Money Pipeline: Clintons Took $1.8 MILLION From Keystone XL Investors

June 1, 2015

Clintons-MoneyA newly released GAI timeline reveals how Bill Clinton bagged $1.8 million for 10 speeches between Nov. 2008 and mid-2011 funded by one of the largest shareholders in the Keystone XL pipeline, TD Bank, which held a $1.6 billion investment in the deal.

During this period, then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton made critical decisions related to the Keystone XL pipeline’s advancement.

On Monday, the Huffington Post confirmed GAI’s reporting and expanded on it, noting that Hillary Clinton herself has scored $1.6 million in speaking fees for eight speeches she delivered that were paid for by TD Bank and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

  • Aesop11

    We need to keep a list of all these corrupt companies that give money to corrupt politicians and you’ll need a notebook with lots of pages.

  • Gnowark

    I think of them (and all career politicians, blue or red) as poster-children for Term Limits

  • Gnowark

    I think of them as Poster Children for Term Limits.
    The longer you swim in the cesspool, the harder it is for you to know you really

  • Jack D

    Let me know when I have to move which is just after they sell all America

  • cathylovesyou

    Clinton’s = immoral, crooks, and possible murders. But the moron’s will come through knowing zero and vote for her. Welcome to the New 6 years old America where no one respects us not even the takers who will vote the the giver party while demoralizing their constituent’s are screwed over


    Isn’t it something when politicians can shake down corporations for large amounts of money. The Clintons are excellent at using soft scare tactics making corporations believe they must give to get favors. That puts in question the intelligence of corporate leadership.

    • Isn’t it something when billionaires can dangle cash in front of a politician and make them dance to whatever tune they’re playing? Every one of the Republican candidates is bending over frontwards and backwards to Adelson’s money and Koch’s cash, and others. Pathetic.

      • ZACAL

        So you’re saying the Clintons are allowing themselves to be bought hook line and sinker by “republicans”. You just have shown your intelligence. Anotherwords slam republicans and vote democratic, who allow themselves to be bought. You should put on a mask before speaking.

        • James Harris

          Zacal What do you expect from a liberal democrat

        • Maybe you should take your brain off the shelf, dust it off and insert it in your head so that you can understand what is written, before you speak. Assuming, of course, you remember where you left it.

          • ZACAL

            You didn’t say a damn thing to answer my statement other than show everybody you’re an opinionated a-hole. All you did was slam me, that’s ok -I can take it better than you. Bill O’reilly is so correct when he says the stuff you read on these internet blogs are said without fact and contain loads of statements from people that are craving attention as they try to state how their personal ideology is the humble truth. I’ll admit I’m wasting my time by drawing numb nutts like you into expressing your thoughts. You are nothing but a blind one way thought processor.

          • Another hypocrite! Just read what you wrote here and in your prior post.

            First, you misquoted me. I never said that the Clintons were being bought by Republicans. You’re just attributing words to me, and then making some kind of an argument against them.

            Then you insult my intelligence and say I should put on a mask – whatever that means.

            My reply to you was in the same spirit. So please stop your self-righteous ” oh I was only trying to have an honest conversation, and this idiotic leftie is just an opinionated, close-minded, ass”. Try opening YOUR attitude sometime, and maybe an actual conversation could take place. IF you’re interested.

            Strong opinions are OK, even welcome, when they’re backed up by some facts and expressed with civility. I didn’t think your response was logical or civil.

  • fred

    They are so guilty of SO many crimes, i have no idea why they and so many others in power are not in jail except for the corruption of MANY officials who are supposed to protect us from such corruption…The time has come to make them PAY for their corruption, every single one of them needs to be incarcerated, then the hate crimes will stop as well…they are simply perpetrators of unthinkable amounts of pure EVIL!

  • John VanderKelen

    The good thing about this information is that Americans have no excuse for ignorance. This activity should not be accepted as status quo. Those who seek government intervention need to be up front about it and government officials should not accept under the table payments. The Bible speaks disparagingly of those willing to give and take bribes!

  • tom2

    They were neither investors nor donors. They were johns who doubtlessly got something in return.

  • The redhawk

    SHHHHHHHHHHH… that will definitely cause WADDED PANTIES among the GREEN KLAN and Obama… He got ZERO , as far as we know, for DUMPING the XL project!!!
    But then he DID buy a 5+ MILL dollars house in Hawaii…WHY not SO CHICAGO where he Organized so well???

    • You must have a thing for panties. You sure talk about them a lot in your posts. And now references to Jenner! Wow, how revealing! Maybe you should join a support group or something.

