Poll: Trump tops Clinton, both seen as deeply flawed candidates

May 19, 2016

Donald Trump tops Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, according to a new Fox News Poll that also finds majorities of voters feel both frontrunners lack strong moral values and will say anything to get elected.

Trump has a 45-42 percent edge over Clinton, if the presidential election were held today. That’s within the poll’s margin of sampling error. Last month, Clinton was up by 48-41 percent (April 2016).

Clinton is ahead by 14 points among women (50-36 percent). Yet Trump leads by a larger 22 points among men (55-33 percent).

He also tops Clinton by 37 points (61-24 percent) among whites without a college degree (working-class whites).

  • snowyriver

    Their records deeply faults one the media deeply faults the other.

  • TOM

    Trump is flaw only because of experience, but the career politician has had plenty of opportunity to be non flawed, but just look at her record, nothing, but failure, scandal lies, and keep going on, but I don’t have time. as far as polls, neither have faced the other in debate, but Hillary will not be able to debate Trump, he will destroy her easily

    • snowyriver

      Hillary is almost as good a liar as obama.. We will see.

  • bones1941

    What about Obama , Kerry, Bernie and a few others as deeply flawed.
    Trump doesn’t take any crap off anybody there is nothing wrong with
    that ! GO TRUMP !

  • OMG, these comments are disturbing in so many ways. “You People,” yes “YOU PEOPLE” remind me of the movie Deliverance! Deliver me from your ignorant, unsubstantiated comments about your low-caliber thought processes!

    • Smart Southerner

      Here you go, Lib Troll:

    • Rodney Steward

      LOL, LOL, Hang it there, you make something of yourself yet!! Get-Er-Done!!

  • Jim Matis

    As trump gets a chance to concentrate on the Hildabeast that margin of votes for him over her will increase drastically. Trump will get 70 million votes this fall.

    • American Me

      I hope you are right.Now is the time for a President like Trump.If the Republicans who say they won’t vote for Trump will put aside their Petty BS I think we can put him in the WH.Just because the candidate you wanted didn’t win,that is no reason to throw away our last chance to save our country.Come on folks,think about it.If you care about America Vote Trump.

      • Jim Matis

        I suspect that for every RINO that doesn’t vote for Trump, two demoncreeps and independents will vote for Truth, Justice and the American Way by voting for Donald Trump, America’s last chance to be great, again, and the last opportunity for it to be great to be an American, again. Uncle Sam is such a sick old bugger right now, that Hillary will simply crush him under her heel as she and all her pervert pinko friends have always wanted to do. This is the Dawn of a New Age of Righteousness in American politics.

        • Smart Southerner

          Younger voters are getting on board, too.

  • Smart Southerner


    • American Me

      I hope you are right about this.From what I have been reading and seeing on the news over 50% of women are for Clinton because they want a woman president.I have nothing against having a woman president,just not this woman.Maybe next time.4 or 8 years of Hitlery and there won’t be anything left of the country we love.

      • Smart Southerner

        Women for Trump?

      • Wambli525

        To the he 50 % of People that vote based on gender (i.e. Hillary supporters) shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Hillary is a total failure that has accomplished nothing of value for the USA and its Citizens in her 30 years of political activity. However, she has enriched herself ,at our countries expense, placed our country and operatives in harms way with her email treachery and has a lengthy history of lying. Now, If you must have a women president, at least find someone who is accomplished and honest . Otherwise vote for Tump.

      • downdraft

        “50% of women are for Clinton because they want a woman president”…(perhaps this poll was conducted in a house of ill repute during working hours)

        If a voter is with class he or she when voting for a woman will choose a REAL WOMAN…one with class, one with sound morals, one with…oh well, you’ll know….

        I started looking for my classy woman down South in Baton Rouge, New Iberia, Shreveport, Lafayette, Charleston, Birmingham, and so forth. Funny thing…I found her in Chicago…oh well, life is humorous.

        Like wise, if one is without class, i.e. slow on the uptake, knows no 5 or more lettered words, is comfortable with trash, thievery, felony, who prefers another woman as bed partner…well, I bet the Media can advise you!

  • John Beam

    Ummmm…some of you who do not see Trump as deeply flawed (I’d wager that more than a few of you believe that he’s basically perfect) are not looking at him objectively. He has said that “as a Christian,” he’s never felt like he’s ever needed to ask God for forgiveness for anything. How does a mere human being see themselves like that, especially someone who calls himself a “Christian”?

    The man will literally say anything about anybody, if he feels like they are a threat to him. He practically said that Ted Cruz’s father helped Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate JFK, but when Cruz decided to bow out, everything was good between them (to him, but declined to apologize for the ridiculous accusation). He is severely flawed in his character.

