by Ben Shapiro, Breitbart  |  published on September 4, 2013

On Tuesday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) suggested that Fox News host Brian Kilmeade was Islamaphobic because he said that Syrian opposition groups shouting “Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar!” as rockets hit government offices demonstrated Islamist influence among the opposition.

“I have a problem helping those people screaming that after a hit,” Kilmeade said. McCain responded: “Would you have a problem with an American or Christians saying ‘thank God? Thank God?’” He added, “That’s what they’re saying. Come on! Of course they’re Muslims, but they’re moderates and I guarantee you they are moderates.” McCain provided no evidence to suggest that Syrian opposition groups are moderate, as opposed to the wide swath of evidence suggesting that the opposition is heavily infested with al Qaeda.

  • champion2211

    Ok Mr. John Mc. Don’t you think it is past time you retired the second time? Once from an honorable US Navy without turning the Senate into a Terrorist organization? You have been there way too long. Get out.

  • The voters of Arizona should be ashamed!! What a useless bafoon!!

  • Loony tune

    Another display of total senility, he is one of my favorite babble heads I love to watch him and pelosi I haven’t figured out which one is going to a mental hospital first.

  • randy jackson

    Johnny boy would be better off staying home and sip Kool-Aid than continue to embarrass himself in public. A fool and common sense are soon parted.

  • Warren

    “Thank God” is not followed by a huge Explosion with multiple Bodies lying in the street. I am a Navy Veteran and I do not honor the service of Hot Start / Songbird McCain he belonged in Portsmouth Naval Prison.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Shouting John McCain is the same as shouting oh $hit!!!


    McCain is a traitor. His once great reputation is gone. So should he.

  • Jacob Korving

    Thinking is a very complicated thing, I really don’t hear many reasonable statements without degrading the very self you are illustrating and thereby telling all that hear, that you are not believing anyone is interested in your spats of intelligence. Is anyone listening to anyone or is it just noise to drown out truth as we know it. How is a little dignity for ourselves, we are worth more then we think so don’t let your speech betray you.

  • nobuttkissr

    Hey Johnny Songbird,why don’t you STFU! The only people listening to your brand of nonsense are fake news reporters,Lindsay Graham(the village idiot),and libtards. Any resemblance between you and real Americans is a dirty rotten shame.

  • It’s time that McCain should move in with the Obama’s and retire.He is one of the most useless politicians ever.We need term limits so some of this garbage won’t continue to destroy our country.

  • jayedsi

    I guess the biggest difference is that when Christians say “Thank God”, they aren’t about to shoot or blow up large numbers of innocent people. Muslims, on the other hand, have shown themselves to be the scourge of the earth, cowardly preying on the defenseless. Allahu Akhbar is a battle cry…and McCain has become a blithering idiot.

  • hankrbradley

    So where did he get his Theology degree or how much has he studied world religions in order to say something like this? The man is senile and getting to the point where Dementia is starting to set in. What a moron and btw he is NO hero either, go back and read the accounts of him in captivity during the war and then tell me he is a hero!

  • Warren

    Songbird mouths off again “Thank God” is not followed by an Explosion & Rata Tat Tat Revolting Rat !!!
    Ask the 1967 Crew of the Forrestal about Wet Start McCain !!!

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    There is a subtle difference which apparently escapes you McCain. The muslim shouts Allahu Akhbar while, more often than not, committing terrorist acts in the name of Allah, while the Christian, more often than not, whispers, “Thank God” for the blessings that he or she receive.

  • Rick

    Its time for you Elites RINOS to go away your are longer trusted by we the people ! Your a bitter old man for having had your ass handed to you while seeking the Oval office and thank God you did for you would have us saying Alah Akbar instead Thank God! Senator your an embarrassment!

  • Dale Mubarak

    a politician 1st then through and thru…

  • Stikit

    This guy leaves me flabbergasted. How many nights did he stay up to think of this ridiculous analogy. Every Christian should feel offended by this disgusting comparison. I don’t think people show fear and run when someone says “Thank God”. When someone says “Allahu Akhbar! We dread the worst. That will not change anytime soon. Especially with fools like him siding with the terrorists, as if they are on our side.

