ISIS Calls For “Slaughter Of Americans” On Election Day

November 6, 2016

Rita KatzOne day after US intelligence sources warned that Al-Qaeda may be preparing for potential terrorist attacks in New York, Texas and Virginia, on Saturday the Islamic State called for the “slaughter” of U.S. voters on Election Day and demanded that Muslims not participate in the democratic process because “there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties in their “policies against Islam and Muslims.”

Ritz Katz, director of terrorist monitoring group SITE Intelligence Group, said Saturday on Twitter that the threats appear in an essay carried by the Islamic State’s Al Hayat media center that declares militants “have come to slaughter you and smash your ballot boxes.”

“May Allah make this year’s U.S. presidential election a dreadful calamity like no other to have struck America throughout its pathetic history,” the seven-page manifesto, entitled “The Murtadd Vote,” read.

Murtadd is an apostate who turns his back on Islam. The essay, which uses lengthy religious arguments in an effort to justify such attacks, also declares there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties in their “policies against Islam and Muslims”

Katz posted excerpts on Twitter, saying ISIS was inciting attacks on Election Day “in an attempt to disrupt the election process and gain media attention.”

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  • Tor293 says:

    Well America here we are on what could be the third worst day in the history of Our Country.
    1-November 4, 2008 Odumbo bought his way into the White House!
    2-November 6, 2012 Odumbo buys his way into the White House AGAIN!
    3-November 8, 2016 Hil-LIAR-ry buys her way into the White House!
    So America are you voting with your brain or voting like a weak minded follower? If you regret the last 8 years of Odumbo then by all means vote with the brain in your head not the one your sitting on!!

  • Tiger says:

    Go ahead and make Trump’s day. Go ahead and make it impossible for Clinton if she wins, to bring you people in by the millions. Go ahead and see what the American people do.

    You think we going to take it? You don’t think your mosques, businesses, homes, schools, organizations etc not going to be burned to the ground? You honestly believe we don’t have drones that go over your training camps and know what you are doing and you honestly believe you can do this without getting your asses filled with bullets?

    Go ahead, show us the true you and see how quick that border is plugged and you are thrown out of this country or stay at your own risk.

    I for F’n one am tired of these ragheads threatening us without anyone doing a damned thing to them so bring it on haji bring it on.

  • justinwachin says:

    Al Qaeda and every other Muslim terrorist group have failed to improve the quality of life for followers of Islam. Their idea of utopia is a place of misery, oppression, violence and poverty. If given a choice most Muslims would prefer to live in the United States where they could experience freedom, opportunity, peace and prosperity. In short, Muslims are better off living in Christian or Jewish led countries than living under Islamic rule.

    The best thing we can do on election day is to vote. I’m going to vote for candidates who are going to work to make America great again. Although our nation is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination it is still better than just about any other place on the planet.

  • doug says:

    If Hillary is elected president we will see terrorists attacks on the US on a daily bases! This is a guarantee, if this idiot claims she can defeat ISIS than why doesn’t she let that pathetic excuse for a human Barry Obama know how to do it! Hillary rotten Clinton you are the biggest liar that satan owns, your disgusting and a sicko, you and Obama are the biggest sewer rats there are, and we say drain the swamp, and I pray for your sake there are no Isis terrorists attacks, because we Americans know who to blame, you and Obama!

  • NolanR says:

    In order for this nation to become great again the cartridge box is going to
    have to replace the ballot box for a couple of years!

  • Front Sight says:

    “Blessed be the New Founding Fathers for letting us Purge and cleanse our souls; Blessed be America. a nation reborn.” The Purge, Universal Studios, 2013. How forward thinking.

