Protesters try to block access to Trump rally in Arizona, ahead of big primary in border state

March 20, 2016

Protesters in Arizona briefly blocked access to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally Saturday morning in Arizona, kicking off a full day of campaign events in the border state, which holds key primaries Tuesday.

The protesters blocked a highway leading to Trump’s outdoor rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona, near Scottsdale, before sheriff’s deputies removed them and towed their vehicles.

“We’re not going to let demonstrators intimidate this forum and this sheriff. Now we’re going to have a nice, nice rally for Donald Trump,” said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who led the effort to remove the demonstrators and who has endorsed the GOP front-runner.

Arizona has long been ground-zero for the politically-charged illegal immigration debate, with roughly 368 miles of border with Mexico and more border fence than any other state.

  • dontdoitagain

    R-I-O-T-E-R-S! Not “protesters”. I’m sick of the fake definitions the press uses to minimalize what these people really are. Anarchists…rioters…lawless would-be tyrants who refuse to respect the rights of others in direct defiance of our founding documents and the law.

  • cae973

    Seems to me since this road is an important access road and they prevented not just trump supporters but also emergency vehicles, trucks, and cars carrying the elderly and small children they should be charged with public endangerment as these vehicles were stuck for hours in the hot sun with no means of shelter or water available!

  • KayO

    I would venture to say that most of the people planning to attend the Trump event paid for that road. Get off!

  • cutterguy

    they also blocked access to hospitals. Run over them!

  • The Redhawk

    SO….HOW many of these”PROTESTERS” were the Paid Anarchists unleashed by Sharpton and PAID for by CLINTON and SOROS????

  • dockilldare

    guess once again the democrats show how they only respect people’s rights if they agree with them. nice to see the true colors of the NSDNC again, now maybe the rest of the country will wake the hell up and realize that these people would have been in brown shirts and jack boots in a different time, and pushing the EXACT SAME POLICIES.

  • Let’s see if I got this right…I disagree with what a person has to say so I should deny you the right to hear it? I guess in the minds of the left, speech is only free if you agree with them. Funny how they howl if a Conservative makes the mistake of telling them they can’t spout off when ever/where ever they wish to.

    • cutterguy

      for dems, compromise is do it their way

  • JOE

    demoRATS=anti-American constitution MF’ERS!

  • TOM

    Thank God for Sheriff Joe, we need more of them

  • AKLady

    We the People do not elect a President. Never have. Cannot do so.

    The ELECTORAL COLLEGE elects the President.

    These Presidenrts did not receive the popular vote: John Quincy Adams,These Presidents did not have the popular vote: Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush (twice)

    • Actually in the 2004 election. George W Bush received approximately 62.04 million votes, or 50.73% of those cast. John Kerry receives 48.27% (59.03M) and other candidates divided 1.23M or 1% of the vote. So, George W DID win the popular vote.

      • AKLady2015

        You do not elect a President — period.

        • Gnowark

          AKBroad has spoken, and like “progressives” think, NEVER confuse the issue with facts that don’t agree with its opinion.

          • AKLady

            How does you state select its Electors?

            Do you even know?

            Most recently in 2000, the Electoral College system has resulted in the election of a candidate who did not receive the most popular votes in the election.

            (Source: ^ Library of Congress – Election Process; US House of Representatives: History, Art & Archives – Electoral College Fast Facts)

        • As stated in the Constitution (you know, that pesky paper that only means what YOU think it does and can be ignored by any “Constitutional Scholar” who gets into office and disagrees with it, the PEOPLE elect their representatives to the Electoral College to vote in their stead. Each state get a representation based on their population. I know this upsets North East Liberals because a Conservative vote in Wyoming would mean as much as theirs in the great scope of things, but that is how it’s set up. And, again, if you would read my response, I am just showing how you were wrong in you assertion that President Bush did NOT get the popular vote. You were also wrong with his father. GHW Bush got 53.4% of the vote compared to 45.6% to his opponent.
          Never let facts get in the way of a good rant, though

          • AKLady

            These Presidents did not receive the popular vote: John Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush.

            Al Gore received 540,000 more votes than Bush. ( Source:: Office of the Federal Register, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration Web site, 2000 Presidential Election: Electoral Vote Totals, 12 March 2008).

            Not every state elects their Electoral College members.
            Not every state requires the Electors to follow the popular vote.
            Not every state electors operate on the “winner take all” basis.