  • Original Anna

    Does McCain have dementia. Why is he in a conspiracy ring of fake information against Trump. Why does he think moderates are yelling Thank God after killing people. He needs to retire before he does something that results in the death of people if it hasn’t already happened. Maybe his defending so called moderates of saying Thank God after killing people is encouraging them to do even more killing.

  • Raymond Charron

    Mccain, shouting alahu nickbar isn’t the same as Christians yelling thank God. One is hate and degradation of Hunan life, while the other is love, faith, hope and charity for our fellow human being. So, McCain, you are just plain misinformed and thank God obama is out on a count of ten.

    • SafetyDave

      Beside which, “allah” is a historically recognized pagan moon goddess.

  • nobuttkissr

    McCain is one old fart that I wish would just fade away!

  • texexpatriate

    This man lost his spine in a Vietnam prison camp, and can’t really be blamed for that, but he can be blamed for going stupid or senile, whichever it is that causes him to make such a fool of himself and to damage his political party time after time.

  • wellilltellya


  • dumbvet

    When, if ever has a mass murderer shouted, Thank God, while shooting into a crowd! McCain is such an idiot!

  • Bebe Nix


  • Buford

    How many times has McCain heard a Christian say “Thank God” after beheading someone? Is he going to give morning pep talks in ISIS prison camps like some people were belived to have done for the VC?

  • Cal Har

    Might i suggest they shout it in Akhbar land and not in Gods Country.We still are a Christian Nation.The older McCain gets the dumber he gets

  • Name

    I am still trying to figure out why the Repubs voted for him over Kelly Ward. He is almost as big a RINO as McConnel is.

  • Warren

    Calling obama the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is the same as calling McCain a War Hero !

  • billie

    ROFLMAO what a joke, would be funny if not so pathetic.

  • Bishop351

    Another case for term limits. McCain lost any credibility years ago.

  • Tired_Ol_Sarge

    This article is MORE THAN THREE YEARS OLD !!! Come on guys at, can’t you find articles that are more current?

  • Effie


  • Bellerophon

    So when McCain is defeated next Tuesday I have the option of shouting “Allahu Akbar!”.

  • MaraJo

    What a farce…

  • Skyhawk

    Yeah, all Christian terrorists shout “Praise God” after they murder someone.

  • BS McCain have seen 3 videos of MASS beheadings in Syria by your allah akubah satan allah moderates of Christians saying “Thank God”. You are filth. Is it the Tribulation? or the Great Tribulation? Reprobate, you are of your father, the father of lies.

  • Danny Reagan

    McCain! There is one slight difference, small but it’s still there. I ask you, after a beheading, the head laying there, blood everywhere, I ask you have you heard a christain say thank you Jesus or thank God?

  • John Wirts

    Mr McCain is obviously out of touch SHOUTING ‘ALLAHU AKHBAR!’ SAME AS CHRISTIANS SHOUTING ‘THANK GOD!’. since when do Chrisrtians behead, burn alive, drown in a cage, or execute malfia style and shout “thank God” as they do it? Mr McCain You are either on some very strong drugs, or are a insane liar. If these muslims are so good I will commission you to go over and negoiate with them, arrange a truce and a peaceful coexistance with them on equal terms, not that we adopt shirah law and convert or be killed.. If you come back alive and with the muslims willing to coexist I will praise your diplomacy. If not I will rank you as Nevil Chamberlin the second.


      Chamberlin was naïve…. McCain Is not. Just another traitor that goes along with the powers that be…when he has the option not to.

  • Janjudd

    McCain is even more stupid than I thought. I have never heard anyone shouting Merry Christmas while killing people. McCain is as much of a Muslim enabler as Ovamit !!

    • Chris Rasmussen

      Quite correct, Janjudd! We sing “With God on Our Side” when we kill foreigners in battle. 😉
      Seriously, though, McCain merely stated a fact – that Muslims exclaim “Good God”, (actually, “God is great”). Not sure of the issue here. How exactly is McCain a “Muslim enabler” for stating that?

      • IMJSBNME

        What has McCain, a veteran, POW and a senator for how long now done in the way of taking care of veterans in his own home town (Phoenix), done in the way of taking care of veterans complaints/issues in Phoenix or nationwide, or done to stop unvetted Middle Eastern refugees from coming into this country? Absolutely nothing. As in HilLiary… if you want more of the same…vote McCain back into office.

