Hypocrisy Much?

June 9, 2015

Hillary-HypocrisyOn the same evening Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was at a LGBT fundraiser in Washington D.C., Fox Business Network’s “After the Bell” aired a report on the Clinton Health Initiative receiving millions of dollars from the Cameroon Baptist Convention’s health board, part of a Baptist church that compares homosexuality with incest, human trafficking and bestiality calling it “devilish” behavior .

The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger, Reason Magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Welch, and New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin reported on the donations as revealed by the newest list of donors from the Clinton Health Access Initiative, which lists the organization as giving an amount ranging between $1 million and $10 million since 2010.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign announcement video prominently featured a same-sex couple preparing to get married.

  • conservativemum

    She is a scary, psychopathic, lying harpy. The whole left wing is scary and out of control. Here is a short quiz that adds to all the heinous things we know about the Kill-ery


    The following is incredible. I didn’t get one correct answer!

    Six trivia questions to see how much history you really know. Be honest, it’s kind of fun and revealing. If you don’t know the answer make your best guess. Answer all of the questions (no cheating) before looking at the answers.

    And, NO, the answers to these questions aren’t Barack Obama.So w h o said it?

    1) “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

    A. Karl Marx
    B. Adolph Hitler
    C. Joseph Stalin
    D. Barack Obama
    E. None of the above

    2) “It’s time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and for the few…… And to replace it with shared responsibility, for shared prosperity.”

    A. Lenin
    B. Mussolini
    C. Idi Amin
    D. Barack Obama
    E. None of the above

    3) “(We) can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people.”

    A. Nikita Khrushev
    B. Joseph Goebbels
    C. Boris Yeltsin
    D. Barack Obama
    E. None of the above

    4) “We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own … in order to create this common ground.”

    A. Mao Tse Tung
    B. Hugo Chavez
    C. Kim Jong II
    D. Barack Obama
    E. None of the above

    5) “I certainly think the free-market has failed.”

    A. Karl Marx
    B. Lenin
    C. Molotov
    D. Barack Obama
    E. None of the above

    6) “I think it’s time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector in (the) entire economy that they are being watched.”

    A. Pinochet
    B. Milosevic
    C. Saddam Hussein
    D. Barack Obama
    E. None of the above . Scroll down for answers .

    The answers are ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    (1) E. None of the above. The statement was made by Hillary Clinton on 6/29/2004.

    (2) E. None of the above. The statement was made by Hillary Clinton on 5/29/2007.

    (3) E. None of the above. The statement was made by Hillary Clinton on 6/04/200.

    (4) E. None of the above. The statement was made by Hillary Clinton on 6/04/2007.

    (5 ) E. None of the above. The statement was made by Hillary Clinton on 6/04/2007.

    6). E. None of the above. The statement was made by Hillary Clinton on 9/02/2005.

    Want to know something scary? She may be the next president

  • I am sure the Power Hungry Whore, Hillary, LIES to her donors, most likely agreeing with them that homosexuality is perverted and against God, then turns around and promotes it for money! Hillary is a True Money Whore and LIAR, just like Obama!

  • Royce Beasley

    I must truly agree with FRED

  • steven

    She would give Bill head on TV for more money or power.

  • He is the World’s Larget piece

    I wonder for all her greed and the money she stole,with blood on her hands, still will not by HER WAY OUT OF HELL!

  • According to the Clinton Global Initiative website, the chairman is Bill and the vice chairman is Chelsea. The foundation has nothing to do with Hillary or her campaign.

    Keep trying though. You’ll come up with something useful. Someday.

    • ed

      You seriously believe this? There are many companies and organizations where the controlling stock holders are not on the board of directors. Do you believe these stock holders don’t voice an opinion or have any influence?

    • Duane11

      Yeah!!! And the Pope is an Arab!!!!!!

    • kybob

      You believe that? I got a bridge I want to sell you.

    • ann parker

      if you believe thag hillary has nothing to do with the initiative i have a bridge to sell you!

      • VERY original. Thanks for your comment.

  • fred

    here is what the Clinton’s care about, one thing…MONEY! If you have it, they will find a way to lie, cheat and steal it, guaranteed! They don’t care if you match their philosophy or ethics, they have none so that is moot!

    • You forgot POWER. And probably Chelsea. And their grandkid. And a fan and that thermos…

  • fpo

    Enough talk more action is needed, impeach Obozo, and arrest Hillary!

  • Mike N

    Hillary is all about power and greed. She has no morals. This always leads to a fall.

  • John VanderKelen

    Hillary sees no hypocrisy as long as it coincides with her perceived ends. May God reveal Jesus to her wicked soul through the eyes of faith!

  • Gerry Costa

    We all know what the witch is like but what about this so-called Baptist church falling for BS ??? What favor are they looking to get from her if for some UNGODLY reason she was put into office the same way obozo was ????????