          • Never let FACTS get in the way of a good rant, huh? Yes, Gore had more popular votes than Bush. Never denied that. However, after your initial INCORRECT assertion the GHW Bush did not win popular vote, and that GW Bush lost twice was just shone as incorrect, you decide to argue the fact by changing your initial statement and then proving the second version right. How typical of your snide (not a typo).
            Oh, and was stated earlier, GHW Bush DID win the popular vote with 53.4% of the popular vote with 7,077,023 more votes than Dukakis. You are with too hate filled or ignorant to even use a correct correction.

          • AKLady

            Al Gore received 540,000 more votes than Bush. ( Source:: Office of the Federal Register, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration Web site, 2000 Presidential Election: Electoral Vote Totals, 12 March 2008).

  • AKLady

    Apparently, Arizona does not want a bigot preaching hate and discrimimation in their state.

    • cutterguy

      they do not like truth sayers. they are so accustomed to liars like the clintons.

    • What if a community did not want racist murders, like Planned Parenthood, in their community? Would you support the rights of the citizenry to block access to those who wished to enter those particular parlors of death? If so, you would disagree with the courts that demand access to Planned Parenthood “clinics” be granted for all who wish to go. Why should not the same courtesy be granted for those who wish to hear Trump? That’s right,…the Left refuses to acknowledge courtesy.

      And, before you start the arguments, in a 1939 letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble about her plans for Planned Parenthood, Ms. Sanger wrote:
      “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Sounds more racist and bigoted than anything Mr. Trump has said.

      And Hillary was proud to get an award named for this lady?

      • AKLady

        Bob, you are so far out of it, I doubt anyone or anything could reach you.

        During the 1940s, when contraception was a controversial and largely taboo topic, Jeb Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was an active supporter of Planned Parenthood, which was founded by Margaret Sanger in 1921

        Prescott Bush, former United States Senator from Connecticut and grandfather of George W. and Jeb Bush, served as Planned Parenthood’s treasurer when they launched their first national fundraising effort in 1947.

        • And you are on such a hate filled rant you can not answer a question. Do people who are against the presence of Planned Parenthood have the same right to protest and block access that these people do?

          And, since we are going back generations, how about Al Gore Sr.? He voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 AND the Voting Rights Act. What of Robert Byrd, “conscious of the Senate” when the Demoncrats ran it? he also voted against the Voting Rights Act. Should ALL Deomncrats be tarred with the same brush as these highly regarded, upstanding people?

          • AKLady

            Planned Parenthood is a medical provider which treats both men and women. Yes men — STDs, fertility testing, cancer screening.

            Obviously, you associate PP with abortion. Just as plain s the fact you do not approve of abortion.

            So instead of presenting an adult, well thought out argument agana6 abortion, you simply spew childish insults. … When I did not immediately agree with your stance, you simply spouted more childish insults.

          • Wow, being lectured about “spew(ing) childish insults” by someone who’s initial comment called a person a bigot because she disagrees with them? Well thought out that one is.
            Next tell me about how PP provides mammograms to women and we will be denying them this service.

          • AKLady

            Factually, some PP clinics do provide mamograms.

          • Then you know more than the CEO of PP, Cecile Richards, who testified in front of Congress, under oath, “No Planned Parenthood clinics have mammogram machines.”

            Also, former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson testified “Having worked at a Planned Parenthood, I knew that there are no Planned Parenthoods licensed to have mammogram machines. They can provide a referral for a mammogram, but any health provider can refer a woman for a mammogram.”
            So tell me again how PP “provides” mammograms? Oft repeating lies in the face of the truth does not make them facts.

          • AKLady

            Planned Parenthood provides vouchers, or did. Here in Alaska, they contrubuted funding to the “mamogram bus”.

          • Which is a far cry from “providing mammograms”. PP does NOT provide mammograms, any more that any other licensed physician who has access to your “vouchers” and does not have the equipment. I got a “voucher’ from a car dealer that would give me $5000 to put to a new car, so by you standards I guess they “provided” me with a new car.

          • AKLady

            Some PP offices have the equipment, or did have when I was in the Lower 48.

          • AKLady

            Full Definition of bigot

            : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance
            Source: Merriam-Webstee

          • So what is that, a definition of character about you? In reading many of your posting, this describes you perfectly.

          • AKLady

            Thank you for your input.
            I will take it under advisement.

      • AKLady

        I could care less if Sanger was a racist.

        She bettered the lives of all women, expecially those in poverty. If she could have had her way, all families would have been limited to one child.

