Somewhere over the “White” House

June 27, 2015

CIeIwnnXAAA9IrG-640x412The Obama administration has set up rainbow-colored lights to illuminate the real-life White House.

The official White House YouTube channel as of this writing is broadcasting a live stream video of the spectacle:

Followers of Barack Obama’s White House social media accounts got an extra treat Friday after the Supreme Court declared a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

  • Ken V

    This asshole is rubbing our noses in it. Any doubt whether he is a queer has been removed.

  • Louise Goins

    Ya know the potus doesn’t even have an ounce of discretion….this issue is really important (near and dear), but to bad shows zero concern for the Christian American Pastor, Pastor Saeed being held in Iranian prison….zero concern for Christians being beheaded in middle east. Obvious to see the priority huh? And I really think the only symbol that should be promoted at The White House should be the US flag, although a cross would be nice too.

    • Rhonda Hunt

      Louise Goins Why would a cross be nice,if you and others would take the time research things,you would find that a cross is the symbol of Babylon,nor did Messiah die on a cross,that is just what Roman Christianity says about it,Yeshua died on a torcher stake,which is an upright pole,the cross has been made into an idol by false religion,just as the Church of Rome has a long history of idolatry,such as placing a sun disc behind one of their idols,and calling it some christian saint such as Peter,when actually it is their roman sun god,and their big on Mary the mother of Jesus,a flag or cross on the white house of ill repute would not make it clean,it is already defiled because of the many crooks and liars including the one there now who have inhabited it over the years.—–Jim Hunt

      • Louise Goins

        Well Jim you must believe what you wrote. I believe the written word of God, The Holy Bible. Romans used a cross for executions before and after the crucifixion of The Lord Jesus Christ. The cross is a symbol connected to Christianity. Approximately 3/4’s of Americans claim to be Christian is why I said it would be nice to have a cross at the White House-to represent approximately 3/4’s of Americas citizens. I defer to God and His written word The Holy Bible…I believe God and I don’t believe you and your ‘research’. I read The Holy Bible for ANY research I need. I know God never lies. Gods Word is infallible…but thanks for your opinion.

    • msueh

      “potus” nothing – “sotus” SQUATTER of the US

  • 63Marine

    I don’t put any of this queer chit past that homo in our house. Even his man/wife, AKA: Chewbacca, Michael LaVaughn Robinson is a queer SOB. All of them need to be flushed…..ASAP!!!

  • JohntheCelt

    Jesus said you would know them by their fruit. With skunk Obama and Hilly goat there is no doubt. The LORD has made everything for its own purpose, even the wicked for the day of evil. Homosexuals are worthless persons who engage in lewd and disgraceful behavior. He who sits in the heavens laughs, the LORD scoffs at them. Then He will speak to them in His anger, and terrify them in His fury. Jesus is risen but saves only those who call upon His name.

  • No Comment

    I think it’s disgusting. I bet they won’t light up the White House for Christmas. This Country is on a downward spiral.

    • msueh

      Mebbe they’ll light it up black for rumadown, though, huh? (Yes, I know; I deliberately misspelled that unholy season.)

  • believe

    I am waiting to hear the Obama’s were killed by an unseen BLACK man.The next day the whole regime left knowing they were next. Boehner and McConnell were missing along with Pelosi, and Reid.

    No one was shocked. the Obama Puppeteers were not found.
    Talking about cleaning HOUSE ,more to go but that would be a great start, That is why Barack is trying to pass a gun law ,he knows there all pointed at them.BO, THAT PLAN WILL NEVER HAPPEN. YOUR JUST A HOMOSEXUAL IDIOT.Getting that law passed was far more important than any thing that was on your MARXIST AGENDA. YOUR ONE SICK BASTARD.

  • Mike N

    This is our house and he has no right do this. He is telling the world that this country supports sodomy. I am deeply offended.

  • Shaymamma8

    Wonderful gesture by the President, everyone in this country now has the right to be married. I do not get why heteros are upset about this, gay people do not want to marry you. Go on with your own lives and leave gay people alone…….

    • blackwingA520

      Does that go the same for the left? Us second amendment supporters just want to be LEFT ALONE and be able to buy the guns we like and shoot them. But your side insists on always trying to ban this and that. So in your own words, “Go on with your lives and LEAVE US ALONE”! You’re such hypocrites.

