1776 Coalition :: Nevermind: Hillary OFF the hook (again); FBI Director Comey: Dept will NOT prosecute Clinton

Nevermind: Hillary OFF the hook (again); FBI Director Comey: Dept will NOT prosecute Clinton

November 7, 2016

James ComeyFBI Director James Comey said Sunday that the agency has reviewed all of the Hillary Clinton emails recently discovered in an unrelated case and that his conclusion in July not to prosecute Clinton after the FBI’s original investigation into her use of private email server still stands.

Comey informed Congress on Oct. 28 that the agency would in the unrelated case review additional emails related to Clinton’s time running the State Department from 2009 to 2013.

“Since my letter, the FBI investigative team has been working around the clock to process and review a large volume of emails,” Comey said Sunday in a follow-up letter to Congress. “During that time we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hilary Clinton as secretary of state. Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusion.”

When asked where the email investigation stands after Comey’s letter to Congress, a senior law enforcement official close to the prob described the matter to Fox News as “closed.”

Attorney General Loretta Lynch was brief on the FBI’s findings before Comey sent the letter, according to the official. Lynch’s position on the email matter, “has not changed,” and she maintains her confidence in Comey and his ability to run the FBI, the official told Fox News.

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  • Bob says:

    What a bunch of whores. I do apologize to legitimate whores as they at least serve a viable purpose. These people do not!

  • jnora says:

    But he cannot pardon her UNTIL there has been a grand jury convened. Then he can pardon her. That is what Judge Nepalitano on Fox said and I then heard other lawyers say it, also.

  • Tor293 says:

    WOW, you must be kidding! By any chance did you clowns honestly think you were fooling the majority of intelligent American People with all this CRAP. There is not one of you assholes in Washington that would have the balls to do anything to her, for fear of retaliation from her or Odumbo!

  • Charlie says:

    In Spanish it is ‘No que no!’ or in English ‘What did I tell you!” I said when Comey made his announcement that he was reopening the investigation that it was just to distract your attention from the Wikileaks e-mail releases. I told you that he would state that she was cleared the day before the election. Has no one noticed that the DOJ is corrupt and that at least the head of the FBI and his deputy are corrupt? I hate dirty cops! Comey has sullied the badge and should go to jail along with Hillary, Loretta, and Huma. There are others, but just too many to list. As Trump says, we need to drain the swamp.

  • Jimmy Dean says:

    If the people of this country are willing to elect this EVIL into office then it is time for us to be destroyed. I believe GOD has layed this decision clearly at the peoples feet ,LIES , MURDER DECEPTION , PURE EVIL= HILLARY or HOPE FOR A BETTER FUTURE / IN GOD WE TRUST=TRUMP

  • survivor33 says:

    I guess Hitler-y’s promises that they will keep their jobs and more than likely more promises that we can’t know about. It’s really a sad thing when someone has to fight the president administration, half of the Rep senator’s, the DOJ AND the FBI. Our only hope is Trump wins and all the corrupt ones are fired or worse as in put in jail or prison. HITLER-Y IS GUILTY OF MANY CORRUP AND CRIMINAL CRIMES AND NOW WE KNOW SHE IS ALSO ONE OF THE ORGAY ISLAND THAT PROSTITUTES UNDER AGE CHILDREN ALONG WITH BUBBA, PODESTA, AND PODEPHILE JEFFERY EPSTEIN.She has been out there at least 6 times and Bubba has been out there over 20 times. What does this say on how she Is for women and children?

    1. jnora says:

      That is an absolutely HORRIBLE mental picture of her! PLEASE…I’m eating a candy bar!

  • snowyriver says:

    What they have on Comey, must be pretty big.

  • Jose says:

    One more puppet (comey) that has been “bought” by the clinton regime. Either that or he is afraid of commiting “suicide” or having an “accident”. Guess the USA has been bought by the clintons and now they own the whole political ring. WELCOME TO THE NEW MEXICO.

    1. Retired says:

      Suicide with bullet holes in the back ??

  • justinwachin says:

    This reversal will not probably be good enough to save James Comey’s job if Hillary wins. His earlier letter cost the campaign momentum and reminded voters of the whole aura of scandal that surrounds Hillary rotten Clinton. I figure the congressional investigators will ask for copies of the emails so they can see if there is anything missing from their collection.

    The best way to end Hillary’s scandals is to send her into retirement on election day.

    1. Retired says:

      A federal pen is where both Clintons and Obamas belong.

      1. jnora says:

        Don’t forget Chelsea and her husband. They are both crooked too.

    2. jnora says:

      Perhaps between Chaffetz and Gowdy ( I just love him), they can nail her in some way. If Trump is elected, Soros will probably hide her somewhere that no one will be able to find her… Ever. I sure would like to see her in orange, though.

    3. jnora says:

      Who in the heck cares about Comey’s job. Surely a job cannot be important enough to these people to ruin their country over!

      1. justinwachin says:

        I don’t care about James Comey’s job and Hillary rotten Clinton has no problem ruining the country as long as she is able to profit from it.

  • Tiger says:

    Just heard from a Congressman that Lynch and Comey came up with a new criteria that said only Classified or Top Secret that endangered the security of the US would be considered and it was almost impossible to prove. So they rigged it again. We live under a Dictatorship.

  • snowyriver says:

    Did Hillary delete Govt. emails ? You realize, that is a felony, punishable by three years in prison and never holding an Govt. office under the United States again.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Just a few years ago, it was treason followed by death!!

      1. snowyriver says:

        The treason is for supplying ISIS with arms and ammunition. Her and Obama while she was in Libya as secretary. Yes but that has to be proven.. The deletion of emails is admitted ! ! !

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Exactly, and Comey hiding all that he can to help Obama and the Clinton’s! The whole D’N bunch should be in prison!

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    There seems to be some confusion within the F B I . about careless handling of classified information. When I was working for NASA we were constantly told what would happen if we mishandled classified information. But that was only for the peons, today the politically elite were immune to what we were threatened with.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      I have a family member that works for them!

      1. Roy Fredrichsen says:

        Hopefully they DO NOT agree with Comeys’ clearing Clintons transgressions.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          I hope not, don’t see them much and they never talk about their job anyway!

  • TAM44 says:

    james comey is a traitor to this country and will be a known as that for his letting a known corrupt lying treasonous traitor like hillary rodham clinton get away with everything from lying to congress and to us and having a un-secured server that she sent and also received classified documents, some from obama himself. The obama ‘s administration is the most corrupt in our history and both obama and hillary belongs in prison.