        You seem to miss the part about “educational”. ^Trust was the issue. A veey real issue. In that age, if I were a Black woman, I certainly would not have trusted a rich White woman.

        Being male, I doubt you really undrstand everything Snager stood for.

  • Walter Bazner

    They don’t need Lynch to approve this it’s already a law and can be prosecuted.They can get a grand jury seated without her

  • TAM44

    I would tell them protester piece of obama squeeze, sorry we seem to have lost your vehicles, you know thing just disappear with all these illegals around, hell killery clinton may have deleted them for all we know.

  • tim

    I read where Clint Eastwood is supporting Trump for president and holding a rally in California maybe we should have Clint run as VP

  • robert

    hi sheriff joe there probably all illegals{means against the law} you won,t even have to go looking for them,there right there blocking the road,looks like a good illegal group to arrest right there in front of you sheriff joe.and they our doing the work for you,and you don,t even have to go looking for them,these our illegal aliens coming right to you joe.these illegals our doing everything for you joe.check each one to make sure there legal american there a lot who our illegal and right there in the group sheriff joe.

  • Walter Bazner

    Trump is a winner. These protesters need to be arrested when they chain vehicles together for Federal charges of blocking interstate commerce and if they get enough time they won’t be doing this bull anymore.America is frankly pissed at folks that do these kind of things. If i did it i’d get some hard time and it’s time they started getting time for it. If you have a peaceful protest it’s one thing but to cause civil unrest is another and it has to end.Law enforcement needs to grow some balls and show these kind of people that we are a land of laws and they need to be obeyed in order for a peaceful society to exist.

    • Gnowark

      Ummm, “Federal Charges?” Do you expect Loretta (eric holder) Lynch) to enforce the law?

  • CharlieSeattle

    Obama’s treasonous illegal alien and muslim resettlement policies along with race baiting have created an ongoing SECOND 9/11 terrorist attack against America!!

    I will even call it a Soros funded, MoveOn .com instigated, False Flag, US Government sanctioned “PURGE” against its own citizens and the police! Congress has allowed this to happen with the recent passage of the Omnibus $pending Bill.

    …And Obama’s solution is to take away our guns with one hand and attack us with the other hand.

    Obama is a Liar and Traitor. Impeach him now you skulking cowards!

    One small problem. …..There are more traitors in Congress than patriots!

    ………Trump/Carson 2016

  • CharlieSeattle

    Black Lies Matter is proof that Obama and the Democratic Party DEPEND on stupid people to stay in power.

    However, as black unemployment stays very bad will they ever start to wise up?

    Stage left, enter 11-34 million illegal aliens, that can’t read or speak English, to be granted citizenship, vote democratic and take low wage jobs from black American’s.

    ………….and ‘da “Black Lies Matter” fascists?… ‘dey will love him for it!

    • I Seigel

      And it looks like Trump is DEPENDING on stupid people to get elected

  • CharlieSeattle

    Unlike Bush, Ryan, Kasich, Clinton or Sanders, Trump is ACTUALLY defending low wage jobs FOR black Americans and ALL young Americans FROM illegal aliens and H-1b visa abuse.

    Trump is ALSO defending ALL young American women from murder, sexual assault and robbery from FROM illegal aliens and Obama’s muslim RAPEfugees.

    Trump is correct.
    Implement illegal alien control, NOT gun control.
    Implement muslim control, NOT gun control.

    …Trump/Carson 2016

  • CharlieSeattle

    The physical violent riots are funded, organized and staged by the Soros, MoveOn. com and ‘Black Lies Matter’ KKK, starting in Ferguson.

    • dennis w

      that’s moveon.ORG………not COM……..

      • CharlieSeattle


  • Pat Griffin

    Hope every voter realizes these protesters are scum and that for every protester blocking the road, Trump will generate an additional 100+ votes.

  • Holy Joe

    Flat out ‘Physical Intimidation’ is the modus operandi of the most unintelligent Democrats at all the levels, they have no sane arguments to offer, so they primarily turn to violence to make their idiot points without further thought. If the Republican Party fails to face reality this year they will cease to exist. They should go with a winner rather than another McCain or Romney. If they lose this election through their establishment fit of political pique against the wishes of their own voters, they will have indeed allowed the Democrats like the False Obama & the dreadful shrill Clinton harridan to have demolished freedom in America in favor of the Democrat’s Totalitarian State that once ruled Soviet Russia. Clinton will by default create yet another Argentina, or even worse a New Venezuela in the North

    • PatriotGal

      Remember the Black Panthers with menacing billy clubs at voting polls when OWEbama ran? But they were never charged. Guess they were O’s buddies from Chicago.

