Pass the Bill to See What’s In It Redux

June 6, 2015

rand-paul-tpp-fast-track-trade-deal-secretsRand Paul demands White House release trade deal text immediately

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Saturday it “boggles the mind” that the White House has not yet released the text of trade deal it’s pushing, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“It kind of boggles the mind,” Paul said in an interview with Breitbart News. “Who’s in charge of the administration that decides to keep a trade treaty secret? To keep it classified makes no sense at all.”

Paul said the administration should immediately release the text of the trade deal so members of the Senate can decide how to vote later on.

  • billyrb1

    Obama has gotten by with the wimps in Congress before because they’re scared of him. Knows he can do the same with TPP as he did with Obama Care. As Pelosi said you will have to pass the bill to see what’s in it. CONGRESS is obamas lap dogs they’ll do what he tells them to. You can bet CONGRESS will pass TPP Bill without knowing what’s in it.

  • Robert Bob Wine

    I seem to remember a bill with that statement by Nancy Pelosi (the only more stupid statement I’ve heard is if the ISIS folks just had jobs, they wouldn’t be in ISIS). How well did that one go over? I don’t know why the Obama administration thinks we’re idiots? Oh yeah, that care bill got passed too.

    It’s time that the Chicago thug style politics gets out of Washington and retired to some far off land.

    I mean, would you sign an agreement to your home, car or surgery without reading it over first? REALLY?????

  • Poptoy1949

    Rand Paul is 100% correct on this one.

  • Louise Goins

    Guess this can do to America globally what obamacare did nationally…oh well would be nice if someone would explain that spending more than you bring in results in bankruptcy… and that borrowed money is a liability not an asset. If those in Washington DC would only learn from their mistakes….oh but right they don’t live with the results of their actions we do….

  • KentS

    Stronger actions need to be taken; civil rhetoric no longer applies.

  • peanut butter

    Maybe even if Rand Paul doesn’t get the nomination, he will stir things up in Washington and get some good done for the Country. He might even get some of those other lazy butts out of their chairs and doing something.

  • Valor

    The Republican Leadership has betrayed the American voters that gave them the power to stand up tom Obama. The letters GOP are really GUP. Give Up Party!!

  • John VanderKelen

    I think skunk Obama should rename the trade deal Trans-Pacific Shaft Job!

  • steven

    BOHICA, Bend Over Here It’s Come’s Again, right into the rectum of the American people.

  • clearbrook

    I’d say just force him to show the text of the trade deal. Absent that, don’t pass it. He *may* actually do his whole “executive order” schtick, but that would cause problems for Hillary and his party, so I doubt he would want to go there yet again. His reputation for doing that has finally become politically toxic to the Liberals, and if there is anything that is true, it is that the Media supports the Liberal Agenda, and would not like to see their *ideals* set back by him doing such a thing. Sure, they will support Obama, but only grudgingly so, since the toxicity is already beginning to reach them now, and the more they lose the faith of the American Public, the less effective they can be in pushing Liberal Agendas. They have only so much juice, and once they start losing it, the Liberals lose a big advantage…

    • Mike O’Mara

      I say if Obama wants it we know it is bad for us. Just look at everything he has done.

  • Nina

    The answer is simple. Congress has to stop caving into his ridiculous demands. THEY are NOT sticking up for the American ppl by doing this. If the king continues to to go against the constitution then SERIOUS actions MUST be taken against him!! This CANNOT go on any longer, our country is almost gone and may not be able to ever ever be returned to what it was 6 short years ago. Wake the hell up congress!! I think it may be time to take some serious actions against this lawless moron! Pray for America!!

    • Mike O’Mara

      Did you know that 82 members of congress are registered as Socialist democrats? There are also communists and progressives (communists trying to fool someone) and a great many other enemies of the people such a rhinos. Congress in large part isn’t caving in they are actually fellow travelers with Obama and believe they are with Hillary Rotten Clinton. This is the proof of how deluded they are. Hillary is concerned only with Hillary. Barack is concerned only with the destruction of America. None of these political hacks has any kind of future.

  • Gerry Costa

    On top of all this we have someone like harf telling us that Iran’s 20% increase in nuclear materials is acceptable. obozo must have looked far and wide to find people like carney,earnest and harf who will lie with a straight face no matter what the subject. Let me not leave out s.rice,holder,johnson and we will see about lynch but I suspect that she is the same or obozo would NOT have nominated her.

    • Mike O’Mara

      There is nothing left you need to see about Lynch. She is the female version of Holder. Possibly even worse but I find it hard to believe that is possible.

  • Bob in Florida

    If they don’t let you read it (hence, study it) before voting on it, you have three options:
    1. Be ‘Good li’l politicians’ and vote on it without reading it (Go ahead, make Pelosi’s day)
    2. Refuse to vote until you’ve had a reasonable time to review it
    3. Vote it down (then you can study it to your heart’s content before they resurrect it).
    If enough of you have the balls to do it, you can, once again, control your own branch of government.
    Do your damn job.

