1776 Coalition :: Pvt. Chelsea Manning released after 7 years in military prison

Pvt. Chelsea Manning released after 7 years in military prison

May 17, 2017

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Pvt. Chelsea Manning, the transgender soldier convicted of giving classified government materials to WikiLeaks, was released from a Kansas military prison early Wednesday after serving seven years of her 35-year sentence.

U.S. Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith told The Associated Press that Manning was released from Fort Leavenworth military prison, but that she couldn’t provide any further details. Manning tweeted after she was granted clemency that she planned to move to Maryland. The Crescent, Oklahoma, native has an aunt who lives there.

Manning, who was known as Bradley Manning before transitioning in prison, was convicted in 2013 of 20 counts, including six Espionage Act violations, theft and computer fraud. She was acquitted of the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. President Barack Obama granted Manning clemency in his final days in office in January.

Manning, a former intelligence analyst in Iraq, has acknowledged leaking the materials, which included battlefield video. She said she wanted to expose what she considered to be the U.S. military’s disregard of the effects of war on civilians and that she released information that she didn’t believe would harm the U.S.

69 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Manning should have been shot for disseminating that much classified documents to someone else.

  • Olaf Thunderfoot says:

    They should have hanged him for treason.

  • cathylovesyou says:

    Just another of Obama’s screw ups in is attempt to take down our country
    That’s what Communist do.

  • RuFus92 says:

    Another item to list in the failed Presidency of BHO. What a total waste of useful space these two people are. This country is rapidly going the route of the Roman Empire.

  • Ron Long says:

    Well, one consolation is that when he packed to leave prison, he had his balls in a glass jar, He will never be a woman, only another mutilated man.

  • David says:

    There is NO Chelsea Manning, just a CONFUSED Bradley!!!! The evidence is his/her multiple suicide attempts.

  • gvette says:

    I’ll take the other side. He was convicted of giving information to WikiLeaks. So, in my thoughts, he was convicted of giving information to help bring you folks the truth of what the demonRAT party was doing. (Obama, Killary.) Not sure I see him as the bad guy/girl. Ok, i’m ready for the flack.

    1. jug says:

      Well, you do have a point, but such most certainly wasn’t his intention!
      He was pissed and having a homo snit fit!

      You have to go to Edward Snowden to get to the hero point!
      And they want to jail him and Assenge as well! Both heros!

      1. gvette says:

        You could very well be right.
        As for the other two, heros, or not, the left are trying very hard to get to them, for the truth they brought out about the evil DemonRAT party. Boy are they pissed. You know how the left hates to get caught, or the truth!

  • Thomas Goss says:

    This thing manning should have been EXECUTED years ago.

  • art says:

    and Trump is bad

    1. GoldenGirl2u says:

      Yea, and isn’t disgusting to hear all the flack from mostly Dems the total hypocrits and people in glass houses should not throw stones. Hope all this crap comes around and bites them, you know where..

      1. art says:

        the bar is set so low for liberals it’ll take a lot

  • art says:

    barry really like those trannies

  • Ken says says:

    Hopefully he is discharged – I haven’t seen that is writing yet but planning on going to Maryland (a good place for him – they like Illegals too) and he will be close to BarryO and his partner. I sure don’t want to hear about anymore elective medical treatment being paid for by the taxpayers.- look at the bright side – he is out of prison and we don’t have to pay his room and board anymore. Sometimes blessings are small and not noticed…..;-)

  • Climax says:

    Gee, what’s the difference between this twit and Hillary, well Hillary was born a female but they are the same thing, criminally responsible for giving away secrets.

  • astrojohn says:

    Noooo, BRADLEY Manning was released. Did HE officially change his name? Did he change his XY chromosomes to XX? HE is a HE, not a SHE!

  • Rick D. says:

    Totally appalling!! I can’t imagine how those soldiers who knew him/her-“shem” must feel about this whole matter!!

  • ch says:

    Bradley Manning will always be Bradley Manning. If they cut his dick off and made a vagina, he is still a he. You cannot change his chromasomes or DNA, they will always be male, so he wasted our taxpayer dollar and continues to do so. Why is this traitor still allowed to be a part of the military. I hope he gets his ass kicked when he reaches the general public.

  • Betty Langlinais Harris says:

    How stupid can Obama get? Releasing her/him a traitor!!!!

    1. GoldenGirl2u says:

      One traitor helping another, plain and simple.

  • Art Tafil says:

    Give me a break! The He/SHE should have been put in front of a firing squad and publicly executed! Of course what can you expect from the H.N.I.C.

    1. Grimbo says:

      Love it. I say the H.C.I.C.

    2. jackpack9 says:

      He-she would have to be executed by firing squad since they couldn’t hang him-her by the balls!

  • Pete Bundy says:

    Shouldn’t this thing be drummed out of the service, striped of all rank, forfeit any veteran privalege. Medical, housing and other items?

  • Stan Joy says:

    We are a very SICK NATION. Our government paying for a sex change, really, what next??? This person, who is by the way is a TRAITOR, do you all realize that?? Because of him two soldier’s died looking for him, and he had went over to the enemy. To think that we have had a lot of men die for FOLLOWING ORDERS in combat, and this man/whatever you want to call him, gets out of prison after seven years, which he either should have been shot or stayed in prison for life! So tell me please, what did these young men who died following orders and defending their country, WHAT DID THEY DIE FOR???????

    1. GoldenGirl2u says:

      Stan, that was Bergdahl not Manning but never the less Obama touted Bergdahl as a patriot. Susan Rice said he served with distinction.

      1. Stan Joy says:

        Thanks Golden Girl, That is just who I meant, but by the same token what this boy/girl what-ever it is still could have been executed for what it did years ago. Was she/it classified as a spy?? I don’t know that. Thanks for correcting me.