  • Jan Kolacy

    I loved what the Sherrif told the reporter when..she said this a Trump inspired protest..and the Sherrif said..wait one moment this has nothing to do with Trump..these people are going to jail..she still kept trying to bait him…He told her again it was not Trumps fault they were doing this..and told the reporter I don’t have time for this. I am going to meet Trump…and left.. The reporter was really speachless..

  • Shane

    Liberal fascists try to stop Trump rally, which proves that the left does not support freedom of speech any more!

    • Gnowark

      “We asked for freedom of the press, thought, and civil liberties in the
      past because we were in the opposition and needed these liberties to
      conquer. Now that we have “conquered”, there is no longer any
      need for such civil liberties.” -Prominent Communist Party
      theoretician Nikolai Bukharin, executed by Stalin in 1937

    • dennis w


  • Rodney Steward

    Please don’t let none of sick animals try to block the road I’m driving on, they will be road kill!!

  • Maggie Cadden

    Well it looks like obama’s plan to turn the USA into a banana republic is coming to fruition. These protestors obviously do not realize that in this country we change presidents by voting. We do not riot and fight to get our ideas across. I wonder how many of these people are illegal aliens.

    • clem

      Just where were you on Friday, November 22, 1963?

    • Rodney Steward

      I know that a lot the trash in Chicago were muslims, and I’m sure that there were trashy Mexicans at this place!

      • dennis w

        ONE FOR SURE……..



    • dennis w

      many…more than one thinks there are…….

      Mexican is a cancer……

      it’s said that the defenders could smell the Mexicans coming……UGH..!!

    • reggie

      When you see Bill Ayers front and center, they’re paid. More of the Saul Alinsky crowd. Soros has contracts to supply voter machines. Who counts yours? This is all part of the NWO takeover. 0b0 is in negotiations on 3 major trade agreements, all designed to destroy what is left of the us. TPP, TTIP, TISA. The last one is the end of the country as we know it. Makes NAFTA look like chid’s play.

  • Thomas Goss

    What the hell took the cops so long to remove these assholes? I hope they impounded their vehicles and NEVER give them back. And put these assholes in jail for a good long time, just who the hell do they think they are to disrupt things this way. If I had my way I’d chain them to their vehicles and drag them down the road about 50 miles or so.

    • Rodney Steward

      You have to remember, Soros pays good money to everyone!

      • dennis w


        AS WELL IS OBAMA…….

    • dennis w



      TRUMP 2016

  • Rodger K. Shull

    if THUMP make it to the BIG ELECTION in NOVEMBER, are we the voters going to see VOTER FRAUD, at the VOTE BOXES, an is there going to be as in the last election, groups as the new black panthers an now the black lives matter, an what other group, trying to do voter intimidation, is this going to be the case, sounds very 3rd world ,to me, NO HONESTY or INTEGRITY or RESPECT in voting any more. They could find a BIG FIGHT, if they do.

    • reggie

      Demand to know who counts your vote. Soros has several voting machine companies. Raise hell if they won’t tell you. But, be careful, he has dummy corporations so not super easy to find out who’s behind them.

    • Holy Joe

      I read something on the Internet last night that Governor ‘Moonbeam’ Jerry Brown of California has just signed his own mandate cum law permitting illegals to vote in the coming State & Federal Elections, I don’t know if this is true or not. But if so he is emulating his Boss Obama the Damned. in issuing his infamous and 98% illegal ‘Executive Orders.’

      • dennis w

        he’s having the DMV sign them up on voter registration as the DMV issues them ( the illegals ) their driver’s licenses……

        California is the assshole of the U.S.
        it’s more mexifornia…..

        the illegals have brought their cancer and it’s spreading by leaps & bounds…….

        brings to mind…..

  • Albert L Biele

    The liberal progressives follow the ideology of what is soon to be, the demise of the EU.
    To recognize the consequence of disassembling our Christian heritage, the very foundation that catapulted this country to its greatness, you need only take a cursory review of the rapid digression of present day European countries, who have been morally desecrated, and barely tolerated in a self-described “progressive” society devoted to obtaining the good material life, including long holidays, short work hours and generous government benefits. Europe is a society adrift, untied from the source of its greatness – the very cultural foundation that provided the values making Europe great is disintegrating, leaving Europe (and soon the entire West) on sinking sand. More specifically, as the past is erased, re-written, or ignored, the rich Judeo-Christian history of Europe is being left behind. That leaves the USA, the last country standing that is still capable of defending freedom, and protecting the faith that contributed to making America the greatest Nation in the world. It’s not Trump that we should fear, it’s the progressive liberals who are at war with God!!!!!!