  • con_c_kwense says:

    I’ll bet the men and women who call this cowardly, corrupt criminal comey their boss, feel REALLY proud…
    Where is the NYPD with their damning evidence…?…are they as corrupt as the fbi…where is Anonymous with HIS damning evidence of clinton crimes…was all this stuff just so much BS…???


    You have to be on industrial strength drugs to sit there and lie to every American and say you found NOTHING on kilLIARy Clinton. Number one, We know she sent Secret and Confidential emails to Huma Abedin who has NO Security Clearance, Number two, kilLIARy sent Secret and Confidential emails to her daughter who has NO security clearance and then you have the nerve to say YOU FOUND NO REASON to charge the BIT*H with a CRIME or REVOKE her Security Clearence !!!!!! This proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the ENTIRE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT is as corrupt as she is from RESIDENT oBOZO, LOWretta Lynched and the FIB down to every crooked Judge and outhouse lawyer in prison is on the Clinton payroll. America is no more when kilLIARy takes office.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    This whole thing is anything but over. Comey is covering his butt, this “chess” game is so full of moves and counter moves, that it has come to the point of the height of ridiculousness, so, nope case open, very open, this is a no win situation for the Hilda-Beast, or Obama, and many others. Obama is now in a position that he can’t do anything for her. After the Hilda-Beast looses the election this Tuesday, Obama is going to be between a rock and a hard place. If he pardons her, he and she are sunk, if he does nothing, then Trump will have this case re-opened, then they all go down the tubes.
    Odd isn’t it, that a few days ago, the F B I agent who was believed to be responsible for leaking these emails, or some of them, was found dead in his home along with his wife. This has been deemed a “murder suicide” Really??? then just a few days later Comey comes out with this nonsense.

  • ONTIME says:

    The FIX is in and the system is Rigged……..don’t let the communist take away your representative government…..

  • Tiger says:

    We have nobody on our side. How much more before Americans see this. Good people in the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security etc have no voice because everyone at the top is in this Satanic Coalition of Vipers. Including the DOJ and O’s campaigning is unprecedented in the history of our country. But then what about this O is not the worst we have ever seen?

    We are now a Nation with no Law and Order except that ordered by the Dictators run by Soros and others. The evil unlocked through the Wikileaks related to these people is beyond Satanic rituals, child sexual rings and even yes today’s leaks implicate murder, showing what should bring our government tumbling down on top of all these people and burning them out.

    These actions have brought the Cuban, Hispanic and many others who came here to escape Communism, Socialism and Dictators to the polls.

    Anyone interested here is the latest.

    1. BOC says:

      As usual you nailed it, but I believe in my heart of hearts good will conquer evil.
      My concern is if he wins what will forces of darkness attempt to steal victory from this country’s last best hope.

      If the spawn of Satan and her minions somehow pull off an election night win, through valid voting at the polls or more likely by stuffing the ballot box with illegals, corpses, pets, etc., etc., then I have to wonder if the nation will acquiesce or rise up and unite against a corrupt, scandalous, lying ruling class that has this country on the fast track to hell.
      We’ll soon find out!
      God Bless you for your honest, forthright and passionate message and God Bless America and for those that still believe it’s still “The Shining City on a Hill”.
      No matter what, stay focus and keep the faith!

      1. maxx says:

        The “ruling class” includes ALL democarts and the Rino’s in the republican party. They should all be afraid, very afraid. Patriotic Americans have sat quietly for far too long. We overpowered the GOP Establishment. Now it’s time to overpower the progressives and release the Kraken (aka ALL HELL).

        1. BOC says:

          Agreed, I believe “We The People” have already staged a coup, albeit a peaceful one by selecting Donald Trump as the opposition candidate disregarding the Establishment who have governed to their own ends and self interest.
          I’m wondering if the next stage in the process will “peaceful” or have we reached the tipping point regardless of the winner on November 8th?

          1. Duke-Jinx says:

            Comey says ” same result as before” ” Nothing new, these are duplicates of what we’ve already seen:”

            SAME SAME ?? NO !!

            Problem is… These CLASSIFIED emails were found on Weiner’s laptop !!

            Total game changer… Being ‘where found’ makes for each one having a circle of atleast 4 Felonies wrapped around it !!

          2. jnora says:

            Last I heard he didn’t have the proper clearance!

          3. Duke-Jinx says:

            Correct !! …nor did Her maid, whom she Had print out classified doc’s either :/

          4. jnora says:

            If Hillary had her print out even ONE classified email, that in itself is a FELONY!!! I know she will have enough to put herself in prison for life (which won’t be long). I wonder if she knows that orange is the new black and white stripes…LOL.

          5. Duke-Jinx says:

            Actually… A few, from Wire Act violations to other title 18 Law. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/11/06/clinton-directed-her-maid-to-print-out-classified-materials.html
            I heard Captain Kangaroo is pressing Her to give His clothes back…

          6. jnora says:

            She probably voted for HIM, too!

          7. jnora says:

            Yep…it only compounds Hillary’s problems. Oh, I hope Hillary loses. Then, Obama will step everything up so a grand jury is selected. It is then that he can pardon her on everything. I hope the investigation is really drawn out or stopped so PRESIDENT TRUMP can reopen it and throw the book at her. May need to replace TONS OF PEOPLE, but boy will it ever be sweet. Did you know that Loretta Lynch is a Muslim. So is Juan Williams of Fox. That one kind of stunned me.

          8. Duke-Jinx says:

            The Executive Cannot Grant Pardon to a person under impeachment. Otherwise… He can pardon Her at anytime prior to noon Jan. 20th.

        2. jnora says:

          We have sat silently and patiently just like Israel with all those scud missiles being lobbed over at them. Things will come to a head both with us and with Israel. If Trump is elected, then we will help them. I never understood why so many Jews voted Democratic when the Democrats are anti-Israel. When Obama says ISIL most do not know the story behind that. Obama wrote an executive order including Israel as part of the caliphate! It is not a part of the caliphate according to the Muslims, but Obama hates Israel so much, he includes it and expects the people that work for him to say it, also. Go figure about the Jews. I’ll bet if all them knew that, they would not be so big on the Dems.

      2. Tiger says:

        Thank you for a beautiful post and if the fight I have battled on the net with so many over so many years trying to make people wake-up is for naught then there is always my faith and the Almighty who has never forsaken me.

        1. jnora says:

          No matter what happens tomorrow, God will always be my ruler. Our lives are but a blip on the radar compared to eternity!

          1. Tiger says:

            Indeed He is there for those who want the Light. You are precious to the world may many Blessings come to you and yours.

