Rubio changes tactics, uses substance to swipe at Trump

March 11, 2016

Marco Rubio, needing a breakout performance going into Tuesday’s Florida primary, changed tactics and used substance during Thursday night’s GOP debate to attack Donald Trump on his defense of his “Islam hates us” remarks, Trump’s suggestion he’d do a deal with the Palestinians and his vow that he wouldn’t touch Social Security — despite warnings it would start running out of money in two decades.

One of the most pointed clashes came over the diplomatic thaw with Cuba – a huge issue in Florida, host of the debate and next week’s critical primary. Trump tangled with his rivals as he claimed he’s “in the middle” on the issue.

Trump said “something” should take place after a decades-long freeze, but, “I want to get a much better deal.”

“Here’s a good deal,” Florida Sen. Rubio snapped back. “Cuba has free elections. Cuba stops putting people in jail.”

  • takeitbacknow42012

    It’s the media doing all of this, telling the American people they are stupid for supporting Trump. Well, got news for you media, you all were stupid for supporting Obama! Look where that got us, a huge mess and he’s spent us into oblivion! Marco isn’t ready to be President. Americans don’t want an establishment person. Hillary and Bernie are both Establishment and while Bernie admits he’s a Socialist (just what we don’t need!) I think Hillary is probably one as well. That takes us in the wrong direction which we’ve been headed in for a long time. As far as the Islam statement, Mr. Trump is probably right. No one wants him to say it, but he does have a right to his opinion and I happen to agree with him. They don’t respect the boundaries of other religions. Look at how they totally disrespect Christians, the treatment of woman, it goes on and on. Maybe now is the time for another direction and hopefully Mr. Trump can take us there without giving in to the liberals and the establishment with their demands. Just my opinion.

  • John

    Trump has to be a patriot funding the campaign himself, he would not have had to spend that money. He cannot be bought! I am behind him all the way, unless Ted beats him in which case I am behind Ted! The Dumbocrats have beat the Republicans in recent years by voting together in the gimme more mode. They didn’t listen to the greatest Democrat ever, John Kennedy, when he said
    “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!”

  • ADRoberts

    A fake REpublican and an establishment pawn. Playing with words, trying to figure out how to use the right ones to con American into voting for them.
    Neither one of them is honest. Neither one of them is moral. (Both have affairs and are not ashamed of it)
    And you think that either one of them will actually change the direction of our country?

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Game changer. Carson has endorsed Trump, and Christie is Trump’s new policy advisor.

  • Nana

    Trump has his business expertise and his cabinet and consultants will help him with the other issues. At least he’s willing to try to deal and negotiate before making the wrong decision like previous presidents. He will surround himself with people he can trust just like he’s supposed to do. No one has all the answers , no one is King. Like he said , “The only ones that control me are the people.” Unlike the others who say this is what I’m going to do and never mention finding out what the people want.

  • Richard

    It seams to me that most polls say Trump was a big winner last night. BUT You have many sights stating the establishments side and continue to bash Trump, It is time to get behind the leader and stop the bashing! hillary and bernie are bad for this country and will have more Government control over our lives.WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • Txmissy

      The problem is that Trump is claiming “being in the middle” more and more often lately, re the question of Israeli/Palestinian conflict, now Cuba. I was a big Trump supporter at first but he seems to be morphing in front of our eyes into a chameleon. The fact that his meeting with the NY Times is strictly off the record at his demand tells me he knew the electorate wouldn’t like what was being said. What doesn’t he want us to know? I truly believe if he’s elected, there will be buyer’s remorse. Can this nation survive another one?

      • Nana

        Trump is not a politician. He’s learning as he goes and has enough sense to stay in the middle until he consults Senator Sessions and others he can trust on some of these issues. No one expects him to have all the answers right now and he has several months to consult with the people he trusts to discuss things honestly with him. They all have expertise on different issues but none have all the answers. The others talk like they do but sometimes end up with their foot in their mouths. that’s why they have been accused of flipping on some answers.

        • Gabino Cuevas

          Wouldn’t you LEARNED something BEFORE you decided to run for President? Isn’t this like Nancy Pelosi saying we first have to PASS the bill before we find out what’s in it?! For God’s sakes – LISTEN TO YOURSELVES TRUMPBOTS! You sound like the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          The PMIC has NO experience at anything except lies and deceit. All he has managed to do is deplete our military to make us the laughing stock of the universe and destroying our economy. One can only guess at how many millions he’s stashed away that he’s stolen!!!