  • Tunaby says:

    I know that we are all very uneasy. That is to be expected. In the next days we have absolutely no idea what the road ahead will be bringing.
    Just because Mr. Trump wins, does not mean an instant solution to all of the problems afflicting our beautiful country. It took a long time to reach the condition we, the people and our country find ourselves in. The real tragedy is that each one of us have to bear a part of the responsibility for all of this. we let this happen. We buried our heads in the sand, saying nothing; doing nothing. Now, that things are so horrifically bad, and we are forced to face the truth; now we are angry; now we are rattling our sabers. I pray we are not locking the barn door after the horses have gotten out.
    We need to put our anger in a place that will not affect our ability to clearly and calmly decide what part we as individuals and as groups will handle unfolding events. Acting out in anger and frustration only plays into the hands of those desiring to rob us of our Constitutional Rights and liberties. We, the people, need to be as calm and level headed as our Founders were when they planned, worked out , and wrote our Constitution.
    None of us know if there will even be an election, or if false flag events will lead to martial law. None of us know if Mr. Trump will be allowed to win.
    Should he win, then he is going to need each and everyone of us to support him with the same fervor that has been displayed during his campaign. He cannot do the necessary things to get us back on the right road without us.
    Washington is going to fight him every step of the way, and it won’t be just the democrats doing that. We need to stay in the face of EVERY member of congress: a constant never ending pressure until they wake up and realize that we, the people, are no longer asleep at the wheel.
    In the event that the election does not turn out the way we feel is best for our country,we need to be totally dedicated to planning and implementing
    ways to apply great pressure on those destroying us and our country in all ways within the law. We must not forget that we ARE a Nation of law. I feel that Mr. Trump, and those incredible leaders he has surrounded himself with, would organize , plan, and lead us in peacefully accomplishing the continuation of the “movement” if he is asked. Without good leaders , we cannot go forward . Anger unleashed only produces chaos. Chaos does not produce victory. There is a time and a place for everything.
    We cannot allow ourselves back into the same complacency that got us here.
    We must remember that the words, “in God we trust” were in the hearts and minds of our founders. We must remember all that have made the supreme sacrifice, and those that have suffered horribly, because their country was worth any sacrifice they had to pay. We have lost 5 more of our military heroes since October 19. We must pray for and hold close to our hearts and our memories each one and their loved ones. Their grief is immense, and their sacrifice unending. Pray for them.pray for our country. God help us all.
    Please remember to fly our flag Tuesday,Nov. 8, Election Day and
    Nov. 11, Veterans Day.
    Keep a green light burning this month to let our Veterans know that
    we are here and have not forgotten them.
    Take care and God bless
    Be aware of the environment surrounding you, when entering the polls.Make a quick mental note for escape/evade-just in case!! It’s easier to plan a head than it is to try to scope things out when the worst is happening.

  • Pat Cross says:

    why can’t we just kill every muslim we see in the USA? it’s for our national security

  • Jose says:

    This is probably being orchestrated by obama so if he sees the hrc is losing he can declare “martial law” and cancel the election to make sure that trump is not successful. Wait and see if this is not true if indeed attacks do occur. Maybe even paid for by who else but the one who wants to become obama puppet.

  • says:

    God put stupor in the brains of Hillary’s supporters.

  • ONTIME says:

    If there is such a attack in this country by cult islam and it is found to be the result of this horrifically bad open border immigration allowed by this administration…..light post will become decorated with their bodies because of the outrage and more innocents will suffer…..Keep your knife sharp and your powder dry…..

  • CintiCB says:

    ‘Our’ Muslim president could, very well, be behind this. He, probably, arranged the entire thing. After all, THEY MUST WIN, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  • Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    “May Allah make this year’s U.S. presidential election a dreadful calamity like no other to have struck America throughout its pathetic history,”
    BS! You know what I say?… F*** Allah and the Muslims that would try to interfere with our democratic process.

  • Tiger says:

    Good so Muslims will stay home. Now as to the threats I don’t doubt it, wondered what they were up to. Time for the National Guard to come out and protect all polling sites.

    Time to carry if you have a permit and time to stay vigilante. I feel sure many in our country will heed this call.

  • cunning says:

    Thats because Hillary is losing, they can not manipulate Trump, Hillary secretly sold them millions in arms to kill our boys.

  • ONLYJB1 says:

    I call for the elimination of all muslims in America, beginning Tuesday!

  • Leslie Woodhull says:

    People who are Muslim have a choice here in the US. You have great freedom here to live as your religion dictates within the safety and security of a nation settled by Christians who came here because of religious persecution in their home countries. If you are willing to live your religion in peace, then you are welcome here. If however, you have come to this great nation-especially those of you who WE HAVE RESCUED from a terrible political situation-and you intend to live the violent aspects of your religion and BITE THE HAND THAT HAS FED YOU, WE WILL FIND YOU, WE WILL PROSECUTE YOU. YOU WILL NOT LIVE HERE ENJOYING THE FRUITS OF FREEDOM THAT YOU DID NOT EARN, THAT YOUR BLOOD AND TREASURE YOU DID NOT PURCHASE!!!