          2. jnora says:

            Thank you, Tiger. I have lost everyone in my life except one.granddaughter. Oh my family is either deceased or estranged, but I do have my church family of Christians. Every day I wish the Lord would take me, but evidently he has something for me to do. Hopefully he will reveal it to me as my life goes on. Not a day goes by that I don’t cry and cry over my son that killed himself and not being able to see his two children that are local, even. There is no reason for her not to let me see them. I guess it is because I gave birth to my son. He was mentally ill and I know that God will have mercy on him because he was so mentally ill. At least I pray that. Thank you for your kind words. Sorry, I am having a bad day because my father died 15 years ago today in a tractor accident.

          3. Tiger says:

            My dear beloved sister in this world, I am so sorry for our situation. We can’t pick those our children marry and we can’t control the things that come from the unions. I can’t imagine what that is like to have a child commit suicide. The pain sometimes is unbearable, I am an RN for close to 30 years and have seen this happen too often, especially among soldiers.

            Have you thought of asking your daughter in law to forgive you for whatever you did? Even if you did nothing? Also how old are they? If they are old enough to be on the net you might want to check the Social Media.

            I love all mothers who suffer and actually I love most people everywhere even though I am seen as cold, cruel, calculating and bad at times they don’t know my heart, people like you bring my good side out.

            God Bless you.

          4. jnora says:

            I have tried everything. She is telling them and everyone else in town that will listen that I split their father’s forehead open when he was 3 years old. It absolutely positively did not happen. His father was a diagnosed sociopath and my son was just like him. I don’t know if he conjured it up or if his father told him that, knowing he would not remember it. I have proof from my attorney from 1980 (if it had happened, he would have gotten immediate custody…he took me back to court so many times for custody and it was never even mentioned), our neighbor at the time, and the coroner (no scars on his head anywhere), but she won’t even look at it. The kids are 10 and 12 now. She has poisoned them against me so much, I am sure they won’t want to meet me when 18. I can’t even send them a card without her filing harassment charges. I send them anyway on holidays and birthdays, but I also send another identical one with money in it to them c/o my house and I’ll give them to them when they turn 18. I am also leaving the two of them half my estate and my other granddaughter half of my estate. I am sending a letter (with a cover letter from the elders at our church vouching for me) to her kind and sane father, not asking him to try to get her to allow me to see the kids, as that would jeopardize his relationship with her. I am asking him to, at the right time, explain to the kids that I am not the ogre she says I am. There is nothing more that I can do. One of her friends that I do not know confronted me very loudly one day at the medical clinic in front of a bunch of people with just venom and lies. It was so embarrassing and the woman wouldn’t listen to anything I said. She is telling the entire city awful things about me that just aren’t true. I have never given my son, her or the grandkids anything but love. I do not understand it. At least God knows my heart and the events as they happened. She wouldn’t even tell me when or where the funeral was. She was so gleeful at the funeral and was laughing and giggling all the way through it. 95% of the people there were from the church I attend and didn’t know her or my son and she acted so badly. She wouldn’t even let me look at the flowers or copy the registration book. God knows….

          5. Tiger says:

            I suggest that you write your story and send it to a publisher this is the kind of thing that breaks hearts and opens minds because believe me you are not alone when it comes to crazy daughter in laws etc. This is a seriously compelling and interesting story. In my 30 years of being an RN I have always said I never met anyone who did not have a great story to tell that would make a great movie, just needs the right timing and place.

            I think writing your thoughts and your story from day one would be of great help to you to see your own words on paper is very stunning and truly makes an impact. Hope you do it and also that you are in some groups with similar problems especially those that have lost a child to suicide.

            Thinking of you when I walk and keeping you in my prayers.

          6. jnora says:

            Tiger…I have actually thought of that. It would be therapeutic for me. I do have the talent (more than I showed to you), but I’d have to put it in the fiction category because no one would believe it. There is so much more than I even mentioned. Do you know of a program called Celebrate Recovery? They have it at the church I attend, as it is a nationwide thing. I do not go to it because it is just everyone airing their problems with no one that can help. I go to a wonderful AGAPE counselor once a week and the church has paid for it for me for four years now. My problems with my family, etc. started way before my son’s death. My family and both my sons treated me so badly. The problem with writing a book is that I wouldn’t want to hurt any of my family. Even using false names and writing under a pseudonym…they would know. I am related to a VERY famous person from way back in the 17 and 1800s. He never married because there was so much mental illness in the family and he did not want to propagate it. That is how bad it is in our family. I did not know that until my cousin told me a few weeks ago. I have been researching him to find out. There is talk about a “madman” in the family and reading that sort of stuff about my family lineage is very upsetting to me. I think my father (that is the line from which it comes), my sister and my brother all had some form of mental illness. Luckily, my father had the most wonderful woman in the world to help him through it, so it didn’t manifest itself so much. Then, to top it off, I married a diagnosed sociopath. Of course, had I known that before we had kids, I never would have had kids. It is all just so sad that I don’t know if I could revisit it in writing. I think about it all the time. The illnesses I have cause me not to be able to heal, but the Lord will make it so I will be able to bear it until He calls me home. There is nothing so disturbing to me as to think that I will live to be 90! It is people like you that give me hope for at least some joy and peace in this life. Thank you so much! I truly believe that things like this are God-given to keep me going. I credit God for every good thing that happens to me. Heck, I thank God for even a light that turns green when I am in a hurry…LOL. He knows how much I can bear. When I see it getting to the point where I cannot bear it, it is the strangest thing. I can actually feel the pain ease. I can feel him taking some pain away from me. My faith is so strong. I KNOW that no matter what happens in my life or in this election today, GOD WILL ALWAYS BE MY RULER and no government can ever take away my faith. Thank you, Tiger, for being a bright spot in my life this week. You have earned a star in heaven!

          7. Tiger says:

            Oh well me and the Almighty go way back, got some stories I could tell now your story is even more fascinating than before and even if you don’t do something for publication for heaven’s sake and your name tell it in a book for your family to read someday. Keep it with your church if need be but this is a story to make the news and good stuff for a great and powerful book that tells just what a bloodline can do and how people with this suffer or survive. Just get the paper and pen, or whatever you are comfortable with, start with the history of the famous person then go from there.

            That would be a great movie and by the way could bring your grandchildren a world of wealth along with helping so many. I thank you for the compliments concerning me, no angel over here, no Saint and done my share of great good and bad that mostly affected me but did it, my scales are balanced and that is why I live today and have not been killed. Me and the Almighty have an understanding and He stands me. LOLOL

            God Bless you and know that you are loved cause you are.

          8. jnora says:

            I am sitting here watching the election scared to death and you brought tears of joy to my eyes. It has been a long time since anyone told me I was loved. Usually it comes in reading the Word of God. Thank you, my sister in Christ!

