New York Times Smearing Christians in Dung

June 3, 2015


Critics are crying double standard over The New York Times‘ decision to run an image last week of the Virgin Mary smeared in elephant dung after refusing to print sketches of the Prophet Muhammad.

The newspaper printed Friday an image in its Art & Design section of “The Holy Virgin Mary,” a 1996 painting by the artist Chris Ofili, alongside an article about the owner’s decision to sell the work at a June 30 auction in London.

The painting, described in the article as an “eight-foot-high depiction of the Virgin Mary encrusted with a lump of elephant dung and collaged bottoms from pornographic magazines,” ignited a furor when it was first unveiled at the Brooklyn Museum in 1999.

  • phil62

    The travesty behind all of this is the cold hard fact that the 9/11 terrorists should have left the Towers alone and instead took out the newspapers and news media (abc, nbc, cbs, cnn. and fox) in all 50 states. The news media is the biggest enemy of this country. Without them Obama would choke on his own vomit (not that’s a site I would pay to see).

  • What do you expect from the godless Leftist sewer scum? What do you expect from a Party that had the gall to kick GOD out of their Party, TWICE, in 2012? Nothing good I pray! They are the Godless Party of Corruption and Lies, that is the New Democratic Party, not even recognizable as being anything close to “American” in their policies, and their supporters are American Haters and should leave our nation since they hate it so much! If it does come down to another Civil War, God Forbid, then if they force one on us, we need to do a complete cleansing of our Nation while we are at it! Give all Muslims and Leftists a chance to leave our Nation or have the full force of our Christian God come down upon their heads! The best day will be when Obama’s Obituary goes to print!

  • Donna Mohler

    Karma will get them. Can’t wait for it!

  • Jack D

    Drawing a picture and smearing crap are not in the same circle you stupid liberals, It show once again your ability to misrepresent the facts of what happened
    Draw the picture of Mary or Jesus or your God how about making Budda a skinney guy in drawing Swearing crap is your dysfuntional brain at work

  • Ken Fletter

    I’m growing vary tired of all this religion bashing. The problem as I see it, is that If you are a believer in a certain religion then by all means I support your right to worship that faith. If you are an atheist then why would you even have an opinion about anybody’s belief? If by chance anybody makes fun of your faith, then PRAY for them. Don’t cause a big seen and threaten others lives. Unless your Charlie Manson, That’s against any of your religions teachings. This is a free country, or at least it used to be. So don’t ask for more laws and don’t threaten your brothers and sisters about trivial matters. After all you cant legislate religious beliefs. You also can’t control in-bread teachings over night, and surely not by threatening their lives. This is elementary school stuff people.

  • Ralph H Moran

    We were told to spread the word of G-D and not the hate I read here. Yes the NYT is a piece of trash for printing this again knowing full well what would happen. We were also told not to waste a lot of time on those that refuse his word, but to knock the dust from our shoes and walk away. The same applies to the LGBT group and any who refuse his word.
    Their idea is to get you all up in arms over nothing, you can not convince someone who has forsaken G-D to change their way. What they want is to get you to lose your belief and say/write things that G-D does not approve of.

  • The New York Times is a socialist rag that is not a credible news source! They are trying to help turn the USA into a third world socialist shit hole. All this while profiting off of the capitalist system that has allowed them to exist.

    • budgienation

      Bob, quit throwing around the word ‘socialist’ when you, as most of the conservative posters on this thread, probably couldn’t even define socialism. Your type often mix it up with communism too. It’s just a ‘buzzword’ you guys use to scare people. C’mon, I’m ‘calling you out’: Define ‘socialism’ and explain three ways it differs from ‘communism’. The ‘ball’s in your court’, Bob. Let’s see you volley it back….

      • It’s a political and economic advocating collective or government ownership or administration of production or distribution of goods and services.

        • budgienation

          Bob, well done. Frankly, I’m pleasantly surprised. Most of you guys blur the distinctions between Socialism and full blown Communism, but you were ‘spot on’. The main distinctions being the amount or degree of governmental control, one allowing for private enterprise, the other not allowing it. Seriously, I’m pleasantly surprised. Now, tell me, exactly, why The New York Times is a ‘socialist’ paper. Especially with David Brooks on the editorial staff. The man should be writing for The Wall Street Journal. He’s that conservative. Or, is he just ‘window dressing’ to fool poor dumb New Yorkers into buying the paper. By every reliable, non biased yardstick, eschewing such sources as 1776 Coalition, Newsmax, and the usual right wing, or left wing, for that matter sources, The New York Times is consistently in the top five of most respected sources of news in, not just America, but the world as well. It’s practically ‘the paper of record’. It may be a question of which of the ‘news that’s fit to print’ gets people’s noses out of joint. If they print a story that slams someone on the left, the lefties scream ‘Tool of Wall St.’, print something less than flattering about someone on the right, and the ‘righties’ scream ‘Socialist/Commie rag!’. It’s sort of an ‘ink blot test’, for anyone’s perceptions of the world as it is, or, at least as it appears to be, to the individual.

          • One question, when’s the last time the times endorsed a truly conservative candidate that wasn’t a RINO?

          • Just so you understand I’m a Jewish conservative who is a registered independent. I have problems with both parties.

  • mezeus

    ‘Holy virgin Mary’. No where in the bible doe it say anything about Mary being Holy. She wasn’t. She is not part fof the deity. Mary was nothing more than a good jewish mother. That ‘Holy’ shit comes from the catholic church. Not the bible. But then a lot of the Catholic teaching are not biblical.

  • Sylvester Jones

    Have no fear they will get what they deserve, eternity in hell, and soon.

  • mzliberty2013

    Does anyone realize that N.Y.C.’s Mayor is a COMMUNIST? The Times news rag is trying to promote his agenda. The Times has offered NOTHING positive in it’s Liberal history!! Now, they kow-tow to making N.Y. City to honor the Communist’ Regime!


