Just MARVELous: Captain America battles right-wing conservatives in new comic

October 18, 2015

In the latest issue of Marvel’s revamped Captain America, the iconic superhero takes on a group of right-wing conservatives trying to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border.

In “Captain America: Sam Wilson #1,” the superhero also known as Sam Wilson heads to the border to take on an “evil” militia group known as the Sons of the Serpent, who are patrolling the area between Mexico and Arizona, according to a video summary of the issue created by the Maciver Institute.

The Sons of the Serpent try to stop a group of illegal immigrants from crossing the border. They accuse the immigrants of invading a sovereign land to spread disease and crime, take American jobs and collect welfare.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Lol, Is Captain America a FA @ @ O T now too?

  • CharlieSeattle

    The correct term is……………….illegal aliens NOT illegal immigrants.

  • Dave Batz

    As I recall from reading about Ellis Island, all of those entering our nation were also required to submit to a Health Screening where if it was determined they had a dangerous disease or a pestilence problem, they were returned to wherever they came from, denied entrance. This did happen to a few of my predeccesors coming from Europe where diseases were also a reason for their emigration. They were denied entrance until they could prove they were disease free. Unfortunately, that’s not what is happening today. Oh, it would cost too much to Health Screen all these immigrants entering, and. cost too much to send them back. AND/OR, if they enter illegally, there can be NO Health Screening. Nationwide health reports are saying that certain diseases and pestilence have been increasing. This is what we MUST be aware of. What would Captain America say to that?

  • M J

    Gee – too bad we did not have more of these brave patriotic souls to stop thugs, like the one who was repeatedly released fron jail only to go and murder an American Citizen in Sanctuary-San-Cisco. “El Captian Mehico” would be more like it. May as well deport him as he is no longer an American. Makes viewing chioces much easier, as there is so much to watch these days!

  • Susan P

    If MARVEL insists on corrupting the morals of our super heroes then we will ALL have to stop spending our money on the trash Marvel is now producing.

  • Brady Harness

    A Clear and Blatant attempt by the Leftists under President “I’m a Bad Ass” to continue Mind manipulation of Americas young!!!

  • joe

    Captain America is a raving leftist, Wonder Woman is forced into a new, politically correct costume and attitude, Archie is gay…
    The comic books are reflecting the ridiculous change in America.

  • David Schantz

    I guess I won’t be buying any Marvel Comic Books for the Great Grand Kids next time we see them.

    God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

    • Bowserb

      While you’re at it, watch out for the Nickelodeon animation Dora the Explorer (and other programming on that channel.) That has been around for years brainwashing young children, making is seem like not speaking Spanish was bad and even condemning the law. In one of their programs, the “dog catcher” was the evil bad guy, and the hero won by tricking the bad-but-dumb dog catcher and turning loose all the stray dogs he had caught.

      The left has control of entertainment in this country. Most–or at least some–adults can recognize propaganda when they see it. Young children usually cannot.

  • George Bernard Vieto

    I remember the television series called “1,000 Ways To Die” that played on Spike television had a story similar to the latest “Captain America” comic book story.

  • larry

    REALLY!! This cartoon should be wearing a swastika not the color of the red white and blue

    • Bowserb

      Don’t you mean he should wear the “rainbow”?

      • CharlieSeattle

        That is next.

  • mcqueens2002

    Since Marvels loves the illegals let them support them with their money.

  • reagangs

    It won’t take long for the new CA to bite the dust. There are just a few (less than 1%) hard core radical liberals, progressives, socialist and commies in the US of A (most of them work for the UN and/or live in the EU). This kind of c**p just doesn’t get it.

    • Bowserb

      How many parents would think to check out a Captain America comic before their kids read it? The left knows what to do, and the left is patient. Brainwash the kids, and in 15 years or so, they are socialists.

  • lea82835

    I read an article that stated there are 102.6 Million Americans of working age that do not have a job, so why in the Hell are we letting ANYONE INTO THE COUNTRY AT THIS POINT. I believe in compassion, but our own citizens should come FIRST not the Muslims or anyone else that are arriving from Syria or any other Country. Those that are coming are mostly uneducated, do not speak any English and many end up on Welfare. This Wonderful Country of ours has accepted more immigrants than any other Country in the World and we have always been the FIRST to offer aid to Another Country. Think about WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and other wars where our help was given and our soldier’s blood soaked the soil. At this point AMERICA AND AMERICANS SHOULD COME FIRST. WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND RAISE HELL.