  • wmagg says:

    well the worthless mud-hamid garbage should have no problem, as turd boy and hit-lier-y have imported over 60,000 of them for just that purpose.
    It is time We The People hold the government accountable for the damage they have done to our nation and OUR children’s future and our freedoms and rights.
    Anything that happens will be on turdboy’s head and on hit-lier-y

    1. Mike says:

      Bones beneath the feet of hundreds of thousands of Americans that have had enough of the underhanded back stabbing cheating lying corrupt politicians that think they can scare the people off this country into being sheep to be slaughtered by a group of people with a ideology of disgusting moral putrefaction being allowed to come to our land and breathe our air.

  • Webb says:

    Choice…November 8th – A Peaceful Nation by electing Trump Or by electing Hillary forever wondering when the next
    ISIS attack may occur Here in the USA! The mix of Muslims in our Government may be a problem…also the influx of muslim
    refugees Unvetted is a danger.
    Vote Trump – Save America ☆☆☆

    1. Tor293 says:

      Webb, let’s not forget Odumbo appointed them for a reason, he stated he’s going to continue living in Washington. With his Muslim bro’s in office he’ll influence Hil-LIAR-ry thru them and continue his goal to destroy Our Country!

      1. Webb says:

        I agree…Its scary to wonder of the amount of Muslims in Our Government. Hope For Trump!

  • Richard Nicoletti says:

    So lets keep electing muslims to important positions in govt.

    1. Mike says:

      With a toe tag on

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      This is Obama BS, not real Americans!

  • Grelberforever says:

    ISIS stands for I Slaughter I Suck. Ignore any local or state laws and tote ’em if you got ’em.

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      LOL! “Tote ’em if you got ’em”? Hup, Sarge!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Seems that the Dem. socialist party will do anything to get the Beast elected, and all muslims are for her, and has anyone noticed how quiet they have been lately, they’re wanting for something! Guns are like false teeth, you just don’t leave home with out them!!

    1. Mike says:

      Dead men tell NO lies people

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Amen brother!!

  • margo1942 says:

    people in this government is so good at blaming other people or countries for the dirty work they do.

  • JIMBO says:

    Another attempt by ISIS to control and disrupt the voting process. Get out and vote no matter who your candidate is.

    1. NolanR says:

      If your candidate is killary don’t bother!

  • Mike Tanco says:


    1. JIMBO says:

      You got that rights.

    2. margo1942 says:

      he was put there by fraud !

      1. Deborah Hull says:

        And Hillary will be by fraud as well. No 4 or 8 years of Hillary or we will be like Germany, France, etc.

      2. Tor293 says:

        Margo, isn’t that the truth and this election will be no different! The Electoral Collage crap and the set up in local town halls for unregistered voters should be BANNED!! Then maybe we’d get a President the American People want, we can comment all we want on here it does no good. We need to be seen and heard out in public by the 1,000’s, like the people in Poland did until then we’ll continue to “eat s*it and die”.

  • Niko says:

    I say it is time to “tactical nuke” – the meddling east and wipe that part of the Earth off of the map.

  • Sue says:

    Americans with carry permits should protect polling sites. Let’s permanently remove Islamic radicals from America if they begin to threaten voting rights.

    1. Mike says:

      Open Season did someone say open season?

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Remove them, PERIOD!

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    Well if you put hillary in our white house then these people will only get worst. Hillary is a danger to us and her followers can’t seem to see that.

    1. cutterguy says:

      they are fools

      1. Mike says:

        We will protect what is ours and our way of life with such veracity we will need to ship their corpses in oil tankers back to the hell they came from.

        1. Retired says:

          Fill the voids with lard.

    2. Mike says:

      They are Sooooooooooooooo stupid

    3. Tor293 says:

      Irene, her followers are just that, a bunch of weak mindless followers!
      I guess they think when she continues Odumbos destruction of America they will not be included. Either that or they just wanna say they helped elect the first woman President of the USA, which will be another disastrous history making mistake for America, like 2008 and 2012.