  • Dennis B Anderson

    You low life burned out roaches that never did anything from the 60s? Get the hell out of the way before we run you over. You low life melennials that want to keep the cash cow coming? Well our country is out of money wake the hell up you helped get us here? Our country cant even pay our interest on the debts Obama has created by getting your vote. You skank illegals its time for you to go back where you came from get lost. These are the people that blocked the roads into the Trump rally. Well Im no longer a republican I gave that up some years ago plus when that saxaphone phony 2 dollar Bill Clinton showed up. We the people that pay the freight in this country are going to gear up and start killing your kind whole sale. Hey democrats the free food & government hand outs will be over regardless who gets into office. You Mexicans that came here for a job instead layed around and got fat those days are over. Heres a hint there are no jobs??. America you dont think were going Communist or Facist?
    Obama met Raul Castro in Africa when Mandella died another Facist. He promiced Raul some 35,000 green cards for Cubans. Hey back in January 1 1959 when Batista was run out of Cuba. Castro also run out all American interests some 3.5 billion dollars?? Now Obama is kissing there brown a$$3s what for? America needs reparation payment from Castro for his theft
    before we start any new business the old should be taken care of first. Hell the entire Island isnt worth 3.5 billion. People do you see whats happening to our country.??? When is the last time we got to vote on this stuff?? Our country is badly broken right now. If the right vote isnt made this time and a democrat gets in our country just dissapeared. You inbreds want a country to tell you what to do where to go, and what to eat go somewhere else. Isnt this the reason you ran away from your own country instead of fighting for your country you guttles cowards! This is America!You wont like it here were going to take our country back. I never thought I would see this on TV? A commercial for heroin or opiate users a stool softene? It seems when you take heroin you become constipated. How lude!
    God forbid you have to give up your heroin use. Got to keep the mexicans and Afganistan people working dont we! Wake the hell up people youre close to being dead already.

    • reggie

      Demand to know who counts your vote. If it’s a soros company, you know who will win.

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Im for the guy who will give people the opportunity to work. Not the continuation of this black pile of $cheiets moves to take down my country. Im ready for a body count thats how serious I am. The old addage be sure youre on the right side. What do you think? Obama only had 2 blocks to be part of the judge Scalias funeral that just died and didnt go? He did go to Africa when a facist named Mandella died. Him and Raul Castro talked about 35,000 of his ignorant talentless people hitting our shores. He could have done his presidential duty to take part in the passing of Nancy Reagan but didnt. This muslim terrorist cork sucker chose to go to Cuba on a christian celebration easter day and talk facism with the Castro Bros. He could have given our marine Tamoressi some assistance but chose not to. Instead this greasy piece of $cheit chose to let out 5 top ranking talibam terrorists from Gitmo. 2 were a part of the towers going down they should have been hung for there crimes all of them.. Instead Obama gave each of them $33,000.00 cash and a jet ride to Yemen for our coward traitor Bergdahl. He should be feeding micro organisms still hes alive WHY. Why is Obama still telling us where & what. He should have his head cut off instead of drinking cervesa and smoking havanas right now with the Castro bros??. If you havent guessed it yet Obama is not our president. Hes the worst enemy that this country has got and he should be removed as soon as possible and shot.
        HIm his administration that perpetrated this countrys take over and thats what it is. Soros can suck my =ick. Im ready to lock and load kick everyone out of this country that doesnt belong here. Anchor babys everyone. Get the phuck out before we start killing you wholesale. It wouldnt be that far from the truth if Obama wasnt in Cuba setting up missiles for a EMP attack on our country. It was 2 Febuarys ago that Obama shut down our countrys radar on our southern borders. He retired out the general that was in charge early. We couldnt see a EMP attack coming because right in front of you he did this. Have you heard the last thing Obama wants to do is to give himself a raise for his pension. If I were congress I would be asking him what has he done in 8 years to think he deserves $650.000.00 a year pension? He should be locked up when he gets back from Cuba and immediately taken out and done away with!. You bought that story about Bin Laden being killed.?? The media is still spinning this story with the guy that says he was responsible.?? Dont that sound bazarr.? Why didnt we get to see the body.? Obama has got to go now before he gets a chance to kick start martial law. In the past one would be asking where the money went that Hitler-y mis placed you know the 3.5 billion? Its being funneled back into her Foundation in Canada so you cant touch it. What about her brokering uranium to Russia.
        She can stick that restart button up her A$$ with a dirty bomb and set herself off. Treason & espionage is what shes all about and should be hung by the neck until shes dead. The republicans are the democrats its time they were jailed for there behavior. Ryan / Reid / McConnell
        Lynch / Holder / Boehner / Palosi Jarrett. Its time to bring back the death penalty and clean out our jail cells. Wake the hell up America.I think it would be a mistake if there was an assination attempt on Trump. Fair warning it would be the biggest mistake you ever made.