  • Gerry Costa

    obozo is trying to play the same game as he did with the unaffordable health care and he will find morons like pelosi, reid,schumer and other demoRATS and the traitor rinos to push it. Just how corrupt can these people be —- never mind I know the answer.

    • You didn’t mention all the Republican Senators and Congressmen who also want the trade deal passed. Why is that? You probably don’t know any of their names.
      And don’t forget: Congress WILL have the power to approve any trade deal negotiated on the TPP. They can vote it up or down, they just won’t be able to add pork projects or anti-abortion amendments – something that conservatives LOVE to do.

      • Gerry Costa

        Who do you think I was referencing with ” traitorous rinos ” smart guy and I do know most of their names.

        • Pelosi has been out of the Speaker’s chair for several years now.

          But I’ll help you here by listing some of the RINOs that support the Trans-Pacific trade agreement:

          Presidential candidates Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, ex-Texas Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas.

          House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.)
          There are MANY others, and I’m sure if you did just a little research you could find more relevant names than Pelosi.

  • Michael Hazel

    The senate is the branch of gov’t with the power to make treaties. Obama is not yet a king. Rein this wanna be dictator in now!

    • It’s not a treaty, it’s a trade agreement. And, in case you haven’t noticed, he IS asking Congress for the authority to make an agreement. He’s not making the agreement on his own. Hardly the actions of a wannabe king or dictator. Try reading instead of hyperventilating.

      • HappyHuntress

        Obama may be calling the TPP a trade agreement, but according to several Senators who have read it, this is really a treaty which SHOULD require a 2/3rds majority to pass. Obama has admitted that it will include his Global Warming B.S. (but other countries don’t have to do anything for 20 years), so he can lock in his 30% reduction on coal, oil, and gas. People will be freezing to death because they can’t heat their homes. This will cost manufacturing over 7 billion dollars and some of the technology doesn’t even exist. This agreement was written by the banksters (like Goldman Sachs) and multi-national companies so they can outsource all remaining industry and jobs to poorer countries that pay $3 per day. And, also import unlimited foreign workers to take American jobs. The TPP is just the first phase of 4 agreements and set to last at least 6 years (many will be permanent and can be changed without any input from Congress and only 5 chapters of the 29 chapters in the TPP have to do with trade. This is more of a European Union type of treaty than a trade agreement. And the next president will be powerless to change it. Our Congress has been bought off with campaign contributions!

        • If all of this is so secret, how is it that you managed to get all these details?

          And I’m just curious – how many people actually heat their homes with coal? Just a bunch of poor moochers, probably on welfare or collecting food stamps. Real Christian Americans wouldn’t do that. Shoveling coal into a stove, like it was the 1800’s. Cmon, gimme a break!

          • HappyHuntress

            I suggest you go to sites like WND, Zero Hedge, the Hill, and the Drudge Report if you are uninformed.
            Also, apparently you are not aware that there are many coal fired plants that produce electricity. What planet do you live on? Oh you must be a WH troll!

          • Yes, there are coal-fired power plants. And I don’t have to go to right-wing websites and blogs to know that. I can read actual newspapers written by real journalists, and magazine articles written by real scientists, to know that and other wonderful facts.

            But your comment was that people couldn’t heat their homes if coal was phased out. That implies that homeowners won’t be able to get their hands on coal, which they would store in their basement coal-hoppers and shovel into their hundred year old furnaces. Now I understand the point you were trying to make.

            But you’re mistaken. It’s not the homeowners who won’t be able to heat their homes if coal is phased out. What will happen is that those old, polluting coal-fired plants – which refused to upgrade their emissions controls during the Clinton administration and just waited out with lawsuits and delays, hoping for a Republican successor – will finally have to upgrade their plants to cleaner fuels. It will be a huge construction boom, and it will create lots of jobs building or remodeling power plants, whether they’re gas-fired – VERY cheap due to fracking-produced gas – nuclear, or otherwise.

            So stop making it sound like this will come down on the poor homeowner. The big fighters of this change are the huge businesses that make a profit on the backs of the coal miners and their families, with substandard and dangerous working conditions, in many cases with lax oversight, that will have to temporarily cut into their profits by changing the way they do business.

          • Mike O’Mara

            If you use electricity you are using coal.

      • Mike O’Mara

        Yes it does. He is “asking” for the approval of his decision to remove the senate from the discussions without knowledge of what is involved. That should always be an automatic NO. Preventing that situation was the purpose of these things being the business of the senate.

        • If you recall, Bush also asked for this fast-track power.

          The Senate SHOULD be involved. But what a president – from EITHER party – doesn’t want, is to negotiate the terms of an agreement and then have it held up by the Senate with endless amendments, some of which may not have anything to do with the agreement but which involve pork projects, for example, or amendments on a string of ideologically-driven subjects like abortion, gay marriage, the environment, healthcare, etc. And if those amendments make it into the final bill, then it would force the president to, perhaps, veto the whole package.

    • Mike O’Mara

      I’m afraid you are only partially correct here. He is not a king but he is an Islamist Marxist dictator and I think that trumps a king.

  • fred

    Thanks to rand Paul for calling out the criminal potus on his illegal trade bill! Why is this treasonous criminal still walking free after all the crimes he has committed?

