SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS Manchester terror attack leaves at least 22 dead – including children – and 59 injured after suicide nail bombing as kids leave Ariana Grande arena gig

May 23, 2017

A TEEN pop fan was one of at least 22 slaughtered by a suicide bomber at a packed concert last night in the worst terror attack to hit the UK since 7/7.

Among the many dead is Ariana Grande fan Georgina Callander who has today been described as a girl who “lit up the room”.

She had tragically written to her pop hero yesterday, telling the pop star: “SO EXCITED TO SEE U TOMORROW”.

A close friend told the Evening Standard she died with her mother at her hospital bedside.

Thousands of adults, teenagers and children screamed and fled in panic as a terrorist detonated a huge bomb – thought to be packed with nails and bolts – as Ariana’s concert ended at the Manchester Arena.

Witnesses told of seeing shards of metal tearing into concert-goers in the foyer area of the world-famous concert venue – leaving dozens lying in pools of blood.

The horrific blast could he heard echoing through the packed arena as families tried to make their way home as the concert came to an end just after 10.40pm.

  • Florence Millard

    What I don’t understand is, how can people like these can kill other human beings and believe they will ‘go to where allah is and get their 72 virgins’? I believe many, many have already found out that allah is, in fact, Satan, and they are now in Hell for eternity.

  • Heidi Kuhl

    You idiot moron Brits! Keep electing MORE muslims! Invite them to come and destroy your culture, country, and indeed your very civilization and RACE!

    • ArcticGrayling

      And Germans have elected a bull dyke lesbian who has now acknowledged that Germany will become Islamic.

    • Rodzzz

      Same goes for the Germans

  • Roy Fredrichsen

    IT Is past time for the free world to align together and destroy the leaders of ISIS, and the other two radical groups that want to destroy civilization. They need to start with the leaders just like they did with Bin Laden. The sooner they do that the rest of it will fall apart.

  • gvette

    You need to look at Ariana Grande’s stance on Muslims. Here’s the kicker. She is PRO Islam. The only person that should have died there, is the entertainer! Sorry if that offends!

  • tom cook

    These “fans” of a second-rate performer were just asking for it: it is going to happen again and again in the all of the European states of mo-hamed.

    Expel the filthy mus, and it will cease!

    • can’t liberals like goat molesters . (FYI) molester is latin for mohamed

  • James

    The saddest part of this is that it could easily have been avoided by putting limits on who and what comes into one’s country! And even after all this, the denial is still rampant!
    Also; what kind of woman sells herself out to a religion which teaches it’s people to kill innocent people who do not believe what they believe? These women who have grown up among us and choose to join islam need to be sent out for a lobotomy.

  • CharlieSeattle

    >> “the suicide bomber who killed 22 on Monday evening was 23-year-old Salman Abedi, who they report was “known to British authorities” prior to the attack.”

    Finally, the UK Police understand that islam demands the killing of infidels wherever they are found. It is so written.

    The UK Police now show respect for their religious freedom. They see they are merely implementing islam and stand aside now and applaud.

    Slow opera clap and ………fade to black.

    • ArcticGrayling

      Known to British authorities? Shouldn’t all Muslims fall into that category? Every single Muslim is a terrorist. Even if they don’t commit the act, they are enablers. They are guilty by association.

      Until Muslims everywhere protest acts like this as vigorously as they protest cartoons of their prophet, they are all, to me at least, one and the same.

      But then if they did protest, they would cease to be Muslim, because by protestin, they are saying that their Allah and prophet are wrong.

  • Dennis Anderson

    It just shows you the mentality of these goat herders. Anyone involved with terrorism gets a death sentence. The courts could even force immigration laws and ship them out. Start arming the citizens quietly in Europe or they are on a fast track to loosing their country to morons. It takes everyone to play by the rules or all bets are off. Get out of our country. Let the rich arab states pay for the feeding and shelter of these spunk monkeys. They say that caucacian
    race cant reproduce like the coloreds of the world? I say let me stay home in bed all day for exercise and Ill make babies. What a load of crap. Who would let anybody move in if thats all they were good for. I have some hot lead for these charity seeking cork suckers. Make a week end of it then send them to the dog & cat food rendering plants. Why Obama is still breathing is beyond me. I know alot of sane people who would do him for free.

