Ryan: Budget process ‘stinks’

by an Swanson and Scott Wong  |  published on October 28, 2015

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is distancing himself from a pending budget deal ahead of his expected election this week as Speaker.

Ryan told CNN’s Manu Raju he doesn’t have a position yet on the deal negotiated by Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), the man he is likely to succeed.

“I’m reserving judgment on this agreement because, quite frankly, I haven’t seen it yet on paper,” Ryan said of the budget bill, which was posted late Monday night.

But the House Ways and Means Committee chairman criticized how the deal to extend the government’s borrowing limit and increase spending came together, saying “this process stinks” in the interview televised on CNN.

“Under new management, we’re not going to do business like this,” he said. “As a conference, we should have been meeting months ago to develop a strategy on this.”

  • PC Bob

    Ryan says the budget deal STINKS’, he hasn’t READ IT (as of last night) but he will support it so we can move on to better things? What, ANOTHER hypocrite? Just what we need! WHY did we get rid of Boehner, then? We already HAD one of those!

  • pete G

    All you liberals who are still backing Obama go to you tube and type in ( Don’t cry for me Argentina.) Make the comparison. It’s very informative.

  • KDC

    He’s reserving judgement? What not to see? This is giving BO a free reign On spending for the next two years. We can’t handle another two years of his spending. We can’t handle too much more if this administration.

    • pete G

      You’re right and his job is to spend us into oblivion and the Republicans know it and they do nothing to control this deviant.

    • PC Bob

      My ‘representatives’ are Durbin and Kirk! Nothing will change THEIR minds! It’s a waste of my time contacting them!

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