Ryan to move ahead with speaker bid

October 22, 2015

Rep. Paul Ryan will proceed with his bid for speaker despite not securing the formal endorsement of the House Freedom Caucus, according to a source close to him.

  • mousekiller

    Ryan is for increasing the number of illegal immigrants into this country… that will increase your taxes, reduce your medical availability. More special thin skinned people will get more special treatment and the rest of us will pay for it. This BS has to be stopped and voting for these Harry Reid wanna b’s is not going to do it.

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    Here’s How The Election For Speaker Of The House Is Going To Play Out

    Conservative Opportunity Society


    House Liberty Caucus

    Paul Ryan


    Tea Party Caucus

    George Rasley, CHQ Editor | 10/23/2015

    The House Freedom Caucus, the much ballyhooed last line of defense for conservatives in the House of Representatives is fast crumbling.

    According to our inside sources, Paul Ryan, the preferred candidate for Speaker of the House of establishment Republicans, and especially failed Speaker John Boehner and his existing leadership team, as well as Democrats Harry Reid, Luis Gutierrez and a host of crony government interest groups, went before the HouseFreedom Caucus and made a very persuasive and charming presentation during which he promised them… exactly nothing.

    The result of Ryan’s refusal to commit to reforming the House Rules that have shut conservatives out of the legislative process in the House, and made the Speaker a virtual dictator, and his refusal to drop his demand that the rules be amended to give him even more power by eliminating the “motion to vacate the Chair,” through which Boehner was held accountable was that 26 Members of the House Freedom Caucus voted to endorse him.

    The vote left Ryan a few votes short of the required 80% for a formal endorsement by the Freedom Caucus, but the additional 26 votes puts him within striking distance of the 218 votes he needs to be elected – despite his demands for near dictatorial power – and if nothing changes Paul Ryan will be the next Speaker.

    A principled group of limited government constitutional conservatives are still supporting Florida Representative Daniel Webster, and one of their leaders, Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas said this of the growing support for Ryan:

    “Since the beginning of this contested race for Speaker of the House, it has been my pledge to support Congressman Daniel Webster. Dan is the only person I am aware of who has ever been a Speaker anywhere and decentralized power to get it back in the hands of its members. Speaker Boehner is no longer going to be Speaker because he was too powerful, and I simply cannot vote for a candidate who demands more power before he agrees to be Speaker. I am a man of my word, and my support is still with Dan. He is the person who can return power to its rightful place – members who represent the American people.”

    Here’s what’s going to happen if and when Paul Ryan is elected Speaker.

    There will be a review of the House Rules and the “Motion to Vacate the Chair” that was placed there by Thomas Jefferson to assure that no Speaker could become a dictator – and that was used to hold John Boehner accountable for his failures, lies and cave-ins will be eliminated.

    All of the existing establishment Republicans who have been behind John Boehner’s misrule of the House will remain in their “leadership” positions.

    Establishment Republican Kevin McCarthy will remain House Majority Leader, Steve Scalise, the embarrassing political hack who was outed for cozying up to the Ku Klux Klan will remain Republican Whip, Pete Sessions, the Boehner do-boy Chairman of the Rules Committee (who is rumored not to even live in his Texas District anymore) will remain in place to rewrite bills in the middle of the night before the vote and rule conservative amendments out of order, and all of the other House Committee Chairmen who have sat on conservative bills or killed conservative amendments in committee will remain in place.

    In short, nothing will change.

    Principled limited government constitutional conservative Louie Gohmert of Texas put it this way in the same statement in which he reiterated his support for Daniel Webster of Florida for Speaker:

    “Chairman Ryan was a leader in pushing the Wall Street bailout, supported Barney Frank’s same sex agenda, voted for legislation that would have allowed the District of Columbia to have a United States Representative, even though the U.S. Constitution clearly states that ‘representatives shall be from the several States’, and he is supported by some of the most liberal Democrats because of his amnesty stance.”

    “Though Chairman Ryan is smart, articulate, a great father and husband, our country is in trouble and sadly, he has been on the wrong side of extremely critical issues and indicates he requires more autonomy than even John Boehner.”