      • Louise Goins

        Hey according to supreme court ruling reasoning then guess what? If you have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in one state that permit must now be recognized in all state. Apparently they don’t think we can reason.

    • Ace Dragon

      think about the poor kids tha get adopited by gays. they grow up confused annd some are raised to be gay. made me sick to see our white house in rainbow lights. might as well take a crap on the front steps.

    • Louise Goins

      Marriage is an institution created by God. No one, no entity including the supreme court can over ride God. Gods’ institute of marriage is between one man and one woman. God made marriage. Marriage belongs to God. All the same sex couples need to come up with some union of their own. I don’t care if that’s what they choose…I do care if the call it marriage… God came up with marriage/Holy Matrimony..He doesn’t change..nor does marriage irregardless of what the supreme court says. God Almighty The Lord of Hosts whose only begotten Son is The Lord Jesus Christ is the One who is Supreme. But carry on in your beliefs…I read in The Holy Bible what God did to sodom & gomorrah and I read in The Holy Bible about never changing. So we will see if the challenge the ‘supreme court of USA’ is responded to by the One True and living God…He will! Again same sex people can be together and come up with some type legal union and no one cares…only concern is when they attempt to hijack marriage.

    • pete G

      You’re pretty shallow. They have granted homosexuals a right while taking a right away from NORMAL people. The right to refuse service to these people because of your religious convictions is gone, wake up.

      • Shaymamma8

        And you are insane. Nothing is being taken away from so called “normal people”. Who cares about your fake religious convictions? There are many things in the bible you folks do not follow, why are only gay people a problem. As I have stated in the past, it must not have been that big of a deal because it did not make it into the top ten…… Get over it, and go on with your own lives..

  • budgienation

    So, gays can marry. Big freakin’ whoop! It doesn’t invalidate your marriage, cheating/and/or abuse of a spouse does. Marriage does not have to involve a church. It is, basically a civil contract and, as such, is subject to the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. Get over it people! The decision has nothing to do with ‘forcing’ any religion that’s not ‘down with it’, to marry anyone to anyone. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head over this. All this attention to this issue makes me think of that old line….’the squeaky wheel..,,,WANTS TO GET GREASED! So, get the KY and bend over ‘conservatards’……

    • blackwingA520

      Why then were the people (because of their Christian beliefs) forced to shut their bakery business down because they refused to bake a cake for some gay couple? They were lots of other bakeries, why didn’t they just go to another one? It was their right to refuse service. Then there was the one where a gay couple wanted a pizza shop to cater their “ceremony” and they also refused on moral christian grounds, (again, it was their right to do so) but they HAD to sue them just to make an example of them. Who serves pizza at a wedding anyway? The radical left ALWAYS has to make a fuss about it when they can’t get their way and run to the Gov. for help just to ruin peoples lives.

    • ermom

      Crowder ‘Louder with Crowder’, went into many Muslim owned bakeries trying to get ONE to make a homosexual wedding cake and all refused. I don’t see any of them being sued by homosexuals. Why? (rhetorical question). Already we’re seeing comments against our Frist Amendment rights, saying we can’t speak against homosexuals, or the paper which said they wouldn’t post anti-homosexual marriage opinions, etc. The growing Fascism in this nation frightens me. It’s like Nazi Germany in the early 1930’s, or Stalin’s Communist regime.
      I remember the BIG LIE here in WA state, when the push to legalized ‘marriage equality’ was going on. There was an ad with supposed Christian pastor and wife, saying that if voted for, ‘no one else’s rights would be taken away’, and yet that is exactly what’s happened. Just ask the Christian bakers, florists, wedding planners, etc., who, because of their First Amendment Freedom of Religion, deeply held religious beliefs, decline to celebrate what is a SIN, get sued, harassed, and put out of business. So don’t tell me, that ‘no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head over this’. Gov’t is force.