    So this is the newspaper I’m told that sets the standard for all news in america. If it’s printed in the times it must be fact. It reads like a newspaper you wrap dung in. If New Yorkers are judged by their hometown paper they must be democrats. After all, people are judged by those they associate with.

  • ed

    “Vengence IS MINE, SAYS THE LORD, I WILL REPAY.” We don’t have to retaliate against the profainers of the Blessed Mother, I’m sure OUR LORD WILL DO JUSTICE in due season.

  • gerald Hughes

    We have been way too patient, with the liberal dem bloodsuckers, way too long

  • reagangs

    Remember the radical libertard “art” of the same in a jar filed with urine. These IDOITS need to be put in place with the worlds criminal commies.

  • George Cullen

    Reading the posts here is a classic study.
    First thing, right out of the gate, and the
    Seemingly liberal post writers immediately resort
    To name calling, making political opponents out
    To be all sorts of negative adjectives, and
    Lower-than-themselves titles and phrases.
    All of it being very personal-attack and very
    In America, still for the most part, we have freedom of speech.
    That freedom carries responsibilities, as well.
    I still believe in the slogan my dad taught me.
    He was a WW-II and Korean War combat veteran.
    He said, “I may hate what you have to say,
    But, as an American I’ll defend to the death
    Your right to say it.”
    I still think that way, but I really wonder if the
    People who say some of the things I hate are
    Worth the fight to defend. Maybe its just the
    Words, and not the people that are worth
    Defending to the death.

    • I think your post is a classic study in seeing what you want to see, which only is that which fits into your ideology.

      If you look at the posts here, you’ll see lots of names like POS, troll, scum, “superior idiots”, “left-wing hypocrites”, Myron LeAnna’s complete rant, and many others. Those all came from the right. I think the liberals here are making somewhat of an honest attempt at debate, but I see lots of name calling and personal attacks from the other side. The lefties seem to respond in kind, but it’s only as a response, not as the aggressor.

      And I see lots of conservatives in this thread thinking they’re expressing the obvious, common-sense stuff, but they’re really not, and those people I’ve questioned for clarity are unwilling or unable to provide it.

      Please show me that I’m wrong.

      • Libtardharvestor

        Speaking of only seeing what you want to see…..

        • You didn’t really say anything. At least I gave several examples to support my point of view? You? Nothing.

          • Libtardharvestor

            The very things you complain about are committed by liberals with no less frequency and, generally, harsher meanings. But the fact is, I wasn’t talking to you. Just a stray comment because of the irony of your using your complaints, to complain about your complaints. Believe me, the majority of the rest got it. The ever present wail for proof from liberals is an unfulfillable demand. I’ve been at this, from each side over time, since the mid ’60s. the demand for proof is pointless to answer. In the 55 or so years the demand has remained almost word for word. I always tell them that I would like to ask them 5 to 10 questions to prove to me that they have read the information in an understandable way. Not one single time has so much as a sentence been read. Instead they go the the liberal material that most closely resembles the point at hand and spout it as proof of point regardless of how insipid or off topic it may be. This is not supposition. I did it when I was a liberal too! Our difference is that, when I changed my beliefs, it was due to a number of years of research, questions, lots of sleepless night deliberating all I’d read. All before there was an internet or a computer that didn’t require two 18 wheelers to move it and had the computing power of a hand held calculator. Liberals don’t want anything that upsets their world view. William F. Buckley jr. said, ” Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are offended and shocked to discover that there are other views.” I have seen no changes in that over the years. I have even seen some less conservative “republicans” doing the exact same thing. I refuse to play. If I wanted to know something, I looked for it. Today you don’t even have to put on pants to read from any library, institution, or agency (sans law enforcement or security) in the world in half the time it used to take me to get to my car. You want to learn? Do it. I’m not your teacher, parent, or counselor. You don’t want to learn? Don’t! Your choice. Be fed by the sculpted opinions of others or do honest research and make your own opinion a goal. But remember, sound bites and random blather is not research. It’s lazy.

          • “You want to learn? Do it. I’m not your teacher, parent, or counselor. You don’t want to learn? Don’t! Your choice. Be fed by the sculpted opinions of others or do honest research and make your own opinion a goal. But remember, sound bites and random blather is not research. It’s lazy.”
            That’s good advice. For anyone.

            “Just a stray comment because of the irony of your using your complaints, to complain about your complaints.”
            This, however, doesn’t make much sense.

            Perhaps the “ever present wail for truth from liberals” occurs because liberals try to have a discussion based on details and facts and claims that can be verified, whereas conservatives seem to spout opinions or simply want to vent or rant, sometimes very viciously, but don’t seem to want to engage in discussion or debate with the other side. As you said, you’re content thinking the majority here gets your meaning, and you don’t express an interest in any understanding beyond that.

          • Libtardharvestor

            Liberals do not have the verifiable high ground. I can give you at least 2 issues where they refuse to HAVE a debate on the issues. In both cases (these are long running and hard fought issues for both sides that will not solve themselves. The very lack of determination costs us more and more each day) Global Warming. Why won’t Al Gore, or ANY global warming supporter engage in a debate on the issue? it could be run by the same people who run and mediate the Presidential and VP debates. The success or failure would significantly help the winner in achieving the goals they espouse. If the science is factual and solid, why wouldn’t they welcome an opportunity to show it as it is? If it is false the American people have a right to know why they have paid a bill for a false premise

          • Well, I, for one, think you have a great idea about a (televised series of) debate(s) on global warming. It could be a scientific/economic/political debate, representing both sides. I would welcome educated, respectful people on both sides arguing their points of view. I don’t know if its possible, but we could wish.

            The gun debate, I’m not so sure of. Too many variables and “facts”, too much emotion on both sides. Just getting the rules of the debate sorted out would be like the Paris Peace Talks arguing on the shape of the table.

            As to your last sentences, yes, I’m in agreement and I hope you feel likewise. (Sorry, I cant copy and paste your sentences here – my phone isn’t allowing me to.)