  • is moochie still proud of her country

  • CCblogging

    Remember that massive civilian army that Barack Obama promised to create in his first term as president? Obama said his army should be just as big and powerful as our US Military. Barack Jihad Obama has imported his army’s foot soldiers exclusively from Islamic nations. Has anyone noticed that the vast majority of Muslims that Obama brought to America are young able bodied men of Jihad age? Are you armed? You should be!

    • Dee

      Sadly I think you’re right . I’m sure he’s up to No Good as he always has been . We have a Real Patriot in Our White House Now , let’s Pray there’s time to get Our Country Back !

    • Debra Corrales

      That civilian army is provided for in the Affordable Care Act. It is under the control of the Dept. of Health, I believe. The ACA required that all those between the ages of 18 to 25 report for a 2 week training session. I haven’t heard that it was implemented, but the creation of the “civilian army” was included in the Act.

      • CCblogging

        Debra, I didn’t know they had hid that among the other horrors in the ACA. I know we better be ready because a bloodletting is coming. I do know that Obama ordered Billions of rounds of ammo that is now unaccounted for.

  • Jean Langford M.

    Get these Muslim butcher bastards OFF your soil (and ours)…Before your next to be killed…WAKE UP!!!!!

    • Lisaglopez

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  • kbfallon

    And as these atrocities happen around the free world….some scumbag obammie appointed judges allow the types of people who do these things to pour into our country just to pizz off President Trump and those who support his orders to slow it down…. until we can verify who and what these people are. Unbelievable !….but sadly true.

    • the whistler

      Judges need to be held legally accountable for their social justice decisions. Divining that Pres. Trump means something that is not contained in the EO should put the liability on the judge….otherwise they just talk their Commie BS and watch people die while the left Porgs march to the tune of their own demise…..and by association ours.

      • James

        This is what I have been saying for 2 years now. Anyone who is injured or loses a family member to a terrorist attack should be allowed to sue the courts and/or judges responsible for coddling these sick ba$tards.

        • Betty


    • Roy Fredrichsen

      Keep your powder dry and your gun handy because you never know
      when some ISIS sympacizer will attack us again.

  • Momma Beth

    Prayers for all those injured and killed.
    Hope they catch the S.O.B. that did this.

  • St. James

    Islam is god’s(allah)=idol ORDER to make war=sharia=all muslims! The clay is mixed with the iron and the wild donkey is set free to drink blood across the lands who kill their own children. Repent and live.

    • James

      I completely agree that islam is the ‘clay” mixed with iron in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Now people just need to wake up as to who/what the iron is!

  • tryscavage

    And Hillary said: “What difference does it make?”

  • snl

    No security checks when they go in? Crazy!

    • CharlieSeattle

      Security checks are racist!

    • Bob in Florida

      They didn’t carry these devices in, hidden in their shirt pocket. It would take a pre-event search of the venue combined with a real time monitoring of all service entrances and service personnel and equipment entering the premises.

      I would hope they did that; but, if so, it obviously was not done sufficiently thoroughly to prevent the incident. Our options (as free western societies) is to either provide increased security measures for each and every gathering of more than 50(?), 100(?), ??? people – or, prevent the bastards from coming into our countries in the first place.

      Which is more effective in preventing loss of innocent life? Not to mention the additional benefit of the stopping the erosion of the cultural values that have been the basis of western civilization. Is it so imperative that we accept, embrace, and accommodate values that are antithetical to our culture and well-being that we accept the associated security risk?

      I feel that is a risk assessment and evaluation that is going to vary with the individual. I, for one, do not feel we should put our citizens at risk by being accepting anyone entering the country that we have not had the opportunity to vet their background.

      • snl

        I agree. The fact, at this moment, because the world, refuses to acknowledge this danger, due to the propaganda saying it isn’t happening, I/we, have to go through many security checks. Going into the amusement park, or the airport, or concerts/ games, I have to go through metal detectors, have my belongings totally searched and anything else the security might decide to do. I couldn’t get a weapon in, not to mention a bomb. Do they not do at least that type of security, in the UK? Or, don’t they want to hurt their feelings.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    who’s fault is it , your governments, cattering to crazy people never ends well ,since oboma is out of office there hasn’t bin an attack,shows you what liberalisum will get you , (killed),

    • Skyhawk

      And Obama brought in hundreds of thousands of these animals into America. They are just waiting until the time is right. They think the

      anarchists will succeed in overthrowing our government.


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