Sanders defeats Clinton in West Virginia

May 11, 2016

Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in West Virginia’s Democratic primary Tuesday, while Donald Trump, with no remaining challengers, claimed an easy victory there and in Nebraska among Republicans.

At a rally in Salem, Ore., following his win, Sanders, a Vermont senator, told supporters “it appears that we won a big, big victory in West Virginia.”

“West Virginia is a working-class state, and like many other states in this country, including Oregon, working people are hurting,” he said. “And what the people of West Virginia said tonight, and I believe the people of Oregon and Kentucky will say next week, is that we need an economy that works for all of us, not just the one percent.”

Oregon and Kentucky each hold Democratic primaries next Tuesday. Given the Democratic Party’s proportional allocation system, Sanders stood to only modestly boost his delegate total with his West Virginia win.

  • Gary Smith

    I am not surprised. why would any coal miner vote for her

  • Bob

    It just doesn’t matter how well Sanders does in any election. The “boys on the board” of the Demoncratic Party have anointed Killary as their nominee. I distinctly remember in 2008, when the Dems had a large field of nominees (13 if I remember) and they were accusing the GOP of making the choice of nominee in back room deals while they, the Party of the People, were using the democratic process to choose from a large field. Now the Dems, and this includes most of the media, have forgotten this and were insulting the GOP Primary process and ignoring the fact that Hillary has been appointed by the DNC and NOT the people. What percentage of the “Super Delegates” have been allotted to Sanders as compared to Clinton? Bernie wins state after state and it is for not. He can win by more than 20%, yet only get 1 more delegate. Now they are going to try it in the general election, using tactics like Terry McAwful, a Clinton Crony, in VA registering felons to beef up the Democratic rolls in advance of the election. The Dems have no shame in their game, yet the medial ignores it completely.

    • reggie

      Soros with blamer and mittens own Scytl voting machine company. mittens son Tagg (rhymes with gag), owns controlling interest in Hart Intercivic, the 3rd largest voting machine company in the US. Who counts your vote.

  • Ernesto

    HELLO THERE! Yeah…. it’s Me…. the Little Drummer Boy… TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP. If you are ” TRUE GOD FEARING AMERICANS “, Keep Faith, Pray for this Country, Your Families, Mr. Trump & Family, Your Neighbors, Friends. Believe… Keep Faith by The Grace Of GOD, WE WILL WIN THIS RACE, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, WE WILL… MAKE THIS COUNTRY GRADE AGAIN, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, REWARDS WILL BE IN ABUNDANCE. Keep Faith, and Trust GOD, HIS SON JESUS, AND OUR HOLY MOTHER. THANK YOU, GOD BLESS

  • James Pearce

    Since Obama has no love or respect for this country or any of its legal citizens it stands to reason he cares nothing our veterans period. Obama is the worst president in the history of this country. He is a treasonist, self absorbed, legend in his own mind selfish man I have ever observed. The fact that he has not been impeached is and indication that there is something seriously wrong with those in charge of this country and they do not serve the people. If they plan on impeaching Trump should he be elected president, then they damned well better impeach Obama or once he leaves office prosecute him for crimes against this country. There are few people that would honestly say that our representatives are to be trusted. My take is if Trump is not supported or is impeached for some trumped up charges there will be a second revolutionary war in this country.

    • reggie

      They’re above the law. Killery will keep the gravy train, the huge perks, the $70+ Million dollar vacations that blamer family took (Judicial Watch), and speed it up to total destruction. That’s the hope and change. Hope for wealth, uncountable, for them change to poverty and living on the streets for us.

  • SDofAZ

    The GOP is afraid of Trump, he truly is an outsider and this has never happened in their lifetimes. The establishment is in defence mode and soon attack mode. Vote as many of the turds out that are running as possible or this will become gridlock as bad as it is now with BO and his pen. Congress is FULL of fools, opportunist and traitors. Time to clean out the trash in DC. Starting with McCain, Pelosi, Rat Ryan just in 2016 we could remove three major impediments to good governance. Vote em out, turn em over at every opportunity. Ward for AZ senator is the ticket to remove McCain and she will get my vote.

  • The Redhawk

    Well were Saunders Votes FOR Bernie or Votes Against SHI-T-LERY??? Both want BILLINS to Retarin Coal miners but neither says how the’ll pay for this and Where the JOBS are…..So LIES Matter for COMMUNISTS…THE EXCEL at LIES and Borrowing Money until there is NO MORE money to be had… just lok at HOW well ODUMBO BROKE THE BANK…

    • reggie

      If that were true, why did soros buy millions of dollars in coal stock? Simple, he paid pennies on the dollar. When they sink and choke it to death, they’ll take over for free. Why? That’s why. That’s the soros m.o. Buffett did it with trains when they tanked, he bought millions. All of a sudden, no more pipeline. Gee, guess we have to use trains to transport the oil. Look at the energy industries. Bozo spent millions of our dollars on solar, they all crashed as soon as their gifts were used up. Solyndra is just 1 example. So, they plan on starving us, freezing us, poisoning us. That way we can pay into their kitty, and never live long enough to collect a dime.

      • The Redhawk

        and Soros also is a dEEP investor in the POT and “other” substance business….and NEVER allowed to return to Engalnd for “financial” manipulations… any wonder why he is TIED in with the CLINTONS????


        • reggie

          Russia has an International Warrant for his Arrest because of what he did to their economy. His filthy paws apparently were in the middle of the Ukraine situation. She is his puppet. He decided, in 2012, that she will be the next president. If people don’t find out who counts the vote (my soap box), we’re doomed. he owns Scytl, obambam and mittens (have/had) stock in it. mittens son has Hart Intercivic. So. there’s the majority of vote counting machines.

          • The Redhawk

            Any wonder that Soros and the Clintons have the same STENCH around them???

  • TeaPartyPatriot


    Vote in November




    • reggie

      Totally Restoring Us, Magnificent Plans vs
      The Revolting And Manipulating Puke.
      Trump 16

    • The Redhawk

      OH that is GOOD!!

  • Upaces

    This is GREAT….what worries me now?
    The GOP said that if Trump is elected, they would immediately Impeach him.
    I am hoping that they are not that stuipid.
    Do they really think they’d ever have any credibilty if they did that ever again?


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