    • bamissfa

      they are not worthy
      but shallow worthless useless excuses for human beings

  • enubus

    This isn’t new for this yellow rag, the publisher hid the Holocaust from the American people during WWII. The Times will be out of business within the next 3 to 5 years as its circulation plummets.

  • Walt

    They should have used the NY Times rag to wipe the dung from the Virgin Mary because that’s all it’s worth. The rag should then be placed under the elephant’s butt along with all of it’s employees. And that my friends would be an excellent headline for the NY Times rag…

  • John VanderKelen

    It is better to suffer for doing what is right. The Bible is always relevant. Jesus is alive and still saves!

  • cool breeze

    and who sez there is no bias in media

    • budgienation

      …and who says teabaggers can spell. It’s not ‘sez’, it’s ‘says’. Let’s see if we can stay on the ball, okay?

  • Luke

    When the scum at the NYToilet paper print images like this but are afraid to print images of the pedophile muhammed prove what low life cowards and anti-Americans they really are..

  • Webb

    NYT…Lets sell a newspaper And piss off, a Whole Lot of Americans concerning Their Christian Values…Regardless!!
    Continue on NYT’S, until YOU GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!

    • budgienation

      Please, go ahead and ‘boycott’ The New York Times. It’s probably written ‘way over your head’ anyway. It has come down a bit as far as it used to be written for the college educated and is now somewhere around the level of a high school senior. Stick with the New York Post. That’s probably more ‘your speed’ in both writing level and political slant.

      • Webb

        So, You Troll Today…As Always, Superior Idiots “Are Always Welcome”!!
        Continue Posting on Every Comment…

  • Athanasios1

    Okay fellow Christians…Don’t buy the paper. Let them feel your anger where it hurts the most. Find out who or what corporation owns the paper and smear “No sales” on the entity.

  • deltainny

    Why is anyone surprised when an openly liberal rag has a double standard?
    Isn’t that the hallmark of liberalism: Double Standards?

  • V Sanders

    Nothing new…bunch of left-wing hypocrites.

  • budgienation

    Wait a minute and ‘cool your jets’ before you bash The New York Times. Double standard? Consider this for a moment. Certain elements of radical Islam go out of their damn minds (or what’s left of them) when you draw, paint, sculpt or sketch an image of Muhammad. Perhaps they were looking out for the physical safety of their staff, and decided it just wasn’t worth it. ‘Chilling Effect”? Maybe, but sometimes you have to weigh the balance and err on the side of caution. So far, there’s been no band of bible banger ready to kill and maim over artist Chris Ofili’s exercise in poor taste and judgment involving the Blessed Virgin. At least not yet, and, in view of some of the vitriol spilled over the decision of The New York Times, not to run Muhammad, but to run the “Elephant Dung Virgin Mary”, I wonder how long it will be before some bible banger with an AR-15 cuts loose at an art gallery.

    • Luke

      What’s a Bible banger? Is that a new phrase for God’s people who care about other people and love one another?

      • budgienation

        What’s a ‘bible banger’? Jeeze, Luke, how young are you anyway? That phrase has been around for years. BTW, I’m one of ‘God’s people, too. I’m Episcopalian, it’s one of the ‘old line’ Protestant churches. FDR was an Episcopalian, too. As was George Washington, Abe Lincoln and ‘Bush the First’, George H. W. Bush. Quite a list, and only scratching the surface.

        • Luke

          I’m a Christian who respects the Bible as God’s word. nothing added to that like “banger or “thumper”

          • Libtardharvestor

            He and others may call it what they wish. It is not our approval they will require at the end.

          • Luke

            Very true, I feel sorry for them, God said my people die from ignorance..

        • bamissfa

          never heard the term
          you must hang out with atheists

          • budgienation

            No,’bamisfa’,I can’t say I personally know an atheist. I write back and forth with a few of them on Facebook. I happen to be an Episcopalian, one of the ‘old line Protestant denominations. We argue back and forth, me for the existence of God and him against. I don’t ram belief down his throat and he doesn’t ram atheism down mine. Mutual respect is what it’s about. Frankly, I think the Elephant Dung Virgin Mary is disgusting, but here’s the deal: It’s grudgingly accepted as a ‘free speech issue’. Don’t ban it, but if it offends, don’t look at it, or, speak out against it, that’s a cherished right as an American, but don’t seek to repress it. Why did you think that, just because I see another side to this issue, that it somehow, automatically, makes me an atheist? I don’t get it, or, maybe I do. Is this some kind of ‘if you’re not 100% with us, you must be 100% against us. Is that it, ‘bamisfa’?

          • Libtardharvestor

            Odd that you hold mutual respect in such high respect while not exhibiting any of it here. I’m sure you have a perfectly sound and logical explanation why! The alternate theory would be to believe that your “mutual respect” is a sham.

          • budgienation

            Mutual respect is for those who give it. Conservatards, don’t. I mentioned it with regard to the ‘back and forth’ I have with some atheists. I’m never going to change their minds, they won’t change mine, but it’s fun to engage in the discussion. BTW, I think the phrase you’re looking for is that I hold something in, or with ‘high regard’, not ‘high respect’. ‘Hume skooled’ perhaps, ‘Libtardhavestor’?

          • Libtardharvestor

            I suspect I have a reason why you have so much trouble winning true friends. Arrogance does not win friends or influence people. it turns them away and you loose any hope of imparting information to them, thereby loosing your opportunity. I don’t go to these sites because it’s “fun”. We have real problems (whether or not we agree on what those problems may be) and real contention among people of differing views, which will not solve anything. If recreation is your goal, why ruin the opportunity to, hopefully, change some of that? It is hard enough to navigate life without all the fuss and fury we ALL create among ourselves. NO ONE is innocent and the level of wrong changes almost day by day. We can be part of the problem, or part of the solution. There isn’t any middle ground. I don’t remember the source of the quote but it was, “To not vote is to vote” the implication being that the vote is just falling on the other side. and, as long as you feel as confident as you seem to about your research skills, please see what the psychologists have to say about sarcastic, dismissive, and denigrating speech to an opponent in an otherwise reasonably passive conversation.

