Iran indictments, sanctions a one-two punch to Obama nuclear deal critics

March 25, 2016

An Iranian hacker managed to gain control of the computer systems that worked the sluices on a New York dam — but luckily the gates had been taken offline for maintenance at the time, foiling any possible mischief, federal prosecutors said Thursday, announcing charges against seven Iran-backed operatives for hacking American infrastructure.

Minutes after the indictments were announced, the Treasury Department said it had imposed sanctions on backers of Iran’s ballistic missile program, in a one-two punch that seemed intended to push back against Obama administration critics who said the U.S. was kowtowing to the Iranian regime in the wake of last year’s historic nuclear deal.

Analysts said the charges against the hackers mark the first time the government has pursued a case against citizens working for a foreign power who tried to disrupt U.S. infrastructure.

In addition to the indictment connected to the New York dam, the hackers stand accused of trying to shut down the computers of the New York Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq composite, Bank of America, Capitol One Bank and dozens of other major financial institutions, disabling bank websites and denying customers online access to their accounts.

  • CharlieSeattle

    …Treasury Department said it had imposed sanctions on backers of Iran’s ballistic missile program?

    Banning Jack Daniels and toner ink after releasing billions in frozen Iranian funds is just a bit soft.

  • ADRoberts

    Just a matter of time. Obama will never go after muslims the way it will be necessary to totally dishearten them and put a stop to their atrocities. He is a MUSLIM. And he will never take action to really shut them down.

    • Gnowark

      SSSHHHHHHH! That’s a secret, kept as well as everything the MIC does (worse even than Carter CIC).

      • ADRoberts

        Not really a secret. I don’t think anyone can find a single time that Obama has taken real action against muslim jihadists. Just like the Republican, pretending to oppose the effort to bankrupt our nation through spending by the government.

        • Gnowark

          Quite Right! (Gov’t Spending cures bankruptcy, on both sides of the aisle, as long as they spend our money and not theirs)

          • ADRoberts

            They have been very effective in keeping inflation from heating up. If they ever decided it is time to trigger it, or they lose control, we will see that EVERYONE will be paying, with loss of lives, starvation, anarchy, and an offer by the VERY ONES WHO CAUSED THIS to save us if we will just give up our guns and our freedoms.

  • delbert chaudoin

    Way to show those pesky Iranians who is boss, huh obama. Don’t worry. Just send them a few billion more dollars. That’ll show them. Put them in a higher tax bracket. We can afford it. After all, we’re only ten or twenty trillion dollars in debt. We can easily afford it.

    • Gnowark

      Ten or twenty trillion, that’s just what they couldn’t fudge away. We’re even better at borrowing our way out of debt than it seems. Ayn was right.

  • Gnowark

    Someone once told me something about a “false flag,” but I only know that 1.being charged with hacking our infrastructure will definitely stop any further aggression,
    2. Luckily those who hacked into the sluice system weren’t able to see the ‘maintenance – system down notice(s) ‘
    My government told me so, and they wouldn’t lie just to win an election, would they?

    • The Redhawk

      and “transparent’ Baracky the Stupid IMAM NEVER LIES!!!! and so Ordered his STUPID Administration IDIOTS!!!
      BUT will Congress UNITE and IMPOSE SANCTIONS since IRAN is Laughing at Kerry, Clinton and Baracky for being a Collection of Naïve STUPID MORONS?????? Oh how about this Adam Schiff , melon head Cummings and all the Progressive LOONS the BARACKY Supporters for his STUPID DEAL ???

    • CharlieSeattle

      It’s OK to be paranoid when,
      …the terrorists are REALLY attacking the west.
      …our Taqiyya practicing, MB President is REALLY aiding them.
      …a complicit congress is ENABLING Obama’s treasonous acts.
      …………open borders.
      …………millions of illegal aliens.
      …………tens of thousands H-1b workers.
      …………thousands of muslim RAPEfugees.
      …………hamstringing border US border patrol efforts.
      …………usurping congressional authority.
      …………ignoring existing immigration laws.

      They are not lying when it is ALL in the open and in your face.

    • Byron Hall

      I’m with you on this one. The worst is yet to come. How lucky we are that this act of aggression was foiled. This is the calm before the storm

    • delbert chaudoin

      Them telling you about a false flag was just some dirty truth teller handing you a false flag. Stand behind our TOTALLY trustworthy government. Have they ever lied to you?

      • Gnowark

        NO, NEVER HAVE THEY LIED TO ME! (I never liked my doctor, anyway). If I remember correctly, now I have to drink the kool-aid … For MY benefit, of course, always helping me to follow because when I lead myself, it looks like they aren’t as important as they want me to believe.


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