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    since when is a muslim, committing murders, yelling all-hu akbar the same as christians not committing murder saying thank G-D?
    and by the way, all-hu akbar is saying our g-d/s are great. it, is meant as an insult to other religions. they do not dare tell you, the name of their main g-d/s baal hamolech, aka legion. intermingled with worshipers of hasatan, and hamavreek. hamavreek aka lucifer, the brilliant gay star.
    they, do not have any actual name for their g-d/s. like THE G-D, of TheTorah does. i, know THE NAME”S of THE G-D of The Torah, ELOHEEM, ELSHADDAEE, and YEHOO VHEE.
    i also know TheName of THEIR Only Begotten Virgin Born He/She Son Yeshooah Adam Benee ELOHEEM. Who was put to death at the end of the fourth day, and returned as adam and his mate chaooah near the end of the sixth day here in IT,

  • 1mikejanz1

    There’s a big difference between yelling “Allahu Achbar,” and “Thank God!”
    When Christians yell thank God you can bet that there won’t be any dad bodies lying around afterwards!

  • Dennis McLain

    Maybe McCain could shout that out whenever he bombs, like all the time when he opens his mouth. Retire McCain, you are deficient mentally!

  • Whaledriver

    McCain was a playboy Admiral’s-son drunk who happened to also be a Navy pilot, was shot down over North Vietnam and endured far too much torture (at least, according to his accounts). I think that he is “The Manchurian Candidate” because nothing he’s done as a Republican senator has ever made sense and seems to be at complete odds with common sense; everything he’s ever done seems to be completely against America and this nation’s best interests.

  • Rick Vitti

    Screw you all…McCain I am beginning to thing your Vietnam imprisonment was all a bunch of lies !! YOU are so out of it and sicken us. Are the CHRISTIANS stabbing people, beheading people and blowing up people when we say “THANK GOD” ? NO! you piece of worthless garbage!!


      No…McCain was a POW alright… he gave up info/intelligence to the enemy. He has been tauted as a hero for not leaving early and going back to the US ahead of his other POWs with more time as a POW as he, but he spilled his guts, unlike other POWs.

  • Mister Vice

    John McCain, what has happened to you? have you lost what little sense you had in that tiny pea-sized brain or is this Alsheimers dementia we’re seeing? When was the last time you witnessed a group of self-proclaimed Christians mowing down defenseless innocents or beheading Muslim children while shouting “Thank God”? Do you not catch the difference there John? OK, then just go and find yourself a nice comfortable rocker because I think we are DONE with you!!! Nothing but a RINO anyway.

  • dumbvet

    I can not recall a single incident where a Christian killed women and children and then shouted “thank God”. McCain is a babbling idiot!

  • Original Anna

    Allahu Akbar–Islam==an exclamation used in the call to prayer and also used as a call to the defence of Muslims, an expression of approval, and a funeral litany, (from Arabic, literally: God is most great). Well, besides the spelling McCain got wrong, he definitely got the meaning wrong. Allahu Akbar does not mean Thanking God. When they are yelling Allahu Akbar while killing someone Muslims are showing an expression of approvall of the killing as a defense of Muslims and saying God is most great and it is not God is most great, it is Allah is most great. We in English call our god God and our Hebrew Yaweh Jesus. Their god is Allah the first part of the expression Allah Akbar in Islam. Obviously McCain knows nothing of Islam and he thought that because Christians Thank God for our life and food and water, etc. that Muslims do the same. Muslims don’t do the same as Christians do, McCain at his age should know that. Gees.

  • Billy

    Why do the people of Arizona continue to support this useless shill for Obama and his Muslim buddies ? This little RINO baztard should have ran as a Democrap.

  • jeff horn

    That is not what it means , it means Allah is greater, just like its is a peaceful religion , they mean after they kill and conquer every one that is not Muslim .

    • SafetyDave

      What it means depends on the context. For example, god is good -greater, but as used in Jihad it means roughly, fighting for God is good. (I studied islam in the 1970’s and that is how I was taught in NYC)

  • Watchman on the Wall

    I lived in Arizona for MANY years and saw this man’s actions close up. I have been a registered Republican for a long time. Having said that, this man is a menace and should have been kicked out of office a long time ago.


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