Mama Grizzly endorses Trump

January 20, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump picked up the endorsement Tuesday of conservative heavyweight Sarah Palin, the campaign announced.

The backing of Mrs. Palin, the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee and tea party favorite, is a huge coup for Mr. Trump ahead of the caucuses in Iowa, where Mrs. Palin is immensely popular.

“I am proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America,” Mrs. Palin said in a statement released by the campaign.

  • CharlieSeattle

    At last, someone on stage that makes Trump’s off topic ranting sound like he is a genius.

  • Taking care of business!

    Remember here pal, the traitor John McCain? If she can’t choose better company than that, it tells me we don’t need Trump–period.

  • patricia lockwood

    his made my evening last night .

  • CharlieSeattle

    Lol, Palin is the reason McCain lost. Palin is the kiss of death sent in by the RINO establishment to taint Trump’s campaign.

    An endorsement by ‘Carrot Top’ would be better. He is more serious.

  • The Redhawk

    May be Sarah darling better spend more time at home to care for her “Sickly” “brood….She had her two minutes of fame… GET OVER IT NOW…..You LOST!……

    • don

      your need help—seek it

      • The Redhawk

        and who gives a flying CRAP about what you have to say, DIPSTICK……eh eh eh STFU

  • Dave N.

    This was a very disappointing moment for conservatives, the Tea Party, and anyone who believes in the constitution. Not sure how Palin was convinced to change her position, but it was unfortunate at best. It appears to be nothing but a shot at Cruz, this will do very little to help Trump, but may very well continue the decline of the Tea Party which will please the left to no end.

    • don

      you know not what you say—i was born a conservative an will die one–an i.m for trump–i know no conservative thats not

      • Dave N.

        Good for you Don, you may want to do some homework on Trumps many positions. I have and didn’t like what I found.

  • Liberty

    I’d like to know her take on Cruz since I’ve see him as the true conservative. Maybe she’s lined up for the VP slot. But it’s Trump’s strong support for our military men and women that has her heart.

    • dorothy moya

      i am curious about trump really supporting the troops..since his bashing of Bergdahl, calling him a traitor..then dissing Mccain because he was MIA..he really did not start his loving the VETS until probably someone told him to start supporting the VETS..just asking..!!

      • Liberty

        From what his fellow soldiers had to say early on I don’t think there was ever much doubt that Bergdahl was a traitor so he called that one. But with McCain, well, Trump was dead wrong to have said what he did, an off the cuff remark that had a whole lot of tomatoes flung at the boob tube. You may have an excellent point on his seeing daylight.

  • Hillaryoncrack

    I think this hurts Cruz more than it helps Trump.

    • The Redhawk


  • SDofAZ

    Another one who calls a spade a spade. Go Trump!

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    I do not agree with Sarah Palin on this one–she sounded as crass as Donald Duck Quack Quack Trump does, using vulgarities to get her point across! She also sounded as shrill as Hillary. But, of course, I have never liked Trump and do not believe he is the conservative he purports to be! Guess she is okay with her Christianity in supporting the owner of so many casinos.

    • KDC

      I have to agree, somewhat. I heard a vulgar word that I was surprised to hear, also. But, I think her endorsement says a lot. Trump is a good guy. Check out, Why the GOP hates Trump. Trump is causing their (elitist’s) agenda to derail.

      • don

        please its their left leaning elitist agenda derail—an its needs to wreck

    • don

      she speaks of freedom an things i long for as does trump—set back an watch trump win–more people will vote this election per capital that has ever voted

  • Savannah Belle

    Donald would have done just as good without this opportunist. She must want an ambassadorship. Btw, what the hell did she say? Go Donald!

    • don

      your wrong—but you really know that

      • The Redhawk

        learn how to SPELL ( you’re) stands for YOU ARE … GET IT?


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