          9. jnora says:

            Just think…every single one of His kids has let Him down and yet He loves us still. His mercy, grace and love is beyond anything that we could ever imagine. I have a nephew that has been the #1 labor attorney in the U.S. for the last 5 years in a row. He has a partner (700 attys. in his firm) that is in the main office in Milwaukee that taught the Word of God to Jeffrey Dahlmer while he was in prison before he was murdered. He baptized him. Now, if he was sincere, he is sitting up there with my dear mother. THAT, my sister, is grace beyond our imagination!

          10. Tiger says:

            You are very welcome, I have a really huge capacity to love people and I suppose that is why I became an RN. You are easy to love and no more worries for this country.

          11. jnora says:

            Our prayers were answered…Trump was elected and God is giving the U.S. another chance to let Him back in our country!

        2. jnora says:

          God will NEVER forsake you. That is the peace that we have when there is nothing on earth to be peaceful about!

          1. Tiger says:

            Truth there.

      3. reggie says:

        galactic connection dot com/jon-rappoport-us-election-shocker-is-this-how-the-vote-will-be-rigged/

        trap chicago dot com/breaking-news/exposing-gems-vote-fraud-system/

        romney’s son has controlling interest in Hart Intercivic machines.

        1. jnora says:

          Romney is surely finished in politics as are the Bushes… any Bush, even Jeb’s son that says he is going into politics and is supporting Trump.

          1. reggie says:

            Agreed, but they sure can still do damage. That’s the problem. They all need to be castrated like bulls and turned into steers. Then maybe they’ll just go away quietly.

    2. Mike Thomas says:

      I believe strongly that this is our last opportunity to preserve what was bought for us with the precious blood and sacrifice of our founders. The last chance to preserve our nation-state, our freedom of religion and speech, the right to bear arms, and to return that which is not the purview of the federal government back to the states – where it rightfully belongs.
      If you’re waiting for some “saint” without sin and say you won’t vote for Trump because he has flaws, hear me clearly – this is not the time for a preacher, this is the time for an archangel who knows how to fight battles.

      1. Tiger says:

        Amen and many preachers talking just that last chance for freedoms we love.

      2. jnora says:

        If the rest of you guys want to listen to Niko’s blasphemy, then feel free, but I just won’t. What he said was so offensive to me, I should have flagged it as inappropriate. I hope someone else on here will. I know that I am a true Christian and not a hypocrite and the Christians in my congregation are not as he said. It really upset me, guys. Hope you don’t think I am too thin-skinned, but I take my Lord God very seriously, but do not wear it on my sleeve. I WILL stand up for Him!

      3. jnora says:

        Absolutely…look how flawed King David was…an adulterer and even a murderer. However, he did God’s will and became in favor with God.

    3. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      this is far from over

        1. jnora says:

          Every Democrat should be forced to see this. People don’t realize how revengeful the Russians were… They seem to only know about Hitler. This is when war goes beyond the military. This should scare them out of voting for Hillary!

          1. Tiger says:

            Well my dear people like me, first born in America on my mother’s side of the family understand. It was burned into my brain and it was never to be forgotten the Gulag, the pain and the suffering that they escaped but some did not and the world said Never Again, yet yes Again and even now a threat of it in America.

          2. jnora says:

            Actually, we are not that many steps from it and it must be arrested. I don’t worry about me because I am 66 years old and wanting to die because I have no one. My son committed suicide and my other one is mentally ill also. My family split up over a will and I will never see them again. The wife of my son that committed suicide will never again let me see my grandkids, two of them. I do have one granddaughter in Virginia and I am in Tennessee. However, I do worry about all three of my grandchildren in the world in which they will have to grow up. They, especially the one in Virginia, who attends the number one public school in America, is working hard to make something of herself and it could be all for naught because if Hillary is elected it will be taken away from her to give to lazy bums. She is half Chinese and both her Chinese grandparents spent many years of their lives studying to be physicians, big-time physicians. Her grandmother was head of pathology at Beijing hospital and her grandfather was a neurosurgeon. Now, both of them are retired. Her grandfather came over here with his daughter, my daughter-in-law, when she was 15, but her grandmother stayed in China, but is here now that she has retired. Neither one of them have squat, even though her grandmother does get what China offers as retirement. They have nothing. My son has to help both of them. He won’t help me at all, as I live only on Social Security, but he will help them. That, Democrats, is what communism does for you. Socialism, like I say, is nothing but communism without the guns!

          3. Tiger says:

            You are too young to wish for death. What a family history. Yes it is going to be a rude awakening for all those who are takers and the elderly when they see how quickly their world will change. Sometimes it takes that to awaken the Sleeping Giant.

            God Bless you and keep the faith.

          4. jnora says:

            You really seem to be a good woman, Tiger. We need more like you in this country. Satan has a good grasp of this country. So very sad. Maybe God is just going to allow us to implode from within.

          5. Tiger says:

            Thank you I try what I am is honest and to the point. Been an RN for close to 30 years and learned much about death and dying by serving as a Combat Support nurse in two wars. Jnora nobody in this life goes until it is their time. If you are here there is a reason. Find peace in something, try to do something daily that takes your mind out of the negative into the positive.

            We owe this to those who die much too young, to those who die in wars, it is our responsibility to live for them and to try to find our way. They didn’t have a choice.

          6. jnora says:

            The Lord has answered my prayers about the election. He knew I couldn’t handle it if Trump does not win. Praise the Lord!

          7. Tiger says:

            Jnora there were millions upon millions of people praying including Israel and an Israeli video came out today stating that Trump just saved America from being an Islamic nation and that is the truth. I am so relieved today, so relieved.

        2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          yup, we had better watch ourselves, and watch them even closer

    4. jnora says:

      Tiger…I meant to reply to you instead of Mike Thomas, but please read my reply to him below. I thought was Niko wrote was deplorable and not in the Trump way! When I see people dis God like that, it makes me sick to my stomach. The world is getting so very evil and I cannot abide it. I KNOW the Bible does not teach us to kill anyone who will not accept our beliefs.

      Please pray hard tonight and tomorrow for Trump to win. I have no idea what God’s plan is and sometimes He just lets us mess up. The Israelites had many awful rulers. They said they wanted a king and so God let them have it. I am sure many had remorse over that! Then came David and the other good ones. We had Reagan and, hopefully, now Trump. We all need to pray. Godspeed, Donald Trump!!!

      1. Tiger says:

        OK done. I have learned to ignore people who are so evil that they ruin my day. Yes Jnora there is such evil, according to the Wikileaks in this governing body that it boggles the mind and there is implications and much proof to Satanic rituals, child sex rings and murder. So Satan has been busy.

        Today millions are praying.

