Obama Announces 214 More Sentence Commutations: 50+ with Firearms Charges

by CHARLIE SPIERING | Breitbart  |  published on August 4, 2016

President Barack Obama continues to commute the prison sentences of drug offenders, announcing his decision to free 214 more prisoners.

The staggering number far surpasses Obama’s previous announcements, suggesting that he is anxious to commute as many sentences as possible before leaving office.

According to the list of convicted criminals released by the White House, Obama pardoned 56 prisoners who were in prison for firearm related offenses on top of their drug crimes.

The president specifically commutes the sentences of non-violent drug offenders, signaling his committment to reform sentencing laws for that category.

Many of them are serving time for attempts to distribute and possess cocaine, meth, heroin, marijuana, and other illegal drugs or for possessing weapons while doing so.

  • Robert Wilson

    Who released B.O. from the zoo?

    • Steven Dean

      Why are you such a racist pig?

  • studi30

    Of all the 50 States in the Union NJ ranks at 6th in the amount of illegal aliens living there. 8 million legal citizens and 509,000 illegals. Camden NJ ranks 3rd in illegal gun murders as per the FBI. Camden is just behind Baltimore, number two, which is behind Chicago for illegal gun murders in the US.

  • Mark Pascucci

    This is “Progressive” M-O. They pass more and more draconian gun regulations, then let hardened criminals get away with violating them.

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