Ill Communication? Patriot Act surveillance dies under Rand Paul

June 1, 2015

Congress Surveillance_Cham660250_20150601_045538
The National Security Agency’s ability to collect the phone records of millions of Americans in bulk expired late Sunday after the Senate failed to strike a deal before the midnight deadline.

However, that program, as well as several other post-9/11 counterterrorism measures, were likely to be revived in some form in the coming days after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. reluctantly embraced a House-passed bill that would extend the anti-terror provisions, while also remaking the bulk phone collections program.

Members of the GOP-controlled chamber had returned to Capitol Hill for a rare Sunday afternoon session in a last-ditch effort to extend the NSA’s authority to search for terror connections and to authorize two other programs under the Patriot Act, which took effect in the weeks after the 2001 attacks.

  • KDC

    You go, Rand. Thanks for doing that for us. If we let them keep getting away with this disregard for our rights and the law, it will get much worse. Finally someone did something in our favor.

  • ADRoberts

    It is unconstitutional. What is so hard to understand. Oh, that is right. Their elite masters want it.

  • Philip Allen

    If needing the Patriot Act/USA Freedom Act is so important to stopping terrorism then tell me why closing the borders that is letting the terrorist in this country not equally important? How about the President Mr. Obama releasing 5 Gitmo terrorist and wanting to make a deal with Iran a terrorist country as well as a sponsor of terrorism. The way I see it is The Federal Government and it’s leaders such as Barrack Obama, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just to name a few think it’s ok to take away the freedoms of the American Citizen but not hold the President Mr. Obama and our other leaders accountable for this mess. If they would close our borders, quit letting terrorist out of prison and quit trying to make deals with our enemies instead of trying to destroy them we probably wouldn’t need a Patriot Act/USA Freedom Act but because we have a traitor and a President that has committed treason and a Congress that lets him get by with it (a do nothing Congress) this is the excuse they use to pass the Patriot Act/USA Freedom Act that ultimately end up taking away our freedom and liberties. Need I Say More?

    • Karen

      Nope, I think you’ve covered it pretty well, Sir, and I commend you!

  • Judy McKinney

    Not to change the subject (much) but can this (about gay rights) from Canada possibly be true??

  • Webb

    At least Government is Somewhat Off From Our Phones…
    Now IF, we could get Government Out of Lives Alltogether, Out Of Our kitchens, bedrooms And bathrooms, out of our property, Life would be so much Better!
    REGULATIONS…from Government has increased their power over our lives and cost us money in our personnel lives…Government Should Protect our borders and let Americans Live!!
    We Are Governed By The ABC AGENCIES…Its Time we took back our Lives!!

    • Amen to that. Government should stay out of our lives. Out of our kitchens, our bedrooms and our bodies. We don’t need government telling us who we should or shouldn’t marry, and we don’t need know-nothing politicians telling us when to have babies and getting in the way of private medical decisions between a doctor and patient.


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