1776 Coalition :: Sec of State Romney!?!? Trump, Mitt set to meet in NYC

Sec of State Romney!?!? Trump, Mitt set to meet in NYC

November 18, 2016


Donald Trump and Mitt Romney are set to meet in New Jersey this weekend, Fox News has learned.

The meeting between the president-elect and the 2012 GOP presidential nominee – who was one of Trump’s most outspoken Republican critics during the primary season – comes amid an intense round of meetings Trump is holding with prominent Republicans. Some are speculated to be under consideration for top-level Cabinet positions; others are thought to be providing guidance.

The Trump-Romney meeting could at least be a chance for the two to set aside their differences from the 2016 season and forge political unity.

Trump and Romney viciously attacked one another during the 2016 primaries. Though Trump had endorsed Romney in 2012, he repeatedly mocked Romney’s campaign performance against President Obama, calling him “the biggest loser” and “weak.” This was as Romney refused to support Trump, instead focusing his resources on down-ballot races like Ohio Sen. Rob Portman.

Romney called Trump a “fraud” in a speech he delivered in March where Romney asked Republicans to vote for Marco Rubio in Florida, John Kasich in Ohio, and Ted Cruz everywhere else. “One of these men should be our nominee,” he said.

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  • christy mihos says:

    President -Elect Trump has done what no person has ever done. He is also a magnanimous statesman and a good man in meeting with Romney. Politics is not bean-bag. It’s a blood sport to some and Romney’s words, deeds and goals were to eviscerate Mr. Trump. God help us all if Romney’s foot is allowed to be part of this new administration. Mitt was my governor and he was a total bust. Raised taxes, fees and fines over $750 million each year. Brought forth Ronmeycare the model for Obamacare and its a colossal failure in Massachusetts as premiums doubled, and getting an appointment with a doctor became a 63 day wait. His own small republican delegation overrode his veto 250+ times in a warped Democrat state. He flipped from pro-choice, pro-gay rights, to anti everything. His actions overseeing the biggest state public works project The Big Dig was a disgrace as the special interests bought him off. He could never have been re-elected as his approval rating was 30 to 60+ against him. worst of all, he didn’t like governing. was running for president the day after he was inaugurated. Please Mr. Trump—stay away from those that want to hurt what 60 million people have entrusted to you.

  • AKLady2015 says:

    Mormonism is a cult, which has many unAmerican beliefs and unAmerican bylaws. They believe that the modern pledge of allegiance was the brainchild of men whose every waking goal was to convert America from a land of free individuals into a society of cheerfully oblivious drones.

  • Worried Vet says:

    I think and pray Trump is looking at the big picture, not the past. Trump is very smart and has some very bright strategic members on his team. I believe with the right team and people who know how the system works, Trump can make it very possible that 2018 will pretty much end the hard left liberals in Congress for a very long time. The democrats have something Like 26 seats in the Senate up for grabs, and wouldn’t be fantastic that we capture 20 or so since California and new York would be impossible at least for now. I think that election could put an end to all this PC crap, bring back morals, bring back the bibles in schools and pray before a football game, give business people a choice of doing business against their beliefs like the bakers with out punishment. I believe colleges would start being able to have open debates again instead of this whiny snowflake crap who need safe spaces. The hard left like Harry, Nancy, Bernie, hillary, Charlie, Al, and the rest of those coastal idiots either will be out of politics or dead since most of them Are older than dirt. They don’t get their hard left elite agenda don’t work. They keep ruling by name calling and dirty tricks, they think if you don’t agree with them your a racist, bigot some type of phobia nut. They don’t understand most of us are honest Christians and we’re tired of them forcing PC crap on us and if we don’t like it to bad, they won and had power. I think if Trump can unite us and keep adding to the base, democrats, blacks, Hispanics and all other honest hard working people we can rid our country of progressive liberals for good. So please think about it folks, I do believe Trump is a few moves ahead of most of us about the future.

  • msmotown says:

    Trump has had a meeting with him, but I heard that there has really been no mention of giving him a position. I pray to God that he is not even close to the White House when Trump becomes president. There are already too many RINOS that he must deal with. I am skeptical of Ryan, McConnell, McCain, and even Cruz, the latter because of his and his wife’s connection with Goldman Sachs and her belief of no borders and her time with CFR.

    1. reggie says:

      Agreed. Trump is a fast learner and I get the feeling that he’s picking brains. if they shape up, they stay. If not “You’re Fired”.

  • justinwachin says:

    The election is over. As Mr. Trump assembles his cabinet he should seek out the most qualified people he can find. Even if he ultimately chooses someone else, those who didn’t vote for Mr. Trump can at least know he has not shut them and their leaders out of the process.

    1. msmotown says:

      It’s fine to reach out to the opponents and even listen to their qualms but he shouldn’t put them in positions where they could undermine his agenda. There will be plenty of bribery money from Soros and the left.

  • Joseph L. Light says:

    No to Romney. “Big Loser”.

  • Webb says:

    Trumps just mending fences…
    Even though Romney failed to Support Trump…Its a show Unity!
    Hopefully That will be all./

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Not to worry. Romney won’t be up for anything. I believe Trump just wants to re-affirm for himself what a grovelling snake in the grass Romney really is. This also will throw the RINOs off for a few days, while Trump plays the media.

  • Frank629 says:

    after what he said to make trump lose… i mean the viciousness….Can’t help but think that he said what he did to help killary ….can’t help the fact the he knew what kind of SCOTUS picks she were to make…He put his own ego over the concerns of the country.

  • gerald Hughes says:

    Romney.s inclusion as any part of the government is completely unacceptable

    1. Brendamsullivan says:

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  • JMICHAEL270 says:

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!

  • reggie says:

    I respect the fact that Trump is looking for the best, regardless of what that person’s background may be. However, this possibility makes me gag.

    1. Rick says:

      Trump is not stupid he these moves are Litmus test he is giving people like Romney and that RINO Nicky Halley who really was a Democrat but knew she had to run as a republican to have any kind of chance of winning. If you recall it didn’t take long to get back to her libral ways!

  • jowolo says:

    I sure hope not, Romney is an idiot.

    1. msmotown says:

      And what a backstabber. When he ran, he was so thrilled with Trump’s endorsement of him, and praised Trump’s success. Then he became a Never Trumper along with Walker and Cruz! He can NOT be trusted!

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