    • He is the World’s Larget piece


  • James Maxwell

    Billary is a political whore of the worse kind, she will sell any one and
    anybody down the river for a penny. She will lie to your face, take
    your money and then go to your enemy and do the same to them.
    Only fools will believe anything she says or claims. She has one of the
    most corrupt records that we know of in the politics arena and still not
    in jail because the witnesses seem to die or disappear before they
    can be picked up.

    • Gerry Costa

      Everyone should know that by now so maybe you or someone can explain why people are still donating to her and backing her for president. Are people that blind or that ignorant ???????

      • James Maxwell

        I have wonder the same thing, especially when you look
        at both her and bills records. It makes you wonder even
        more why they are not both in jail. I know that politically
        the Congress did not want to be the first to actually do
        their job and remove bill from office. They had the
        ability to and the right to do so. Hillery is not an
        elected official but seems to have an unusual amount
        of political clout with people. and can seem to walk
        with impunity around the legal system. Personally I
        think she scares the hell out of everyone who comes
        into contact with her.

        • reggie

          For a $100 million donation from Frank Giustra’s company and more millions from him, he got the Colombian Trade agreement, and a seat on the family business board. Not bad.

      • Jarhead

        It could be go old Mafia EXTORTION?

      • George Cullen

        Well, they RE-elected the pseudo-president, B.O., didn’t they?

        • reggie

          When George Soros is connected (owns?) the company that counts votes …
          The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do. Joseph Stalin

    • Gov Christie is a political whore of the worse kind, he will sell any one and
      anybody down the river for a penny. He will lie to your face, take
      your money and then go to your enemy and do the same to them.
      Only fools will believe anything he says or claims. He has one of the
      most corrupt records that we know of in the politics arena and still not
      in jail because the witnesses seem to die or disappear before they
      can be picked up.

      • Duane11

        Sounds like the Obama conspiracy where people with knowledge of his past have died suddenly when they were scheduled to present evidence that disputed his denial of Muslim and socialist connections. His birthplace, his stepfather, his phone calls and letters to enemies of our country like Iran, Hamas, Assad, Muslim Brotherhood, his secret letters and phone calls to Putin and all of our enemies, to discuss how to bring down America, all taking place before his election. His signing off on illegal Muslim immigration into the United States, telling the Border Patrol and entry points not to search and let them pass through. Nothing this Psuedo-President does along with Hillary is surprising and they still have not really started with what the World Order group has in store for the populations of the earth. There is going to be mass killings of human beings in every nation to start their real goal in motion.

        • Oh, now there’s an Obama conspiracy, like the Clinton one? People have mysteriously died?

          I’ve been hearing about the World Order for the past 6 years? When are these mass killings going to start, anyway? He’s only got a year and a half left in office. Who will be carrying out the mass killings?

          • donemyhomework

            Wait up, I get the feeling you’re going to get to see it first hand. And, I really hope I’m wrong. I can take the criticism.

          • Can you give me an idea of when? I might want to sell some stocks, buy some beans and rice.

          • Duane11

            You will be the first to know when they come to your house and take your guns, food and give you free room and board at one of their camps. We’ll then seen how intelligent you will feel, and would really enjoy seeing the lack of a smirk on your face when reality sets in.

          • Aw, c’mon, please? Just a little hint? You all seem to know everything that the lamestream media doesn’t report. So I know you have the inside scoop. So when will it be? July 4th? That would be ironic. 9/11? Thanksgiving? Next year, surely. Not after Obama leaves office, I hope. I don’t want to have to wait that long.

          • donemyhomework

            I agree with that, I’ve seen the markings of that trail.Dwain, you’re right on the money.

          • donemyhomework

            No idea, I just have a gut feeling. I think it’s going to happen after the currency change.

          • The currency change? What’s that about?

          • donemyhomework

            You are definitely out of the loop. FATCA HR Bill 2847. That will help to confuse things more.

          • Wait a minute! Here is a headline from a conservative website of April, 2014. LAST YEAR:

            H.R. 2847: This New Bill Will Go Into Effective On July 1st, 2014. It Will Usher In The True Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar, And Will Make Millions Of Americans Poorer, Overnight.

            This bill has been the law for almost a year now. What collapse? I haven’t seen the mass killings and martial law yet, much less the collapse of the economy, the stock market or the jobs market. What’s up with that?

          • donemyhomework

            The change is taking place in stages…you’ll have to read a little further than that. Bills always have added garbage to them and they are beyond sneaky. Take for another example Choke Point for Gun control piggy backed on a Bill. How about the Trade Promotion Authority piggy backed on a bill to give the President exclusive control over Immigration to the United States. More executive authority assumed by the President to increase the saturation of the US by a Muslim population taken indiscriminately from war zones. It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. I was a Contract Administrator, have you ever heard of the phrase “time is of the essence”. I’m trying to communicate but I don’t have time to write a thesis So you’re not going to get a QED.