      1. gvette says:

        I asked one lady why she was voting for Killary, and her response was, ” she has given birth” It’s hard to fight that kind of stupidity.

        1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

          LOL! Remind the next one you run across like that that so did Ma Barker. (Who, on a certain level, may be the one Clinton’s really “Channeling”.)

          1. gvette says:

            I just walk away shaking my head. As we’ve said many times… you just can’t fix stupid!!

        2. grinnie says:

          And she loves Planned Parenthood, wonder why she didn’t use it…..(speaking if Shrillery of course.)

          1. lenati says:

            that is just about who she is GOD save us & protect the unborn

          2. gvette says:

            Makes you wonder, doesn’t. Beings one of Killary’s heros is Margret Sanger!! Is it to late to have Killary aborted?

        3. Mike says:

          She gave birth to a bloodline of bill Clinton ! Nuf sead !

          1. gvette says:

            So true!

      2. lenati says:

        that’s a good one ABC’s

    4. Wolfman says:

      Irene, They see it….they think if they kiss the muslim tooshies they won’t be targeted….How’d that work out in the gay night club in Orlando….or the California office party…???? The left wing pandering from the Democrats doesn’t seem to impress ISIS based on the contents in their little communique. The Democrat horde does not understand that they are just cannon fodder in the view of their own leadership….they don’t read the Wikileaks downloads to know how they are held in such low regard .By the way Obama and Hillary did fund the creation of ISIS!!!!

  • Raymond Charron says:

    Obozo, killery and all those un Americans can just find their peace in prison and not in a multi million dollar estate paid Gordon the blood of true Americans. We must let these kind of morons we won’t put up with it. Reverse the slaughter and hear them squawk. Enough is enough. No more sweet talk, decisive action. Get them out of this country, after they’be served their duty in an American prison.

    1. JIMBO says:

      Get them out before they serve there time in American prisons. Keeping prisoners cost tax payer dollars and they are not worth it. If they are American citizens and Muslim ISIS supporters try them for treason.

      1. Virginia Peiffer says:


  • delbert chaudoin says:


  • Denny says:

    Lock and Load, keep your head on a swivel.

    The Globalist puppets will try anything to bring this country to its’ knees. Watch for a false flag scenario to happen, almost guaranteed.

  • charles becker says:

    Ican only hope they show up in my neighborhood, my sniper rifle is ready.

  • lenati says:

    Thanks Obama & crew for allowing them into our BELOVED AMERICA God bless America TRUMP 2016.

    1. Retired says:

      They were in the country before Obama, remember 9/11. they were educated in the us as pilot students. Our problem started the tear when Immigrants no longer had to register in Jan. of the year. Clinton also let a lot into the country and yet the fools want to put the Clintons back into the WH.

      1. exoticdoc2 says:

        The Obamanation simply flooded us with a ton more of these terrorists and the Hildebeast threatens to increase the flow of these slime.

        1. Yvonnejfritz says:

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      2. Ken Stelter says:

        You are beginning to see the Establishment control of OUR Government for the last 28 years.

      3. lenati says:

        I remember all of this. It beats m e how so many can still be voting for her. Today is Monday 11/7 the day after the traitor Coney [FBI] turned coat & i has discharged all Hillary’s e-mails. The pot thiickens. I am sick over this. Mean time Obama, his wife Biden & also daughter Chelsa are all campaigning all over the Country at the tax payers expense. Trump is doing it basically alone at his own EXPENSE TRUMP 2016 God bless America.

        1. Frank629 says:

          lenati..the corruption is at a height now with this traitor comey that i’ve never could have imagined.pray to GOD that trump wins . IF not we will be in a dictatorship of mass proportions.GOG HELP US..

          1. Retired says:

            Comey does not want to comity suicide with bullets in the back .

          2. lenati says:

            exactly or unsuspected heart attack I could never have that job as I could not live with myself for the deception of our AMERICA GOD help us.

          3. Retired says:

            It seems like once they get into the WDC circle , they all lose self respect for the greed of power and the Dollar.

          4. lenati says:

            Amen Frank, God bless America today is the day TRUMP please God.

          5. lenati says:

            Frankie TRUMP Thank God God is giving America a second chance.. AMEN

          6. lenati says:

            Frankie Here it is Sat 11/12 he won yea against all odds

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