  • Ted Crawford says:

    Comey has now, effectively neutered himself!! He’s either an incompetent, babbling idiot or suffers from Alzheimer!!
    He is however becoming more efficient at his idiocy, it took him a little over a year to review 80,000 E-Mails, but only a few days to review these 650,000 E-Mails, that’s a tremendous improvement!

  • justanagent says:

    Just another act of a corrupt government that has lost it’s last vestige of legitimacy. We can have an article V convention or we can have anarchy, chaos and collapse. The choice is ours.

    1. maxx says:

      This government corruption has been growing larger since the 1960’s to the point where progressives don’t even try to hide their evil activities. They continue to tick off each item in Saul Alinskys agenda to overthrow a government. The only thing left is for patriotic Americans to show them “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH” of their crap.

      1. Rich Shack says:

        I just hope that there are enough of us.

      2. jnora says:

        If every Democrat read that book, they would not vote Democratic! They are following it to the tee!

        1. jnora says:

          I am embarrassed to say that it was my generation (Babyboomer) that started all this in the 1960s. That was, without a doubt, the biggest decade of change in America’s history. The beginning of the end I am afraid. Not proud of my generation. Wish I had been born a generation earlier.

    2. jnora says:

      Yes, an amendment to disallow idiots in the presidency

    3. jnora says:

      The entire world is laughing at us instead of respecting us like when Reagan was here. Now that Ron, Jr. is in with the people that are so bad. It is Michael, the adopted one, that is the one with his father’s sense.

  • pianobill says:

    Comey is lying again.There is no way 650,000 e-mails could be reviewed in that period of time. He had enough evidence in the first investigation to recommend indictment. So I guess someone in the Clinton Crime family showed him the bullet that might cause him to have a heart attack (got it?)
    Yea, he runs the FBI like he is told to do, from the boss at the top and the Clinton money. The man does not have a spine. Wonder how many FBI agents are really pissed off now? The truth will eventually come out and Hitlery Rotten Clinton will go to jail.

    1. jnora says:

      The problem is who is going to protect that FBI agent? The witness protection program certainly wouldn’t be an option now, would it? He would be suicided so fast it would make your head spin. Perhaps if all of them got together and wrote something up and sign it all of the FBI agents, that might work.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Well we have one good X FBI POS now, Janet Reno died last night, you remember, the trash that burned most everybody alive at Waco! She’s now burning in he$$ with other politicians!

    1. maxx says:

      Just in time to make sure she can’t be questioned about anything. How convenient.

  • Eastcoastcoonass says:

    Let’s see 33,000 emails 1 year 650,000 in 8 days. I’m I missing something, this government is so criminalizes it’s not funny. Anyone with half a brain can see this but then again it’s allowed right in front of our faces. They just assume take our guns al of our money and put us in prison. The courruption in the third world countries don’t even compare to the US as it is now.

  • joe katona says:


    1. maxx says:

      You only need to worry if the machines have screens for entering the choices. The machines in my city just accumulated counts from marked paper ballots. The paper ballots are held as backup for 10 years in third party locked secure area. But if you use those machines connected directly to a network you surely need to be vigilant. Take cell phones into the both and take pictures before clicking SUBMIT. There is no reason to use these machines except to make fraud as easy as possible.

      1. Duke-Jinx says:

        Yep… Touch Screens. Whereas the programmed mask for Trump is small and for Hillary, a touch most anywhere… is a vote.
        Request a Paper Ballot !! They by Law have to give you one !!

      2. Patricia T. says:

        When taking a photo of the screen before pulling the lever, make sure you place your driver’s license or other photo ID somewhere in the picture to identify you as the voter.

      3. jnora says:

        In TN where I live, that is totally illegal and you will be arrested. We have computer screens, but the buttons we push are beside the screen and are actually buttons.

    2. jnora says:

      I really think that the Clintons and the Democrats are using the media, even tonight, to make people think that Clinton is so far ahead and set that into people’s minds. Hopefully, there will be a huge surprise and those silent Trumpster will show up and I’d love to be a fly on the wall and see Hillary have her tantrum and then go into a full Parkinson’s episode. What on earth is she going to do when she has to go to a press conference when reporters are fighting for questions or someplace where people are taking pictures with flashes all over the place? We will have a sick president in every way if she is elected. We must all pray and pray some more!!!!

  • Bowserb says:

    Comey only reopened the investigation, because he finally saw “Clinton Cash” and decided he was entitled to a few million dollars more in his Swiss bank account. If the blatant criminal Hillary Clinton is elected president, the message to the millions of us who have obeyed the law all our lives is that we are chumps. It is time for anarchy. No laws for the elite? No laws for the rest of us either.

    1. maxx says:

      AMEN TO THAT !

  • joe katona says:


  • Shirline says:


    1. jnora says:

      Oh, don’t you know that they have software that sorts them out. Sorts out duplicates and also sorted out only the ones to/from Hillary. That is Comey’s line. I do think he is worse that J. Edgar Hoover. Wonder if he cross-dresses, too!

  • reggie says:

    This is too sinister and evil to think that it’s just about the e-mails. No investigation of the clinton foundation, no investigation of anything. Is this to create a situation that ends up in civil war and obama for life? It’s a game of obfuscation, destruction and limit pushing. We’re the Titanic. We only see the tip of the iceberg.

    1. maxx says:

      If something breaks out he, Obutthead, will be collateral damage like Steven’s was.

      1. reggie says:

        Yeah, and the FBI agent who just “committed suicide”, killed his wife and burned his house down. When the FBI allows some piece of garbage pedestal to intimidate them, we have a very BIG problem.

      2. reggie says:

        What a good thought for the day. Thanks

  • jowolo says:

    If charges are brought now against Hilliary Obama would pardon her. After the election we need to press our congress people to push forward.

    1. maxx says:

      Have you not noticed how Congress has helped us during the last 8 years? THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. We are living under the democrat agenda because of the Rino’s and progressives. Harry Reid overrules the Senate by using the nuclear option as the GOP immediately puts that off limits and announces their cowardliness as soon as the new session begins. Paul Ryan negotiates the budget with Oblowhard and approves it as his first act as Speaker. How can we fight this? Physically remove these people from D.C. in whatever way works.

      1. jnora says:

        We need a bunch of Trey Gowdys!!!

  • Mort Leith says:

    What a crock of shiit….
    Our FBI and AG have now lost ALL credibility…


    1. jnora says:

      But they have so much control. What a crying shame!

    2. jnora says:

      An aside…Go Gators!

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    well this didn’t surprise me , it stinks just like oboma and the irs , not a smiggen of corruption , or the benghazi attack was because of a video , or you can keep your doctor, just like hillary and oboma , they all have skeletons in there closets , and if you don’t conform to their demands you whined up like scolia

    1. Gary Smith says:

      I think Lynch got to him

    2. jnora says:

      Closet? They had to move to the dining room there got to be so many.