    Amnesty for illegal aliens will be not just on the table, but the preferred alternative of the Speaker of the House; “economically driven immigration policy,” leading to a vast increase in legal immigration will be the preferred alternative of the Speaker of the House, Planned Parenthood and Obamacare will be funded, a clean debt ceiling increase will be passed and crony government deals and bailouts like TARP will be the norm.

    None of the issues that have driven grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives into the white-hot fury that is powering the campaigns of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz will be resolved favorably if Paul Ryan becomes Speaker of the House.

    Most importantly, there will be no conservative reform of the House Republican “leadership,” unless you believe that making Paul Ryan Speaker, and giving him more power, somehow solves the problem of John Boehner having too much power and using it to marginalize conservatives.

    There is only one chance left to stop this power grab by the political class, and that is for We the People speak out and demand that the House of Representatives be returned to its proper place in the constitutional order as the assembly of the peoples’ representatives.

    Members of the Freedom Caucus, the House Liberty Caucus, the Tea Party Caucus, the Conservative Opportunity Society and other conservatives still have the votes to stop Ryan and his plan to eliminate the last vestiges of democracy in the House of Representatives.

    If the remaining patriots in their ranks will stand fast we can still win this fight.

    But they need to hear from you NOW on the phone and through social media and email.

    The easiest way to register your opinion is to call your Representative’s office through the House switchboard – 1-866-220-0044.

    You can also use this handy list from Tea Party Patriots to call key Republican members of the House.

    You can email this video explaining Paul Ryan’s background and agenda to your friends and contacts and ask them to join the battle and to contact their Representative.

    You can also post to the House Freedom Caucus Facebook page through this link to let them know what you think of their vote to all but endorse Paul Ryan.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    I understand Ryan has been known to have a gay party once in a while and Harry Reid is backing him??? I also understand that he has certain things hes asking for? Hes telling his employer he wont miss time at home?? Why not just say Im not going to miss Bonanza and my 3 pm Scoop fritos & salsa snack.
    Oh he wants bunny rabbits on his bib ! Bunny rabbits on his bib.Another worthless feckless freak in the wrong In croud.

  • Bernie Lounds

    We need to do better than Ryan.I can’t imagine putting him in a place where he could become president.


    I don’t think he should “move ahead”! I want a FRESH FACE!

  • SDofAZ

    We just have to vote out more of the a holes who support this man. Another perfect rino. They are going to regret their decisions. Reid/Pelosi/McConnell/BO want this man in that position. What a joke our GOP rino republicans are these days. Label em BO’s minions! Dam traitors. Vote em out!!!

  • usncb

    Liars, Liars, all Liars.Who can an American trust ? And the GOP wonders why I quit with the contributions. Screw them idiots, I will keep my $$$

  • usncb

    DAMN !!! Is everybody a stinking LIAR ?????? Get people who agree with you or f@@k’em

  • Seedman

    If Paul Ryan confronts skunk Obama like he did during his vice presidential stroll; then Hussein will continue to wreak havoc on America unimpeded.

  • jeannyR

    If we get Ryan, then all we have is another Boehner or McConnell. Actually, another democrat in Republican clothing, a great pretender. If we are to save this country, we have to stay away from liberals. They are a bane to this country.

  • rodmar2

    With endorsement’s from Luis Gutierrez and Harry Reid Conservatives have to out of there mind to back Ryan!!!

    • Pam

      ANYTHING Luis endorses is BAD for this country.

      • Bob2002

        Yea, Luis Gutierrez is a bias Hispanic who wants Amnesty for his fellow countrymen. Of course, the whole Democrat Party is no better because they are loyalist to the far left-wing cause. The fix is in for (K)illary to become the next president because the media keeps protecting her and calling any Republican who confronts her the extremist. With Paul Ryan as Speaker, the Republicans will ensure their defeat for the presidency because Ryan will definitely kill the Republican brand for the whole country. Ryan is a weak, wimpy, RINO, who wants to continue Obama’s very bad policies. Once the country sees there is no difference between the political Parties, they will vote for the real thing (Democrat) instead of the weak and wimpy RINOs controlling the Republican Party. Time for term limits.