        • reggie

          True, true, true. 0b0 is what they hope to be the final nail in our country’s coffin. If not, killery. Soros, Rockefellers, Rothchilds. The Bilderberg group. This all started in 1913, the 100 year plan for a NWO. Bush senior was the first one to begin speaking about it out loud. Please google the TPP, TTIP, TISA. The last one is the final agreement to bring the country down. We are the prize. It takes away governmental oversight and goes to business, the bankers/elite running the world. Every time I put the T IS A my post disappears.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            What Im saying is the truth you see it, and you hear it everywhere. Its only the people that are to dumb or involved that are smiling. I to have been taken out it surprises me that my posts are still up here. It can only be some have changed their minds. I was looked at as a conspiracy nut. Any other country these people would have already been disposed of. Hey people take heed all the things I said in my 2 posts here say alot of things. While the voting goes on so does Obama.

    • voncile fullwood

      It’s not only the Mexicans the trouble makers are the black African Americans and the whites that follow them into destruction remember we have a lot of white trash that followers the blacks and Obama …well they can be prepared to fall into destruction..and that is when I become angry when my heritage was removed from the South and believe you me we have not forgotten it

  • noboZos

    I was at the morning rally in PHX. The media REALLY EXAGERATES the truth. Yeah there was a small group of Mexican protesters waving the Mexico flag and pronouncing in Spanish to stop Trump bcuz he’s a racist… but the only ones being racist were the Mexicans. The roads were blocked off bcuz there were other events going on in the area. No riots. I’d say the Mexican group was there for a publicity stunt. Other then that, it was a peaceful rally. The media lies!!! I have to laugh at the group protesting! When IN AMERICA, WAVE AN AMERICAN FLAG! IF MEXICO IS SO GREAT… GO BACK TO FREAKIN’ MEXICO!!!
    Never the less… my adult kids got enlightened and we have 2 more voters for TRUMP! He was a nice guy he was up in the issues. He’s not racist. AND HE’S NOT A CAREER POLITICIAN!! And he’s funny too!
    TRUMP 2016!!!!!

  • alfy


    • Rodger K. Shull

      You are so DAMN RIGHT, they did in an instant, that WEAK CHINNED MUSH MOUTH BALL-LESS WONDER bitch mcconnell, sure did, I remember his words on TV, an then his words 2 days later, an all his talk was just SHIT. he an his words are nothing but SHIT SHIT SHIT an more SHIT , an he is not alone here either,

    • Holy Joe

      I agree with you, I thought things might improve when they got rid of Boehner, but they cloned him with this Paul Ryan as a Speaker who seems to side with Obama at every opportunity. They are antagonizing their own former supporters and voters.

    • voncile fullwood

      all we have up there is a bunch of pussies who promises you anything and everything until they are elected then they become the weakling and the people should know we have had almost eight years of the the monkey cage with weak balls that has done nothing but hurt the people except his elite and they are all kids in a grown up body and trouble makers..I just hate it that we don’t have anyone who has balls enough to take Obama down and continue to let him make his own rules to suit his agenda…this is why the people is so divided or maybe he has more than one black mask that he slips a wad of money into their hands to stir the uproar ..I still do not know if I will even vote there is no trust in anyone any more and I certainly did not vote for the devil himself

  • Webb

    Turmoil in the USA…Its election time!
    Protesters backed by whose dollars, Paid Protesters probably…
    While the working American protest at the Ballot Box others chose to try and stop the process and the candidate by illegal means!
    Yet the Progressives remain Silent…

    • brabbie2002

      If you follow the $$$ – You will find george soros’ grubby little mitts handing out money left and right so he and his cronies can have a one world government! He pulls the strings on the media, big business and ovomit! If Trump gets into office, you can bet soros, the old rotten SOB that sold his own people to the Nazis, will be doing everything in his power to have Trump assassinated!