    3. jnora says:

      I guarantee you they had something to do with Scalia’s death!!!! You notice that no autopsy was done.

      1. Richard Bagenstose says:

        well there have bin a lot of whisle blowers dieing mysteriously lately to, seems to be an epademic,

  • Karll says:

    The corruption is endemic. Comey
    continues to disgrace himself.

    1. Ted Crawford says:

      His only face-saving, relatively speaking, action now is to resign and disappear from public view!

    2. maxx says:

      He is my first choice for an Arkancide.

      1. reggie says:

        pedestal threatens the FBI, if that gets a pass, we’re done.

    3. jnora says:

      I really don’t think he would do all this just for his job. I’ll just bet you they threatened his family!

  • Albert L Biele says:

    The real question to Comey on the email case is; is it against the law to send classified email from a one-none secured server to another non-classified server that exposes the government classified information to Weiner, who is himself undergoing a criminal investigation, noting that he is not cleared to view classified information. I was assigned to a Top secret military base and can confirm that this is a major violation punishable under the law. It is apparent that the law of the land has failed America, and unless we clean our act up, this country is going down! We now have “Rock-Stars” backing a criminal to run the country; God Help America. Any Government official, who increases their net worth to 200 million dollars on a government salary, is the last person you want to put in the white house. You don’t give a bank-robber the combination to the safe, and you don’t give a crook the key to Fort Knox! The choice is between Trump and a major financial depression, because Hillary has proven to be a taker, and not a giver; owning the tongue that seldom tells the truth.

    1. Niko says:

      I say you Kill the bank robber and you KILL the crook. No more problem!!!!!.

      1. Albert L Biele says:

        Hillary, if elected, will finish what Obama started; put the last nail in the coffin for the working class, paralleling Venezuela, diminishing our society down to two classes, the rich and the poor, where 5% of the people control 95% of the people.
        Trump is our last opportunity to remain a free nation, because when Hillary gets her liberal Supreme Court Judges in place, you can say good-by to our constitution!! And it won’t end there because the patriots in this country are not like those in other countries; There will be an uprising that will be supported by law-enforcement. It will be more like, the beginning of the end of tyranny. If Trump is not elected, this country is going down for a 10 count, but the fight will be just beginning.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          And about half the military will be on our side too, I know the 3 family members in will be!! Our military will be divided, but Obama has his army that has been coming into this country for 8 years now, the ones that love goats more than women!!

          1. Albert L Biele says:

            We desperately need a Trump victory to prevent the satanic forces of the democratic party from continuing Obama’s drive to destroy America. The working class in this country are at their end, and at the very cusp of rebelling against what only can be described as a cesspool of political corruption, that requires immediate flushing.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            It’s a MUST for Trump to be our President, and would be if not for the voting machines and dead and repeat voters!

          3. Albert L Biele says:

            There are a lot of Trump supporters monitoring the system, but I agree, it’s most likely not full-proof. The problem on some of the voting machines is, they utilize a decimal system that can be remotely changed i.e. vote switching, but that can be checked after the vote is tallied.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            I will be checking out the machines I’ll be using this time!! We have to do all we can!!

          5. Niko says:

            Rodney, check the back of the voting machines, if the words Smartmatic (soros linked) and now the newer machines from 2007 Sequoia appear most predominately on the back but can be anywhere ask for a paper ballot and as they seal it take a picture and remind them that the electioneering committee always sends a confirmation back to your address. Make sure you get the name or names of the people handling the envelope. Also remind them that then they can go to jail fur a long time if there is any monkey business, like if you never receive a confirmation. That you will press charges against them and the polling place you use.

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            Thanks for the info friend I’ll check the name!!

          7. Niko says:

            We have to watch each other’s backs, I am suprised no one else wrote to tell you the same thing. Please, I know it is late, but pass on the info I had sent you, people should know how to circumvent these bastards. I am praying all goes well tomorrow and Trump is victorious. If he isn’t we will also know it was rigged and one thing about him he is like a wolverine he won’t give up until the truth comes out,you need someone to hound these filthy bastards and the media morons. I also want to say I met Trump doing union sheetmetal work in his building, Trump Tower and he had bought my partner and I lunch twice. Decent man but he needs to stop flip flopping on certain issues. The biggest reason to vote Trump is of course Mike Pence, if anything happens to him at least the reigns will succumb to a very decent man.

          8. Rodney Steward says:

            Amen friend, and the names I’ve seen for these machines, counting your’s, is SmartMatic, Sequoia, and Dominion! If Hellary goes in, I have a feeling that most of these forums will be gone!!

          9. Niko says:

            That is a mouthful. Enjoy your night Rodney, I’ll catch up with you down the road.

          10. Rodney Steward says:

            Later friend!

          11. jnora says:

            They are kicking out a lot of the Trump monitors, too. Heard it on the news yesterday. I am beginning to not trust ANY news anymore! Not even Fox since Murdoch turned it over to his liberal sons.

          12. reggie says:

            And the UN

          13. Rodney Steward says:

            Yep, they are the enemy!!

          14. reggie says:

            We did it, my friend. Take a deep breath. However, it ‘ain’t’ over, you can bet they’ll start more bs. Their agenda has been cooking for years, they’re not going to just walk away.

          15. Rodney Steward says:

            YES FRIEND, WE DID IT!!! 🙂 No it’s not over, in Obama’s speech a few minutes ago, he said we can not forget what we’ve started! And look for some muslim BS to start now, they’ve been real quiet for some reason, HA, HA, but I feel good today!! 🙂

          16. reggie says:

            Yup. It’s a bit quiet right now except for the cry babies on the street. They’d better be careful making threats to kill us. Guess that’s another soro zzz $15/hr job to create martial law.

          17. Rodney Steward says:

            EXACTLY!!!!! They don’t want to give up all the work and Soros’s money that easy! But you know Reggie, more people woke up than I thought, maybe this country has a chance!!

          18. jnora says:

            I was in construction until about four years ago and Obama was renovating a lot of the armories. Doesn’t that give you pause?

          19. Rodney Steward says:

            Up grading, or making them larger? I just know to many people that’s in the military, other than my family!! And look at the military that back Trump, and I think we’re gonna have one big mess when Hellary starts her BS!!

          20. jnora says:

            I think a little of both. Getting them ready for his brownshirts.

          21. Rodney Steward says:

            OH YES, I wasn’t thinking of those rats!!

          22. jnora says:

            Her comeuppance has begun.