      • The redhawk

        NAHH.. I just Recognize what they do by producing Crap Flow Reversal that becomes Evident in Shit for brains like you… I had lived in LIBERAL BIG CITIES and I am very aware of the Wadded Panties Syndrome and what it does to LIBTURDS

  • By law, the Clintons are required to list their donations, so we are aware of all this. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true of the Koch Bros, Sheldon Adelson, and the others who are buying our government right in front of us..

    • James Harris

      That statement is B.S. The Koch bros. aren’t running a tax free non profit

      • Exactly. They’re running a for (their own) profit, and they can spend as much as they want, buy whomever they want, and they don’t have to declare any of it. Kinda dangerous, don’t you think? To hell with this charade of First Amendment crap. It’s corruption, plain and simple.

        • Richard Karkkainen

          You seem confused. Rich people do donate to political campaigns. The Clintons are the recipients, not the givers.

          • I’m not confused at all. I think you’re confused about the point I’m making, which I will try to explain better.

            What I said was that the Clintons’ Foundation, being a registered non-profit, and other RECIPIENTS of donations are required by law to report them, which is why we are reading this story. The fat cat donor SuperPACs and special interest billionaires are not required to declare their donations and the Supreme Court has said their money is private free speech and can’t be limited or be forced to be declared. So you have shadow billionaires buying our politicians for their own for-profit benefits.

          • Richard Karkkainen

            I understand perfectly. The Clintons are being bought.

          • That may be so. But if you’re basing your statement on the above news article, which states that XL Pipeline investors are giving money to the Clinton’s, I don’t see the connection. What policy decisions or votes have the Clintons made to enrich XL investors? In other words, what are the investors getting for their donations?

            And the “news” that politicians, once leaving office, give speeches for money, or become lobbyists for money, is hardly news. Look up all the speeches that Reagan gave after leaving office, and the “honorariums” he earned while doing so. All presidents, Congressmen, and ex-mayors do the same.

            Now, Sheldon Adelson gets a LOT for his donations. Recall the photo of Romney genuflecting (literally) at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, with Adelson in the background. Talk about buying influence. I haven’t seen a pic of the Clintons with shovels in hand at the XL Pipeline ground-breaking ceremony.

          • Richard Karkkainen

            They anticipate that Ms. Hillary may be the next president. They will not have to bribe a Republican; any Republican will approve the pipeline as a wise economic and foreign policy measure.

          • And what will the Koch’s get with their money? What will Adelson? And all the billionaires whose names we don’t even know. You’re just looking at the pipeline. Look at the bigger picture.

          • Richard Karkkainen

            Hopefully, they will get an honest and courageous government run by people of integrity. The future of the Nation is at stake.

          • I have some beautiful riverfront property that I’d love to sell you. I’ll wait until the floodwaters recede, and then I’ll show it to you.

          • Richard Karkkainen

            You must have some limitations, if you bought that property. Most folks would be smart enough to not own it.

          • Au contraire! “Most folks”?? You might want to check that. Plenty of good Texas and Oklahoma folks weren’t smart enough to not own it.

          • Richard Karkkainen

            So you are proud of being one of the stupid ones?

          • Into beating a dead horse, huh? Well, be my guest. Carry on.

          • Gnowark

            No, he’s expecting a “bailout,” but you’re right with all the global warming / climate change why would anyone buy any waterfront?

          • Richard Karkkainen

            There have been flood plains and floods forever and ever.

        • Gnowark

          If they are only interested in (their own) profit, wouldn’t they want to declare (on the taxes progressive-press would say they don’t pay) as exemptions (assuming you know there are dozens of ways to deduct political contributions, if that is a surprise to you, ask your heroes – the clintons)

          • You’re probably right – they don’t pay the taxes. As to any tax benefits a billionaire needs by contributing a million here and there to Romney’s campaign, or Christie’s or , etc,, I’m sure they can afford good tax advisors who can suggest offshore accounts and other ways of avoiding taxes. Not my field.

          • Gnowark

            I repeat with slight modification: , if that is (not your field), ask your heroes – the clintons)

          • Sorry. I should have said, not my field and not interested . I’ll let the tax attorneys do their own thing. Any investigating can be done by people who are experts.

  • Alan Lee

    They are tired of taking handouts from the billionaire friends they hang around. The Clintons want to be billionaires, too.

    • The redhawk

      Do not think that they are far behind… wonder how many CAYMAN Island still uncovered “FUNDS: they have HIDDEN there…

  • Nana Young y

    The Lord knows all this!! One day in the near future there is going to be accountability and it will not be good. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes!!

    • don

      don.t you think thats going to take too long—-accountability NOW

  • Webb

    The Clintons…Still Living Off The Tax Payer, either indirectly or directly and are never vilified by the Left for Being The “One Percenters” that they are!!
    From “Dead Broke” To Multi- Millioniares…Yet!


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