          • budgienation

            “Lib”, I’ve got lots of friends, true friends, not just Facebook friends. And, rest assured, I vote. Every election. I’m one of the reasons you’ve had Obama to deal with for two consecutive terms. He got the majority twice, saved the auto industry, ‘got’ Bin Laden, and got us out of one, and soon two of the most disastrous wars, that the lying, scumbag crew of Dubya and Cheney got us into on false intel. He’s also cut the deficit by half and maybe a little bit more. All these facts drive you guys nuts. And, as far as psychologists, here’s why you guys are so livid: It’s called ‘cognitive dissonance’. It happens when the facts don’t fit certain cherished notions of conservatives and so, the refusal to accept that they were wrong, makes them ‘double down’ on stupid opinions, thoroughly discredited. And that, ‘Lib’, is that. By the way, since you’re convinced that I’m sarcastic, and dismissive, I may as well let you down easy, and give you something that you can cling to and convince you that you’re ‘right’: Hey, ‘Lib’…..Go fuck yourself.

          • Libtardharvestor

            I copied that and saved it for two reasons. First I want something beside the Grimm’s Fairy tales that have bee used to death with my grand kids. And second, As they grow I want to be able to sit down with them as they hit their teens or 20’s and say, ” remember back when people were THIS stupid?” Now, like I said in the post I made just before this, you get to be as clever” as you want. I’m tired of babysitting!

    • Libtardharvestor

      It won’t happen. The paper does not even attempt the pretexts of equality, balance, or fairness. The newspapers always touted fair and balanced as the selling point of their particular Journal over others. If they were true to that long held practice, they would have refused to print the offending picture on principle. Instead, sensationalism and prurient interests prevailed. They are obviously aware that no “Bible banger with an AR-15” will be any problem to them, or anyone else. But fairness only matters when it’s YOUR ox being gored, isn’t that right kids!

  • Patriot47

    Just more cowardice on the part of media.

  • Myron LeAnna

    What else would you expect from the Zionist rag the New York Times. The Jews have been against Christianity since our Lord and Savior walked on the earth. In the Talmud they refer to The Blessed Virgin Mary as a whore and prostitute. They have condemned Jesus to hell boiling in feces up to his nose as a bastard. They control congress, members of congress must sign a statement saying they will support Israel or all support will be giving to their opposition in the next election. They make up less than 2 percent of our population but, 4 members of the Supreme court are Jews, 71 members of congress are Jews and they are all dual citizens of the US and Israel. Where does their loyalty lie, to their country or their tribe in the bastard state of Israel?

    • I keep hearing all the time around here that Republicans and the right are the only real friends Israel has. That Obama and Dems are Israel-haters and Obama is a mooslim. And I would assume that Israel likes the Republicans, too. So why the Jew-bashing here? You DO know that Israel is filled with Jews, right?

      • Luke

        Maybe it is because of the anti-semitic rhetoric that comes from this failed and criminal regime in the WH

        • So Myron here is expressing hatred of the Jews because of Obama? That’s a stretch! You going to blame Obama for the Texas flooding, too? And the Oklahoma tornadoes?

          • Luke

            No I’m not you idiot..

          • Why don’t you try making a complete, coherent statement.

            You’re not what? Blaming Obama for the tornadoes and flooding? Ok, but it sounds like you’re saying that Myron hates the Jews “because of the anti-semitic rhetoric that comes from this failed and criminal regime in the WH” (your words).

            So please enlighten me. What’s your point?

          • Luke

            The article was about the scum that desecrate God’s Family by calling their ignorant portrayals art.., nothing to do with the Jews who are God’s chosen people..

          • I see. And my comments and questions were directed at Myron, and his anti-Zionist rant. Please look at the thread and see how the “conversation” was going. Yes, you’re correct, but that’s not what I was questioning Myron about.

            Also, just a thought: it wasn’t the NY Times that was calling something “art”. The piece was hanging in a museum, so other people considered it “art” and had it exhibited there. The NY Times was only reporting on the fact that the painting was in the museum. They didn’t put it there, nor did they have any say so about it being there. So there may have been people desecrating God’s Family, but it wasn’t the NY Times. How about condemning the actual artist? Would you agree with that?

          • Luke

            The title of the article implies agreement by the NYT..
            They published the picture so IMO they agree with it but my point is that they are scared shitless to post a picture of the pedophile muhammerhead..Hypocrites are typical among the liberal media jackals..

          • Let me know when FOX starts airing caricatures of Mohammed. I haven’t even seen any from this website. So they’re hypocrites, too, right?

          • Luke

            I haven’t seen Fox put a depiction of anyone covered in dung up either, but just to set this straight that still doesn’t make it right what the NYT did by putting that picture in their paper unless it was because they felt the same way.
            How would you like to see a picture of one of your family members covered in obama dung?
            The NYT as is most liberal media are the sorriest of the sorriest people on this planet.. These people live in dung IMO..

          • Luke

            Nope, Fox has nothing to do with the ignorance and hatred of the NYT against Christians..
            Even suggesting this proves you have no answer for the low-life scum at the NYToilet paper

          • You misunderstand my sentence. Then you make an argument based on that misunderstanding. Nice.

            First of all, just because the NYT publishes a picture of something doesn’t mean they agree with it. They didn’t print the picture on their editorial/opinion page – they printed it in the Arts section, as news. They weren’t commenting on it’s artistic value or making any kind of supporting statement. However, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, no matter if it’s based on a falsehood.

            And yes, I agree with you that the title of the article here implies agreement by the NYT. But notice that the title was written by THIS website, not the NYT, and that this website and other similar ones write headlines designed to “energize the base”.