    • msueh

      well, they’ll have to pay the “marriage penalty” tax like every legally married couple.. Hey, they wanted equality, time to give ’em true equality in all its myriad costs …

  • monacall

    This half breed monkey is a lying SOB, his a traitor, although how can he be a traitor when he isn’t even qualified to be in that place…. so his a spy…. and should be treated as such…..
    He is wanting a revolution… he is wanting someone to go nuts so he can call his martial law BS. Well guess what he just may get it…. just keep pushing monkey….

  • jerry young

    stop don’t fly a confederate flag but its alright to parade around a bunch of immoral twinks, obama has shown his true colors, PINK! guess the rumors about o’s past are true, maybe he’ll be the next to come out of the closet!

  • enubus

    Spectacle it was, both at the Supreme Joke Court and the desecration of the White House. Shame on Kennedy and shame on the regime. The White House is Sodom East!!

  • johnnywoods

    So our “swishy” community organizer is celebrating the SCOTUS ruling concerning “sodomite marriage”. Who knew?

  • dcfla

    This shows Just how EVIL HE IS, of course this has Never been a Surprise to me, he’s Always been a LIAR, he has just about Rid US of ALL OR ANYTHING CHRISTIAN, he HAS Transformed us into a laughing stock of the WORLD, Weakened US Divided US to OUR VERY CORE…He has DESTROYED the Once United NOW EXTREMELY DIVIDED “States of America” and all has been INTENTIONALLY DONE! All things Right are Wrong, and ALL things WRONG ARE RIGHT! HE has removed ANYTHING Christian Yet is DISGUSTING ENOUGH TO LIGHT UP OUR WH WITH GAY PRIDE COLORS! Leaves Hostages & Ambassadors to be tortured, Murdered, intentionally attempted to TURN ALL AGAINST EACH other, including dis-respecting all Law Enforcement & Military, BOUGHT & PAID FOR Votes, EVEN THOUGH HE WAS “PUT” IN OFFICE NOT ELECTED! NEITHER TIME! HE also Has weakened us as also INTENTIONAL PART OF OUR TOTAL “TRANSFORMATION!”, and Has Shredded OUR CONSTITUTION! Taken away Our, Not HIS, OUR RIGHTS, ALL OF THEM Pretty much, because he is NOT DONE YET..Made a Laughing stock, of the so-called SUPREME COURTS, but this should also not be a SURPRISE, After all, HE PADDED ALL COURTS WITH HIS OWN…Always going to be ONE END RESULT, for OUR END…WE have Nothing but Lies & NON CHRISTIANS Being BACKED UP while ANY OTHERS have BEEN TARGETED or SHUT UP, SHUT DOWN or DONE AWAY WITH,, You Idiots that MAY think this is all a GOOD THING..well wait, because now YOU’VE ALL BEEN IDENTIFIED YOU IDIOTS..You’ll Be one of the FIRSTS to Be TARGETED..He has IMPORTED ILLEGALS & CRIMINALS & EVERYTHING & ANYONE to Further HIS AGENDA which again is to DESTROY US & OUR NATION…& HE LITERALLY SHOVED AN F/U UP ALL THE ASSES…With the PRETTY “COLORS! Now displayed on OUR WHITE HOUSE..Hum, makes me wonder now if that other so-called CONSPIRACY THEORY, of which MANY HAVE BEEN be TRUE, but alas too LATE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT After the FACTS ARE IN..But remember when it was so ODD that Joan Rivers was right before she went in for a what should’ve been an “easy” surgery, yet passed away? Well she was clearly heard saying either right before that or at another time, on audio, “WELL YOU KNOW MICHELLE IS A TRANSGENDER” WHO Was she talking about?? Not sure…wonder if it will ever be found out?? Curious..could’ve been a joke, or maybe since OBUMMER has had SUCH A Turn Around aka ANOTHER LIE about HOW HE FELT about SAME SEX MARRIAGE During his so-called CAMPAIGN Before he was PUT IN OFFICE, he Clearly Said..HE BELIEVED A MARRIAGE SHOULD BE BETWEEN A MAN & A WOMAN….now?? Guess he’s CHANGED HIS MIND ON THAT TOO..well he’s really changed his mind on a lot of things, Nah…He just SAYS what He NEEDS TO EXACT the POLITICAL AGENDA at THAT TIME….or Cause, after all, with all the IMPORTED PEOPLE he Should be FINE for any next VOTES, Plus he DOES HAVE ALL HIS MINIONS that HAVE BEEN IN PLACE in Our COURTS as well as ALL other IMPORTANT & RELEVANT “PLACES” after all, He also has the IRS he can always USE to TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE, HE’LL Complete the Internet take over, the MEDIA is and has been a Pure JOKE, as is ALL TV anymore with all the GAY CONNOTATIONS…oh & I No a NEW J O B that He can Create now, at LEAST IT WOULD BE A JOB! THAT of SURROGATES! SINCE YOU CANNOT MAKE A BABY & PRO-CREATE without ONE OF ….EACH! Since…let me make it CLEAR, TWO V’s Nor TWO P’s CAN MAKE A BABY!! Oh, But SODOMY & Oh I cannot even say it, too disgusting & VILE, has Now been THE “IN” thing to DO!! SO HAPPY We don’t Own ANY BUSINESS< so we cannot be FORCED to DO ANYTHING against OUR NORMAL FOR US, CHRISTIAN BELIEFS….Oh so happy, they will now all come OUT…so when the Terrorists who Cannot stand YOU ALL, will Know WHO you Are..oh yes, a win win..IDIOTS..NO COMMON SENSE left, ALL IS DIVIDED & RIPE FOR THE TRUE TRANSFORMATION..AKA OUR a Once GREAT NATION Of CHRISTIANS WITH A CONSCIENCE..ALL GONE Now..Hey but the WH DID LOOK PRETTY! Yes and so does an ASS! NOT!

