Memorial Day crosses back up after complaints

May 30, 2016

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — A Memorial Day display featuring dozens of crosses on a Hiram city lawn that was taken down after protests is going back up, according to WSB-TV.

The handmade crosses placed near a highway were meant to represent the 79 Paulding County residents who died in America’s wars.

But the city took them down earlier this week after someone called City Manager Barry Atkinson’s office and asked if all the fallen soldiers were Christians and if the crosses were an appropriate symbol.

  • justinwachin

    The cross is commonly used to mark a gravesite or point of death regardless of the person’s religion. Flags would work, but people get worked up about flags getting rained on, being left out in the dark or falling on the ground.

    Some people seem to have a talent for trying to be difficult and working to make sure nothing positive is accomplished. These displays happen annually. If the person wants to suggest a different way to handle a memorial display perhaps they should make their suggestion in January.

  • ADRoberts

    City manager should be fired. So many are so easy to be bullied by the atheist who are so few in number. Time for Christians to REALLY bully these cowards by removing them from their jobs.

  • Deb

    I am so sick of the 2% telling us what is allowable, screw them, the musliums, the atheists the elitists and all the rest of the idiots that have no life and intruded in ours!

    • Webb

      100% correct. Soon our ignorance, our “Politically Correct” blindness will find us, The United States of America, a second or third rate nation. There is a limit to what we can take and we are one step from that limit.

  • Mike_E_V

    It matters not what religion the 79 who gave their lives practiced. I’m sure atheiasts were present in that group as well. The cross is a universally understood sign that indicates someone has died either at the spot it’s posted or in remembrance of those who died elsewhere. The spineless complainer of the crosses needs to understand some thinges in lif areally bigger than the individual.. Until a alternate universal sign is presented and accepted globally, the complainer needs to find a better use of the spare time on their hands and quit bring a narccissistic fool.. No one is pushing a particular religion they are just honoring those who gave their lives in the line of duty with the one truly universally accepted signage.

  • imtexan

    It will be only by standing our ground about the things that matter to us, as Americans, that we can take our country BACK!

    • Retired

      The idiot that made the phone call is un American and should be driven out of the country along with who gave the order to remove. Bass Turds like that probably never served in the Military or lost a family member.

  • Robert M Stach Sr

    First question , who’s lawn? , Second question was it private property? Third are the property taxes paid ? Then where doe the town ship IDIOTS THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO TRESPAS ON THIS PERSONS PROPERTY AND REMOVE THEIR PROPERTY ?

  • mudguy1

    This idiot knows nothing about war, Many a solder became a Christian in a foxhole or when his plane was shot out of the sky.

  • calhar

    If I were the receiver of that telephone call I would not have been politically correct.I would have told told them where to go in no uncertain terms>>>>>>>>>

  • dumbvet

    Idiots that complain about such as this need to get a life!

  • edward gamils

    What a bunch of BS. We have allowed this political correct crap get out of control. These people should find a different rock to hide under. Have I offended anyone? So sorry.

  • The Rev.

    The separation of Religion and States is not a Law. A Liberal judged came up with this in 1946 from read Thomas Jefferson’s personal letters. He was not anti-Christian as he was also a Minister (Pastor) and help services to some 800 people every Sunday at Capital Hill. Where is the separation? The Govt. use to pay the salary of the Ministers of the Churches. In fact the Govt. is still paying Ministers to preach (Now) called Chaplains in the services and given a rank. There is no separation. The U.S Constitution was signed my many Christian Ministers. The Mayflower came to preach and pray with Christian Bibles called “THE GENEVA BIBLE”. Many States at that time had Religion tests to become a Public servant. More Liberal lies to promote Sin, and crime. No one has enough guts with the truth to stand up to the Liberals and the One World Order. God Almighty stands in their way. We Christians must take a stand before they made Godless slaves of us. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • obama

      Not true

      • Webb

        For Not true; would you care to continue with your remark?

        • obama

          Not really. The US is a secular nation. Church and state must remain separate. Keep in mind there are other religions in this country. Yours is not a specially endowed religion here.

          • Mike_E_V

            It is not banned either.

          • obama

            The intent of the founders was to keep a wall of separation. One particular religion should not dictate the laws of the land.

  • Lewis

    What the hell is the difference the military personnel died for his country honor them.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    And the problem the whiner has is proving the US CONGRESS passed a law declaring a specific religion as the “law of the Land”.

    The Citizens of Peanutbutter Junction, GA can elect people to the local city council that can decide that Almond worship is the Law of the Town and neither the aclu or any “court” has any jurisdiction to deny the RIGHT.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
    prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…

    There is no caveat that states “unless whiner whine…” And the Constitution awards no power to groups like that Anti Citizens liberty union to interfere with the RIGHTS of the PEOPLE.

    The First, and the Second leave no question that the RIGHTS are Absolute and not negotiable by politicians or lawyers.

  • Front Sight

    Well, since the “politic ally correct dimwit” didn’t like the crosses, as a show of respect to the fallen, what is the alternative and is the “PCD” willing to pony-up for the cost?

  • Mark Wilson

    This politically correct crap has got to end.I’m a patriotic,christian man and damn proud of it.

    • BackingTrump

      That’s why we need Trump. He’ll put a stop to this political correction crap that is beginning to destroy America.

      • ADRoberts

        Did you not get the Trumpster message. Trump is not a Christian. And he is waiting now to determine that there are fewer Christians than non=Christians and THEN he will back pedal from his claim of being a Christian.
        YOU were probably fooled in 08. You were fooled in 12. Now you will be fooled again.

      • Smitch



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