    • Darby Spencer

      Very well put, where we hit a snag is writing our congressmen and hope to get anything done. Lobbyists are the ones that congress pays any attention to-that’s where the money is

      • CharlieSeattle

        Long Live the Corporate Oligarchy!

  • Patriot47

    So now Captain America scurries over to the left that he fought against all those years. Marvel will not see any profit from me or mine.

    • Bowserb

      Don’t forget their owner, Disney. You are responsible for your kids. Disney is responsible for its subsidiaries.

  • TRASH….do not read these propagandist tabloids aimed at destroying our children!!!

  • mystate2

    Come here legally or go home and build up your birth country, get rid of crime, corruption, and hate!

  • Daryl

    Stan Lee patriot leading up to making a point ? Or fraud writer with a good imagination ? Or is it global elitist sell out puke?

  • jmortensen

    WELL this is the group to support .. Obama must have gotten to the comic writers why else would Captain America turn into a such a despot

  • PC Bob

    So, NOW they are making HEROES out of criminals? Definition of a criminal: anyone who thwarts the enforcement of legally enacted laws, forms VIGILANTE groups, attacks LAW ABIDING citizens. There are others. This is disgusting! When you become a criminal for trying to protect your own country, THAT is sad! Only liberal Progressives would support THIS comic!

    • NoCoincidences

      In other words: Socialists.

  • chuck stanford

    SO pam if we speak english we drive down property value. I was born here as a american speaking english. So what country you and your people come from.

  • SDofAZ

    More liberal crap.

  • mike

    Capt. AMERICA has his way.I have mine But like mine better and it works better put armed military people every 25 or 30yards with orders to shoot to kill any one trying to come any where but check points mike the hell with the fence

    • carpkiller

      I agree. Shoot the ALIEN INVADERS. The bastards are from everywhere, They have to be stopped.

  • nonstopca

    “And the American way” seems to mean something different then when I was reading comics.

    • Bowserb

      I’m sure if Marvel owned Superman, he would become transgendered, and instead of changing in a phone booth, he would run into a women’s rest room.

      • nonstopca

        Good one….

  • Charlie Jordan

    Another tool of Satan; he works in any way that he can to destroy what is right, In this case it is our Constitution.

  • John Mackey

    It shows that that 1776 Coalition is nothing but a liberal left leaning site as proven here and other times as well. And with this being known I will be ending this trash from coming into my in box. After all Illegals and Muslims are invading our country and if another democrat gets into the white house as President within 4 years this will be a Muslim Country. You can thank the Psycho Gay Muslim that is currently squatting in the white house now for it. Obama needs to be arrested and tried for Treason and crimes against the USA and it’s people./

    • PC Bob

      I agree with the last part of your post, but blocking 1776 Coalition? I don’t get the connection. They are merely reporting this to us, not supporting it.

    • Bowserb

      John, where did you hear about the new Marvel comics superhero: Psycho Gay Muslim?

  • GrizzMann

    And Marvel thinks that that is wrong? Sounds Presidential, Obama’s treatment of the Border Patrol.

  • Gnowark

    If only the villains were only fictional illegal alien invaders , instead of the citizens portayed as trying to menace the illegals. I recall art imitating life, NOT art subverting reality. I don’t believe Salvador Dali would even approve. But this is the appeal of Common Core, shaping children’s thoughts with the most common base to promote not-thinking.(“it’s all right, at least little Johnny’s reading”). I enjoyed comics as a youngster also, but then I grew up and found books to hold much, much, more value and education; and yes, some were fiction, but not THAT far from reality.
    “Atlas Shrugged, Now Non-Fiction”.

    • NoCoincidences

      Well..(“.little Johnny may be reading”), but he doesn’t comprehend the material that he regurgitates….

    • Bowserb

      Read some of Ayn Rand’s essays from the 1960’s. Scary and prophetic.

  • Rick Rogers

    I have enjoyed comics for years and it’s funny that the most American superhero of them all is complete misunderstood by the bigoted racist idiots that frequent this website.