            Secondly, I didn’t say that Fox had anything “to do with the ignorance and hatred of the NYT against Christians”. What I commented on was what you said, that the NYT “are scared shitless to post a picture of the pedophile muhammerhead.” I asked you to show me a picture of the “pedophile muhammerhead” published or aired by FOX, and if you couldn’t, does that mean that Fox is also “scared shitless”?

            Just trying for a little consistency here. If the liberal media are scared shitless to print a caricature, then are the conservative media also scared shitless to print one?

          • Luke

            You’re right, you don’t understand, you’re in the business here of defending the nyt’s and their hate for Christians..
            Fox doesn’t post pictures of neither one but the nyt’s post pictures that look bad for Christians but do not have the balls to post a picture of that pos muhammerhead in a bucket of shit.

          • When you say, “You’re right, you don’t understand”, what comment of mine were you agreeing with? Or did you just make one up?

            And I’m not defending anyone’s “hatred of Christians”. You haven’t shown there is any hatred. If the NYT were to publish a picture of Mohammed, or if Fox did, that wouldn’t be proof they hated Moslems, would it? The only hatred I see here is Myron’s anti-Jewish rant, and he has decided not to respond to my questions.

      • bluebonnet114

        the democrats and republicans are the same mostly,,,,then there is the CONSERVATIVES that respect the Constitution!
        Ahhhh,,common sense applies here, again

        • And how is “common sense” being applied here? You haven’t really answered my question. I assume Myron, here, is a “true” conservative, not a “mere” Republican. So if he’s bashing the Jews and he’s so anti-Semitic, I’m not sure I understand how that squares with his “true” conservatism. Are “true” conservatives all closet Jew-haters, or just Myron? Do they “like” Israel just because Obama doesn’t seem to?

          • bluebonnet114

            I do not hate the Jewish people because GOD says not to. Just because the POS, in my white house, does not like Israel or Jewish people, does not enter into why I am for Israel. It is a good reason, however, it is untrue. I am a CONSERVATIVE and not republican (gop) and not a so-called jew-hater. So THIS CONSERVATIVE does not hate anyone or the Jewish/Israel people.
            Common sense is what I have just said,,,,in this case.

          • Oh, so you don’t hate Jews because God says not to? Ok, fine. That’s nice. What does God say about Moslems? Does He tell you to hate them or love them? Or does He not say anything about Moslems? Does He tell you to hate Obama and call him a POS, or does he tell you to love all His children? I’m just trying to understand you, or are you being just the least bit hypocritical?

            You mention that you are a CONSERVATIVE and that you do “not hate anyone or the Jewish/Israel people”. Calling someone a POS isn’t really expressing like or love, is it?

          • bluebonnet114

            I am beginning to think you ARE THE TROLL? It does not matter what I say, you have some awful comeback.
            GOD tells me NOT to hate anyone, and I stand with Israel. The muslims should be sent back where they came from because they have always fought everyone.
            As for the POS, well I did not define that word, but if the shoe fits, well…..well, call it what you want. I am not perfect and I make mistakes and that is the reason I need GOD. GOD does not hate anyone!!!! he is a POS, if I do something wrong, I pay, if it works on me, it should on others….including him!.
            That is all,,,,I stand with Israel and believe in GOD and am very CONSERVATIVE, mr troll. that is all

          • I’m not sure I understand why you think I’m a troll. You write some things here, I ask you some legitimate questions about what you’ve said – I don’t call you names or use insulting language – and you accuse me of being a troll. I don’t think your behavior shows common sense, nor do I think you’re behaving very Christian.

            So please, explain what you said about POS. Do you understand that it’s an abbreviation for something? What did you mean when you wrote, “GOD does not hate anyone!!! he is a POS”? I don’t think you were speaking of God, but it sounds that way from your sentences.

          • budgienation

            Seigel, it’s a waste of time dealing with these closet Nazi thugs. The only ‘God’ they believe in is “Gott Mit Uns”, the old Nazi slogan they wore on their belt buckles. The only ‘God’ they believe in is a made up god (lower case on purpose) is the one that thinks they are just great and blesses their little efforts at ‘smiting’ all his enemies; Jews, liberals, ‘uppity women’, gays, blacks (unless they’re serving drinks on a silver tray at the club, with white gloved hands) Muslims, and any other bad guys, pointed out by their ‘God’s voice on Earth’ crowd, Hannity, Beck, Bill ‘O’Really’, and ‘Flush Limpballs’!

      • TampaTom

        seagull, I’m surprised you do

      • budgienation

        Seigel, scratch the surface of a conservative, especially the ‘teabagger’ variety, and you’ll find a Nazi. And, if you thumb through his record collection, you’ll run across ‘The Horst Wessel Lied’, und ‘Doucheland Uber Alles’.

    • bluebonnet114

      where do you get your info?

    • budgienation

      Ha! I knew if I read far enough one of you Teabagging NeoNazi’s would let slip the “Jew” remark! Say hello to your buddy Adolph when you get to hell, creep!

    • bamissfa

      mary was a virgin but not diety

  • Mad Man

    Like obammy and sicko soros ny times all are the antichrist and some day they will pay. Lets just hope its sooner than later.

  • Savior

    Christians Quit buying the Times, how shitty that’d be for them when they have no sales to Christians….

  • Larry

    We shall all stand in Gods judgement
    One day. I would be concerned if I was
    the person who approved this garbage .
    Any thing to sell a paper .
    I will never by a ny paper again.

    • Terry Rushing

      Actually, I have never spent money on a bird cage liner from New York. While I’m certain that there are some fine people in NY city, I have no personal knowledge of them. Hmmm but wait, God agreed to refrain from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah if ten righteous could be found…. At any rate I wouldn’t waste money on that fish wrapper because I could care less what it or the people on New York think. All I know about both is that they are arrogant, obnoxious and rude.

    • budgienation

      Larry, I doubt you could even read The New York Times. Too many ‘big words’. Stick to the NY Post. Seriously, The New York Times doesn’t need your money. Spend it on Pabst Blue Ribbon and ammo for your fucking guns…..