      • reggie

        You have hit the nail on the head. Please check to make sure none of his companies are counting your vote.

  • rwp24382

    Despite the warnings of those on the GOP side that have said they will not support a Trump candidacy, it shows how scared the left is of this man becoming president. If they have to stoop this low to stop him, they have to know that Hillary’s campaign is in serious trouble.

    • George Cullen

      Unfortunately, its as much the RINOcans as it is the demoncrats.

      • podunk1

        Beginning with “…rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” (Amendment 9), where was Obama’s elite FBI terrorist hostage rescue team, when alien invaders took over the highways, endangered citizen lives, obstructed the free US election process, and created chaos in Arizona, in order to protest US sovereign borders and loot the treasury??

        Those “elites” were at a blind curve on an Oregon highway to ambush and run Lavoy Finicum’s truck into deep snow, where they gunned him down as he stumbled and slipped, trying to hold his hands up in deep snow! Finicum was on his way to seek protection from a sheriff (perhaps like “joe”) and the FBI elites knew it! Finicum was a peaceful constitutionalist, openly willing to defend it with his life; and obviously was labeled an “extremist” by Obama, Reid, and their followers, which their code word for ISIS “terrorists” who ceremonially slaughter peaceful innocent children in the name of satanic gods!


        Betrayal begins with sole congressional powers to legislate with SOLE mandates to impeach, try, convict, and punish any official or judge. Amendment 14-3 doesn’t require a 2/3 majority to start that process! It merely requires the fact that “No (oath bound) person shall … hold any office… (who has) engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the (Constitution), or given aid or comfort to (its) enemies…”! It’s a Civil Right that PROTECTS CIVIL RIGHTS of all citizens in any US court!

        I support 100% ending the treason and lawlessness Trump promises to end during his rallies! That will never happen by compromising, bribing, and negotiating with lawless and treasonous officials rather than due probable cause arrest/prosecution with “supreme” emphasis on Supreme law! The disqualifier is Trump’s dictatorial attack, destroy until humble anything that gets in his way policy, such as the fat-man lap dog and Carson. Cruz will use the Constitution against its enemies and they know it, because his allegiance is to God and Constitution, not himself.

      • Abel

        The RINOs are democrats. The agitators are hired thugs. I hope Sheriff Joe rounds them all up and stores them in his Tent City Jail.

        • elmcqueen3

          Pink undies would fit them well.

          • Ralph

            Most probably already wear pink undies.

    • Dennis

      I wanna see Hillary barking again! 🙂

  • reggie

    Saul Alinsky must be proud.

  • I will say one thing for the Soros losers, THEY HAVE BALLS! I sincerely hope that one or more of these illegal IDIOTS don’t try to actually take Trumps life! That would be the BIGGEST mistake they could make! ILLEGAL INVADERS BEWARE, IF YOU DO NOT BELONG IN THE USA, GO HOME, TRUMP IS ON THE MOVE!!!!………TRUMP 2016!!!

    • reggie

      Be sure to find out what company counts your vote. soros has several, and at least 900 jurisdictions.

      • George Cullen

        THAT is an investigation that needs to happen ASAP. Might have kept B.O. From getting a second 4 yr tour of destruction. Why have the RINOcans not demanded this way back?

        • reggie

          There’s a lot about the 2012 election that can be googled. The rinocraps don’t care who gets in as long as they get theirs, and the gravy train keeps rolling along. That was proven in 2014. The vote investigation will not occur unless someone outside of the government does it. Soros has already declared killery the president.

          • AKLady

            Another one who thinks the people elect a President.

        • AKLady

          Learn what it is.
          Learn what is does.

      • AKLady

        Be sure and learn the law.
        You do not elect a President. Never have.
        Cannot — the U.S. Constitution does not permit you to do so.

    • Lee Fleming

      Right on!

