’t one of our violated military pilots done it or even a black person that he continues to use and abuse..we have guns that can zero in from a half mile or more and we have excellent marksmen to boot.
          Truly, he has brought us to our knees while the pastors sit back and preach the Bible wrong, while they sit back and do little to nothing to encourage their membership to hold tight to the morals, values, etc., of America, to do what they can to help keep it that way. Isn’t a heretic one that does not truly believe and/or know the true meaning of the Bible and its author, yet claims to be a Christia?; It is said that a fourth of the military is willing to kill the people they swear to protect and these are his Nationalized Army..not so good.

          • ward

            Foreign illegals bo is letting into the U.S. appear as his gestapo type created thugs to support his own wannabe dictated tyranny by his muslim brother hood from hell !

  • gerald Hughes

    Why not, Obama has been ignoring the law for 6.5 years


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