    Now, I’m not saying that I’m voting for Hillary, because I am definitely not, nor am I saying that I am NOT voting for Trump. Hillary’s flaws dwarf Trump’s. She is a millionaire hundreds of times over, simply because idiots have basically GIVEN IT TO HER, while Trump’s wealth was earned. Trump is saying a lot of things that need to happen in America, and a lot of evil SOB’s are against him.

    I’m just saying that THE DONALD could be an awful president, because his character is very suspect. We’ll never know until he takes office.

    • American Me

      I think Trump will do a good job as President.He is a little rough around the edges but I believe he will improve before the election.Trump is a strong business man and will stand up against the criminals in DC.He is an ego maniac and doesn’t know the meaning of the word fail.He would never want to hear anyone say he failed.So I don’t think he will.I am going strictly on faith and I am hoping he will do what he says he will.He can’t be worse than Clinton or Sanders.

      • John Beam

        To be a good president, he MUST be able to listen to advice from advisers, those who truly know what they are talking about, and consider their wisdom, rather than what his gut tells him to do. I’m afraid that he believes that he can do no wrong, and that could be disastrous for everybody.

        However, I do agree that he couldn’t be worse than Clinton or Sanders. They are incapable of doing ANYTHING right. Neither of them can intellectually justify their existences.

    • Webb

      “We’ll never know until he takes office”…Agree!
      Having lived a life without perfection, my worry is Freedom!
      The demise of America is of the greatest concern, so Even though Trump was not my candidate…he will get my vote and a hope for a path of a bright future for America…

    • Smart Southerner

      You should be proud to vote for Trump!

      • John Beam

        Why? The man has done things the over past several months that someone I could be proud of would have been ashamed of himself about.

        He is actually glad that he did them, and that is shameful. I could have a huge change of heart about Trump if he could show humility, and ask people for their forgiveness for some of the rotten things that he has said and done to people on his campaign trail. He cannot be that sort of person, and that gives me a lot of pause, because he behaves very pitifully at times.

  • Jerry

    Trump will be the Best President America has had for over 24 years

  • djm4706

    No one is perfect but Trump is the perfect candidate for the time. We need a take names and kick ass president for a change. Not some wimp communist, socialist, Muslim, America hating kiss ass president and an even worse candidate Hellary! But we also need a Congress/Senate bold enough to support Trump which means the incumbents (both parties) for the most part should be replaced as much as possible.

    • Smart Southerner

      AGREE! Most worthless Congress in history. They all need to be replaced with REAL Americans, Conservative Republicans who will stand up to evil like Obama.

      • downdraft

        “…worthless Congress in history…
        Don’t forget Ryan in that bunch…and lets not kid ourselves…the GOP and the Liberal Democratic party will never be cleaned out, too strong a foot hold…
        But a “Trump” party can do it

        • Smart Southerner

          We can do it! It will take the next 3 elections of voting out incumbents who have done NOTHING in the past 8 years. THEY won’t impose Term Limits, but WE have the power to impose them… power of the VOTE!

    • downdraft

      “… but Trump is the perfect candidate for the time…”
      Right…our “Junk Yard Dog” unleashed to clean out the varmints that have been climbing our fence too long…
      And that includes that “girly-man” in the Oval Office”…what a wimp!

    • Smart Southerner


      Lindsey “Gang of 8” Graham-amnesty should have been voted out of office, but there were so many Republicans on the ballot that the dirtbag ended up winning. “Divide the votes” will get our worthless incumbents re-elected.

      FOCUS on one really great Republican candidate & promote him/her. If you become apathetic instead of involved, President Trump will have a difficult time getting anything done, especially since our current dirtbags always agree with the Commie Democrats.

      If our current Republican incumbents really wanted us to support THEM, they should have supported America. All they had to do was impeach the worst prez in our history.

      They didn’t support us, so we will respond in kind. VOTE THEM OUT!

      President Trump needs a clean slate to work with. When I say “clean”, I mean one that is not filled with LIBERAL CORRUPT RINO Republicans! Vote for decent Conservative Republicans who love America as much as President Trump!

  • Gail

    These articles are written by liberals . Because there is no way Trump has the baggage she has . I can’t believe anybody but a communist would vote for her with a straight face . Trump was a man living his life to build an empire. In
    July you will see a documentary that will give his good points as well as his bad . And finally see the Donald we are not privy to see in such small media bites. Take the couple who helped him when his car broke down .They didn’t know him from Adam . And guess what he paid their mortgage off . I have never heard of one kind gesture from Hillary . The doc will be on DML unfiltered.in all the years I have had to put up with her in the public eye all she has ever done is used blacks for their votes . She let Americans die and lied to all of us about Bengazi .Destroyed all of the women Bill laid up with and there was a rape too. He destroyed A 19 year olds life and prissed off like a great guy They paid $850,000 for one of the cases. No wonder the liberal news won’t print about her . Not enough paper in the world to put her trash in

    • downdraft


      My Dems…you really plan to vote for HILLARY???

