Phyllis Schlafly dead at 92

by  |  published on September 6, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly, the iconic pro-family activist who rose to fame in the 1970s when she campaigned against the Equal Rights Amendment, has died at age 92, according to the Eagle Forum, the conservative organization she founded.

Schlafly had been an activist since the early Cold War era, but gained national prominence by leading traditional-religious women in the movement against the Equal Rights Amendment. President Reagan praised her campaign against ERA as “brilliant” and called Schalfly “an example to all those who would struggle for an America that is prosperous and free.”

Schlafly rose to national attention in 1964 with her self-published book, “A Choice Not an Echo,” that became a manifesto for the far right. The book, which sold three million copies, chronicled the history of the Republican National Convention and is credited for helping conservative Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona earn the 1964 GOP nomination.

She went on to become one of the most influential pro-family activists in the 1980s and 1990s, and her support was courted by all GOP presidential candidates. She authored 27 books and thousands of articles.

Republican candidate Donald Trump praised the conservative activist in a statement released Monday evening.

  • Korean_Vet

    Phyllis Schlafly “maybe’ wasn’t a “Mayflower Pilgrim”–but she represented
    Them–any way-! She did “Politics” with ‘Big Boys’ & showed them “How a
    Lady Fights to Win”-! ( Here’s an interesting Statistic in ‘Early America’-! )
    “3/4’s of the Early Colonial Men” who came to America–“Will Die on the
    American Coastlines & Never Have One Child”-! (There’s a Good Reason)
    “Only One Woman for Every Four Men-!” “If you can’t find a Wife to Marry”–
    “That’s Too Damn Bad”-! (You’d Better Know How to Treat a Lady with
    Loving Respect–Because “You May Never Get Another Chance–If You
    Muffed the Only Chance that You Had”-! “Think about It– your Mothers &
    Sisters–“Weren’t They Great Teachers for Other Children”-!?

  • NM Leon

    RIP. You will be missed and remembered.

  • PatriotGal

    Our deepest sympathy to her family and dear friends. We know she is in Heaven for God welcomed her with open arms as he blessed her, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” May her angel wings envelop and protect Mr. Trump and his campaign to victory. She has always been on the side of goodness and godliness.

  • Paul

    Thanks for your legacy and lifetime of work young lady may you Rest in Peace

  • KT

    Now! This is a perfect example of how women can make a positive impact in America’s society, the government and in godly profound way! What a righteous legacy to leave behind for us women, to be reminded that nothing falls short of doing things in a godly manner! We need more to rise up like her!

  • KayO

    She will be missed. She was interviewed in the Agenda films by Curtis Bowers, and she hit the nail on the head when calling out the communist/socialist agenda to tear down the family model in America. God Bless her.

  • Ken says

    Her wisdom will be missed.

  • justinwachin

    Phyllis Schlafly is an American hero. Her leadership and intelligence helped give conservative Christians a voice. Her skill helped Americans see the folly of a variety of bad liberal initiatives.

  • tusc54321

    One of the greatest. She was deeply religious with brains and class. JRS

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