        • podunk1

          Cleaning House must be a Constitution/Law

          September “best ever” 7,915,000 (5.1%) jobless people collecting comp is a sick
          lie that doesn’t include 31,578,000 (4 out of 5 unemployed) who are either on
          welfare or homeless and sleeping in a culvert!! The issue is 25 years of massive
          outsourcing US productive infrastructure and jobs to Maoist China, simultaneous
          with in-sourcing 40+ million alien workers! September “unemployed whole people”
          was 38,793,000* (23.21%)!

          The BLS
          $25.10/hr. wage @ 2080 annual hours with 30% employer tax/fringes is $67,870
          raw worker value added to the economy. That @ 38,793,000 jobless/unemployed
          value is $2.63 trillion annually! The minute 38,793,000 alien workers are
          removed, $2.63 trillion new citizen taxable wealth begins!

          Monopolist manipulation
          of US banking/investment not only violates anti-trust laws, but looting the USA
          to empower enemies is treason!!! Yes,
          all of the new jobs are low wage because RINO monopolists sent everything
          requiring skill to Maoist communist Chinese slave labor camps with the resounding
          support of Maoist democrats! Yes, wages are down, but that doesn’t consider
          another $2.6 trillion “unreported annual wages NOT earned” because those jobs,
          wealth, and infrastructure were stolen from the USA by our oath bound
          government officials who were supposed to support, defend, and protect the USA
          and Constitution!

    • Virginia Schloredt

      I agree Rod!!! This is effen INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all need to call every last one of the freedom caucus members this am and say HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have called 1/2 of them!!!! If you need a list email me at cocopups@live.com for the list of names/numbers. Been on the phone all morning. We have to make these calls!!!!!

    • 7papa7

      He is even more open borders than McAmnesty and Graham. We need a conservative like Gowdy or Gohmert or a few others.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Ryan is a RYNO, having proven that during his VP run with Romney! Why do the conservatives give in so easily? Time with his family? How much time has he spent with them over his years in the U.S. House of Representatives and when he was running with Romney? Also, his “request” for the House members not to engage in getting rid of future speakers fits with the Dems who are supporting him! For Ryan to have the Dems’ support is enough reason for conservatives to engage in real conservatism!

  • jdbixii

    Why is it that some people see compromise, on principle, as the only means of representative-democratic government? We have a massive, unrepayable, national debt because we have people in office who have been willing to constantly compromise on fundamental principle. Government can not enforce laws if government does not set an example and hold itself and the people to the same high standards. The idea that government of, by and for the people must represent all points of view and abilities–which is IMPOSSIBLE–rather than that which is logically,ethically, arithmetically right,
    destroys the justifiable purpose of government. It annihilates the rule of law and makes the notion of military intervention abroad, for the purpose of imposing a rule of law, ludicrous!

  • US Army Retired

    Paul Ryan is an arrogant individual like Barack Insane Obama. Both have to have it their way or its no way. My 17 month old grandson is more conservative that his jack wagon. Ryan is not the right choice at this time or any time. We elected these people to protect us from the demon hand of Obama and they have flailed us across the board. This nation is so sunk.

    • bobnstuff

      I thought that these people were elected to make laws and run the country. Silly me. Maybe Ryan can save the Republicans from themselves.

      • Halftrack2

        And here come the Liberal/Socialists/Democrats with the troll report…

        • bobnstuff

          So you don’t think the job of congress is to pass laws? We don’t send people to Washington to run the government? You must be a Tea Party member because it would seem they don’t think the congress should pass laws or run the government either. We are on track to have the least productive congress in history.

          • Bob in Florida

            bobnstuff –
            Halftrack is not saying that it isn’t their job to pass laws, etc. He is saying that Ryan isn’t the guy to get that job done.
            His reference to ‘troll report’ is that he feels anyone expecting Ryan to do so is a troll.
            Most, upon seeing support from Harry Reid and Luis Gutierrez, would suspect that Ryan is not likely very conservative.