  • He is the World’s Larget piece


  • Abacrombee

    So first they had to pass the obamacare bill before they read it and the people got royally $crewed and they didn’t learn a thing from that fiasco. Now they need to pass the trade bill without reading it. Any one but me wondering just how badly this trade agreement is going to shaft the people if they do. Just who is stupid enough to sign a contract of any kind before reading it first? Guess I’ll answer my own question, the US congress, all 435 of them.

    • Mike O’Mara

      The number one item to horde in America today isn’t food or water or gasoline or even ammo. It is petroleum jelly for anal lubrication. We will all be needing it even more then we have up till now.

  • pmxpilot

    I love this comment from
    June 24, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    I can’t wait until The One becomes Secretary General of the UN. If he can screw up the greatest country the world has ever known, think what he could do to the rest of the world.

  • Dolores Adams

    This TTP definitely needs a down vote and don’t pass it. If it’s so secret and most of the congressmen and senators don’t bother to read it, you can be sure it’s NO GOOD for the American people.

  • Donna Mohler

    The globalist is the reason no one questions obamas birth certificate!

  • Phyllis

    Mitch McConnell knows whats in the bill and is purportedly aiding and abetting Obama,,,but then again, McConnell’s wife is Chinese and her family purportedly have of which was stopped and searched last year and 90 lbs of drugs were found on it…can[t remember if it was heroin or cocaine, but it was in the news, along with the information that her family gave her several million dollars…just because???

    • pmxpilot

      There is a lot in this woodpile which both Republicans and the President try to hide!

      • Mike O’Mara

        Yes but that does not make it right. We need to put in a vote of no confidence law that will immediately stop whatever action prompted the vote. Not a year or two later but right then before the screw job happens. It should also open the traitor who introduces the problem legislation to immediate removal by a majority vote. In addition to this I want to see the wishes of our founding fathers honored by instating the term limits they suggested. One term and then go home to your farm. Thanks for your service. No retirement, no life long security detail or any other benefits. Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Adams all wanted this. I don’t know who else but that is a pretty good start.

    • fred

      Mr McConnell is an embarrassment to all citizens who honor Rule of Law in our once great nation!

  • Mad Man

    Is that true that mcduck & boner are supporting this.

    • Businesses that depend on exports – whether it be agricultural exports, medicines, machinery, movies or airplanes – want the agreement. It provides them better access to foreign markets, levels the playing field when it comes to tariffs, and protects intellectual property and copyrights. The states that those businesses are in – from all over the country – know how important those businesses are for jobs and tax revenues. And the Congressmen and Senators from those states know how important it is, too.

      Same with the Export-Import Bank. The blowhards that call it “corporate welfare” really have no clue as to the importance of the Bank, and if it’s allowed to expire at the end of June, it will only provide China and Russia with a door to provide those loans to countries and businesses, further weakening American influence and control.

  • donemyhomework

    Transparency is the key. Lack of transparency is showing that something is wrong.

  • michael friend

    The HELL with the administration, I would not vote to approve this bill until I found out what was in it. PERIOD. If Obozo didn’t likee it, then he can forget about this ever getting past.

    • tommie

      Maybe he’ll just violate the law again and sign an Executive Order. He seems to get away with everything he does, why not this too!
      But, I don’t know what the problem is? After all, Obama is the most “Transparent” president in history! Don’t believe me, just ask him!

      • michael friend

        That’s right, I mean the man is a legend in his own mind.

        • Gerry Costa

          And the muslim brotherhood world.

      • Dolores Adams

        We sure don’t have any transparency in this government anymore. They all work for themselves and not the American people. They all need to be voted out.

        • Valor

          Yes, they do! But that would take an educated, informed electorate. Something the Demorats, the education systems and the media have worked for years to destroy. Successfully!

      • He is the World’s Larget piece


      • fred

        Right! what happened to “hope and change”, lol! just another criminal act by an illegal potus!

        • Gerry Costa

          Don’t leave out a very corrupt demoRAT party along with the traitorous rinos. They will try and shove this down our throats just like they have done with everything else. Our gov’t couldn’t get anymore corrupt unless the voters are stupid enough to vote in the witch clinton.

          • Valor

            They are that stupid! Obama is proof positive!

      • S. Wicks Jr

        Adolph Hitler would be proud of obamy. Two from the same mold…..

      • peanut butter

        More like the ‘most opaque’. LOL

      • William

        As far as Obumhole is concerned, transparency translates to “I can see right through that communist muslim.”

  • pmxpilot

    Never again! Pelosi fooled us before with Obamacare and now Obama is at it again with his Trans-Pacific-Partnership treaty, trying to sell us the New World Order..sight-unseen and secret. Any Republican voting for this nonsense will be rejected by Conservatives. And any presidential candidate who supports the TPP will be scratched from my list of potential presidents.

    • michael friend

      That goes the same for me.

    • Phyllis

      I recommend that you and all concerned start firing off letters to McConnell..He probably has the most to gain as his wife is Chinese…and then there is her families shipping company…


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