          • OK, you got some things a little mixed up.

            First of all, when you said there was an Immigration bill piggy backed on the TPA bill – that’s completely wrong. In fact, Congress and the White House agreed that there would be TWO bills that would proceed thru Congress in parallel, so that the TPA bill could be passed up or down, while the Immigration bill could be amended with pork and other issues. Check it out and you’ll see that I’m correct.

            Secondly, about the “Choke Point” thing piggy backed onto a bill. The ONLY people that would allow that to happen are the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader. They both happen to be Republicans, you know. No one from the WH has the authority to sneak an amendment onto a bill. If anyone is doing the sneaking these days, it’s Republicans, and I doubt they’re doing it with an issue like gun control, unless it’s to make the rules even MORE lenient, not less.

            And the Currency law that was referred to earlier – HR2847 – has been in effect for almost exactly a year now. If any hidden garbage in it hasn’t already been discovered, we have some piss poor journalists and politicians. Sometime a box of chocolates is… a box of chocolates.

          • donemyhomework

            Thank you, I’ll consider what you say and do more research. I have no problem admitting if I’m wrong or I’m misguided. I just do more research to decrease error and increase certainty.

          • Duane11

            I’m thinking your timeline is a little off. Both the speaker of the house and the majority leader were Democraps in a Democrapic controlled Senate and House when those actions took place. Wake up, you’re lagging behind!!!

          • Please explain. When what actions took place?

          • reggie

            He’s a troll.

          • donemyhomework

            I agree with that.

          • Duane11

            Do you honestly think the breakdown in the police and black community is just a coincidence? How soon do you think that he will declare martial law with the pretext of maintaining control of the populace? Do you actually think the Mideast conflict was just a result of a mistake of withdrawal of the contingency forces that was not planned before his second election? He knew the consequences of his actions in the middle east, the red line, his previous letters with the Iranian leadership, the Libya conflagration, backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, all planned and everything falling into place. Wake up and smell the carrion from the beheading and the burning flesh of his enemies.

          • Ok, then I assume that Bush knew all along that there was no WMD, that going in and deposing/killing Saddam would lead to a resurgent Iran, total chaos in the Middle East, and the deaths of thousands of our soldiers. When will he and Cheney and Rumsfeld be tried as traitors?

            And let’s say that he did know the consequences of all of his actions. If everyone hates him so much, how was he so sure that they would cooperate with his evil and oh-so-complicated master plan? The Ayatollah and Putin and al-Sisi and Assad all just playing along with his plan, doing their parts, Obama pulling all their strings?

          • donemyhomework

            Meet the guys behind the Baltimore riot. Crips and Bloods that don’t usually work together and those nice gentlemen wearing the pink bow ties are representatives of CAIR , or MOA, Graphic evidence that there is an undercurrent of planning toward social upheaval. And the red circles with the finger up in the air…the sign of ISIS.

        • donemyhomework

          Looks to me like he has a deal with the terrorist groups and the Muslim Brotherhood to clear a path for him so he can pull the strings and orchestrate things on this end. That makes perfect sense. That’s why nobody has the nerve to touch him. Gangster style elevated to the “nth” degree.

          • conservativemum

            don’t feed the troll- it is depraved, sick and incredibly stupid. You don’t need to go there. Taints the soul.

          • donemyhomework

            conservativemum. I hope you’re right…I really do. I don’t just really do…I really, really do.

          • reggie

            Chicago politics on an national scale.

          • donemyhomework

            Hey look, things just got a whole lot worse. The new York police are accelerating measures to acquire more and more Muslim Police Officers.
            That’s got to be the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen. Their eyes brighten (Muslims) because they realize they are one step closer to final Jihad. THAT’S THE ONLY REASON. Muslim Police Officers who enforce Sharia and
            have no regard for Public Safety. And further…doesn’t ANYONE KNOW how Mohammed took Medina??? Through that specific kind of deceit and
            deception. And nobody’s read the Quran. The Politicians and Police in New York are all brain dead.

          • reggie

            I missed that one. Thanks for the heads up. What is wrong with those people. So we have muslim police in NY, Somali police in Lewiston,ME, illegals in the military if skum gets his way. Wonderful. counterjihadreport dot com.

          • donemyhomework

            Yes! Medina, Medina, Medina…their eyes lite up…the Prophesy is true…take over is imminent. Thank you ISIS for showing us what America is going to be like if we don’t do what needs to be done on the local level. Be prepared.

      • Webb

        Neither is Hillary!
        “witnesses seem to die or disappear before they
        can be picked up”…Exactly Like Hillary!

      • ann parker

        are you talking about christie or hilliary?

  • gpicha

    The lies continue from that bitch.


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