          • bobnstuff

            I’m not much of a fan of Ryan and hold little hope that anyone can get the House to do their job. As far as I concerned he’s a lying little toad. He has done one thing though that is smart. he made demands of the far right that they must give him support if he takes the job. Anyone who doesn’t do the same is making a big mistake in taking the job. A house divided against it’s self can not stand. The conservatives seem to think they represent the majority of Americans but they seem to forget that there are more Democrats and moderates then conservatives and like it or not they have to work with them to govern our country. With all the problems we have as a country we need the Congress to find common ground and get to work. Why don’t we have a Highways Bill passed and signed? What’s the problem with the debt celling, the money has been spent and the bills must be paid. The constitution says we pay bills. If you want to cut spending you need to do it before you spend the money not when the bill comes. Black mail is not the way to run a country. Our country needs real leaders but as long as anyone in a leadership roll has to spend half their time defending themselves from their own party and the press no one with any brains will take the job. Can Ryan do the job, not likely but at least he knows what is needed to do the job.

          • Robert

            Only if you are a Socialist. 19 Trillion Dollars of Debt and rising daily. So their solution is to spend their way to prosperity, doesn’t work, has never worked and won’t now. They don’t have a plan, they just want to placate
            Special Interest Groups and stay in power. Our GNP is only 25 Trillion, when those 2 numbers match our economy will collapse.

          • bobnstuff

            You should understand what the GNP is if you want to talk about it
            At least get your numbers right.
            Over the last 6 years we kept spending when other countries cut back, we have had GDP growth when the other countries didn’t. This year out economy will grow between 3.5% and 4% with little inflation. When the debt becomes greater then the GNP nothing will change. A large part of the debt owed to the government itself. http://useconomy.about.com/od/monetarypolicy/f/Who-Owns-US-National-Debt.htm

          • Bob2002

            We elected enough Representatives and Senators to uphold the Republican brand and to stop Obama’s destructive policies, and what do they do; they enable Obama to continue to destroy our country. That is what Republicans are angry over. We do not want them to just capitulate to the Democrats on everything. We want them to stop the leftward swing of our government. We want the government to treat every American with dignity; not just Democrats. All the laws of the land must be upheld; not just the ones Obama and the Democrats agree with. This lawless president must be reigned in and if necessary he must be impeached for his continually not following the constitution.

          • bobnstuff

            What world do you live in? The republicans have blocked or tried to block everything the President or the Democrats have wanted. The Congress has become the Post Office naming branch of the government. If anyone is trying to destroy the country it the just say no to everything republicans, they vote against their own bills. As far as the President following the constitution, he has do a very good job of walking the line and doing the most he can with out breaking it. If Congress was doing it’s job he wouldn’t have to try to run the country with EO’s but since a small group can gum up the works nothing is being done that needs to be.

          • Bob2002

            bobnstuff, it is you who lives in an alternative world. Obama has violated the constitution so much, but we have a weak and wimpy Republican leadership who is afraid to stop him. The Establishment Republicans have funded Obama’s Amnesty, ObamaCare, and Planned Parenthood. Obviously the small group, you referred to, who are trying to gum up the works are not succeeding. We conservatives are tired of this same old crap from the Establishment Republicans. That is why we do not want Paul Ryan as our new House Speaker. When Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner, endorses someone to be Speaker, then that should be a red flag he is bad for the country and would help the opposition Party. You obviously, are someone who hates conservatives and only want RINOs to lead the Republican Party.

          • bobnstuff

            Lets see, The republicans tried to defund immigration but couldn’t because they didn’t get any funds, self funding. Reagan gave Amnesty, Obama gave delayed enforcement and has asked for changes in the laws and funding to try to fix a broken immigration system. The republicans blocked the fix without even looking at it. Obamacare is set up to be revenue neutral and in fact has saved the government money. The videos about Planned Parenthood are fakes and it’s funded through Medicaid which is state controlled I want a moderate who works for all Americans not just a small part of them. I am one of the Establishment Republicans. We are the grownups in the room that know we won’t get everything we want but if we work with the other party we can at least get much of what we want and run the country as our founding fathers believed it should be run.

          • Robert

            You are not a Grown Up. Grown ups have to face Reality obviously you don’t.

          • bobnstuff

            Yes , after all grown ups use the I’m taking my ball and going home tact every time they are not winning. Not paying the countries bills is no an option.

          • Bob2002

            Okay Troll, I am finished with you. Go kiss Obama’s backside.