          23. reggie says:

            What about the walmart stores? Keep hearing ‘stuff’ but nothing concrete.

        2. Niko says:

          So very true and I myself am 4th generation in NYC who is legally armed and ready to defend America, it’s Constitution as the for-farthers wrote it and wipe pisslam/pigslam/pusslam from the shores of AMERICA!!!!!. CRUSADERS UNITED TILL THE END…

          1. Albert L Biele says:

            If Hillary wins, it will be the beginning of the battle between the patriots and the turncoats. to preserve the constitution, and to defeat tyranny. Let’ just pray that Trump wins.

          2. jnora says:

            It will be the revolutionary war all over again. We have had our 200 years.

          3. jnora says:

            And win he did!

          4. jnora says:

            I never thought something like that would be necessary but I am beginning to think it might be. If all the Christians would get out and vote, everyone of them, we could win. Some of them are so pompous they say neither one of them are any good and that drives me crazy. I saw a clip from Neil Cavuto’s show where Obama was telling an “illegal citizen,” as she called herself, that if she voted she would have no consequences and nothing would be done about it. That was our president talking. I am sure that is what he is depending on!

          5. Niko says:

            Most Christians in America are nothing more CRINOS – a phrase I coined from RINOS. Christians in name only. There are not many real Christians in America anymore,which is sad to say . The ones resettling these muslime filth throughout America are Christian CRINO dirtbags looking for the money that they get from the government which of course is taxpayer money. Revolution, revolution, revolution, that is all that is needed to fix this

          6. jnora says:

            As a Christian and I church of 2500 people I can unequivocally say that is not true.

          7. Niko says:

            You need to do alot more research about what I have said, because all that I have said is unequivocally true beyond a shadow of a doubt. I myself am a Greek Orthodox Christian. 2500 people in reality means nothing when there are let’s say 100 million so called Christians in America. Most of them would be CRINOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

          8. jnora says:

            Then what better place for them to be than church? Merry of one of those 2500 people are harboring Syrian refugees. You need to keep the chip off your shoulder and perhaps not call yourself a Christian. Christians do not say things like that about fellow Christians.

          9. Niko says:

            Oh yes they do, now I see you’re problem. You most definitely have fags and lesbian filth in your congregation, that makes you and your church fake Christians. Secondly, Jesus did not love all, he himself was a bigot and not tolerant at all of people like that,includong thieves, murderers and muslime pigs. God also calls for Christians to kill not murder, kill those that oppose the Church and want to change it. Like the filthy muslime pigs. There are two kind of Christians, the ones that teach True Christianity to those that want to learn about it before they are allowed to join the church and there are those like me, Christian Crusaders that protect those Christians that preach the Gospel. You are one gullible individual, you need to wake up and learn what real Christianity is. Case Closed.

          10. jnora says:

            What you speak is blasphemy. Consider yourself blocked. I will not listen to it. You will have to account to God for it.

          11. Albert L Biele says:

            Suggestion; do not respond to the mentally ill.

          12. reggie says:

            Hi jnora, gotta put my 2₵ in. The taxpayers give the catholic bishop’s organization $50 million or so. They resettle people, virtually no Christians from the ME, but they do resettle muslims, just for starters. This article will make you ill, and it’s just one of many: wnd dot com/2014/07/religious-charities-profit-from-open-borders/ Another source is capital research dot org.

          13. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

            your hearsay is not proof, you or any of the 2500 alleged as people are christ like. just claiming you, are christian is not proof of being christ like.
            according to scripture, i am not supposed to trust in any of you. i am only, commanded to trust in ELOHEEM like christ did. if christ did not trust anyone then, why should i trust in any of you now?

            in my 72 years so far, i have seen many claim to be christian who were not christ like at all. when all i have observed is alleged as christians, worshiping the angels hasatan, baal hamolech, hamavreek(lucifer), and their subtle talking beast of the fields representing them.

            not one supporter of hillary, can claim to be christian. and it would be mostly a stretch to claim supporters of trump as christian. even though trump, is most likely the least evil and wicked of the candidates. and that, is not a compliment to this nation.

          14. jnora says:

            You are a kook. I’m blocking you!

          15. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

            that, only further proves your not Christ like. since even Christ, listened to what His enemies had to say.
            and apparently you, have not read Revelation either which confirms my point.

          16. reggie says:

            You can look up Melowese Richardson. She worked the polls in OH for years, was a convicted felon, bragged about voting 6 times. Her family voted an average of 2 times each. holder declined to prosecute, basically made her a mini-celebrity .

        3. jnora says:

          And those judges will be very young I can tell you.

    2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      Not to worry. This whole thing is anything but over. Comey is covering his butt, this “chess” game is so full of moves and counter moves, that it has come to the point of the height of ridiculousness, so, nope case open, very open, this is a no win situation for the Hilda-Beast, or Obama, and many others. Obama is now in a position that he can’t do anything for her. After the Hilda-Beast looses the election this Tuesday, Obama is going to be between a rock and a hard place. If he pardons her, he and she are sunk, if he does nothing, then Trump will have this case re-opened, then they all go down the tubes.
      Odd isn’t it, that a few days ago, the F B I agent who was believed to be responsible for leaking these emails, or some of them, was found dead in his home along with his wife. This has been deemed a “murder suicide” Really??? then just a few days later Comey comes out with this nonsense.

      1. Albert L Biele says:

        I have similar thoughts on the issue. I really do not see her getting away mishandling classified information, but strongly believe her Pay to Play money laundering business is a slam-dunk prosecution. A Trump victory would be the best scenario.

        1. jnora says:

          If Trump does not win there will be a movement like you’ve never seen before in this country led by him.

        2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:


      2. reggie says:

        And pedestal threatens the FBI???? Talk about pushing your luck. That’s how arrogant they are about winning.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          a lot of them will be running for cover on Tuesday night.

          1. reggie says:

            Sure have my fingers crossed. I’m so sick of the spell check, I corrected pedestal at least 4 times to podesta, and it still went back. I refuse to capitalize the names of garbage.

      3. jnora says:

        So he was “suicided”? Around the Clintons, that seems to be contagious

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          very contagious, to say the least.

      4. Duke-Jinx says:

        Odd isn’t it… got a link ??