    • Gnowark

      Don’t feel bad, we’ll forgive your frequency and your prejudice, Rick Rogers.

  • the left strikes again, ruining another american form of entertainment.

    • Rx7pj


      • no what?

        • Rx7pj

          Having trouble understanding English are you? ??
          No, the left does NOT strike again. And they are NOT ruining another American form of entertainment.
          Do you understand that?????

          • GrizzMann

            Another example of NEWSPEAK? An ambiguous euphemistic language used chiefly in political propaganda.

            Words with negative meanings are removed as redundant, so “bad” becomes
            “ungood”. Words with comparative and superlative meanings are also
            simplified, so “better” becomes “gooder”, and “best” becomes “goodest”.
            Intensifiers can be added, so “great” becomes “plusgood”, and
            “excellent” or “splendid” becomes “doubleplusgood”. This ambiguity
            between comparative/superlative forms and intensified forms is one of
            the few examples of ambiguity in Newspeak.

          • nonstopca

            I understand the words…..but they make NO sense…

          • PC Bob

            Best to just ignore him. You will never win a battle of wits with this one!

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            that is because he doesn’t have any wits.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            that is because he doesn’t have any wits, refers to rx7 in his pajamas

          • Ace Dragon


          • Bowserb

            Ace, please turn off the CAPS LOCK on your keyboard. All caps is called “shouting”. It is harder to read, and it makes you look like you can’t work a keyboard.

          • Rx7pj

            If YOU could read you would see ALL the BULLSHIT is coming from your buddies. It must really suck having your head stuck in your ass like you do.
            Feel sorry for yourself moron

          • AvidKamper47

            Someone else thinks IT MUST SUCK TO BE YOU.

          • iLLuSioNaTi

            اگر آپ مطالعہ کریں تو آپ سب بکواس آپ دوستوں سے آ رہا ہے نظر آتا تھا ۔ یہ واقعی چوسنا چاہئے اپنے سر آپ کی طرح آپ کے پچھواڑے میں پھنسے ہوئے ہیں ۔

            خود موراون کے لئے افسوس محسوس کرتے ہیں

        • Gnowark

          You’ll have to forgive rx7pj, Stephanie. It takes quite a bit of time for his thought to congeal.

  • VirgoVince

    Another super-hero bites the dust, thanks to the mentally challenged brain damaged leftists! Change his name to ‘illegal alien!’
    They are NOT immigrants, they are illegal alien invaders and they’re bringing other 3rd world garbage in with them!
    America has become the world’s garbage dump and the nic is loving it!!

    • Rx7pj

      Where did YOUR family illegally come here from? America is built on people that came here illegally.

      • Burtucus

        no you dummy my family were LEGAL IMMIGRANTS like most of the people who came here after the UNITED STATES was formed further more even the Native Americans came here across the Bering Straits centuries ago.

        • VirgoVince

          THANK YOU!

        • CharlieSeattle

          Yes, Your family members were granted LEGAL status by those that came here …ILLEGALLY. They are the ones that stole the land from the native Indians.

      • GrizzMann

        I think your NEWSPEAK definition of ”Illegal” has gone astray. When laws are not followed, that is illegal. The best thing for those that want this illegal action to continue, is repeal the law.

      • Charlie Jordan

        Sorry that you know so little; read the history of my country.

      • Pam

        By the time the Naturalization Act of 1790 was passed, my people were already here, including the ones who walked across the Bering Straits. My husband’s family immigrated LEGALLY in the last quarter of the 19th century.
        Thanks to these ILLEGAL ALIENS, you can no longer find gainful employment in our home town IF YOU SPEAK ENGLISH. They have driven down property values to such a state that EVERYONE IS NOW UNDER WATER ON THEIR MORTGAGES.
        Every couple of years we have an outbreak of WHOOPING COUGH in the schools and day cares. And the list goes on and on and on.
        At the costs we incur to feed, house, clothe, “educate”, medicate, litigate, and incarcerate these ILLEGAL ALIENS, we could charter a fleet of leer jets to fly them home first class AND STILL COME OUT AHEAD!!

        • CharlieSeattle

          Yes, Your family members were granted LEGAL status by those that came before …ILLEGALLY. They are the ones that stole the land from the native Indians.