    • AHP1081

      In 2013, trump supported amnesty for all 20 million illegal aliens in America. Cruz does not support amnesty. In 2000, trump
      supported an assault weapons ban, Cruz supports the 2nd
      Amendment. In 2015 trump supported “touchback” amnesty for every illegal alien in the U.S., Cruz does not support amnesty. Trump supports partial-birth abortion. Cruz supports life. In 2015, trump lied to gun media about his past support for assault weapons ban. Trump supports seizure of private property by the government using eminent domain (Kelo). Trump supports Mitch McConnell habitual lies to constituents and fellow GOP Senators. Cruz does not
      support mcconnell. Trump is currently courting and being courted by the GOP Establishment. The establishment seem to hate Cruz and that is good. Trump currently supports crony capitalism: i.e. billions in taxpayer ethanol subsidies. Cruz stands against crony capitalism. In 2000 trump supported extended waiting periods to purchase firearms. Cruz supports and defends the 2nd Amendment. Trump owes billions to bankers. Cruz owes 1 million. Trump donated $100,000.00 to bogus “Clinton” Foundation. Cruz has not donated
      anything to the socialist/communist Clintons. Trump has been endorsed by GOP Establishment icon Bob Dole who thought Reagan was too fringe. Cruz has not been endorsed by the ESTABLISHMENT. Trump has declared bankruptcy four times which resulted is 4.7 billion dollar default. Cruz has not declared ankruptcy. Trump has divorced two wives and is currently married. Cruz is still married to his first wife. Trump has furthered 2 “birther”
      Conspiracies theories against obama. Cruz has not. Trump has Praised/endorsed a Communist for Mayor of New York City.
      Cruz has not. Trump spends virtually every waking monument on social media. Cruz is concerned with the solutions to America’s problems. History supports the conclusion that trump will shift his position on important issues literally overnight. When talking about his supporters, trump made the comment; “I can shoot people on 5th Av. and I won’t lose my support”. I would suspect that Cruz respects his supporters and appreciates their intelligence. Trump has admitted that he will make deals to accomplish the GOP/progressive agenda. Cruz has filibustered to prevent bad laws. Trump has stated obamacare/socialized Health care is great. Cruz supports personal selections not government socialized medicine. Trump believe in Nationalizing the Banks. Cruz does not. Trump supports a massive Tax increase. Cruz does not. Cruz is guy so stable, sober and poised that I would not fear him being in control of the nuclear BUTTON. I can envision trump throwing a temper tantrum and nuking some country. Vote Cruz!

      • reggie

        Please read this before you vote Cruz. His wife was involved in NAFTA, is part of the coalition for a North American styled EU, working towards a One World Government.
        themarshallreport.wordpress (dot) com/2015/12/04/its-time-to-meet-the-cruzs/

      • Sherylynne

        AHP1081…You forgot to incude, “Once upon a time…and they all lived happily ever after”

      • ClarenceDeBarrows

        Verbosity is not tantamount to veracity. For a diatribe the size of the one you have posted here to be credible one should fortify the assertions made with references and sources supporting same. It’s not the number of words in a post which are necessary and sufficient to give it credibility it is the support material cited. Without that support material, especially from someone who writes to degrade one individual qualified to run for the office of President – Trump – in support of another – Cruz – who is not qualified for the Office under Article II of our Constitution. You can check that assertion out by Googling, J.B. Williams The End of the American Presidency, if a short, accurate synopsis of the facts, from an expert on the Constitution, is of any concern to you. Once you understand that Cruz is a political poseur and has been the whole time he’s been in politics in this Country, you might revise your opinion of him. The article by J. B. William’s also provides checkable facts you can access if you are really concerned with understanding why the GOPe are resorting, as a last resort, to endorse Cruz to stave off being steamrollered by Trump and the American people.

    • AKLady

      Thw majority of illegal immigrants in this country were brought here by employers. Businesses who lied amd stated there were no Americans to fill the jobs. They entered legally, simply not existing to renew their visas.

      • Abel

        First of all, most immigrants are legal having been through the immigration program and assimilated into the USA, obey our laws, pay their share of taxes, speak and understand English, and work for a living rather than vote for a living. It is the illegal migrants (illegal aliens) that are causing the problems.

        Secondly, the errant businesses who hire these illegal migrants keep saying “Americans” won’t do their jobs; what they don’t seem to fathom is that the emigrating residents of Mexico that they hire are just as “American” as they are, and as I assume you are. “Americans” are anyone legally residing on the two American Continents. The United States is just one country that happens to be located on the North American Continent. All US Citizens are Americans, but not all Americans are US Citizens; only about one-third of all Americans are US Citizens.

        The hard-core democrat welfare misfits who vote for a living probably wouldn’t, but I’m fairly certain that many honest out-of-work US Citizens would be quite happy to do these so-called un-American jobs if they were paid properly for their labors and could earn significantly more than they can on the democrat/socialist driven unemployment and welfare programs.

    • Ralph

      Amen brother.


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