  • Jim Lambert

    We are being bullied by not only a foreign religion, but by a race within our own society; and punished by our own government if we refuse to accept it. We have evolved into a bunch of sniveling cowards. A society who shrinks to the use of an asterisk to avoid the spelling of words. A disgusting people.

    • I’m a little confused here by your sentences. Did you mean the “race within our own society” is a “disgusting people”, or did you mean that the “sniveling cowards” “we have evolved into” are the “disgusting people”? There are 2 different meanings here, and I’m just trying to understand your point.

      • Jim Lambert

        work on it

        • Nah. I don’t need to work at understanding a right-wing bigot. If you want me to understand, then be clear. Otherwise, you’re not worth my time.

      • budgienation

        Forget it I Seigel. Teabaggers can barely write their way out of a paper bag in the first place. It just doesn’t suit their style, which is basically buzzwords from FUXNOISE and Flush Limpballs and the usual ‘spittle flecked invective’.

        • American Biker

          Hey ass wipe why don’t you head south with your mouth and lets see how far you get…Chicken Shit Liberal

          • South? Why south? Why not west? What’s so special about the south?

          • budgienation

            Seigel, you actually had to ask? Why it’s the home of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, George Wallace, Strom Thurmond (who paid off a black woman he knocked up for her silence) and a host of other ‘good ol’ boys’. Not to mention Charlie Daniels and those Duck Dynasty assholes! ‘Them’s they heroes, baby’!

          • Yeah, I have the feeling that some of these folks are still fighting the Civil War, flying the Confederate flag, regretting their losses.

        • Libtardharvestor

          Your efforts at superiority have given all of us quite a chuckle. Nothing you have said or done has added one tiny bit of cooperation, positive resources, or substantive answers to the myriad problems that beset this nation and the citizenry as a whole. It is no more than pompous preening with a dictionary at your side. You feel that it makes you superior to the rest of us. given your utter lack of knowledge concerning relations, economics, faith, knowledgeable resources, or any form of public communication, and your bellicose form of “humor” ( all necessities for the winning of converts to your point of view, sans “humor”) I cannot help but feel some compunction for your situation. That you visit sites such as these for the express purpose of animosity and insult knowing that you will receive rejection and dismissal in return, leads me to believe you are one of those who enjoy rejection. The extreme partakers of that are the “gentlemen” who go to prostitutes and dominatrices to be urinated on or defiled. The balance seem to have a moth to a flame attraction to women (or men if you are gay) that will demean them verbally and emotionally. You will, of course turn that back on me in some fashion in the same vain as the 3rd grade “I’m rubber and your glue…..” response. However I am not the one trolling sites I have no emotional or psychological connection with for the purpose of making trouble. Small wonder that solutions are so hard to find, much less implement, when raising hackles is more important than a strong. secure, successful America. But then children would rather play than work anytime.

          • budgienation

            “Lib”, way back when I started to comment on the 1776 Coalition site, I used to submit vetted facts from politically neutral sources. All I got was a refutation of the source material, and, predictably, the ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue’ response you accuse me of. So, while I’ll admit to ‘slinging my fair share of mud’, I do it because maintaining the ‘high road’ is useless with you people. To illustrate, here’s a good analogy: “Arguing with a Teabagger is a bit like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are, all the pigeon is going to do is knock over all the pieces, shit all over the board, and strut around as though it were victorious”. And that, as they say, is that. QED.

          • Libtardharvestor

            That quote was attributed to Putin involving what a discussion with Obama was like. I doubt your claims because, in 15 years or so, I have only found 2 liberals who actually did that.(We still maintain contact for the hell of it) Your explanation of the results is suspect as well. Your solution is is like a cat on a stove. If it steps on a hot burner, not only will it never jump on that stove again, it will never jump on ANY stove again. I’ve been at this longer than you have and those two new friends were worth it. It’s a matter of effort, flexibility, and some wisdom. When you read a book a second time, and get more out of it, The book hasn’t changed, it’s the same book! You have.

          • budgienation

            No, I’m afraid not.
            Palin would never say anything that intelligent. It displays a level of wit and humor
            impossible in that brain dead ‘mama grizzly’.
            Besides, a chess reference seems highly unlikely for someone who lacks
            the intellectual level needed for checkers.
            Nice try, though.

          • Libtardharvestor

            I said P U T I N as in Russian Premier PUTIN. Your own intellectual level is suspect. You know NOTHING of Palin. I don’t want her to run for President, But her financial successes for Alaska are the best any Governor of that state has ever given them. But You boar me with the constant recitation of time worn liberal comments that failed before and are no fresher now! So now you get to have unopposed opportunity to bad mouth me to your little hearts content.

          • budgienation

            Excuse me. P U T I N, Palin, one asshole or another. They’re both asswipes. BTW, Alaska did much better without her. Why do you think she ‘bailed’ after a half term? Ask anyone in Alaska, and they’ll tell you they’re better off without her and her whole trailer trash family!

    • bamissfa

      evil vile people we truly are

      instead of the home of the brave and the free
      we’re the home of the pervs, jihadists
      a regular freak show
      the likes of bruce jenner, miley cyrus, beyonce, the rihanna,
      the obscene scum satanists are celebrated
      no one recognizes the wounded warriors as heroes but
      the mental cases like jenner who so crave attention they will

      change truth into lies
      satan rules hollywood
      Christ rules his people


  • James Maxwell

    The actions of the NY paper should tell the citizens of New York exactly
    where they stand and how they feel about our Nation and our religious
    beliefs. It is time for the citizens of New York to boycott the paper as
    has been done in other cities. The results are surprisingly effective
    in getting the message across. You mess with our religious beliefs
    and you lose.

    • podunk1

      Amen to that! Freedom of expression is a valued right I’ll fight for & must protect… BUT, that includes freedom to despise the despicable, not associate with them, and absolutely not support or buy products from anyone who supports them!

