Latest batch of Clinton emails contains 66 more classified messages

by  |  published on January 8, 2016

The latest batch of emails released from Hillary Clinton’s personal account from her tenure as secretary of state includes 66 messages deemed classified at some level, the State Department said early Friday.

All but one of the 66 messages have been labeled “confidential”, the lowest level of classification. The remaining email has been labeled as “secret.” The total number of classified emails found on Clinton’s personal server has risen to 1,340 with the latest release. Seven of those emails have been labeled “secret.”

In all, the State Department released 1,262 messages in the early hours of Friday, making up almost 2,900 pages of emails. Unlike in previous releases, none of the messages were searchable in the department’s online reading room by subject, sender or recipient.

  • Liberty

    And everyone of her janitors must be accountable, too. America is more than ready for the first domino to drop.

  • JC

    She’s a criminal—we the people need to charge her with those crimes—she should not be allowed to run for any public office–much less President of this country

    • The Redhawk

      SO incompetent to even NOT knowing That she did not have some of her Trolls Wipe the mails Clean…..She relies on LIES to tell her “TRUTH”……….Blame it on Blood Clots, Concussions and SOCIOPATH INBREEDING …………..Time to INDICT hear that LORETTA???

    • G.Frazier

      Of course she is!! Let’s see, her husband is a criminal, her former boss (Obama) is a criminal and she is, as well.
      Is this nation ready for another Democrat, who is an outlaw, to sit in the Oval Office? I wasn’t ready for either of the former two and I am hoping the nation will realize that we don’t need another!

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