      • reggie

        But is it us, or the MSM that he wants to keep uninformed? What do we have for a choice? Killery, who accepted $500,000 from a group of Pak-is-tani businessmen, on Jan 20, 2016, in Beaumont, TX, at a secret meeting, who allowed the sale of 20% of our (u)ran(i)um mine(s) to Russ(I) a? plus all of the other things she’s done since AR days, Rubio is the patsy for the status quo, can’t even be bothered to be a good Senator (worst voting record), Cruz who seems to have an issue with getting along. Bernie, who wants everyone to have everything for free. How does that work out?

      • Glenda Jordan

        Exactly and it’s because he still has not educated himself on the issues!! Trump claimed during the debate to want to be the one who could “make a deal” and bring peace and end conflict between Israel and the Palestines…funny thing, if he ever read past “2 Cor.” he would realize the one who would accomplish such is the Anti-Christ.

      • Richard

        Txmissy If your an established Republican and cruz selling GREEN EGGS AND HAM, is your type of what you want the next 4 years to be thats your right. Trump is getting crossover votes because of hillary and bernie do you want them to run America? With Trumps business abilities that will help America, Building the wall will keep illegals out! Building the Military brings respect back to America, Protecting Israel one of our closest allies, Cuba is still not the country we need to be dealing with they are not helping their people. We need to shake up this Government. cruz, rubio kashic will only be more of the same get nothing done government! YOUR CHOISE TXMISSY

    • reggie

      But killery will keep the republicrats happy with their princely lifestyles. They don’t think Trump will. They can’t buy him.

      • Richard

        Killery will keep republicrats happy when she put behind bars, she will get use to her orange pant suites!

        • reggie

          Killery will continue along the path to destruction. The rinocraps have done nothing, 2014 was a waste of time. If she goes down, so will a lot of others. They don’t want to upset the apple cart. She has dirt on virtually everyone, from the WH years when they took boxes of FBI files with them, to the SoS time when all was at her fingertips. Trump is the only man in the house. Sick of whimpering puppets.

    • Reasoned thinker

      Richard — I totally agree with you about the need to STOP bashing Trump!!!! The people who continue with the mindless bashing of Trump are doing our county a BIG disservice. We don’t see all the Democrats (OR THE MEDIA, I should add) absolutely trying to destroy Democratic Candidates (why not, eh?), like the Republicans try to do (??!?!!?). It’s nothing short of amazing, actually. . . . and it seems to repeat itself (i.e., the tendency for Republicans to “eat their own”) every time a major election is about to take place. Consistently done . . . and the result is that the (Republican) candidate later is severely weakened . . . and the eventual Democratic opponent (i.e., the one opposing the Republican in the “real dance”) is automatically provided with many talking points specifically tailored already . . . and designed to defeat the Democrat’s opponent. I mean to say that the Republicans are MUCH MORE than “stupid” with such conduct — indeed, the Republicans are “self destructing” with such behavior. Trump is the guy we need, believe me . . . He’s much different than the run-of-the-mill politicians we customarily are exposed to. It is stunning that ALL Republicans don’t see that!?!? We don’t need a “Choir boy” for a President, believe me!!! We DO NEED someone, however, who can be decisive and “take charge” of the mess our country is now in. Wow, what a fiasco we have out there! Go Trump!!!!!.

      • Richard

        The media has been in the corner of the leftwing democratic party for a long time. That’s why you hardly see bashing of hillary and bernie. You are right too about them haveing the trash on the Republicans to fuel the bashing in the general elections. Having Trump in there he will get alot of democrats and Indpendent like myself to vote for him. I just don’t understand Real American’s voting for either hillary or bernie with all what hillary is going threw and bernis selling socialism, what is America coming to if either of them get in the White House. obamie has trashed this Country bad enough and to listen to hil & ber they will give even more government control. We need them out of our lives.We need to be the World Power like in the past. Get rid of these radicals that want to kill us and our way of life. GO TRUPM ALL THE WAY! Thanks reasoned thinker.

    • ADRoberts

      You don’t get it. A MAN, any man is not going to save our nation. The elite Bilderbergs and CFR are determined to have ONE WORLD ORDER. And they already have Trump; and Rubio under their thumb. Just like they have Hitlery and Sanders. The only one who MIGHT be outside of their control is Cruz.

      You guys don’t even know half of what is going on. It is gong to a BROKERED convention. And the Establlshment is going to give you THEIR man again. What are you going to do then?

  • Jim Lambert

    Whistleing in the wind.


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