          • Pam

            Did you miss the part about INCLUDING THE ONES THAT WALKED ACROSS THE BERING STRAITS??
            I’m 1/8 Cherokee on my mom’s side and my father’s side traces back to the Mayflower.
            Prior to the “white” colonization, the various Indian tribes were battling and conquering each other’s territory. That is the way of human nature in THE ENTIRE WORLD. THE ONLY PEOPLES who have NOT had to fight and “conquer” EITHER OTHER PEOPLES OR THE LAND AND ITS FLORA AND FAUNA to establish their right to live ANYWHERE are SMALL NOMADIC TRIBES.

          • CharlieSeattle

            Thanks, for not disagreeing with the accuracy of my comment.

          • Pam

            You need to go back and re-read my posts. I AM disagreeing with your comment. Prior to the naturalization act of 1790, THERE WAS NO SUCH THING, IN THIS COUNTRY AS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN!
            I have to wonder why you would be commenting on 3 month old stories. Did you think you could post your false narratives and no one would come back at you? Didn’t you realize we get notified by email when someone replies to our comments?

      • Peter Smith

        Do you actually realize just how ignorant this statement of yours is? Ever heard of Ellis Island? My great grandparents arrived in this country legally, as did the tens of millions of others. For once in your pathetic life, try not being the idiot we all know.

        • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988
        • CharlieSeattle

          Yes, Your great grandparents were granted LEGAL status by those that came before …ILLEGALLY. They are the ones that stole the land from the native Indians.

          • Peter Smith

            Oh boo hoo! Would like some cheese with that whine?

          • CharlieSeattle

            Thanks for not disagreeing with the accuracy of my comment!

          • Peter Smith

            You make an irrelevent assertion. By the native Americans own admissions and beliefs, they didn’t own the land. So exactly how was it stolen? The land wasn’t stolen, the natives were just not able to defend “their” land. Nothing is owned if it cannot be defended and held. That is proven throughout the world’s history. Bottom line, it’s a moot point.

          • CharlieSeattle

            …Nothing is owned if it cannot be defended and held? BS. No court today would uphold that lie.

            Did the Indians own all of North America? No.

            Did the Indians own the land their villages were on? Yes, even international law at the time said so.

            Since we are dealing with a conflict between two nations or races, the white race and the Indian race, we need to turn to the Law of Nations or International Law for the solution. The following are some basic maxims of the International Law:

            FIRST: That every nation possesses an exclusive sovereignty and jurisdiction in its own territory.

            SECOND: That no state or nation can by its law directly affect or bind property that lies outside of its own territory, or persons not resident therein.

            THIRD: That whatever force the laws of one country have in another depends solely on the municipal laws of the latter.

            The first principle listed here would seem to suggest that all of America was the possession of the Indians prior to the age of discovery by the white race. However, the Indians never laid claim to all of the “territory” of America because they had no understanding of its size and boundaries. The Indian only claimed the land he was inhabiting and that which he used for hunting, burial, etc. At the time of discovery (circa 1500 A.D.), the American Indian numbered about 700,000 inhabitants, sparsely scattered over what is now America. Thus the Indians never had a legal claim to much more than 3% of the land at any one time. So it can be said that the Indians did have a legal claim to America, 3% of it, which was considered their “own territory.”

            In light of this, it cannot be said that the white race violated the second principle of International Law either, since 97% of America was not legally the “property” of anyone. When America was claimed by the English, French, and Spanish, they claimed the entire breadth and width of the land, from sea to sea, from one boundary to the next. >>——> However, the lands that the Indians occupied within these European claims were still Indian land. <——<<

            Did the US intentionally drive Indians off land the US gave them by treaty? Yes, notably with the Indian Removal Act in 1830, approved by Congress. But it was not a singular event. Over and over again the US government kicked the tribes out of their lands, assigned them another plot of land, then violated the treaties they signed with them. Even today the government can take away even more land to give away to foreign companies for mining.


            Had the US left the Cherokee, Choctaws et al., on their land and not broken treaties and forced them off, See 'Tail Of Tears,' five southern US States would not exist as they do today.

          • Peter Smith

            “No court today would uphold that lie.” Did your IQ drop suddenly Charlie? The actions of this discussion began over 600 years ago, long before the United States was even dreamed of, much less realized. But the courts of the time did indeed uphold the actions of the colonists.