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          You mean for the murder suicide thing? Sure Here;

          FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks … – Denver Guardian

          http://www.denverguardian.com/2016/11/05/fbi-agent-suspected... Proxy Highlight

          3 days ago … Walkerville, MD – An FBI agent believed to be responsible for the … found dead in an apparent murder-suicide early Saturday morning, according to police. … FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and killed his 33-year-old wife, …

          FBI Agent Investigating Clinton Murders Wife, Burns House …

          https://emsnews.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/fbi-agent-in… Proxy Highlight

          1 day ago … Supposedly, suicide, their home burned. … Investigators believe FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and killed his 33-year-old wife, Susan …

          FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in … – Snopes

          http://www.snopes.com/fbi-agent-murder-suicide/ Proxy Highlight

          FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead … was found dead in an apparent murder-suicide early Saturday morning, according to police. Investigators believe FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and killed his 33-year- old wife, …

          Fact Check: Sources claim an FBI agent involved with Clinton …

          http://www.prntly.com/2016/11/06/fact-check-sources-claim-an... Proxy Highlight

          2 days ago … Investigators believe FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and killed his … the couple perished in a murder-suicide during which the 4,000-square foot … his wife was dead before or after the dog was removed from their home.

          FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in …

          http://www.canadafreepress.com/article/fbi-agent-suspected-i... Proxy Highlight

          12 hours ago … FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder- Suicide … was found dead in an apparent murder-suicide early Saturday morning , according to police. Investigators believe FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and killed his 33-year-old wife, Susan Brown, late Friday night before …

          FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leak Found … – Before It’s News

          http://www.beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2016/11/fbi... Proxy Highlight

          2 days ago … READ MORE AT: http://denverguardian.com/2016/11/05/fbi-agent-suspected- hillary-email-leaks-found-dead-apparent-murder-suicide/ …

          Michael Brown, FBI Agent Involved in Leaked … – Before It’s News

          http://www.beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2016/11/mic... Proxy Highlight

          2 days ago … Investigators think FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and killed his 33-year-old … “The totality of the evidence leads us to believe this is a murder-suicide. … seemed “panicked” though it is uncertain whether his wife was dead …

          Hillary Clinton Ordered To Kill FBI Agent Michael Brown For Leaking …

          http://www.morningnewsusa.com/hillary-clinton-ordered-kill-f... Proxy Highlight

          1 day ago … The FBI agent believed to be responsible for the latest Clinton email leaks was found dead in his apartment in an apparent murder-suicide the … ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Jamie Dornan Cheating On Wife With Dakota Johnson?

          1. Duke-Jinx says:

            Yep… Thanks.
            Amazing how some of these engines ‘guide’ the results :/

    3. Worried Vet says:

      Your right. I was stationed at a base that was classified and she has broken the law several times. Unless the laws have changed since the 70s when I worked with top secret information. Another thing I don’t get how Hillary has let so many see classified, like her maid. That’s against the law or used to be. I do know if people are blinded enough to elect her this country is doomed. She is a proven crook and liar. How anyone can become worth 200 million in this time frame was supposed to be broke leaving the whitehouse could be honest. She was in debt after running in 08 so she said so where is all the money coming from? I pray common sense will prevail tomorrow and not stupidity. Voting for her just because she is a woman is so wrong. I believe a woman could do a great job, just not her. Guilt is a huge reason Obama won twice, let’s not do the same mistake over again.

      1. Albert L Biele says:

        Great write-up. Hopefully, no mistakes this time; a Trump win will be a win-win for America.

        1. Worried Vet says:


          1. Roy Fredrichsen says:

            Good going, Sarge. I am also a veteran and threatened about mishandling classified documents.

          2. Worried Vet says:

            It seems like we have two sets of laws. One for the Clinton’s and their rich minions and one for us regular folks. I know some where along the line I am wondering why I signed up to serve my country during Vietnam when I didn’t have to. I wasn’t drafted yet but at 17 and being from a military family of wwii vets I felt it was my duty. To me Hillary is a joke, corrupt, lying crook who has no business even running, and how she could be any where close to being ahead is beyond me. How any person with common sense could even think of voting for her. It’s so obvious she is lying and a crook, who only cares about power and money, and that’s not even counting the wikileaks or the FBI info and proof, I’m just saying it by watching her speak and the way she grins and smirks like a kid getting away with something. Any parent knows what I’m talking about. My grandkids try that on me just like their parents did, and it don’t work most the time. I do let them get away with a lot but that’s what a grand parent does, that’s not what a voter does with any common sense. You don’t give the keys to the bank to a bank robber, you don’t give authority to a person that countries don’t respect or she owes them. I don’t get how anyone can vote for her even being the first woman to run. To me we made that mistake with the first black president and look where that has gotten us. Why would people just vote for her being the first woman? Maybe it’s to much to think about, if you have to research on your own, and just listening to the biased media makes up your mind to vote for her. I pray I’m wrong.

          3. Charlie says:

            It is because Obama, Lynch, and Comey el al are just as corrupt as she is. The Democrat party is no longer the party of Truman and the working man, but a trap to keep the poor controlled AND poor. It is called the welfare plantation. Corrupt union bosses use the working man’s money to keep these criminals in power so they can do the bidding of millionaires and billionaires. Hillary will accept more bribes and take care of the other rich while she puts miners and coal companies out of business and cripples our oil industry so that OPEC can regain the upper hand.

        2. Of-course thump is very nice person that why he win in America.

      2. Retired says:

        Many are sitting in Brigs for what Clinton did with classified information.

        1. Tor293 says:

          Retired, isn’t that the truth, and many are in brigs for less than that, but their name isn’t Clinton. Her draft dodging coward husband should have never been allowed to serve as “Commander in Chief either! Now we’re going to get her and she will be just as bad if not worse than Odumbo!!

          Semper Fi and thanks for your service.

        2. Albertatjacobs3 says:

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      3. reggie says:

        Too many ill eagles and dead people voting. Add in soros’ voting machines, and it’s a problem, plus: galactic connection dot com/jon-rappoport-us-election-shocker-is-this-how-the-vote-will-be-rigged/
        trap chicago dot com/breaking-news/exposing-gems-vote-fraud-system/
        romney’s son has controlling interest in Hart Intercivic machines.

  • Frank629 says:

    hey comey what a lying crock of s$%t.

    1. lenati says:

      he’s a turn coat. Someone got to him.

      1. Ted Crawford says:

        Why would you consider him a “turn coat”? He’s been a good friend of the Clintons for years now!

      2. maxx says:

        Comey, Lynch and Cheryl Mills were all previously connected as they all worked at the same D.C. law firm prior to their current assignments. Time for the Marines to step in.

        1. jnora says:

          They all deplorable the military. When Hillary was first lady, she would not even allow the military that were assigned to the White House to wear their uniforms because she despised the military so much. And for her to be commander-in-chief of the military? I don’t think so!

      3. Gary Smith says:

        Maybe Lynch or Obama

        1. jnora says:

          Absolutely. But I think they probably threatened more than his job. From what people say he used to be, I don’t think he would’ve done that to save his job, but may have done that to save his family.

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