    • Sevenmag

      But you have to make the assumption that the publishers have enough IQ points to recognize that they are losing business.
      I would expect nothing less from these haters. When I read, or hear about an objectionable article, in this paper, I just consider the source. It’s called, “situational ethics”. Anything to sell papers.
      Join Oathkeepers.
      Donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

      Keep it dry.
      Watch your six.
      Cocked, locked, and ready to rock,

      • budgienation

        “Keep it dry. Watch your six. Cocked, locked and ready to rock”, eh? Sevenmag, you sound like a “Christian Jihaddist”. Congrats, you have, in the instant you, however well cloaked, advocate use of arms to ‘defend your religion’, you have become the mirror image of your enemy, only you wave a bible while he waves a Quaran. You’re both a couple of dopes!

        • Luke

          He doesn’t wave the enemies flag like our liberal media..

          • budgienation

            Luke, please learn to spell on the level of a third grader, okay? In your sentence ‘wave the enemies flag’, you should have used ‘enemy’s’ if you were, as I think you were trying to, accuse the so called ‘liberal media’ of waving the flag of ISIS. “Enemies” refers to more than one. Were you ‘hume skooled’? Is that it? Or, do you just not care that these little screw ups mark you as ignorant. A person is judged by, not only how he or she speaks, but how he or she writes as well. Think on that, okay?

          • Luke

            I’m not trying to impress anyone here, you know what I meant but that eludes you..
            But good catch on the grammar, it’s one of the things libs are good at..

          • Sevenmag

            Luke: don’t waste your time on this “it”. Nothing you say will elicit an intelligent, thoughtful reply, only an attempt at name calling and insults. He/she should be on the Huffington Post site.
            These are the sort of people, who when faced with a fight or flight situation, will choose the latter. They will then run to your door, and ask for you to protect them.
            Join Oathkeepers.
            Donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

            Watch your six.
            Cocked, locked, and ready to rock,

          • Luke

            LOL, you’re right, liberals have never had an intelligent thought…

          • bamissfa

            that and lying

          • mezeus

            You are a real smart ass, aren’t you. News flash:
            Most people would prefer the company of a ‘red neck’ any day than a smart ass like you.

          • budgienation

            Yes, I am a ‘smart ass’, if by ‘smart ass’ you mean someone who knows that a question mark goes at the end of your first sentence; “You are a real smart ass, aren’t you.”, as you seem to have forgotten, or perhaps never ‘lernt’, if you were ‘hume skooled’! Besides, I suppose you and your redneck buddies don’t ‘put much stock in that there ‘book lernin’, cause it’s ‘commie stuff’ anyways!’ I suppose most of your redneck friends validate your purpose in life, so why not? Go ahead and hang out with the rest of the ‘cousin marryin’, mouth breathin’, knuckle walkin’ ‘good o’l boys’. By the way, nice handle ‘mezeus’. Is that kind of pun on ‘Me, Zeus’, as in the old Greek King of all the Gods on Mt. Olympus? News Flash for you: A guy who doesn’t know enough to put a question mark at the end of a question, is hardly ‘a God’. Dumbass, yes, quite possibly, but hardly a ‘God’.

          • fishinjunki

            WOW!!! Your complete and utter lack of intelligence is almost offensive. You liberal gay humping, baby killing, welfare mongering, piece of garbage. I have been reading all of your brain dead, ill advised comments, and you have reached an all new level of stupid. I have lived in the south, and have known many “rednecks”. You don’t have the intelligence of an ounce of shit, that the typical “redneck” flushes after purging you from their system. I in fact consider myself to be a Yankee Redneck, I hope that offends you enough to leave MY Country. This has gotten too far off topic, so you can go back to playing with yourself, while dreaming about killing babies, and collecting your welfare check. Get a fucking life ASSHOLE.

          • budgienation

            Hey, fishinjunkie! You lack the intelligence of the aquatic life you fish for. I must have hit a nerve as you start right off with ‘gay humping, baby killing’. Fact: I’m straight and have been married to a wonderful woman for over thirty years and she isn’t my cousin, either. I don’t ‘monger welfare’, I am employed, probably make more than you, and do not collect welfare. Just because you redneck assholes collectively can’t spell or conjugate your way out of a piss soaked paper bag, you ‘go off’ on ‘liberals’. Lemme tell you a few things. Here’s a short list of ‘liberal accomplishments’: The eight hour day, and the forty hour week. Unemployment compensation. You’ve probably used it when they closed wherever the fuck you worked when those ‘good old republican supporting businessmen’ moved the jobs and the factory overseas. If it didn’t happen to you, I’ll bet it happened to more than a few of your redneck buddies. The right to organize and form a union (under continuous attack by the GOP you probably worship), and the end of child labor. Environmental protections that keep the water clean so you can fish, you stupid fuck! The Clean Air act so the very air you breathe won’t poison you or your kids. The Clean Water standards so the water you drink won’t kill you or your kids! Social Security that keeps people out of starvation and poverty in their old age. Medicare, so you can have a shot at a healthy old age. I could go on, but I guess this is enough for ‘starts’ you fucking stupid redneck brain dead MORON!

          • mezeus

            No, by SMART ASS

          • Libtardharvestor

            Remember, liberals are soooo much smarter than everyone else just by dint of birth. Funny how they can’t recognize the dearth of societal crashes and failures attributable to the ever defeating liberal economic style. But, after 6+ years they STILL blame Bush and even, in a pinch, Reagan, even though the records of the very government they revere ( the one lead by the muslim socialist) ensconced in the proper departments ( that they are incapable of finding all on their own) demonstrate clearly the successes of those administrations. They will pick apart any flaw and make it a national crisis. They only feel successful by demeaning true success that they cannot achieve, as is demonstrated in every socialist/progressive country in the world. Even in our current disastrous state we excel over them. But the “president” is working hard to end that.