    2. jug says:

      I think you are mixing this tranny up with the taliban supporter, Sgt Bowe Bergdahl!
      He is the guy who deserted and went looking for the enemy, and then was promoted to Sgt!

      Oh my, just how “Ef’ed up”, we are these days!

      Much simpler and more deterent when they just took ’em out back, formed up a firing squad and were done with it!

      1. Stan Joy says:

        O my gosh, jug you are so right, I can’t believe I made that error. Thanks for correcting me. Actually, jug, she or he or what-ever it is called could still have been executed for what she did. Thanks again.

  • teaman says:

    This little transprick should have been shot!!

  • Bob says:

    It and obama must have shacked up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J Wayne Watson says:

    I think Obummer has a crush on Manning and will dump Michelle as soon as the news dies down! They have so much in common!! Ugh! 🙁

  • Chuck says:

    Thank you Bathhouse Barry Soetoro. You let a traitor go. Just like you gave the W.H. welcome to the other traitor who is yet to be tried. I guess all you muslimes and homos stick together. Fortunately, you will not get to pardon Bergdahl. Let us hope he never sees the light of day except through bars. Meanwhile, this one gets more benefits than most real vets. Good Job, you worthless POS.

  • ONLYJB1 says:

    Every time I read the word she, I threw up in my mouth.

    1. Pete Bundy says:

      I call it a thing. I thing it is proper non gender specific and fits this thing like a silk glove made from a pigs ear.

      1. jug says:

        It, but not “Cousin It”, which was much preferable!

    2. Bobby R. Blair says:

      I second that emotion. I once read of an accident during an circumcision that resulted in an emergency sex change. I could stomach calling that poor child a girl. That’s the only exception to the rule I can think of

  • Mister Vice says:

    Typical of the Obama years–working for the enemy gets you rewarded while patriots in LE are targeted whie the left appauds their slaughter. It will take me 8 more years to get the bad taste of the left out of my mouth!

    1. jug says:

      Way more than another 8 years, providing I live that long!
      I am old, but that taste won’t be gone before I die!

  • Elizabeth Sprowes says:

    I cant see how she can be still in the Military she should have been Dishonorably discharged from the military, when put in Prison for treason. How can she get rewarded for that?

    1. American Me says:

      There is something really strange about that.You are correct in what you say.Ask Obama he gave it Clemency.I guess that was for everything including being a Traitor.

      1. jackpack9 says:

        I think he was giving Obama head for a long time, and clemency was his reward.

    2. ch says:

      how can HE get rewarded for that. He will ALWAYS be a he

    3. Art Tafil says:

      That one confounds me as well. I always thought that when you went to prison you were out of the military once released no matter what. That’s how it used to be when the UCMJ stood for something.

    4. Pete Bundy says:

      Makes no sense to me. I believe the word used was clemency but did our former “dear leader” grant this thing a pardon? And does a pardon purge a persons record clean?

  • Grimbo says:

    They should lock “HER” up with a full grown horny horse and let them play football. “SHE” would start out as a TIGHT end and finish as a “WIDE” receiver.

    1. matjoe76 says:

      Most likely has not been a tight end for many years.

  • Roy Johnson says:

    Proof of our worst pres. Can America ever trust any dumbocrap?

    1. Retired says:

      No way , they have gone down hill starting with LBJ in my time .

    2. jug says:

      No, but then, they are not just “dumbocraps” any more!
      The correct term is “Commiecrat”!

      They share the exact same party platform as the CPUSA, (Communist Party of the USA), today! That is the party that Obutthole’s REAL father belonged to, back during and after WW2! The FBI had records on him back then, but never did act on anything.
      BTW, his name was Frank Marshall Davis. Look him up, it will show his “party number”, he was “Uncle Frank”, in Obutthole’s book!

  • American Me says:

    This is Disgusting.We now have to pay for a sex change and everything else too.What a great country?HUH???Now I know the Inmates are running the Asylum.

    1. goldie says:

      It’s the hilLIARy precedent.

  • dumbvet says:

    Obama should have joined he-she in Leavenworth!

    1. jackpack9 says:

      Obama didn’t have to join he-she. He was living with his wife Michael in the WH.

  • Allan Scott says:

    She/he, or it, should get involved in politics. The Democratic party would certainly make her/him/ it their poster boy, er girl, er it. Great future presidential candidate wouldn’t ya say?

  • Retired says:

    This proves how sick the USA Has become . Was this one of Obamas Last doings ????

    1. Pete Bundy says:

      Yes. He did this in his last few days in office. Please note that two military heros are in prison for doing nothing but saving their men

      1. Retired says:

        That is what I thought , the others must no be trannies or Homos .

      2. jug says:

        Which is a different sickness!

    2. GoldenGirl2u says:

      Sure yes, just like Bergdahl, traitor and traitor Obama let a lot of people out of prison, including trading 14 Iranians to Iran. His lawlessness and treasonist acts piled up one after another and the Congress said and did zip and lets not forget Hillary.

      1. jackpack9 says:

        The three of these Traitors should have been HUNG

        1. Gary Smith says:

          Good idea

    3. jug says:

      Of course, one sicko supporting another!

    4. Bobby R. Blair says:

      Yes it was

    5. dmttbt says:


  • grinnie says:

    Wow, is he lucky……a free sex change AND clemency! Soooo glad my tax dollars made this traitor happy.

    1. jug says:

      I am not!

      I am pissed!
      More like a reward than either punishment or a deterrent!

  • Matthew Newgarden says:

    Wither poor Bowe Bergdahl had he come out as gay, or better yet like Chelsea Manning as transgendered Obama might have pardoned him also.

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