  • savage24

    This administration has desecrated everything that can be desecrated, now it’s the White House’s turn. We have some very sick people in high places of our government, that do not represent the best interests of the country.

    • grafra102

      @savage24:disqus: Not being funny but, are you just finding out we have “VERY SICK” PEOPLE IN HIGH PLACES???? This POS is out of his mind right from the beginning..

  • Karen Stickney

    White is boring. Show some color!

    • carpkiller


      • Karen Stickney

        I am not a faggot. Grow up and open your eyes.

        • grafra102

          @karenstickney:disqus: You may be if you agree what is going on!!!!

          • American Biker

            Man shall not lay with man…and woman shall not lay with woman…you sick human excretment…you will feel the wrath of the True God.

          • grafra102

            HA HA, they sure will when the good Lord comes, and why are you telling me this shit, I did not respond to you. I am in good with Jesus!!! AMERICAN BIKER…

          • American Biker

            Sorry my Christian Friend…i did not mean that for you…it was suppose to be for jerk you were replying too.

          • budgienation

            Actually ‘biker’, I wouldn’t be too sure about the entire LGBT spectrum feeling ‘the wrath of the true God.’ If you actually read the bible, as it appears in the King James version, you’ll see that it does say ‘man shall not lie with mankind as with womankind’, meaning you don’t fool around with men, if you are a man, the way you fool around with a woman. That part of Leviticus says nothing about ‘woman lying with woman as with man’. So, if you area bible literalist, as you seem to be, that means that God’s ‘down with lesbian’, but not with male homosexuality. I guess God gets a chubby over watching two women get it on, but not watching two guys ‘making the beast with two backs’…….

          • ermom

            Romans 1:26-28

            Romans 1:26-28New International Version (NIV)

            26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

            28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.

          • Ellen Clayton Allen

            Thank you!

        • grafra102

          @karenstickney:disqus: Oh, also you must have been one of the idiots that voted for this “FAG”!!!!

          • Karen Stickney

            Enough with the name calling. Go to charm school and learn how to be polite to people who have different views than you do. I take it your parents raised you to hate on people you never met over the Internet.

          • grafra102

            FAGGOT!!! You can tell by the way people talk, like you!

          • Karen Stickney

            Idiots! You can tell by the way they talk like you. They don’t listen to their parents when their parents tell them not to insult strangers for having different views.

        • budgienation

          Way to go, Karen! What’s a progressive like you doing on a site like this? 1776 Coalition and “Newsiosity” are well known ‘Conservatard/Teabilly’ sites. Sometimes I go on just to tweak the noses of those who so easily get their noses out of joint because the news and historical bend continues to advance into the 21st century, and not stay in the 1800’s antebellum south, as they want it to be.


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