          • budgienation

            Actually, fuckhead, by every measure, from average wage, life expectancy, general health, job satisfaction, and a host of others, they are actually doing better than we are. And, why? Because they are ‘socialist’ and we have given over power to a cabal of the one percent, who are the very one’s shipping our jobs to Asia, probably some of those jobs you, or a friend of yours used to have! About the only thing we are ‘number one’ in, anymore, is people in lockdown! That’s right ‘sparky’, we’ve got more people in prison than even Red China! And, what’s really amazing is you vote for the very people, ‘conservative GOP’ers’ that got us into this mess in the first place! You’re a lost cause! You really are. Fortunately, most Americans are on our side. You’d know this if you turned off FUXNOOSE an pulled your head out of “Flush Limpall’s enormous ass!

          • Libtardharvestor

            Every word there is wrong on numerous levels. You claim that the lives in Russia, N. Korea, Cuba, and such places are the “workers dream” when, in fact, the cost of living, food, recreation (what there is of it) and any other commodity is far and above the costs here, EVEN NOW. In the early 20th century Russia was the worlds leading exporter of grains. The Bolshevik Revolution changed the Czarist government to a marxist one. Within 50 years, right up to today, they are now the worlds leading importer of grains. China has made some begrudging successes in the enrichment of the lives of their people as the dreaded capitalism has has slowly made some inroads beginning, perhaps 25 or so years ago with the McDonald’s chain and Coke-a-cola setting up franchises with the Communist parties permission. Bush opened trade a bit ( I felt he should not have, at least not yet and Obama open it more as a response to the vast loan from the Chinese) so that Chinese products sell here. The result is a somewhat better life for much of China. No other country comes close to us. (don’t confuse Switzerland as socialist. They enjoy a bicameral government with a president and a prime minister at the helm (no vice president) The only nod to socialism is in the failing healthcare system and a completely out of control welfare system.)
            You are absolutely correct that we have an out of control prison population. That rests primarily on us, the citizenry. We asked for hard lines on crime and minimum sentences that MUST be served. Prison time for 1st and 2nd non violent offenses are an absurd response to crime. There is much to do to reform the prison culture. They are training grounds for smarter and better criminals. NO party escapes blame for this situation. We wanted “safety!”
            The creation of this whole “mess” does involve some of the less conservative GOP members. The bulk of it is the result of overspending (a democrat practice) over taxing, (another) over regulating (one more) and just plain shoddy bookkeeping (all of them are guilty there). There is also the bipartisan practice of bills laden with “pork”! No nation has EVER, in history, taxed itself out of debt. We became THE world power in the amazingly short time of 240 years. Most of that was due to the framers design of a conservative Republic, We grew and each cared for their own and helped one another when needed. The government stayed out of it until the Wilson and then the FDR terms when all the federal programs began and required money to operate and perform the duties assigned. Very soon the programs ran amok and took on lives of their own. More money went to operation than to recipients, and it hasn’t stopped
            Your insults, barbs and the name calling do nothing to me but are the refuge of the blind zealot who uses the dismissal and demeaning as a tool to try to minimize the arguments of the opponent having no substantive argument in response. You have accepted a liberal view of the world that is false and somewhere, if you have any real sensibilities and sense of right and wrong, and I refuse to believe you lack those qualities,(high school math skills would help too) you know this. I don’t say this to demean or dismiss but as an assessment of the required tools to support or defeat a given position. If you wish to continue to be a recalcitrant child in this, I will treat you like one. If you act like a curious adult, I will treat you as that. It’s called mutual respect. At least that much is up to you.

        • ken29

          @ budgienation: Not quite! Or actually not even close! Sevenmag is using the pen rather than the sword and in a philosophical argument against the newspaper (and the tyrants of our “Liberal” government) – a dramatic contrast to the Islamic Terrorists who have been using swords, guns, and explosives against actual persons.

          • budgienation

            Oh, boy! “Tyrants”, “Liberal Gov’t”! Anymore Reichwing redneck, teabagger buzzwords, today? Hey, you missed ‘phony birth certificate’, and ‘Benghazi’. You’re slipping ‘ken29’. That should worry you. A couple more slip ups like that and your Teabagger buddies will denounce you as a ‘traitor’….

          • American Biker

            Why don’t you do us all a favor and get the hell out of America and take the rest of the democraps with you…you Liberal ass wipe.

          • Libtardharvestor

            We already have the vision of a traitor in you and your self serving arrogant childish quacking about things you have no conception of but don’t like the wording. You did remember some of the crimes and ignorant missteps of this useless administration though. But then they are so plentiful and huge you couldn’t swing your arms in the grand canyon without knocking over a dozen or so of their idiot exploits. Now bring back that clever liberal wit so we can ALL have a laugh!

        • bluebonnet114

          OMG, a prime example of “no common sense”!!!
          Pleaseeeeee…..GOD gave you a head and mind, how about using it for common sense?

          • budgienation

            I am ‘using it for common sense’. The Times probably figured on the safety of their employees rather than ‘tweaking the nose of some Muslims’ just to ‘settle a score’. What you propose seems to be more along the lines of ‘oh, yeah’? Two for ‘flinching’! than common sense, but then, this is what you get when you try to talk sense to redneck, ‘rootin’ tootin’ shooting Teabaggers. Typical.

          • KentS

            “bunglenutjob” seems to have a problem with the first amendment to our constitution.

      • Paul Dragotto


    • J_R_K

      “The actions of the NY paper should tell the citizens of New York exactly where they stand and how they feel about our Nation and our religious beliefs.”

      I think that’s exactly the problem. The NY paper HAS been telling New Yorkers where they stand and how they feel. I’m sure the same is true in San Francisco… I mean, how else do you establish an liberal “Mecca” other than by telling people where the stand on issues, what to think and what to believe? Aren’t Washington DC, Hollywood, the LGBT crowd, the union controlled educational system, the feminists, the Islamists, the ACLU (American Communist Lawyers Union), The president of the United States. Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi… aren’t they all telling us where we WILL stand, what we WILL believe. what we WILL “feel” and what we will NOT be allowed to say, think, or believe?


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