            “FIRST: That every nation possesses an exclusive sovereignty and jurisdiction in its own territory.”
            The native American tribes scattered in North America could not be called a nation . So where and what is the origin of their “sovereignty”?

            “SECOND: That no state or nation can by its law directly affect or bind property that lies outside of its own territory, or persons not resident therein.”
            You are attempting to place relatively modern judical laws and practices to a time that long predates the origin of said laws.

            “THIRD: That whatever force the laws of one country have in another depends solely on the municipal laws of the latter.”

            Your arguments are irrelevant, you’re attempting to rule on the actions of 600 years ago by today’s standards. No way Jose!

            When you continue on with you assertions, you make my original point for me. The native Americans lacked the necessary strength to defend their territory and people. In the end, their choices were die fighting, leave and find new territories for their own, or be overrun and assimilated by the colonial expansion. Not much for choices, but that’s the way it was.

      • Mark

        You have no idea of American history nor immigration history.

        America was built on the backs of LEGAL immigrants.

        • Ace Dragon


          • Dale

            slavery is a whole different story.

          • lea82835

            I think if we go back through History, we will find that almost EVERY group of people at one time or another was under someone else’s control. We also have to remember that BLACKS WERE SOLD INTO SLAVERY BY OTHER BLACKS IN AFRICA. We have the picture that ALL Blacks were beaten and mistreated, but most owners knew the value of having workers. Many of the owners educated the Blacks they owned and eventually there were even Blacks who owned Slaves.

          • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            “…and eventually there were even Blacks who owned Slaves.”

            Actually, the first black slave in America, John Casor, was owned by the first slave owner in America, Anthony Johnson; who was himself a black tobacco farmer:


          • Susan P

            Don’t forget the millions of whites who were captured and sold as slaves by the Barbary pirates. Also, a black man, Anthony Johnson, was the first slave owner in America. In 1655 he went to court and demanded it when he refused to release an indentured servant who had served his time. The Court granted him the right to hold the man indefinitely, thus created the first sanctioned slave in North America.

          • Brady Harness

            Ignorant people like You keep dragging that up; the Truth want to accept it or not played a very little part in most of Our America and was in the South!!!

        • CharlieSeattle

          America was built by those who were granted LEGAL status by those that came before …ILLEGALLY. They are the ones that stole the land from the native Indians.

      • Ace Dragon


        • Bowserb

          Ace, slavery was wrong. Blacks were not the only people to be enslaved, and not even close to the race of which the most were enslaved. Worth pointing out is that blacks born in America have an average life expectancy of 20 years longer than those born in the African nations where they came from. So maybe blacks in America owe something to this nation instead of the other way around.

          Also worthy of note. Slavery was on the decline in the south–land of “king cotton”–because the costs associated with taking care of the workers and their large families exceeded the value of their labor. Indeed, slavery might have ended on its own were it not for a single invention: the cotton gin. That machine made the crops more profitable and resulted in slavery continuing. Incidentally, Eli Whitney spent the rest of his life fighting in courts to protect his patents. He profited almost not at all from his invention.

        • Susan P

          Ace, your ignorance is showing on the subject of slavery. Starting with the fact the first slave owner in America was a black man…

          [By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned
          black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black
          households in the city of New Orleans alone.]


        • CharlieSeattle


          America was built by those who were granted LEGAL status by those that came before …ILLEGALLY.

          They are the ones that stole the land from the native Indians.

      • AvidKamper47

        That is THE MOST IDIOTIC THING YOU`VE EVER SAID. And you`ve spouted some REALLY DUMB THINGS.
        OK Pajama boy–give us some proof, some cold hard FACTS that America was “built on people that came here illegally.

        • CharlieSeattle

          Yes, America was built by those who were granted LEGAL status by those that came before …ILLEGALLY. They are the ones that stole the land from the native Indians.

    • reagangs

      My parents came through Ellis Island back in the 1930s, my dad from Ireland and my mom from England. That’s the proper way to enter the US of A.

    • niko

      I see that liberal moron is back. Hahaha.

    • Brady Harness

      Oh if only they were so; but sadly they know exactly what they are doing!!!


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