      Comon, my fellow DEMS…You can’t allow yourselves to be taken in by such filth!

      Go back and investigate the History of the Democrat Party…you will find it moving that we once had such patriotic representatives, people who actually would have and some did die for our Constitution…

      But now, the Hillaries, the Bill Clinton types, the Ryans (no difference now from a Dem), the Bernies, the Pelosies, the Boehner (same as above)…

      …all have cheated on us all…have lied, have run from honor, defecated on morality…

      Enough to make you cry and ask God for a new start for America.

      • Gail

        The democrat party used to be the party for the common man but in 1882 All that changed check it out . Our problems happen because we the people give too much power to the politicians in Washington . This is why George Washinton said we didn’t need parties because they become corrupted . We become too complacent and elect people for their color or how pretty they are . All I can say is God must surely be anger .

  • danstewart

    Those who vote for hillary because she is a woman, will get the same results as those who voted for obummer because he was black. Both were & are worthless a-hole anti-American d*ck heads.

  • TeaPartyPatriot


    Vote in November

    The TRUMP vs The TRAMP.

    Use it and spread it around the internet. You might get lucky and piss some liberal/regressive/socialists off.


    • kbfallon

      OR…..The Trump vs. The Chump

  • Kenneth Hyde

    I see people who would vote for Hillary as being deeply flawed! Plus the people that write these articles as being deeply flawed for not pointing out what a deceitful lying POS Hillary is!

    • Freedom Rules

      So True Kenneth Hyde…

  • Smart Southerner

    I don’t see Trump as deeply flawed.

    I do, however, see Obama, Hillary, Bernie & the District of Corruption career politicians (both parties) EXTREMELY flawed. Trump is a breath of fresh air!

    • Freedom Rules

      Well Said Smart Southerner…

    • downdraft

      AND…as far as Southern women are concerned…one has to be kidding thinking that they would waste their vote on Hillary…a Southern woman might vote for a “real” woman, but not Hillary.

      And given that we out here are angry at the political thieves stealing from our “parts yard”, and that our solution is to unchain a real “Junk Yard Dog” to guard the valuables…then Trump is in fact perfect for the job.

      AND YES…Hillary is flawed…one of the most dishonest and DANGEROUS type of thief this country has ever been confronted with…
      ….and along with her is “Bill”…his records of rape are not “cute” as some would like to consider as just “folksy” or “just like a man” behavior…but SICK BEHAVIOR…

      …AND Hillary’s sick image of being advertised as one who just “stands by her man” is equally pathetic…and believed only by those who haven’t the character to vote for a moral American to run the country…she is a disappointment to me!

      As I see it, we Americans are so angry and more than just fed up with the thievery destroying this Republic that we will fight tooth and nail to preserve it, no matter the character of the instrument they use as a weapon.

      When our “Junk Yard Dog” is finished with the job…we will get a different leader in there…but for now Donald is our dog in this fight!

    • Rodney Steward

      And nice looking kids! 🙂

      • American Me

        I agree and their behavior during his campaign says a lot about the man who raised them.They all carry themselves well and are all very professional.I believe Trump will be a great President.We all may have to flood DC with mail to tell congress to work with Trump or be voted out.We must not let them refuse to bring bills to the floor for a vote like they have over the past 7 years.Lets Make America Great Again.

      • Oh yes, vote for someone with the best looking kids! GMAFB! Dumb and Dumber, Southern and Southerner!

        • Smart Southerner

          Have you got a problem with the South, Asshole?

          These Americans from YOUR party support Trump!

        • Smart Southerner

          Here ya go, Lib:

          • Rodney Steward

            Love the pictures there friend!! And I believe ole lberbs49 has a problem with us Southern boys!

          • Smart Southerner

            Yep, Southern by the grace of God.

            You never hear a Yankee say, “I’m going to move further North to retire”.

          • Rodney Steward

            LOL, LOL, HE$$ NOOOO!!

        • Rodney Steward

          What’s YO problem boy, my God, that picture of you and YO cousin there looks a WHOLE lot better than that beast that the Clintons found! That is one BUTT UGLY GIRL!!! And you might as well keep things PC boy, I prefer to be called an Appalachian Redneck! 🙂

    • MrG

      Right on right on right on Trump all the way

      • Smart Southerner

        January 20, 2017

    • You just redefined the term “Smart” for all of us. You are anything but SMART based the actual definition of the word! Cut the “Southerner” crap too! WTF does that even mean? If Trump is a breath of fresh air, you have been living on Farts all your life!

      • gvette

        As you seem to like to bash others, (sign of a demonRAT) who are you for?

      • Smart Southerner

        It means I am a college educated business owner who resides in the deep South. Got it, Lib trash?


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