SCOTUS Overturns Ruling against Lesbian Mother

by Casey Harper  |  published on March 7, 2016

The Supreme Court overturned an Alabama court ruling that refused to recognize the paternal rights of a lesbian woman who had adopted three children in Georgia.

The case centered around an unmarried lesbian couple who shared custody of three children but later split up. One of them gave birth to the children with the help of a sperm donor, and her partner later adopted the children in 2007 while living in Georgia so they could both be the official, legal parents.

The biological mother, who now lives in Alabama, tried to keep the children from the adoptive mother after the couple parted ways, sparking the legal battle. The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that Alabama did not have to recognize the adoption made in Georgia, stripping the adoptive mother of her rights to the children. The Supreme Court reversed that decision Monday.

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