          • Robert

            What planet are you living on? The OH. Bonehead and KY. A-hole have been kissing OBs a$$ all along. Why the hell do you think other American Citizens are so upset. Or is it that only your opinion matters and screw the rest of us. You probably want to do away with the constitution don’t you, and also the Bill of Rights.

          • bobnstuff

            I’ve read the whole constitution and understand what it says. you can’t pick and choose I have also read the history of our country and know that how the constitution is applied has changed over the years. Go read he history of the 2nd amendment. It wasn’t always interpreted as it is today. Being respectful of the President and trying to work with the other party is how our government is supposed to work. Name calling and bullying is for the play ground not grown men in congress. The last election showed just how upset the people are, no one showed up to vote.

          • Robert

            And gee, why would that be? Maybe its because we don’t want the Welfare State that will ruin this country because we can’t afford it. WE are not buying the BS
            that Progressive Democrats and RINOS are trying to unload on us. Deport the Illegals then maybe there would be some money to Help American Citizens.

          • bobnstuff

            So how is taking money from illegals and giving to citizens not welfare? Here’s something, If you want to spend money you must create income, If you fight a war you must pass taxes to pay for it. If you want to have a bigger army then you need to pay for it. If you want t give money to Exxon you need to know where it’s coming from.

          • mousekiller

            Maybe just maybe by not having to give to the illegals ( taking back from them) there will be jobs for US citizens that want off welfare. It could be that is giving to US citizens. Now for the haredest question of all. I know that some history buffs may know this. How did this country support wars prior to the Income tax?

          • bobnstuff

            Most of the people getting public assistance have jobs or are in school getting trained for jobs. Tariffs didn’t work very well for paying for was or running the country. When w taxed import the other counties did the same and international trade suffered. It hurt our economy.

          • mousekiller

            Unfortunately too many laws are being passed that do not benefit this country. They are for the “special” people. Not for the benefit of all Americans. The constitution means nothing to the current leadership and a good portion of the citizens . Good solid education for our children is out of reach with this leadership.Religious freedom is disappearing like a shadow at night. Freedom of speech is disappearing under this leadership. The current leadership is supporting terrorists countries with our tax dollars and we keep on giving to these anti Americans that have sworn to kill us so called infidels. Wake up America , our rights and freedom is disappearing like a snowball in the sun.

          • bobnstuff

            What religious freedoms are going away. We haven’t prayed in schools in years, the SCOTUS has found in favorer of the church all most every time. Just what freedom have you lost except the right to take some one else’s freedoms away. Where has freedom of speech been taken away, we even let people lie with out stopping them. Which country that supports terrorist are you talking about. Israel gets most fo our foreign aid. Have you taken the time to see what laws have been pasted? The constitution is alive and well and not being broken The problem is people are taking the word of uneducated shock jocks as what the constitution means. So name the rights you have lost.

          • mousekiller

            You know all the freedoms we are losing, You posted them. Constitution not being broken? , where have you been?. Try to see past the smoke and mirrors and take a look at what is been going on with the 2nd ammendment. The 1st amendment. The 6 th amendment in the last 5 years. Alas, time is awasting , arguing with a pig one soon realizes the pig enjoys it.In real life laws are geing changed daily to suit the “special people” . You know the gays, transgender , pedophiles, the stupid, the people that think a piece of toast is a gun. Or to put it in simple terms, the Liberals.Soon, if Americans don’t wake up this country is going to become like one huge HOA. I am sure you know what a HOA is .

          • bobnstuff

            What is going on with the 2nd amendment. Have there been any new laws past? How many guns have been taken away, not one. What first amendment rights have you lost, name one, you can’t . You believes the lies you are told but have not given one example, no links nothing but repeating the lies you are told. Gays have been around though out human histories. What does it have to do with you if they are given legal rights. I guess you are to stupid to know the difference between a gay person and a pedophile. Your 6th amendment rights were taken by Bush and many were give back on day one of Obama. Do you remember warrant wire taps. You need to stop getting your information from people like Rush and Glenn. They are shock socks with no education in law or history or anything else.

          • Robert

            We could say that about you.

          • bobnstuff

            Since I have more education the Rush and Glenn combined and even worked at the Radio station that Rush got his start at, I would say I’m better educated then they are and I would never try to pass as a constitutional scholar.


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